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Longford Park Primary School

A New Beginning Welcome Thank you for expressing an interest in Longford Park Primary School. Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make and we hope that the information in this prospectus will help you to make that decision. Longford Park is a brand new primary school which will be opening its doors to children in reception and nursery in September 2016. The school will grow each year until 2022 when it will become a full primary school with a nursery through to Year 6.

Where Children Grow, Learn and Flourish

We are delighted to be working with Oxfordshire County Council and the local community in the development of Longford Park Primary School and we look forward to welcoming you to our exciting new school in 2016. Jon Chaloner CEO, GLF Schools


Aims & Expectations Aims Longford Park Primary School will be an academy within GLF Schools. Founded in Surrey, the Trust has primary and secondary schools across Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and West Sussex. GLF Schools aims to ensure that: • Every child and student is highly valued and expected to achieve their full potential • All children enjoy their learning, attain high outcomes and make excellent progress

All children benefit from an inclusive ethos, excellent teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum underpinned by strong leadership, in a local school All children are supported and encouraged to lead healthy and active lives, making sensible choices whilst respecting the views and attitudes of others.

Expectations At Longford Park Primary School the children and the community will be at the heart of the school. GLF Schools has a credible record of opening new schools in recent years. 'We encourage active and enjoyable learning with high aspirations. The unique character of our schools is based on our belief and determination that children will Grow, Learn and Flourish within the Trust. Achievements will be rewarded and celebrated through assemblies which add value to the curriculum whilst establishing a positive school ethos which develops respect and care for self and others.


An inspiring curriculum At Longford Park Primary School we are committed to providing warm, caring relationships and stimulating opportunities so that the children are happy and engaged in their new school.

The emphasis will be on teaching through engaging topics where creative learning is linked through exciting and relevant contexts that meet the different interests and needs of all the children.

We believe that children need to become learners for life to reach their full potential and so the curriculum will be key to achieving this.

Teachers and Learning Support Assistants will support the children’s learning using their knowledge and skills to make a difference to every child.

A rich and varied curriculum will provide opportunities for the children to develop skills including Literacy, Maths, Science and ICT as well as History, Geography, Art and Design, Religious Education, PE, Music and Modern Foreign Languages. Although an academy we will follow the outline of the national curriculum.

Extensive facilities We are in a truly unique and exciting position as we work with Oxfordshire County Council in the design and finish of the school. As a purpose built school the design of the building will be modern, bright and dynamic to facilitate learning in the 21st century. We are committed to providing children with opportunities to extend their independent learning and thinking skills using the appropriate tools and media.


A collaborative approach to learning Working in partnership with parents and carers is key to successful learning. As the first families to join our school community, you will have the opportunity to help us shape our school and build our school community. We will actively be encouraging parents to be involved with their children’s learning as well as promoting parental involvement in all aspects of school life.


Our open door policy will facilitate regular opportunities for informal discussions and there will also be invitations to parents and carers to attend Family Learning events.

We will also encourage parents and carers to join our PTA and help out with the organisation of fundraising and social events. We are looking forward to forging new relationships with parents, carers and the local community.

Longford Park Primary School

Canal Lane, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AD 020 8716 4987

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An Academy within GLF Schools

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Longford Primary School Prospectus  
Longford Primary School Prospectus