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GLHF How would you describe your position in


the Dota community?

I make a variety of content, but mostly I focus on YouTube videos that are instructional for new players, and streaming with an emphasis on commentary and pointing out tips and things like that. In the past I’ve done lots of guides; my “Welcome to Dota, You Suck” guide is the most popular guide for Dota beginners. I used to do a lot of casting, but I’ve cut back on that. What do you feel about the in-game tutorials and about the new player experience?

It’s a little hard for me to answer this, be-

cause I haven’t been a new player in a long time. But I think that Valve is doing a good job. Comparing what Dota 2 is now to what DotA 1 was, there are huge, huge advantages. There’s some stuff I know they are working on putting in eventually, when they get time for it; they have other more important things to do right now. But I know they’re going to improve the beginner experience. As it stands right now, it’s ok. I think the beginner tutorial is a lot of fun; it reminded me of WarCraft 3 campaigns, so I can’t wait to do some more of those. I would love to see them expand that more and do some higher level stuff, or I think challenges would be fun,

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