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different aspect of the game, which can be done easily if you... 4. PHRASE IT AS A QUESTION

Ease into it gently -- issuing commands can make people defensive. No matter how much tech you could have seen with a hallucinated phoenix, no matter how many zerglings a Force Field would have stopped, just shouting “make more Sentries!” won’t be as effective as you hope it will. Try asking, in a calm, neutral tone, after the game, “How do you feel about sentries?” This can lead to a conversation about play styles, personal preferences, or, in my case, to the reply, “What’s a sentry?” Whoa, easy now. Keep that palm a safe distance from your face. Questions like that are no reason to despair. Just explain what sentries are -- low DPS, good spells -- and above all...



Good Luck Have Fun

Your teammate may look for easy answers to explain defeats and may decide the answer is you. My teammate jumps right to the army value graph, where he congratulates himself on his expensive composition. But I don’t just whine about how that graph often favors Protoss. I don’t make excuses for why my line is lower than others. I just tell him to switch over to the upgrades graph. Bam. Now my little line is on top. Marines are definitely cheap, squishy units that don’t do much for army value (it takes eight marines to get the same army value as one void ray). But when they have shields, drugs, and 3-3, they’re not so squishy anymore. In short, if your teammate shows an interest in metrics and graphs, don’t get defensive if they look at the ones that make you look bad. Make the best of that interest and redirect it to a

A player with low APM, who doesn’t even know what a sentry is, will not suddenly start throwing up HuK-like Force Fields. Suggest that your teammate should make one, just one, sentry (or one infestor, or one raven, etc.) in the next game, and ask them to make one, just one, hallucinated phoenix and fly it around for a bit. Nothing complicated, nothing that will distract them too much from macro. Too many directions -- build this, now build that, now build this -- and you will quickly cross the line from coach to troll. You want your teammate to get better, but more than that, you want them to come back next time.

A player with low APM, who doesn’t even know what a Sentry is, will not suddenly start throwing up Huk-like Force Fields.



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