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High School Starleague By Dmitri Liu Images courtesy High School Starleague


Since the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, numerous tournaments with different focuses have emerged. EACH OF THESE TOURNAMENTS HAVE THEIR OWN

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take on how to contribute to eSports and StarCraft as a whole, but for the most part, they cater exclusively to established pro-gamers. In 2010, Adriel Leung with his friend Zach Cronin-Hurley started the High School Starleague (HSL), which has grown into an administration team of over 25 professionals, headed by Tomber Su and Jesse Wang, with its central headquarters in LA. This Starleague focuses on developing the eSports scene with its roots solidly focused on ensuring that high school students in North America have the opportunity to experience the eSports industry first-hand. Their mantra is to provide high school students the opportunity to experience eSports, thus the only players allowed to participate are enrolled high school students. The growth of HSL over the years was not exclusive to its administration team or

headquarters. The traditional meaning of “Starleague” is a tournament or league catering exclusively to StarCraft. However, in recent years the HSL has incorporated League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients II (Dota 2) into their tournament lineup. Since the league now offers more than just StarCraft, the administration decided to look at the term “Starleague,” not as “StarCraft League,” but in the popular culture meaning of a “star,” or “celebrity.” The League has experienced a steady growth in its membership and social media following, with an 85% increase in Facebook likes for the page in the past month alone. Given the North American focused nature of the league, typically only teams and players from North American high schools register. However, the StarCraft II division bolsters teams in Europe. The teams participating in the league have

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