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The Triple Barrel Bust By Tim ‘TangSC’ Clark


Good Luck Have Fun

for Zerg players who want to ramp up their aggression - and win rate - using three sequenced timing attacks. The Triple Barrel Bust was originally developed in Wings of Liberty to help learning players through the process of setting economic benchmarks, executing timing attacks, and planning effective transitions. This old-school style of sequenced aggression has been revamped in Heart of the Swarm, with special consideration given to new Terran advantages like Reapers and Widow Mines. While this style was originally designed for developing players in WoL, it is now my own preferred style of Zerg vs Terran in HotS. The Triple Barrel Bust consistently works well against Master/Grandmaster Terrans, and it is currently my best and favourite match-up. See barrels on right.

I should point out that while the Triple Barrel Bust draws on the strategies and timings of top-level professionals, it is a style that I personally developed, so it is not currently used at the top-tier tournament level. I firmly believe, however, that an active style is the most entertaining and effective way to improve fundamental Zerg mechanics and multitasking. So if you’re asking, “Why should I learn the Triple Barrel Bust instead of a more standard style that professionals use?” then the answer is that the Triple Barrel Bust was not made for a professional player to use, it was made for you to use. A lot of the builds of the top-professionals have periods of heavy droning and passivity, which require next-level scouting and reacting to defend all the possibilities. For learning players, progress with pro-level builds can be slow. Often games turn into



My name is Tim Clark (aka TangSC) and welcome to a guide on a hyper-aggressive style of Zerg vs Terran The Triple Barrel Bust.

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