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September/October 2013 033

portray and advertise how great these players are. Further attachment to players also means strong, more consistent sale-figures for teams and players. During The International 3, Erik Johnson stated: “We need to solve the stability of the teams throughout the year [while making tournaments interesting and accessible to fans]. There’s also attaching the economy to those events and to give direct connections between customers and teams/players. Over the next year, that’s the kind of things we’re going to start experimenting with.” Valve’s Interactive Compendium was a major step in eSports promotions and introduction to Dota 2 competitions for newer fans. The variety of rewards the compendium offered connected players and fans closer together and added a variety of things for fans to do to get hyped for the upcoming international event. Rewards included: player cards, rare couriers and a fantasy team scoring system for purchasers. Every purchase contributed a small amount to

funding events and tournaments. In truth, their process may prove to be slower and less publicly outstanding as League of Legends to the public eye, but the many merits of Valve’s eSports system might attract future organizations’, teams’ or events’ interests for all the right reasons. Reasons like supporting eSports has become something much more legitimate for fans in Dota 2. The Compendium for Valve’s The International 3 portrays a proper set of standards for creating a real return for the producers of these organizations while also offering immediate merchandise for the supporters. Essentially, Valve has hit that middle line with fans, allowing them to become supporters of eSports and regular purchasers of eSports-related content. Another one of their goals is bringing players and fans together through player card-collecting, re-enactment public matchmaking of competitive matches or digital autographs. Valve is keen on connecting players to fans and finding new ways to better

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...

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