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before unit production, you’re very safe against Terran mid-game attacks/all-ins. In fact, you’re hoping Terran will go for some sort of all-in! Just morph your Banes on creep and prepare for a very cost-efficient engagement.

It is impossible for Terran to prevent your push from scouting his unit composition he needs his units to defend! This helps you plan your mid-late stages (ie. get Range attack for Roaches if he’s going mech or prepare for drops if you see reactor’d Starport)

2) Throw Off Terran’s Mid-Game


Idle Medivacs!! Most often, Terran prefers to put on some aggression in the middle stages - drops, timing attack. The Second Barrel Bust forces him to be defensive. If he drops, he may lose outright because he needs those units to defend. It’s actually a mistake if he tries to drop, because you always make an extra set of Zerglings (with some Banes eventually) to defend drops before/while droning your third.

Note: The purpose of the Third Barrel Bust (Ultralisk/Baneling/Crackling) is pretty straight forward; there are really only three objectives.


You want to have a safe period where you can drone to fully-saturate your third, so you must trade armies and kill his units. The good thing is it’s difficult with so many Roaches/Banes be sure to bring an Overseer so you can reset the Widow Mine count too. Secondary Objectives: 1) Deal Economic Damage (SCV Kills)

SCV damage is actually a borderline Primary Objective. You should try to connect with his expansion mineral line in a big way, because it’s a critical time to do crippling damage. 2) Destroy Tech, Production, and Supply Buildings

Good Luck Have Fun

Destroying add-ons like Reactors and Tech Labs, in addition to supply depots, can really set back a Terran’s mid-game - making you safer to squeeze out an even larger lategame lead. The Third Barrel Ultralisks are starting to look bigger and bigger... 3) Determine Tech Choice - Mech or Bio?

Objectives: 1) Defend Late-Game Aggression (Bio/Mine, Marine/ Tank/Medivac).

This almost goes without saying, but a maxed-out, fully-upgraded force of Ultralisks/Banelings/Cracklings trades well with almost any Terran army. Mix in a few Vipers for blinding cloud, and you’re looking at an extremely potent late-game. If he pushes you when your Ultralisks come out, you can destroy it and counter-push immediately. If he’s dropping heavily and playing defensive, you may need more finesse. 2) Deny Terran attempts at securing a fourth while you hold yours.

This is a real key to late game ZvT: Do not let Terran secure his fourth. That’s the #1 task of your Ultralisk army. Use static defenses and reinforcing Zerglings to defend your further-apart bases while you make sure he can’t hold his. Holding your 4th/5th is just as important as denying his! 3) Use all those advantages that you picked up throughout the game and go for a fully upgraded, maxed-out bust!

Max out, and put your excess minerals/gas into Banelings. You can get over 100 Banelings for the last push - I’ve tested it!


3) Trade Armies

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GLHF Magazine Issue #7