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popular choice among AP carries. Fizz, Kassadin, and similar assassin players often purchased it fairly early, as RYL Wh1t3zZ did in the final two games of the Championship. As mentioned above, Liandry’s Torment and its component Haunting Guise provided AP mid players a mix of health and damage, thanks to its penetration and currenthealth-percent ‘DoT.’ Especially suitable for mid champions with spam-able moves, the mask provided a higher damage alternative to Archangel’s Staff while providing more poke utility than Rabadon’s Deathcap. Across all positions, Season 3’s item changes provided a new take on the League of Legends meta by allowing players to pursue a number of different builds viable for varied play-styles and niches. While a new metagame standard has certainly been established, few can deny the enhanced counter-play across all roles. As players both pro and amateur continue to adapt to the flux of changes of the current game, one can’t help but be excited for the new changes coming soon with Season 4.



3 (particularly for AD carries), the addition of Sightstone gave support players a muchneeded ward-slot while simultaneously allowing them to build tankier early-game. The changes to Oracle’s Elixir allowed more aggressive counter-play between supports, as teams could no longer pick off the player with the floating pink eye to remove true vision for the next fight. In turn, counterwarding and ward-clearing turned into extended battles for map vision (albeit more noticeably in amateur play). However, one can hardly deny the power of the newly added Blade of the Ruined King (BoRK) for attack-speed carries. Vayne, Aatrox, Jax, and even Zed players found the new max-health-percent shred to be a staple of their builds, as these champs drastically improved after purchasing it. SKT Impact purchased the item on Jax for the first two games of the finals series, with Faker following his teammate’s route as Zed in Game 2. RYL Uzi also rushed “BoRK” as Vayne in Game 1, a common path for Vayne players early-game. In mid-lane, Zhonya’s Hourglass’s new component Seeker’s Armguard was a

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