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The First Barrel (5:30-6:00) 14 Speedlings - Repel early Terran aggression (Reapers/Marines), delay expansion Command Caenter, and disrupt opening build order (slight chance of outright winning/crippling).

The Second Barrel (10:30-11:30*) 1-2 Overseers, 20 Speed Roaches, 20 Speed Banelings, 20 Speed Zerglings with +1/+1 Upgrades (*Exact count/ time may vary).

The Final Barrel (17:30-18:30*) 2 Overseers, 5 Ultralisks, 60 Banelings, 60 Cracklings with +3/+3 Upgrades (*Exact count/time may vary). Crush Terran if they attack on Creep, trade well with almost any late-game army, delay/deny fourth Command Center.

GLHF Magazine Issue #7