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Hammond School

Together we Learn, Enjoy, Grow and Achieve

A New Beginning Welcome Thank you for expressing an interest in Hammond School.

Picture Together we Learn, Enjoy, Grow and Achieve

Our school is a strong community set within fantastic grounds and provides a wonderful setting for children to learn, grow and achieve the best they can. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment, where children and families are at the centre of our intimate and friendly community. We work hard to ensure that children’s achievements are celebrated at every step and, supported by our core values, our aim is for them to go out into their communities and excel in leading independent and successful lives. With Lightwater Village School we form part of the Federation of Lightwater Schools, and welcome applications from across our local community. As an Academy within GLF Schools, we benefit from sharing outstanding resources, facilities and support. We welcome you to view Hammond School where our Year 6 ambassadors are keen to show you around their school and share their experiences of school life. We look forward to meeting you. Sarah Evans Executive Headteacher

Kay Dunn Head of School


Our expectations and values Our set of core values lies at the heart of our high expectations for all. Our six values of Respect, Resilience, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Trust and Responsibility are actively taught and form the basis of our expectations for behaviour and learning throughout the school.


Hammond has extremely high expectations for all its children, both academically and personally. Our teachers are our ‘team of experts’,

experienced and committed to ensure every child achieves their potential. Carefully planned learning enables children to be encouraged, supported, and challenged to achieve more than they hoped. Our school consistently achieves extremely high attainment results, well beyond national expectations, ensuring children are well prepared for their next stage of education.

Alongside this we have a strong programme of personal and social skills, teaching core values and beliefs and supporting their growth as young people. We encourage children to develop opinions, beliefs and characters that enable them to build relationships, work cooperatively, build resilience, self-reflect and mature into well-rounded individuals.



An inspiring curriculum Children learn best when they are motivated, engaged and enjoying what they do. At Hammond School we have developed a curriculum that continues the love for learning established within their infant settings through a broad and balanced approach. Our curriculum is based around termly themes within which discrete subjects and topic areas are taught. These themes allow us to help learning come alive through visits outside school and through workshops and visitors we invite in. Applying their learning in a real context helps it all to make sense and seem relevant. This is important for deep learning to occur.

We believe every child has the right to enriching learning experiences which instil a love for learning wherever their talents take them. We emphasise increasing independence in learning and the ability to apply what they know to a variety of contexts. The skills of how we learn are as important as what we learn at Hammond School. Research, application, information retrieval, analysis of text are just some of the skills vital to learning but which can be applied across the curriculum. With a focus on stamina to study more in depth and at length, children grow and develop their skills throughout their time here, supporting the transition to secondary school.


Extensive facilities Our impressive facilities include extensive playing fields and sports facilities, children’s kitchen, 2 libraries and a dedicated music room. Our hall, with stage and sound system, is the place for school performances, assemblies and parent meetings; we have an additional dining hall, outside eating area and an onsite kitchen in which children enjoy delicious nutritious cooked meals or packed lunches.


We are a school that does not sit still, constantly looking for opportunities to improve what we can offer.

Our ICT suite is furnished with 15 PCs and banks of laptops and ipads to enable children to utilise electronic and online resources as a tool for learning. Each classroom enjoys the benefit of an Interactive Whiteboard and other digital equipment such as visualisers, and web-cams to enhance learning. We receive positive feedback that an attraction to prospective Year 2 families is the way the school is organised. Our 3 forms of entry exist as a hub of classes in the school, close to each other so children can make friends and share their learning easily.

The school feels intimate and friendly because of this organisation. Our parents often comment on how seamless this makes the transition from our neighbouring infant schools.

“The school nurtures confidence, resilience and well-being with excellent teaching and individualised learning�


A collaborative approach to learning A strong, mutual partnership with parents is extremely important to us as we believe this supports each and every child and is the key to successful learning.


Encouraging parents to be involved in their child’s learning, through regular and effective communication, information about what and how your child is learning and engaging homework opportunities is as important as listening to and responding to concerns through our open door policy and the effective regular parent forum meetings we hold. Getting children involved in their community through links with local business, the church, sports and musical

opportunities and the Country Park, nurtures a sense of community responsibility which we value. We have an insightful and proactive governing body who work across both schools in our federation and who share the vision and values of our school. Our active and supportive Hammond School Association helps the school through their social and fundraising activities and they welcome your involvement. We work in partnership with the hub of local schools to share best practice and ensure transition to and from Hammond is seamless and effective for both children and parents.

Hammond School

Executive Headteacher: Sarah Evans Head of School: Kay Dunn Badger Drive, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5TS 01276 473972

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Hammond School Prospectus 2015  
Hammond School Prospectus 2015