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Glenside Stories

Stories compiled in and around Glenside to foster community and encourage connectedness‌


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Writers: Kim Canfield Amy Carpenter Brandon David Crossland Chris Hammes Sarah Kanavy Rachel McGarvey Ashley Parker Mara Quigley Grizel Rivera Photography: Jennifer Clark Professor/ Advisor: Nancy Walsh


The Glen Francesca Mayr

The glen, a “small, narrow secluded valley” flanked by fire and foe Of the modern, strife-filled, chrome-enshrouded world A safe space, a smooth cool pace, a place where folks gather at the tavern to hear blues once in a while Where Jazz refuses to die and Dunkin Donuts proudly serves free coffee the day after an Eagles’ win And, my have the Eagles won this year (just ask anyone in town) Where the sometimes-obnoxious orange and pink of that same Dunkin Donuts (shared with Baskin Robbins) Is tempered by the warm smiles found therein Where an out-of-towner can feel like he experienced Philly by getting a Philly soft pretzel Walk around, feel the brisk autumn air, and pretend to be a colonist For, it seems a fitting thing to be Where trees are numerous and chimneys sing Where little streets turn into neighborhoods, turn into weird-nowhere-lands And you find yourself outside of the glen Cold and harsh with too-fast cars and buildings that feel like they house healthcare companies But you return To Elcy’s café with a 1940’s style train-bag and a fascinator on your well-traveled head You take your cup of coffee to a world of stars! and shine! and big deal stuff! Only to return to the deep maroon of someone else’s home that you just may be able to call yours


The Great Outdoors Brandon David Crossland

1250 W. Church Rd. Wyncote, Pennsylvania

I have once heard the Curtis Arboretum described as a "zoo for trees." I can say that it was probably the most accurate description I ever heard, but it doesn't really capture the beauty of the place. Now, I am not from around these parts. I hail from a small town in York County, Pennsylvania. My house is surrounded by trees on some sides, and farm land on the other. Moving to the Glenside area was a huge change for me. I didn't like that I was always surrounded by buildings, that I couldn't see the stars in the night sky, and that the only wildlife around was squirrels.

The change of environment made things hard for me my first semester, but I eventually got use to it. However, I still missed the beauty and peace of nature that I could find at my home. During my second year at Arcadia, I made a wonderful discovery with my girlfriend. Just down Church Road, maybe a mile or so, was Curtis Arboretum. My first visit there was wonderful as we took a long walk through the forest and over the green hills. We continue to make trips there and we have found that it is a perfect place for a picnic. The arboretum used to


be the property of what I can only assume was a very rich family. Some of the buildings still remain on the property as well as some of the original gardens. There are beautiful stone walls and terraces with ivy growing on them. It is a place I can go to just get away from all the hustle and bustle of the suburbs of Philadelphia. The more I explored the arboretum, the more I discovered. At the lower part, there are two shimmering ponds with a creek running between them. One of the ponds has a huge fountain in the middle that is a sight to behold. Walking along the creek eventually brings you down to the dog park area. Many of the people who bring their dogs to walk at the park are so very nice and will easily strike up a conversation with you, especially if you talk about how cute their pet is. If dogs are your thing, this is the place to go. More recently, I have done some geo-caching at the park. If you don't know what geo-caching is, you're missing out. Basically, people hide small parcels all over the world. Some are hidden very well, and others easier to find. On the website, you are given the coordinates to these packages and then you track them down and sign the log book inside. If you are really into it, it can take you to some amazing places. Because of it, I was able to explore the park more and truly see all that it has to offer. There is no doubt in

my mind that the Curtis Arboretum offers me a little piece of home. I love going there and just getting away for awhile. If you ever are feeling stressed, tired, worried, bored, or just want to explore, I would highly recommend checking out the arboretum. Maybe I'll see you there.


Ice Cream Dreams Rachel McGarvey

33 E Glenside Ave Glenside, PA 19038

It was the beginning of September, my second or third weekend at Arcadia. The school was new to me, the campus, the classes, the surrounding area; they were all unfamiliar. One Sunday, myself, my roommate Kristen, and our friend Andre decided to walk into Glenside. We explored Glenside by going into every shop that looked interesting. The multiple thrift shops and antique shops were fascinating and we spent a while going through the never ending piles of

clothes and household items. Upon Andre’s suggestion, we turned off of Easton Road and onto East Glenside Ave. Our destination was Dreams, an ice cream shop, to satisfy our hunger on this hot day where ice cream prevailed over an actual lunch. The store was tiny and inviting. Although there was no one else there, this did not make me question the quality of the homemade ice cream, as everything in the two big cases looked


delicious. The one person working there at the time turned out to be the owner, and he was the friendliest, helpful, and most talkative store owner I have had the opportunity to chat with in a long time. My friends and I found out that the owner had just opened up the store this year, 2013, after an ice cream shop under a different name closed down. Although he said there was no discount for Arcadia students then, he would be giving them a twenty percent discount in about a month! Andre and I ordered a root beer float and split it, while Kristen ordered a waffle cone and had it piled high with two scoops. The owner ended up giving us all a ten percent discount anyway. It seemed clear that he was happy for the business from Arcadia students. While we were sitting outside on the bench in front of his shop, the owner came outside and asked us if he could take a picture of us with our ice cream. A little surprised, but more than happy to do so, we agreed, assuming it was for the business’s Facebook page or website. That was the perfect end to my first day in Glenside with friends. I had to share my experience at the ice cream shop with someone else, because I felt that it was such a great find. Since the store is not right on Easton, I don’t know if a lot of people know it exists. When my friend Jason suggested we go to Rita’s one day during the week, I persuaded him to walk into Glenside to Dreams instead. When we arrived, the owner asked us to write our names and emails on an email list to get promotions. I

asked him where the picture he had taken of my friends and I had ended up, and he said he hadn’t posted it online or in the store yet but he has plans to. This time, more into the fall spirit, I got a root beer float with pumpkin ice cream. This choice was questionable to everyone, but I had a feeling it would be delicious. The owner promised that if other people ordered it and liked it, he would make it one of the specials on his chalkboard and call it by my name. There was a special deal doing on so Jason got a huge ice cream cone, and then got an extra free scoop of ice cream in a cup. On top of that we got Arcadia student discounts, making us happy spenders. Since I did not have the chance to return between that day and the season close of the store in October, I am not sure if my pumpkin root beer float ended up on the board. Whether it did or not, I cannot wait for the store to open back up in the spring time, so I can get some amazing homemade ice cream and converse with one fantastic Glenside store owner.


local musicians busking throughout the aisles of produce, and buying a bag of freshly made kettle corn out of the ginormous copper kettle that the Amish would bring with them. Most of all, however, I missed the community that revolved around the Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning. So many people from different backgrounds would come together to share two beautiful things with each other: food and stories. Everyone was so excited to learn about the food they were buying and the stories of the vendors themselves. I had my own expectations of what a Farmer’s Market should be like, and I was preparing myself for the worst, thinking the Glenside Farmer’s Market could not possibly compare to Bloomington’s. However, as I approached and saw the small crowds of people gathered around various assorted tables, my heart immediately lifted. I browsed through the different stands, thrilled to once again see the bright assortment of tomatoes, beans, potatoes, eggplant, squash, apples, and more. When I saw the honey stand, I smiled and remembered how excited my niece and nephew get when they get to pick out honey sticks for a treat. There was also a meat vendor, a jeweler, a baker, and a whole table devoted to an assortment of jams. It was small relative to what I was used to, but it still had an abundance of everything I was looking for and more. As I walked from table to table, I heard all of the different conversations between

Farmer’s Market Sarah Kanavy

Easton Rd. and Glenside Ave. at Glenside Station

One Saturday morning, I finally decided to walk to the Glenside Farmer’s Market at the train station. I was in desperate need of some fresh fruits and vegetables, and wanted to try something besides the produce store. It was a beautiful day to walk into Glenside. The sun was shining and people were running in and out of all the different shops. I couldn’t help but smile as the wind blew across my face; despite the bustling of all the people, it was so peaceful. During my walk, I thought about all the days I spent with my family at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market this summer. It is such a neat place full of so many interesting people. I miss seeing all the arrangements of brightly colored vegetables lining the tables, the sound of


vendors and customers. Vendors offered advice on how to best use their products when cooking meals, and customers asked the vendors how their weeks had been. Due to the sincere friendliness of everyone at the market, the atmosphere was upbeat and carefree. I came across a vendor named Rachel Swartz who was selling homemade granola. She was giving away free samples, so I happily tried some. It was delicious! It was the first time I had ever seen granola sold at a Farmer’s Market, so I asked her about it. Smiling, she told me how it was her very first day selling her homemade granola, and she was very excited about finally having the chance to share it with people. It wasn’t a family recipe, but instead was something she had been interested in concocting on her own. After some tinkering, she was finally able to perfect it! The family and friends who had come to support her for her Farmer’s Market debut all agreed it was one of their favorite things to eat. I loved seeing that this kind of community exists so close to me. Even though it was different than what I’m used to, it still had the same sense of belonging and connection to people that I had come to adore. I also appreciated that the market does not just consist of the same vendors who have been participating for years, but includes vendors like Rachel who are just starting out. This market has been around for years, and it is still growing just like the Glenside community is growing. I think

it is great how they are trying to impact Glenside in such a positive way, and it is vendors like Rachel who take the time to give to their community in a unique manner that make Glenside a cohesive, family unit. Unfortunately, the market closes at the end of November, so I will have to wait until April to continue my weekly visits to get fresh food, support local farmers/artists, and integrate into the Glenside community.


An Adventure at Hibbert’s Grizel Rivera

142 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038

The first thing I noticed when I passed Hibbert’s was the table of DVDs outside his shop. I was overwhelmed with joy and when I saw the prices, I was completely in awe. For any movie lover/fanatic, Hibbert’s is the place to go. I went inside and there was so much more. He has a wide range of genres and classics. However, Hibbert’s is not only a movie store. It is a store with multiple purposes; all your needs are here. There are engravings, rubber stamps, trophies and awards, signs and banners, music CD’s, passport photos, video transfers, and photo copies and fax. If I had known he does passport photos, I would have taken mine there instead of somewhere else. I made my way through the DVD’s and started looking around. I found the

CD collections along with some records. He has a vast assortment of music. From classical to rock to blues, there is a selection for any type of music you prefer. From the music aisle, I made my way to the middle. There were different objects that included tape, folders, etc. The back room is where you can order trophies, awards and other items. Then you would go back there to pick them up. This store offers a great deal. For me, it is the abundance of movies that are at reasonable prices. For others, it might be the engraving and the award making. I ended up buying a season of Glee for five dollars. It made my day. No matter what your needs are, I feel Hibbert’s can help you with anything.


The Global Treasure Hunt Sarah Kanavy

When I was a kid, I always loved a good treasure hunt. It was a thrill to follow clues in hopes I might discover a hidden object. I may have gotten older, but my love of treasure hunting has never ceased. Thankfully, I am not alone. Over 4 million people across the world are actively searching for hidden treasure and leaving some of their own. This phenomenon is called Geocaching. The way it works is that someone will create a “cache” by hiding a container

anywhere they want, and then they upload the coordinates of the location to the Geocaching website. Currently, there are 2,268,645 active caches worldwide. You may be asking, “What is the point of Geocaching?” Geocaching is a fun, unique game that allows people to travel to new places or even just somewhere in their hometown where they have never been before. It can be played any day, anytime, anywhere that a cache is hidden. All you have to do is


located the nearest Geocache with your GPS and you’re off on an adventure! One of the coolest parts about Geocaching is you never know what you’ll find. Located at each cache is a written log for you to record your name in and a handful of items. When a cache is discovered, it is intended that the player take a piece of hidden treasure and leave something of their own that has equal or greater value to what they took. My sister is responsible for first introducing me to Geocaching while I lived with her in Indiana this summer. Several nights after dinner, we would all pile into the car are drive off to search for a new Geocache. It was so much fun walking through woods, turning up rocks, and looking in hollow trees for a hidden cache with my niece and nephew. My favorite cache we encountered was a hollowed out, magnetic piece of fake chewed gum. Because we made so many great memories this summer, I wanted to continue Geocaching when I returned to Arcadia. Once I got here, I figured there might be one or two nearby. However, when I searched for coordinates on the Geocaching mobile app, I discovered there are several located in Glenside. There is even one on Arcadia’s campus! As I went Geocaching in Glenside, I began to discover Glenside itself. Once I found a cache near the library, I finally had the motivation to actually go inside and explore the local library. In the same way, I discovered an amazing rock formation at Curtis Arboretum. So far, I have been lucky enough to avoid the

questioning looks of other people as I look in trees, in stone walls, on guardrails, etc. I have also found some really neat pieces of treasure. I have walked away with bouncy balls, a bracelet, playing card, and more! For me, this global treasure hunt was also a local treasure hunt. Because of Geocaching, I was not only able to entertain the child within me, but I also interacted with my local community in a very unique way. Even though I have now found most of the caches in Glenside, the game is not over. I will still continue to visit the places the hidden caches led me to; I have already made several weekly trips to the library! If anyone is looking for motivation to explore Glenside, they need not look any further. Geocaching is the perfect way to do so as long as you have a small token to leave behind and a great sense of adventure.


experience without having to spend the big bucks or worry about actually standing to play the game. There’s a closed off gaming area in the back for those who, like myself, would like to act out their nerdiness in an enclosed area. Have I mentioned that there are a lot of games, like way more games than I thought existed? I wandered down the aisles in almost bewilderment at how much there was in the store until finally, I worked up the courage to actually, you know, talk to the people I came here to see. Turns out, that all my freaking out had been for nothing. The boss was a really cool, friendly guy working in the back, intermittently yelling commands to the guy working the counter, who was willing to tell me what Game Junkie is like. It turns out that Game Junkie is pretty popular with some famous people in the game/nerd community. He told me that a certain famous flash game making company is up the street from Game Junkie and they come into the shop every once in a while, which blew my mind for a few moments before I could move on. Apparently this place is also popular with a couple of famous game bloggers who have tweeted about the store in the past. He also explained to me that besides famous people, a huge variety of people come into the store, that it lends an almost reality show like quality to the shop. The store is a place for nerds and geeks to have a fun time and find interesting games but it’s also a place for

A Girl Walks into a Game Store Ashley Parker 111 S. Easton Rd. Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038

I walked into Game Junkie on a quiet Monday afternoon, hoping to arrive when there were a lot of people there so that I could quietly observe from the back. Things didn’t work out too well as I came in after the local kids had left and before the responsible adults had gotten out of work. There weren’t too many people when I came in so the game music that plays every time the door is opened blared through the store. Just my luck, they had actually turned off the constant soundtrack of game music that is normally playing in the store right before I had gone in. So basically, I felt really awkward for the first 10-15 minutes I was there. I wandered around the surprisingly expansive store, trying to get a feel for the place. The store is filled to the brim with games, both old and new. Game art is interspersed on the wall, just in case you weren’t sure what kind of store you had walked into. There’s a Pacman table by the entrance for people who are really looking for that classic gaming


kids and their families to start out their journey into nerddom. It’s a place for Arcadia students to come down to hang out and get games to play, no matter their skill level or interests. The place is for everyone and is going to be growing to be even more inclusive and interesting

than before, with new and different inventory coming in, like apparel, novelties, posters and action figures. Game Junkie is a game store that is for both gamers and beginners alike and I’m glad that I walked in on that slow Monday afternoon.

Dana Hot Yoga Mara Quigley 2278 Mt. Carmel Ave. Glenside, PA 19038

Although I myself have yet to participate in a class at the Dana Hot Yoga Studio, I was fortunate enough to speak with fellow Yogi and Arcadia University student Nenetzin AllenCaballero on her experiences at the studio. If I had to choose one word to describe vinyasa yoga it would most Nenetzin, the vinyasa yoga taught at the Dana Hot Yoga Studio is no exception. Walking in to the studio itself is like walking into an oversized sauna, both in appearance and the actual physical feeling of the place. Upon first glance, the studio itself intimated me- the entire front window is glass. I imagined it to be like a giant fish tank that all the cars rushing past on Easton road could gaze into if stuck at the intersection during rush-hour traffic. When I asked Nenetzin her thoughts on this, however, she said she barely even noticed the window was there in the first place because she was too focused on

keeping up with the instructor and trying not to overheat in the sauna-like studio. As far as the yoga itself goes, Nenetzin informs me that it was definitely a challenging yet doable workout; it’s perfect if you just want to sweat something out of your system. For Nenetzin, a very fit college athlete, to say that it just goes to show how tough of a workout it really was. This was Nenetzin’s first experience at the studio, but judging from the way she enthused about it, I’m sure it will not be her last. Yoga means something different to everyone. I think most people that try it keep coming back; it sparks an impetus for change within their life, whether it’s to become more fit, more centered, or just to make more time for relaxation in a far too hectic schedule. After talking with her and listening to her show enthusiasm about her experience. I think this spark ignited a little bit of change towards all three of the above in Nenetzin.


Over the years the Blue Comet Bar and Grill became a staple for me and my friends whenever we wanted to eat out. In addition, my appreciation for the kind of atmosphere and community at Blue Comet has grown over the past few years. After I turned 21, I got to make use of the “bar” in the name of the restaurant. Sitting at the bar in the Blue Comet was an experience I’ll not soon forget; the bartender took my ignorance of alcohol in stride and turned out to be a biology fanatic like me. We spoke enthusiastically about salamanders for a bit and then she told me about working at the Blue Comet. The bar is celebrating its 18th birthday this year and over those years it has accumulated a number of loyal patrons. Scott, the owner of the Blue Comet, spoke proudly of the number of couples who have met or gone on their first dates at the Blue Comet. He spoke of the number of proposals that have taken place in the dark paneled booths and around the smoky fire pit out back and then the bracing shots (on the house) he’s had with nervous groomsmen on their way to the church. Most bars don’t like it if you bring young children into them, but the Blue Comet allows it under certain circumstances; such as when new parents who met through the Blue Comet introduce their child to the owner and waitstaff. Whether I’m there on a Monday night for dinner with friends or on a Sunday night for rockabilly, I always enjoy any time I spend at the Blue Comet.

The Blue Comet Amy Carpenter

106 S. Easton Rd in Glenside Pa. When I was a sophomore my grandparents came to the area to visit me and asked me where I wanted to be taken for dinner. I didn’t know the area at all and told them that we should just walk down Easton Road until we found someplace to eat. We ended up at the Blue Comet on a Sunday night with a rockabilly band playing old standards from my grandparent’s youth and great burgers. I instantly fell in love.


experience unique is the metal pot of tea that is set down. I've had tea at a restaurant plenty of times, but never have I received it for free in something that looks like it came right off of a wood fire. Jasmine took all of my expectations of an Asian place and blew them out of the water from the food- to the décor- to the service. What speaks the loudest at any restaurant is the food. As with any Chinese restaurant, you have to start with rice. What I loved about my time there was the fact that there was a communal rice plate. When I go to a restaurant I am a sharer, and the fact that you have to share the rice makes it a group meal. This technique makes you become more engaged in the meal and your company. I personally had the General Tso's chicken, and that chicken turned into one of the greatest mistakes of my life. General Tso's chicken is known to be a spicy dish, and, justly so, is accompanied by some peppers used to give it that fiery kick. After having finished the spicy chicken, my hubris took hold and convinced me that I could handle eating one of those fiery buggers. I took a bite and triumph coursed through my veins while my mouth remained cool as ice. Sadly, that ice melted rather quickly and I am almost certain I melted my brain. My entire skull erupted in heat as I grasped for anything to save me from the torture I was enduring. I’ll always remember the laughter of my dinner companions and the blazing heat, but

Failing to Plan… Chris Hammes

138 S. Easton Road, Glenside PA 19038

A staple of college dining is without a doubt Chinese food. There are plenty of takeout Chinese places that you can order from, but one day I decided to venture down Easton Road and happened to stumble upon Jasmine Asian Bistro. I went in expecting a run of the mill shop but was pleasantly surprised to find a quality sit down restaurant. I found many of the stereotypical dishes on the menu, but I didn’t expect the spread that comes complimentary on every table. I, myself, am a snack person, but nothing I have ever tasted quite hits the mark as those crunchy noodles that they put on the table. I don’t know the name of what they were and neither do I want to disrespect the deliciousness by assigning some strange and wildly inaccurate name. The appetizer was good, but what makes the


what sticks with me most, was not that blazing pepper, but rather the beauty on the corner of my plate. Among the fiery sauce there was something gentle and delicate- a flower. A bright orange flower, not from a plant but, constructed of sliced carrots. The sheer beauty of this is what I remember

most of that entire experience. They did not just give me food, they gave me art. As previously mentioned, Jasmine breaks the norm of what a Chinese restaurant is and provided a stellar experience. Oh and remember everyone: "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Memories and the Return A Bar Down the Road Ashley Parker 106 S. Easton Rd in Glenside Pa.

Memories My memories of Blue Comet are shaded with brown, the brown of the wood paneling in our booth, my friend’s hair as she turns to talk to the waiter, the chili nachos that we devour while we laugh about some joke. The bar itself is not really clear in my mind but it doesn’t really need to be: for me, the place is a memory of good times and good friends rather than of things or items. What I do remember is that there’s something about the setup of this place that invites a conversation to be started. I remember the small doorway and my trouble getting the door open, I remember walking the narrow lane between the bar and the wall until I get to the small alcove in the back, cozy and

comfortable, where you can see everything that’s happening in the small bar. I remember sliding into my seat, back up against the wall, a smile on my face as I continue my conversation with my friends who are joining me. This is what Blue Comet is to me: a comfortable, fun evening with my friends. The Return I went back to Blue Comet on a Monday with a close friend of mine who had also wanted to return to Blue Comet. My memory of the place was not disappointed by what I found when I returned: a quiet, comfortable, oldfashioned bar where the staff was friendly and attentive without being pushy. It was a little more spacious than


I remembered, and as I was looking at it with new eyes, I saw that there was a lot of space in the bar for a larger group than just the two of us. The walls are covered in old advertisements, many for local items that wouldn’t be found anywhere else. The bar looks like it’s almost out of a noir scene, all dark wood with some lit mirrors behind. Turner Classic Movies plays silently on the TV above the cash register. The whole place is dark without being drab and lends itself a cozy atmosphere that makes me want to curl up with a drink a talk about anything and everything with a group of friends. I came in right before happy hour, which is five to seven all week, and sat in a booth that let me see the whole bar as I waited for my friend to arrive. A few people were at the bar, probably people who had stopped in on their way home. A couple was sitting on the end near me, regaling the two waitresses of how they had met previously at a party at the bar. I remembered hearing from my friend who had spoken with the owner previously that something like over seventy couples had either met or gotten engaged at the bar. My friend arrived a little after I did and the waitress came right over and got us our drinks and food. We both got appetizers and talked about random things while we ate. Moving to the bar, we ordered French martinis, which were delicious and sweet. The bartender, whose name I didn’t catch, told us about the bar and how passionate everyone is about this

place, that it’s a place that everyone cares about and takes pride in. She and our waitress showed us their Blue Comet tattoos to show us just how much they cared about this place. They gave us some background about the place, like that it’s been open for about eighteen years now with the outdoor back area being open for two. They told us a story of a couple who had met at Blue Comet, gotten engaged there, and were still bringing in their kids to the bar to show them this bar that was a central part of the story of their lives. The bar is really a comfortable place that is welcoming to everyone, even families, and has become a major chapter in the story of my own life and in the lives of many others.


Apollo’s Kim Canfield

what we are about to order even before we say anything: a large plain pizza with a side of garlic knots and a salad. Although he knows the meal is for four, he seems to comment every time, “wow, so much food for a little girl!” Within 15 minutes, my roommates and I have our dinner. Apollo’s Pizza is one of our favorite “go to” meals. The owner is extremely nice, and even threw in an extra garlic knot or two a few times. He especially enjoyed when our whole team used him for pizza after a soccer tournament that took place at Arcadia University. After establishing being a regular, we told our coach to try using Apollo’s to eat for dinner. Our coach ordered about 40 pizzas between two teams. Remarkably, the delivery man made it within 15 minutes, as usual. I don’t think there was one slice left over that night. Being that the season is over, I hope to spend more time at the actual restaurant instead of knowing the owner only through the phone. Although I have more free time, I’m sure the amount of pizza I eat from Apollo’s will not change.

112 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038

Being on a college team means that free time is scarce. There is little time for homework, little time to nap and even little time to cook. As an athlete, life goes by in full throttle. Meals need to be quick, but still healthy in some way. That’s why when my teammates and I are in a rush to eat, we always end up deciding to order pizza. Not just any pizza, but Apollo’s Pizza. As the name implies, the owner of the pizzeria is Greek. He always seems to answer the phone when we call in our order. Like a daily customer, he knows


The Brew-Through Chris Hammes

240 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038

When I turned 21 during my first year at Arcadia, I expected my way of life to change; I had no clue what things would reveal themselves to me. Not long after my 21st, a group of my older friends and I decided to use my newly acquired social status and pick up a case of beer. Being new to the area and not privy to places to buy beverages, I had no clue where to go. The simple response from all of them was “the Brew-Through.” I couldn’t process the concept but upon some persuading I was urged into the car and we began our journey. Traveling down Easton Road, the sign for Easton

Beer suddenly peeked out of the row of buildings but that wasn’t a sign to stop. We continued to drive right up to this lackluster building and continued on into the beer themed drive through. I could no longer use the expression "like a kid in a candy store"- from that point on the only way that I could explain that wide-eyed wonder is "like an adult in a beer store". Beer lined the walls, creating pillars that lined the path for the cars of legal drinkers. Although the experience only took a minute, my mind continued to process the event for hours afterwards. The best part was that moment of


purchase. It was that moment- that wonderment- even though it was nothing more than a swipe of a card and a flash of ID. The masses of new and interesting brand names, most of which I had never even heard of, still toss around in my mind today. Although the consumption of alcohol may be an adult privilege, however, by no stretch of the imagination does that mean a sip of beer cannot change the imagination of a young person. With our liquid gold in hand, thoughts of playing pranks coursed through our heads, providing an idea that to this day I still consider tempting. Before you leave, the kind staff of Easton Beer offers to place the product in your trunk- but what if they had a surprise waiting for them when they simply aimed to fulfill the duties of their jobs? The stroke of genius that occurred to us was nothing but a slew of surprises held within the trunk. No amount of money could compare to seeing the of face someone when they open the trunk and someone jumps out and runs away screaming "I'm finally free!". Or, even

better, what if someone took the case, thanked the nice man and shut the trunk. There are so many ways to get a laugh at the expense of the people that work the Brew-Through and I cannot wait to try my hand at making Glenside a little happier.


The Glenside Library Brandon Crossland

215 S. Keswick Ave. Glenside, PA 19038

I remember when I used to have time to read. I would spend hours upon hours at the library. For several years, I volunteered at my local library as a reading buddy and restocking shelves. Every summer I participated in the summer reading program, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The people at the library were always so fun and nice, and best of all, it was full of books! Books allow my imagination to run free, inspire me, and impart knowledge to me beyond my wildest dreams. Back in Junior High, we would have competitions about who could read the most books each marking period, and I never found it hard to win Even though reading and the library were such a huge part of my life growing up, college gave me different priorities. I can honestly say that over the past few years, I have probably only completely read were all


things that I had missed. Looking around the library, I found that they had more than enough sci-fi and fantasy books. They also had a huge selection of films, many of which can't be found on Netflix. The best thing about it all is that it is completely free! What a great deal. Since I was at the library I decided to go ahead and get myself a library card. The librarian was the sweetest lady who seemed so excited to be giving library cards to college students, and I was excited to finally be getting another one! I spent the rest of my time at the library trying to calculate how much candy corn was in a jar. Despite my calculation of volumes and quantities, which took a lot of measurements, I ended up not winning. Either way, it was a great trip to a place that I hope to continue to visit. I know that the Glenside Library will bring me much joy and memories from home.

Anne’s Kitchen Table Grizel Rivera

the people in the pictures were her family. I was not really sure how things worked there, so I asked if I should just sit and order. The ladies greeted me and gave me a menu. She told me to just grab a drink, find a seat, and they would be with me. The waitress came and took my order. She was very friendly and welcoming. I ordered New England clam chowder and a junior size grilled chicken Caesar salad. While I waited for my food, I listened to the music. They had a bell that rang every time the door opened and it added to the atmosphere. The soup was brought out quite fast; it was rich, creamy, and amazing. I was still eating the soup when the salad came out. Apparently, Anne makes her own Caesar salad dressing; I never tasted anything like it before. As I was eating, I noticed an older lady dancing to the music. She felt comfortable enough to start dancing alone for all to see. This is the atmosphere of Anne's Kitchen Table. You can be yourself, feel at home and sit down to comfortably enjoy a delicious meal.

11 Wesley Ave, Glenside, PA 19038

The first time I stepped foot in Anne’s Kitchen Table was a year ago for a scavenger hunt. My team and I bought a brownie and it w as absolutely amazing. For some reason, until this project, I never went again. Anne’s was my first choice because I remembered how good that brownie was. I went to eat there around 2:30pm on Friday November 8, 2013. The first thing I noticed was how small the place was. It might have been small but it was very homey. I felt at ease and warm. The place was covered with decorations and family friendly pictures; I am guessing


by; I ordered myself some coffee and let myself fall under Elcy’s spell. If you’re like me, and sometimes like to melt back into the woodwork of a place and observe, then Elcy’s is a great place to be. Almost always thriving with activity, its clientele can range from the two elderly gentlemen sitting together sipping soup, to the mother with her young son playing further on down the long wooden that runs along the back wall. His giggles while playing are distinct amidst the steady background hum of the workers behind the counter chatting pleasantly amongst themselves. The smell of fresh cut fruit wafted over to me and I reconsidered my plans to buy some breakfast. The sky outside was gray but it couldn’t dampen the cheerful atmosphere and I took another sip of coffee. By now it has warmed my whole body, starting in the center of my chest and now even my toes have recovered from the chill. There are a few more minutes to spare before my train and I settle back against the wall to enjoy them here.

Elcy’s Amy Carpenter

1 West Glenside Avenue Glenside, PA 19038

When I walked into Elcy’s on Friday morning my first thought was that of gratitude for the miracle of central heating, for the November winds had torn at me all the way down Easton Road, and I was not properly dressed for the weather. As I stepped over the threshold, the blast of coffee-scented warmth enveloped me and I could feel the rush of blood to my cheeks and fingertips. Like any good coffee shop, Elcy’s invites you in every way possible to sit down and watch the world outside go


While she was at the bar with my friend, my other friend and I were making conversation with our waitress. We were both not allowed at the bar because we are only 20. The waitress was really friendly, asking about our soccer season and how we liked our school. She told us that she wish she had the privilege to go to college. Her dream was to one-day gain a college education, but cannot at the time because she has to pay her own way. Working as a waitress was only one of the jobs she had to help save money. Her dream job is to someday become an artist. I was interested in what pieces of work she had created, if any, and she was very willing to show us some photos of her works. She loved to paint with watercolors and thicker paints. She explained, “I love how the colors can mix and create something so unique that it cannot be replicated even if I tried.” Her favorite piece of work however, was her charcoal drawing. This was also my favorite piece of the ones she showed us. The contour and shading looked so realistic my friend and I were mind blown. Finally, our two friends returned from the bar, ready to leave. As we gathered our things, we thanked our waitress, and wished her all the best on her future endeavors. I was really surprised how friendly the service was at KT. I can’t wait for my parents to visit soon so I can take them to Keswick Tavern. I know they will really enjoy the food and the service.

Keswick Tavern Kim Canfield

294 N Keswick Ave, Glenside, PA 19038

Monday, November 4th, The birthday of one of my best friends. On this day, after three hours of running around on the turf at soccer practice, four friends and myself walked off the field starving. Collectively, we decided to go to the Keswick Tavern right down Easton Road. It was a perfect choice because not only were we all able to fulfill our cravings of hamburgers, but my one best friend could also buy her first legal drink. After scarfing down our meals, my best friend went to the bar to buy her first drink. One of my other friends, who went with her, announced that it was her birthday. Upon hearing her announcement, the bar tender said, “Oh so this is your first legal drink? Here, have one of our specialties; it’s on the house! Happy birthday!” With that, my friend got her first drink for free!


Making Friends at the Nail Salon

husband, her baby, and the family business. I found out that this is the nail spa’s fifteenth year in business. A middle aged woman came into the store at one point, greeting everyone warmly. She was clearly a regular and sat down at a table, opening her laptop. She too was extremely talkative and asked me what my major was and how I liked Arcadia. I found out that this woman was a Glenside local and had simply stopped into the spa for a place to sit to send an email and chat. At the end of our visit, my friend’s nails looked great and the prices were very reasonable. My second visit to the nail spa resulted in a similar experience. I met the owner, Lisa, who told me about her future plans for the nail salon to attract more customers. She hopes to make a bar-like section where people can order juice and hang out while getting their nails done. I talked to another Glenside local who was getting a pedicure. She raved about the nail spa and how great her nails come out. The rest of our forty five minute talk revolved around my experience at Arcadia and plans to study abroad next semester. I had never expected to go into a nail spa and meet people who were so nice, talkative, and genuinely interested in my life and open in talking about theirs.

Rachel McGarvey

238 N Keswick Ave, Glenside, PA 19038

One day I accompanied my friend into Glenside to find a store to get her nails done. We did not have a nail salon picked out when we left, but we ended up at Lisa’s Glenside Nail Spa in Keswick Village. While we were there, I met the owner’s sister and the owner’s daughter, who were both working that day. The daughter, named Diana, sat my friend down and started her manicure. She encouraged me to sit right next to them. Over the course of a half hour, I learned a lot about Diana as she talked about the college she attends, her


My previous encounters in nail salons only involved polite and often awkward chatter. I left feeling happy about the welcoming, personal, and comfortable experience I had just had with people who had very recently been strangers. I wish that I had more time for

getting my nails done, because I wouldn’t mind regularly experiencing the atmosphere of Lisa’s Glenside Nail Spa. I am thankful to have met great people and I will definitely pop in to say hello next time I am in Keswick Village.

At the Keswick Coffee House Maura Quigley

285 N Keswick Ave, Glenside, PA 19038

As I sat nestled in the cozy back corner of the Keswick Coffee House on one of the many well-loved couches, I witnessed an eclectic array of people as colorful as the warmly painted walls come in and out of the small


coffee shop. A tattooed, long-haired, flannel-wearing 20-something (“JP”, as I was later informed) sat in one corner with Beats headphones on, jamming to music that was clearly not the smooth jazz floating through the

speakers in the shop. To my left sat a young professional woman dressed to the nines in business attire (on a Sunday morning, mind you) typing away furiously at her computer working on something presumably very important. Just as I was walking in, two middle aged bikers exited the shop, decked out in ripped leather vests and faded rock T’s and each holding a small steaming coffee cup. The two men were laughing jovially and seemed to be in very good moods as they greeted their friend on the street, whom I had just walked past, and gave his pit-bull a friendly scratch on the ear. As I found my place on an open couch, two other gentlemen (who the owner later referred to as Dave and Rich) walked in, very much in contrast to the bikers who had just exited. These older men were both in jeans, large comfy sweaters, and beanies. The older gentleman behind the counter greeted them with a wide smile and asked how they were doing. As they struck up a conversation, he busied himself making their drinks. After he handed the one a small cappuccino and the other a medium latte, they made small talk for a while, finally exiting the shop with a friendly wave. The next patron, clearly yet another regular, waltzed in and instantly owned the room. She was robed in a baby pink sweat suit, with a

matching pink scarf. As she flounced through the door she announced “Hello everybody, how are you? My name is Barbara.” After receiving a few greetings, waltzing to the other corner and plopping herself down on one of the many comfy couches in the back, she immediately struck up a conversation with the man behind the counter about a diner she had been to this past week. After busying himself with various tasks behind the counter, the man walked around the shop and stopped to talk to the young professional woman, offering to clear her dish and asking if she enjoyed the pastry she had been eating. At this time, a piano rendition of Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory came on, further adding to the eccentricity of this adorable little coffee shop. At noon, the manager came through the door with his wife and their young daughter. I introduced myself to him, and he told me his name was Joe, and his wife and daughter were named Pam and Olivia. For the next hour, I struck up a conversation with Joe about everything from how his business began, to where they’re hoping to head in the future. As a result, without even trying he convinced me to aspire to become one of the regulars they so lovingly treat as family. Joe warmly enthuses about how The Keswick Village area in which the coffee chop is nestled in is like a little


family. His daughter Olivia fondly refers to one of the other managers as Auntie Jan, and Joe’s own nephew even works on web design and marketing for the entire Village. Olivia, in fact, is sort of a local celebrity among all the business owners on the block- known for her adorable looks and charming personality, I’m sure. The very reason

Joe had wanted to own a coffee shop in the first place was for this very reason: to build a local keystone of the community, when strangers become family. If you have ever watched the popular sitcom Friends and know what the Central Perk is, then you will have a very good idea of what it is like to go to the Keswick Coffee House.


Thank you!

The Glenside Stories team would like to thank all of the small businesses who gave of their time and energy to make this possible. A special thanks to those who provided gift certificates for our launch event! Including: Blue Comet , Not Just Antiques, Anne’s Kitchen Table, Game Junkie, Lisa’s Nails, The Dovetail Artisans, and Hibbert’s

We would also like to thank Professor Nancy Walsh, our advisor for this project, whose encouragement, dedication, and thoughtfulness is an inspiration for us all! And, of course, thank you to our readers! Now go enjoy Glenside!


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