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The impact of the High School Starleague is profound as it introduces many teenage players into the world of progaming and eSports first-hand. ing their teams and communities with their friends and classmates; And to host a safe, fun, and professional avenue of competition for all high school students. Armed with insight and guidance from competing in the HSL, high school players have the chance to truly experience the challenges and rewards of a true career in eSports with the support to propel themselves into the spotlight of professional eSports.

You can visit HSL on their website at, like them on facebook at and follow them on twitter under the handle @hsstarleague.

rules similar to other high-profile tournaments. There is a group stage and then a playoff bracket, comparable to The International, run by Valve, and many other top-tier events for the current three eSports games featured by HSL. The League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients tournaments run with the standard 5v5 format, where each team must have a minimum of 5 high school players and no more than 7. Unlike other tournaments that are schoolrelated, the High School Starleague permits more than one team per school, provided that the teams have completely separate rosters. As it stands, the League of Legends division this season has nearly 1200 players playing over 110 matches every week, making HSL on of the largest weekly tournaments. Furthermore, the division caters to all skills levels, from bronze to challenger league with sizable showings from bronze to silver teams as well as plenty of diamond teams. The StarCraft II team requires at least 4 high school players with the same condition that no player may be a part of two teams. The impact of the High School Starleague is profound as it introduces many teenage players into the world of pro-gaming and eSports first-hand. First-hand experience is important to every industry, especially with

eSports as it is a very large commitment to become a pro-gamer. Being the only Starleague of this size which caters exclusively to high school students in North America, it allows the players to develop knowledge and insight into the eSports industry as well as nurture their skills and passion for the games. Not only does HSL provide a professional setting to compete, the Defence of the Ancients, the League of Legends, and the StarCraft II divisions all have their own prizes, similar to other tournaments around the world. HSL has clear goals and missions: To promote eSports as a legitimate sport, pastime and hobby in high schools around the world; To assist players in build-

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