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It can often be a contentious issue of debate of when and how Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’ began, who and what is to blame, and even which event in case led us to where we are now. You can go back 30 years, or even 300 years and beyond for in reality Ireland has been engaged in conflict with England for centuries. Therefore, in order to compile a chronological record of the modern Troubles - the term usually given to the most recent conflict, we must mark a defining point of start, which we have taken as partition itself and from which we began in. In turn again, we feel it is equally important to give you the reader some understanding why events spiralled as they did into a bloody civil war. This is not another view of the Troubles, this has been done and redone. This is the historical recording of events compiled by people from different parts of Belfast who lived through them. Our objective as local historians is to compile what we hope will be as near as possible a definitive reference to events as they unfolded through the last three decades. In terms of research we have used as much material as possible and from diverse perspectives. We are confident that we have covered events as they were reported at the time. If however you feel that we have either left something out or indeed got something wrong we are more than happy to hear from you. As mentioned above this series of publications is the historical recording of the Troubles and all corrections are more than welcome. GLENRAVEL ASHTON CENTRE CHURCHILL STREET BELFAST BT15 2BP Tel: (028) 9020 2100 • Fax: (028) 9020 2227 E-Mail: This is designed to create a better historical understanding of what has become known as ‘The Troubles.’ Therefore for educational purposes you are more than welcome to use any material from them. All that we ask is that the source is acknowledged and a copy of the material sent to us after publication. We use material that has been placed in the public domain. We try to acknowledge all the copyright holders but sometimes this is not possible. If you claim credit for something that has appeared in this publication then we will be happy to know about it so that we can make the appropriate acknowledgements.

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at Glenside Park, Crumlin Road, and another at Springhill Gardens where an 18-year-old girl received burns on her leg but was not seriously hurt.

Saturday 1st September 1973 West Belfast Shooting Patrick Mulvenna aged 22 was shot dead by the British Army during a shoot out at the Ballymurphy Bull Ring. Two other men also shot were taken to hospital.

Monday 3rd September 1973 Antrim Road Shooting A 16-year-old Catholic girl was shot in the leg in the Antrim Road area

Saturday 1st September 1973 Weapons Finds A large number of weapons were seized in house searches across N. Ireland. In Dungannon a RPG 7 Rocket Launcher and warhead was found.

Monday 3rd September 1973 Protestant Youth shot A 17-year-old Protestant youth was found with gunshot wounds at Ravenhill Street in East Belfast.

Monday 3rd September 1973 Ballymoney car chase Saturday 1st September 1973 In Ballymoney an RUC and British Army checkpoint Prison Escape Two Republican prisoners attempted to escape from gave chase to a car, which had fired at them. The gunmen’s car crashed but no one was arrested at the Mountjoy Prison. scene. Saturday 1st September 1973 Monday 3rd September 1973 Arms Find A lorry driver from Alliance Parade was charged with Shots fired in Tyrone Shots were fired into a Protestant home at Ballyord, possession of guns and ammunition at his home. near the Tyrone village of Trillick. No one was hurt. Monday 3rd September 1973 Monday 3rd September 1973 Bomb making equipment found Explosives and bomb making equipment were found Bar targeted for the third time by the British Army in an unoccupied house in the A 120lb car bomb was defused by the British Army. It had been planted outside Johnston’s Bar in Glenavy. It Creggan Estate, Derry. was the third time the bar had been targeted but no damage occurred. Monday 3rd September 1973 RUC Reservists shot Two RUC reservists were shot while on a fishing trip in Co Mayo. The fishing party of ten were ambushed on the road between Westport and Castlebar. Both reservists were moved to the Erne Hospital, Enniskillen under heavy guard. Monday 3rd September 1973 Foot Patrol attack Four members of an Army foot patrol were slightly hurt by a blast bomb at the junction of Bingian Drive and the North Link. Monday 3rd September 1973 Petrol Bomb attacks A petrol bomb was thrown at a Roman Catholic house

RIGHT - IRA bomb attack on an army recruitment centre on York Street

Monday 3rd September 1973 Lurgan Bomb In Lurgan a bomb was placed in a plastic bag in Wellington Street, already damaged by a bomb last week, was defused by the British Army. Monday 3rd September 1973 Two men shot Two men suffered gunshot wounds. One was injured in Bangor and the other in Dunmurry. The circumstances of these incidents are not known.

At the same rally in Armagh there was a surprise outburst from man representing the Political Hostages Release Committee (PHRC) who read a statement from prisoners stating that the Official Republicans and NICRA did not speak for them as they had withdrawn support from the PHRC. Monday 3rd September 1973 Arms found Two men appeared in Belfast Magistrates court charged with possession of arms and ammunition at a house at Rock Grove, Belfast. Another man appeared in court charged with arms and ammunition found in Russell Street, Belfast.

Monday 3rd September 1973 Rubber bullets used In Derry the Army fired rubber bullets during an incident involving around 50 youths in Westland Street in the Bogside. The British Army detained two youths. Monday 3rd September 1973 Committee proposal The Society of St Vincent de Paul in the diocese of Down Monday 3rd September 1973 & Conor suggested that a committee should be set up Anti-internment rally Mid Ulster MP Bernadette McAlliskey addressing an to investigate the social needs and problems created by anti-internment rally warned that protestors would stay the situation in the North on the streets in the North until the last man and woman prisoner had been released. Over 200 people attended the rally in Armagh. Another woman speaker Monday 3rd September 1973 congratulated the women of Armagh on nightly Tanaiste statement blocking the roads of city since the detention of local Mr Brendan Corish, Tanaiste, said that the top priority of the government was peace and this overawed all other mother of two Mrs Brenda Cassin, 18 days earlier. considerations. Tuesday 4th September 1973 Prisoner escapes form hospital An extensive search of the Falls and Grosvenor Road area of Belfast took place when a man, dressed only in his pyjamas, escaped from the Royal Victoria Hospital while under guard.

Tuesday 4th September 1973 IRA funeral A volley of shots was fired over the coffin of two IRA staff officers at a funeral in Ballymurphy. The shots, fired in the Whiterock area were followed by a procession of around 2000 people along the Falls to Milltown cemetery.

LEFT - A peace vifil outside Belfast City Hall FACING PAGE - The scene of a landmine explosion which killed 21 year old farm worker Patrick Duffy as he was driving his fathers tractor on the BelcooGarrison Road

Tuesday 4th September 1973 Bomb found in Birmingham A plastic box found by two boys in Birmingham, England turned out to be a 4lb bomb. It was the second bomb found in the city in two days. The bomb was found doorway close to the city centre.

Tuesday 4th September 1973 Gelignite destroyed The British Army blew up 10lb of gelignite found in a field in Monkstown on the spot.

Tuesday 4th September 1973 Weapons found Weapons were found during searches of a vacant house at Inverary Avenue and at Waterville Street, Belfast

Wednesday 5th September 1973 Castlebar ambush Two men were in Castlebar court on charges connected with the ambush in Co Mayo in which two RUC

Wednesday 5th September 1973 RUC retirement denial Secretary of State Mr Whitelaw denied reports that 500 RUC officers were to be offered premature retirement Tuesday 4th September 1973 in an attempt to make it more acceptable to the NationDerry blast bomb In Derry a blast bomb exploded under an Army Land alist Community. He assured the Police Authority that Rover, which was patrolling the Lanemoor Road area. the Government were intending to build up and There were no casualties and only slight damage was strengthen the RUC. caused. Wednesday 5th September 1973 Belfast Courtroom drama A 15-year-old youth was disarmed outside a Belfast Tuesday 4th September 1973 courtroom after a gun was passed to him during his Shots fired in Craigavon In Craigavon ten high velocity shots were fired at a UDR hearing at the Juvenile Court where he was charged with attempting to murder a soldier and escape from a court Land Rover near the Goodyear Factory. on July 10.

reservists were shot. Colin Turner aged 32 of Lisnaskea and Andrew Fulton aged 30 of Enniskillen were shot in the legs when their car was sprayed with bullets 3 miles from Castlebar.

ceasefire they did not rule out the possibility of military action ‘which may be deemed necessary in pursuit of either short term objectives or of the long term goal of a democratic socialist republic’.

Wednesday 5th September 1973 Documents discovery A Belfast window cleaner was remanded in custody for a week charged with collecting information about the police. Documents were found in a house at Whiteclffe Crescent during an Army search.

Wednesday 5th September 1973 Farmer discharged A 59-year-old South Armagh farmer and his two sons had all arms charges withdrawn at Newtownhamilton Magistrates Court. All three men were discharged.

Wednesday 5th September 1973 70-year-old man granted bail A 70-year-old man was granted bail after he was charged with possession of firearms found at Donegall Avenue. Wednesday 5th September 1973 IRA statement The official IRA rejected speculation that their ceasefire, in force since May 1972, had ended. They stated that they had no intention to either support the Provisional campaign, or begin a campaign. While reaffirming the

Wednesday 5th September 1973 Lyric Theatre bomb Three men appeared at Belfast Magistrates Court charged with causing an explosion outside the Lyric Theatre in Ridgeway Street. The 200lb car bomb exploded near the theatre but there were no casualties. Wednesday 5th September 1973 Policeman receives damages A Dunmurry policeman who jumped over the top of a railway bridge to escape from gunmen was awarded £2000 damages at Antrim County Court.

At the same court Una Savage, aged four, was awarded £1000 in damages for injuries she sustained when she was hit by gunfire outside her home in Stewartstown Avenue.

Wednesday 5th September 1973 Family escape injury A woman and three young children had a narrow escape when 4 shots were fired at their house in Killavey Avenue, Lisburn.

Wednesday 5th September 1973 Petrol Bomb attack A petrol bomb was thrown into an entry at the rear of Thursday 6th September 1973 Orient Gardens off the Cliftonville Road. There were RUC reserve shot no reports of damage or injuries. A RUC reserve constable was shot and seriously injured at Orient Gardens, Cliftonville Road. A youth was seen running away after the shooting. Local people Wednesday 5th September 1973 said they heard around seven shots. Pensioners house taken over Two masked men took over a pensioner’s house in Rockdale Street off the Falls Road and opened fire on soldiers. Thursday 6th September 1973 York Street explosions Wednesday 5th September 1973 A large modern office block in York Street was destroyed Bread depot targeted in a spectacular explosion. A bomb had been planted in A small bomb caused damage to the Inglis bread depot the premises of Bottled Gas & Equipment Ltd and as on Saul Road, Downpatrick. each gas cylinder exploded there was a loud bang, and debris was hurled across the road. Wednesday 5th September 1973 Derry shoot out A man opened fire on an Army patrol in the Greenwalk Thursday 6th September 1973 area of the Creggan. Around 100 children playing in UFF statement the area all lay on the ground while the Army returned A statement purporting to come from the UFF said that fire. No one was injured. the militant organisation would declare a ‘unilateral ceasefire’ on Saturday. Wednesday 5th September 1973 Belfast protest 60 people protested for three hours outside the British Thursday 6th September 1973 Army post in the old Woodburn Hotel after four youths UFF claim bomb attack were detained. A 30lb bomb exploded at a plumbers-engineering works on the corner of Springfield Road and Mountcashel Street. A phone call to a morning newspaper claimed FACING PAGE & BELOW - Fire fighters tackel a the UFF accepted responsibility.

blaze at a York Street office complex following and IRA bomb attack. Thursday 6th September 1973 Manor Street shooting Police were shot at on Manor Street when they responded to a 999 call. No one was injured. Thursday 6th September 1973 Arms find Arms, ammunition and explosives were found in wooded ground off the Hannahstown Road. Two rifles, a starting pistol, 2000 rounds of ammunition, 55 cartridges, 12 magazines, a shotgun butt, two grenades, 200 yards of wire cordite fuse and a telescopic sight were found.

Thursday 6th September 1973 Incendiary devices defused In Newcastle an incendiary found on the counter of Wadsworth’s shop in Main Street was taken away and defused. In Banbridge an incendiary device, which had been pushed through the letterbox of a house adjoining a pub in Newry Street, was taken away and defused.

out in protest at the Army presence in the factory. The men claimed that their lives were in danger because of the continued presence of the Army.

Thursday 6th September 1973 Youths stone mobile patrol In Strabane a gang of 100 youths threw stones and bottles at a mobile patrol in Townsend Street. A bakers van was later hi-jacked and set on fire.

Friday 7th September 1973 IRA man critical An IRA member remained critical in hospital under heavy guard. A bullet removed from his shoulder was a 7.62mm round, used by the self-loading Army rifles but another bullet remains lodged in his head.

Friday 7th September 1973 UDR member shot dead A member of the UDR was shot dead in an ambush in Belcoo. The father of four was a milk lorry driver and Thursday 6th September 1973 was making a delivery at an isolated farm when he was Rubber bullets fired ambushed. He was the 39th member of the UDR to be Troops fired a rubber bullet at stone throwers at Central killed. Drive-Linsfort Drive in the Creggan, Derry.

Thursday 6th September 1973 Mother of five gets bail A 29-year-old mother of five was granted bail on firearms charges. It was said she was under duress to keep firearms brought to her home by two men late at night. Thursday 6th September 1973 Bin Men walk out Bin men are disrupting bin collections in the Andersonstown area because of an unofficial strike over what they claim to be continued Army harassment. The men claim that the Royal Fusiliers constantly stop them and ask for identification. One man was lifted and taken to Castlereagh police station but was later released.

Friday 7th September 1973 UFF denial The UFF denied the recent statement that the organisation planned a unilateral ceasefire. It said no such decision had been made.

Friday 7th September 1973 Dance Halls disappear 70 per cent of dance halls in N. Ireland have closed their doors since 1969. The Gala ballroom was recently destroyed and the only major entertainment centre left in the city of Belfast is the Celebrity Club in Donegall Place, which continues to hold a disco four times a week.

Thursday 6th September 1973 Witness for peace The Witness for Peace Movement announced a 24-hour Friday 7th September 1973 vigil to be held a t Belfast City Hall. Bomb attacks A 5lb bomb damaged a classroom at St Columbanus Thursday 6th September 1973 School, Ballymaconnell Road. Carndonagh man inquest A 5lb bomb also exploded at the Portadown home of a An Antrim inquest jury returned an open verdict on 16- RUC member demolishing part of the front garden wall year-old Henry Cunningham of Carndonagh Co and smashing several windows. Donegal. Mr Cunningham died when gunmen ambushed the van in which he was travelling as it travelled along the M2 near Templepatrick. Friday 7th September 1973 Derry gunfire Friday 7th September 1973 In Derry shots were fired at an observation post on the Derry workforce Army protest city walls. The Army returned fire but the woman esProduction at the Essex International Factory in Derry caped. The follow up search operation fired rubber came to a halt as 330 men, the entire workforce, walked bullets at a hostile crowd of 60.

Friday 7th September 1973 Army under fire In South Armagh an Army mobile patrol came under fire as it made its way through Derrybeg Estate. Single shots and machine gun fire were reported and a Land Rover was hit.

Saturday 8th September 1973 Incident at Creggan Estate The army fired rubber bullets at youths during stoning incidents in the Creggan, Derry.

Saturday 8th September 1973 Shot fired at RUC Two shots were fired from a Rover car at the RUC in Perry Street.

Monday 10th September 1973 Man wounded at checkpoint A man was seriously wounded during a struggle with the army near Keady. The man had been stopped at a

Saturday 8th September 1973 North Belfast stone throwing Friday 7th September 1973 A group of youths were dispersed by the RUC after Ormeau Road bomb defused they continued to throw stones at each other at the juncA 15 lb bomb made up of homemade explosives was tion of Duncairn Gardens and Hallidays Road. defused by the Army when it was found down a manhole in Lavinia Street off the Ormeau Road. Saturday 8th September 1973 Irish Anti Internment League Friday 7th September 1973 Four leaders of the Irish Anti Internment League UDA man in court appeared at the Old Bailey on charges, which followed A former UDA lieutenant was in court charged with a ‘Bloody Sunday’ protest in London. another man of unlawfully detaining men and obtaining by threats money. In court he denied that it was the Saturday 8th September 1973 practice of the organisation to impose fines on people it Youths in court on guns charges felt had done something wrong. Two youths were charged with possession of guns in separate incidents in Belfast. Friday 7th September 1973 Belcoo land mine attack Monday 10th September 1973 A 21-year-old man was killed when he drove over a One man killed in London bombs land mine at Belcoo. One man was killed and more than a dozen killed when bombs exploded at Euston and Kings Cross Stations, Saturday 8th September 1973 London. The man was killed at Euston station. Civil Rights march More than 1000 people marched from Coalisland to Monday 10th September 1973 Dungannon as the Civil Rights Association took the Guilty plea route of the first Civil Rights march of 1968. A man pleaded guilty at Winchester of conspiring to cause bomb explosions at the Old Bailey and at Scotland Yard, London. Saturday 8th September 1973 Clerk charged with causing an explosion Monday 10th September 1973 A 19-year-old clerk typist was in court charged with Man dresses as priest causing an explosion at the Goodyear Tyre Co of Great A 26-year-old man escaped from the Maze prison Georges Street. At the same court a 39-year-old labourer dressed as a priest. The man was being visited by his was charged with possession of arms and ammunition brother, a priest, who was later discovered by Prison in Unity Walk, Belfast. Officers, had been tied up and left in one of the compounds. Saturday 8th September 1973 Car Bomb near Antrim Monday 10th September 1973 A car bomb caused structural damage to the Dunsilly Limavady peace service Arms Bar in Antrim. It was thought to have been A service for peace was held at Bellarena near carried out by the UFF. Limavady. Over 500 people attended the open- air service.

checkpoint but refused to allow a search of his vehicle and during a struggle 5 shots were fired. The army later found arms, ammunition and explosives in the car. Monday 10th September 1973 Boys home bomb A 300lb bomb was defused at the De La Salle boys home at Rubane, Kircubbin. Monday 10th September 1973 Castlewellan home under fire In Castlewellan two shots were fired at the home of a UDR man in Upper Square. No one was injured. Monday 10th September 1973 Lisnaskea sealed off Part of the Fermanagh village of Lisnaskea was cordoned off all day while an Army bomb disposal team dealt with a bomb at the new sewage disposal plant. Monday 10th September 1973 CS Gas used in Derry Troops fired rubber bullets and used CS gas to break up gangs of youths throwing stones in the Creggan Estate. Monday 10th September 1973 Protest against army harassment Several hundred people took part in a peaceful march Monday 10th September 1973 from the Carnhill Estate to Shantallow, Derry, to pro- Arms found in car test against Army harassment. Police seized a pistol and ammunition after they stopped a car on the Upper Newtownards Road. Monday 10th September 1973 Shops damaged in Derry bomb Monday 10th September 1973 A bomb damaged a photographic studio, bakery and Children escape injury pharmacy on the Carlisle Road, Derry. Five shots were fired into a house in the Rushpark Estate. Three children in the house had a narrow Monday 10th September 1973 escape. Suspect car destroyed A suspect car found abandoned on Racecourse Road, Monday 10th September 1973 Derry was burned out following a controlled explosion Petrol Bombs in Glengormley by the Army. Four petrol bombs were thrown under a biscuit company’s’ van parked in the Glenwell Estate, Monday 10th September 1973 Glengormley. Whiterock arms Troops searching Kellys Bar on the Whiterock Road Tuesday 11th September 1973 found an armalite rifle, a loaded magazine and 28 rounds Bombs defused in two towns of ammunition. Army experts defused two bombs in Lisburn and Dungannon. A suspicious car was spotted in Church Monday 10th September 1973 Shots heard in North Belfast Shots were fired at Benview Park in the Ballysillan area. FACING PAGE - Bomb attack on the Dunsilly Arms

near Antrim

Street, Lisburn and a 50lb bomb was found nearby. It was made safe. The 20lb bomb in Dungannon was planted at the Ulsterbus depot at Ballygawley Park. The detonator exploded and the bomb was made safe. Only morning buses were affected. Tuesday 11th September 1973 UFF are mad, says army An army statement has described the Ulster Freedom Fighters as "mad" and says the terrorist group is "tearing the soul out of the country they profess to love". Security chiefs are taking the UFF’s threat that they would resume attacks on Catholic churches and pubs seriously. There was a bomb attack on the Church of Christ the King at Holywood Road. Tuesday 11th September 1973 Alert as gelignite found at Stranraer Larne-Stranraer ferries and train services were disrupted after more than 20 sticks of gelignite were found in a toilet at Stranraer Railway Station. Scottish police thought it was likely that the explosives were on their way to N. Ireland. Earlier three petrol bombs were

thrown at a Catholic Church hall in Lanarkshire close to the Carfin Grotto, a famous shrine. Tuesday 11th September 1973 Suffolk peace line wanted Protestant families in the Suffolk Estate want a permanent peaceline built in their area to stop possible attacks from Lenadoon. 150 Protestants from the area marched to Stormont where a 10-man delegation, including Loyalist members, met with Government officials. The delegation also wanted troops back into the Upper Lenadoon Estate and houses on the Protestant side of the peaceline to be kept for Protestant families. Tuesday 11th September 1973 Armalite rifle charge A 20-year-old labourer of Stanfield Street appeared in a Belfast court charged with possessing an armalite rifle and 15 rounds of ammunition in the city. At the same court two men were charged with possessing two sub machineguns and a quantity of ammunition seized by troops in a raid on one of their homes.

Tuesday 11th September 1973 Security angers residents Business people and residents in the Carlisle Road area of Derry where three bombs exploded on Saturday night, causing extensive damage have asked for a meeting with the Secretary of State Mr Whitelaw to discuss what they claim is a lack of security in the area. Tuesday 11th September 1973 Notebook claim to bombs A handwriting expert found the locations of two London car bomb explosions on the blank pages of a notebook found in the possession of one of the ten Irish people accused of causing explosions in London in March.

attacked at Joy Street. Both RUC men sustained facial injuries and one was kicked in both legs before the crowds dispersed.

Tuesday 11th September 1973 Riot youth fined An army witness stated that he observed a 17-year-old labourer throwing stones and bottles and handing out missiles for others to throw when trouble broke out following an anti internment march in Armagh. The youth was fined £30 and given a six months’ suspended sentence when convicted of riotous behaviour at Ogle Street.

Tuesday 11th September 1973 Creggan attacks Army foot patrols were attacked on five separate occasions in the Creggan Estate. In one a soldier received minor injuries but was able to return to duty after treatment. Rubber bullets and CS gas were used to break up crowds. The most serious incidents occurred after a youth was arrested for allegedly assaulting a soldier. A Tuesday 11th September 1973 large crowd gathered and troops were stoned and two Markets hostilities Two policemen were slightly injured after a hostile petrol bombs were thrown but there were no casualties. crowd in the Markets area attacked them. The trouble The detained youth was later released from custody, started after police arrested a man. Their vehicle was pending a summons. Tuesday 11th September 1973 Children’s bus stoned A citybus carrying children on their way home from Everton School was stoned as it passed the Ardoyne. Although stones shattered two windows in the vehicle, none of the children was hurt.

Wednesday 12th September 1973 Belfast woman died after hoax A bomb scare at London’s Euston station brought tragedy to a Belfast family. In the rush to escape the building Mrs Sarah Stoupes aged 52 of Hillman Street collapsed into her husband’s arms and died. An hour later she and her husband James would have been on the train to Stranraer to return to Belfast. Wednesday 12th September 1973 London explosion kills six Sis people were injured today by a bomb, which blasted a building in London’s Oxford Street. Staff from a Prudential Insurance office telephoned to report a suspect parcel but he bomb exploded before the police arrived. The bomb was in a carrier bag near a lift and structural damage was caused. Wednesday 12th September 1973 Gunman fires on police A gunman fired 18 shots at policemen on duty at the junction of Edlingham Street and Duncairn Gardens. The shotting came form the direction of an entry in Hillman Street. No one was hurt and fire was not returned. Wednesday 12th September 1973 Troops and RUC come under attack Troops and police came under fire around Derry. In the Creggan Estate, Derry rioting broke out during an Army search and soldiers used rubber bullets and CS gas. Shots were fired at soldiers from the top floor of the technical college on Strand Road Derry and a shot fired from St Mary’s school struck the helmet of a soldier, but he was not injured. No fire was returned and as troops were checking the classrooms in the school five shots was fired at them for the direction of Iniscarn Road. This time troops returned fire, but no hit is claimed. In the follow up operation into Iniscarn Road two men were arrested during rioting. As the troops withdrew a crowd of 30 stoned them and rubber bullets and CS gas were used. Later four shots were fired at the army vehicle checkpoint on the quay from the direction of the top floor of the technical college and fire was returned. A woman arrested by the army in the Bogside was today still in custody and after her arrest troops were stoned by youths and rubber bullets were used to dis-

perse them. Two shots were fired from Creggan Heights at a patrol. Later three shots were fired form a garage at Lone Moore Road at soldiers at a vehicle checkpoint at Letterkenny Road.

Wednesday 12th September 1973 Coalisland bomb A 50lb bomb was discovered outside the police station in Coalisland after the building had come under two attacks from gunmen. The station was immediately evacuated and the surrounding area sealed off. Army bomb experts later made the device safe. In the gunfire attacks on the station fire was returned on one occasion. There were no reports of injuries.

Wednesday 12th September 1973 Two accused in guns case Two men were charged with having at Thomas Street a SLR rifle, a .32 pistol, two .45 revolvers, an air pistol and five SLR magazines, six .45 rounds of ammunition. Thursday 13th September 1973 UDA gun training An 18 year old Derry youth accused of murdering Co Donegal engaged couple, today told the Criminal court in Dublin of his UDA activities and admitted that he had been trained to use a number of weapons, including a Thompson sub machine gun. He admitted his rank was that of a volunteer and that the UDA was organised in companies.

Thursday 13th September 1973 Appeal upheld A Belfastmans appeal against sentence of six months imprisonment was upheld at the Recorders court. The man appealed against a sentence imposed for riotous behaviour in Springfield Road. He had been convicted after videotape had been used in evidence.

Thursday 13th September 1973 Blasts case Three Lisburn men were remanded in custody when they appeared at a special court in the town on charges under the Explosive Substances Act 1883. They were charged with conspiracy to cause and explosion and with FACING PAGE - IRA bomb attack at London’s Victoria causing explosions at Grand Street, Chapel Hill and Smithfield Square. Station

Thursday 13th September 1973 Troops under fire Troops were stoned when they attempted to remove barrels place across the Shantalow area in Derry. Rubber bullets were fired in the Creggan Estate by a patrol, which was attacked by a gang of stone-throwers, and in the Brandywell an explosion heard was traced to a derelict hall where a blast bomb had gone off. In the Bogside troops burned down a derelict house where an old weapon had been found and during the operation gunmen fired them on.

Thursday 13th September 1973 Unity arms find Soldiers found a .22-loaded rifle and a loaded pistol and 100 rounds of low velocity ammunition in a search of a house at Unity Walk.

Friday 14th September 1973 Irish Council – SDLP plans The SDLP is expected to present its plans for a Council of Ireland to Mr Heath and Mr Cosgrove before the two premiers meet. The council would be modelled on the structure of the EEC, which would have executive powers on social and economic issues. The SDLP is likely to recommend that in some fields the council should take over the powers of the Dublin Government and Ulster Assembly. It would control such matters as tourism, electricity, regional planning and development.

Friday 14th September 1973 Fermanagh village bombed A civilian raised the alarm after he spotted a bomb in a box outside the post office in Belleek. The area was quickly evacuated and no one was injured when it exploded 25 minutes later extensively damaging the building. A car bomb was also left outside the Hotel Carlton and most of the village was evacuated before this bomb went off. The bar manager Brendan Faughan was the only casualty and he sustained a hand injury and was struck on the leg by a large piece of glass. The hotel was reduced to rubble and three cars outside burst into flames. Friday 14th September 1973 Portadown shooting Six shots were fired forma car near the PowerStation at Ballylisk, between Portadown and Tandragee, apparently at security forces in the area. There were no casualties. Friday 14th September 1973 Bomb defused Dozens of people had to be moved out of their houses after a 50lb bomb was found in the doorway of the RAF

BELOW - Loyalist protesters block off Shaftesbury Square. FACING PAGE - Civil Rights Association march from Coalisland to Dungannon

Association Club in Church Street. It was defused by Saturday 15th September 1973 by an Army expert. UDA searches for Herron Hundreds of UDA men combed East Belfast for their Friday 14th September 1973 missing chief, Tommy Herron, who disappeared on a Derry rocket attack crowded Newtownards Road just before he was due to There were no casualties in the rocket attack on the attend a top level meeting of UDA chiefs. The search Creggan army camp as the missile fell short and ex- widened when the security forces joined the hunt and ploded harmlessly on open ground. Simultaneously 15 he was officially placed on the missing persons list. shots were fired at the camp but again no casualties. During a follow up operation troops were attacked by Saturday 15th September 1973 crowds throwing stones and rubber bullets and CS gas Airport security were used to disperse the crowd. A top-level security investigation was expected after the bombing of Aldergrove Airport. At present there is no security check on the route to the public car park, which was the target in the bombing. Over 1000 Friday 14th September 1973 passengers were held up and flights were delayed for Woman hid gun in her panties – court told over 6 hours. The 200lb bomb had been driven into the A 19-year-old wife of a British Soldier was alleged to airport grounds in a Ford Escort that had been hijacked have had a revolver concealed in her panties when a in Lenadoon. The army had been unable to defuse the youth was appearing in court ion remand on an at- bomb and the blast caused only minor damage. tempted murder charge. The woman who gave the weapon to the youth in court was refused bail. Saturday 15th September 1973 Springfield Road chase An off duty policeman was caught in a hail of Saturday 15th September 1973 machinegun fire as he drove his car to the Falls Road junction. As he accelerated country wards along the I’ll hold vigil anywhere As the 24 hour vigil for peace ended outside Belfast Falls a black taxicab drew alongside his vehicle and a City Hall the Rev Joseph Parker sad he would be pre- further burst of automatic fire ripped through his cr. pared to hold a similar vigil anywhere in Belfast. Mr Despite cuts to his face from flying glass he sped on as Parker, whose son Stephen, was killed by a Bloody Fri- he reached Broadway within sight of an army billet the day bomb described the response to the Witness for taxi sped past him and several more bullets tore into Peace vigil as marvellous. the vehicle. He was uninjured.

Saturday 15th September 1973 Derry firms targeted Within minutes of each other bombs caused extensive damage to a taxi firms premises and a bar. The staff at Star Taxis in Bridge Street got a warning but no warning was given for the 20lb bomb left on the second floor of the Hayloft Bar. Customers in the bar notice the parcel and the area were evacuated. No one was injured and an attempt to blast another bar in Orchard Street failed when a customer tackled the bomber. The man fled the building dropping the 5lb bomb on the pavement when it it fell apart.

Saturday 15th September 1973 Shots strike vehicle In Newtownabbey the occupants of a car had a narrow escape when a burst of shots struck their vehicle. The incident occurred at Bridge Road and it is believed that a car containing the gunmen drew alongside the vehicle and then opened automatic fire on it. Monday 17th September 1973 Army bomb expert injured in explosion An army bomb disposal man was critical after an explosion outside an office block in Edgebaston, Birmingham.

Monday 17th September 1973 UDA chief shot dead Tommy Herron, UDA chief was found shot dead in a lonely country lane by a group of young boys near Drumbo. Their find ended a huge search for Mr Herron after he went missing. His body, with a single bullet wound to the head, was found lying in a ditch about four feet below the road level. His legally held automatic pistol was still in his shoulder holster and had not been fired. Police believed that he knew his killers and did not believe he had anything to fear from them. Monday 17th September 1973 Three on gun charge A police officer alleged at a special court in Armagh that when he charged three young men with an arms offence each replied "guilty". They were charged with having a .38 pistol and six rounds of ammunition under suspicious circumstance at Tynan, near the ArmaghMonaghan border. Monday 17th September 1973 Schools damaged An explosion at St Patrick’s school, Antrim Road caused slight damage to the building and surrounding property. No warning was given and a blast bomb was used. A short time later a bomb exploded at St Mary’s Star of the Sea on the Shore Road. Severe structural damage was caused and a fractured water main also destroyed the property. Monday 17th September 1973 RUC attacked A police officer walking along Blacks Road in Dunmurry was shot at twice by a gunman in a blue 1100 car. He returned four shots at the vehicle and was not injured.

Monday 17th September 1973 Ammunitions find A routine army patrol found 128 rounds of assorted ammunition in an unoccupied house in Lowry Street in the Ballymacarrett area. Security forces also found 181 round of assorted ammunition in a hedgerow at Beechmount Avenue.

LEFT - A Roman Catholic Church on the Holywood Road bombed by Loyalists. FACING PAGE - IRA bomb attack on the International Hotel

Monday 17th September 1973 Shootings reported in Derry Shooting incidents occurred in the Bogside and Creggan areas but there were no casualties. A single shot was fired at an Army patrol in the Brandywell and a bullet struck a garage in Lecky Road. Troops returned fire.

number of windows and a door were damaged but there was no structural damage and Sunday’s masses went ahead as usual.

Monday 17th September 1973 Security increased The army in Derry is tightening up security in Carlisle Another shot was fired at troops in Glenfada Park and a Road by building a 10-foot high fence with gates for sentry on duty at Bligh’s Lane reported his observation pedestrian and vehicular access across the road. post had been shot at from the Lone Moor Road area. Tuesday 18th September 1973 Several minor obstructions were built by youths in the Medal for army spy Bogside, local people removed some and the army The military medal is to be awarded to a member of the Woman’s Royal Army Corps who took part in a shifted the remainder. dangerous spy operation against the IRA in Belfast. The Rubber bullets and CS gas were used during stoning girl volunteered to act as an undercover agent, posing incidents in the Creggan Estate, involving groups of as a laundry woman in Belfast. During "Operation Four Square Laundry" her van collected washing and returned youths up to 40 strong. it after checks had been made for bloodstains and signs of explosives. Known as "Kate" she was described as Monday 17th September 1973 being in her early 20’s and good looking. Ballymoney church fire An attempt was made to burn the Plains Chapel near Rasharkin but only slight damage was caused. Police Tuesday 18th September 1973 found the window in the front porch had been broken Man injured by biscuit tin bomb and a container of inflammable liquid thrown inside. A A man was seriously ill after a 15lb bomb in a biscuit tin was hurled into McAliden’s Bar in Lurgan. The man was in the bar drinking and was in a serious condition with chest and leg injuries. Another man hurt in the same blast was also detained in hospital with leg injuries. At least ten other people in the pub were treated for shock. The car used by the bombers was later found abandoned in the town.

TOP LEFT - Members of the UDA searching derlict houses in East Belfast for Tommy Herron. BOTTOM LEFT - Police at the scene where Mr Herron’s body was discovered at Drumbo. BELOW - Members of the Shankill UDA carry a wreath to Tommy Herron. FACING PAGE - Tommy Herron

Tuesday 18th September 1973 Rocktown bar bombed A car bomb exploded outside the Rocktown Bar in Gt Georges Street. The 200lb device caused massive structural damage and there were two minor casualties. The car had been stolen earlier in the day at Tennent Street, Shankill Road. The bombers were seen making off in a Ford Cortina which was later abandoned at Lothair Avenue.

Tuesday 18th September 1973 Ammunition found Two youths found several hundred rounds of assorted ammunition while playing in a derelict house at Mount Street.

Tuesday 18th September 1973 Forkhill assaults A child and a soldier were injured in a 15-minute rocket and mortar assault near the South Armagh border. Missiles and nine mortar bombs were fired and at least Tuesday 18th September 1973 350 rounds of small arms ammunition. This was the Schools damaged A double explosion rocked the Convent of Mercy Girls first attack at the tiny police station that houses both Secondary School at Bilston Road. A security man at RUC and a detachment of the 1st Light Infantry. the school was forced at gunpoint into a car but later The injured soldier was struck by flying stone splinters released unharmed at the nearly Horseshoe Bend. and the station suffered minor structural damage. The Convent of Mercy Primary School on the Crumlin Road was also damaged by an explosion. Police be- Tuesday 18th September 1973 lieve that bombers forced their way into the school by Troops under fire in Derry breaking windows. There were no casualties though Troops came under fire on two occasions. A gunman fired a single shot at a mobile patrol at Lonemoor Road damage was caused to both buildings. and another patrol, which spotted the incident, opened fire on a man seen carrying a gun. Tuesday 18th September 1973 Car bombs Army explosives experts dealt with two 200lb car A single shot was fired from the roof of flats at bombs, one at Telford Street in the Grosvenor Road area Shantallow. Fire was returned but no hits claimed. and the other at a Transport Depot in Stanley Street. Tuesday 18th September 1973 A car bomb extensively damaged the Templeton Arms Birmingham Sinn Fein deny bombing Provisional Sinn Fein have denied responsibility for the on the Airport Road. Birmingham bombings and they claim that members of the cities 300 strong Sinn Fein branch had been harassed a intimidated by police following the recent blasts. An army bomb disposal man was critically injured in a bomb in Birmingham. It was the tenth bomb in the city in the last three weeks. Tuesday 18th September 1973 Prisoners on hunger strike 12 prisoners in Dublin’s Mountjoy Jail announced they were on hunger strike seeking political status. Tuesday 18th September 1973 MP shot 31-year-old Independent Unity MP Frank McManus was shot as he returned home in his car. Gunmen fired several shots as Mr McManus was turning into their drive of his new home at Sligo Road, Enniskillen. One shot went through the driver’s door and hit him in the thigh and another shot hit the house. He was treated in the Erne hospital before being released.

Tuesday 18th September 1973 Gun case withdrawn An Andersonstown couple had a charge of possessing a rifle and ammunition in the city was withdrawn at the court.

Thursday 20th September 1973 UDA man found not guilty A UDA volunteer from Derry, was cleared by the Special Criminal Court in Dublin of the murder of a young engaged couple in Co Donegal. The couple were found shot and stabbed to death near Burnfoot in Donegal on Wednesday 19th September 1973 New Years Day. After the verdict Mr Glen Barr, a VULC Dublin demo group freed Assembly member for Derry, was delighted by the verThirty-one Provisional Sinn Fein demonstrators who dict and said he would demand an inquiry about the stormed the RTE offices in the GPO, Dublin to protest statements submitted by the RUC at the trial. against the visit of Mr Heath were discharged before the Special Criminal Court in Dublin. The release was ordered on the grounds that their de- Thursday 20th September 1973 tention certificate was not in order. Double Blast Wrecks Hotel Two bombs wrecked the Abercorn Arms Hotel in Strabane. There were no casualties. Two youths, one Wednesday 19th September 1973 of them armed, walked into the hotel and left a suitcase Bomb in pram – women jailed at the foot of the stairs while the other took a small Two young Ardoyne women were each jailed for seven parcel upstairs. The area was sealed off and extensive years when convicted of possessing 120 lb of explo- blast damage was caused to surrounding buildings. sive substance and two detonators with intent to endanger life. The two women were arrested when soldiers saw them pushing a pram near the Flax Street mill. Their Thursday 20th September 1973 suspicions were aroused by a strong smell of marzipan. Suspended sentence for girl An 18-year-old Andersonstown girl was given a three months suspended sentence for riotous behaviour. She Wednesday 19th September 1973 was among a group of around 3-400 people who held Tommy Herron funeral an anti internment demonstration at Glassmillan army Six masked UDA men fired a volley of shots over the camp. coffin of murdered UDA chief Tommy Herron. The Rev Ian Paisley delivered an oration on Mr Herron who he said, "had died in the fight for Ulster’s freedoms". Thursday 20th September 1973 25,000 people attended the funeral and factories around Man and daughter charged Belfast closed. A party of UDA men carried the coffin Five people, two of them juveniles were charged with through the Braniel Estate. possession of three weapons and nearly 800 rounds of ammunition. Wednesday 19th September 1973 Strabane man poured paint A Strabane man was given a suspended sentence for Thursday 20th September 1973 cutting off a 17-year-old girls hair and pouring paint Gang carve schoolgirl over her head as a warning to her to keep away from A 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirl was recovering at her soldiers. Seaford Street home after having the initial UVF carved on her arm by a gang of girls. Mary McGuigan was Wednesday 19th September 1973 grabbed on the Albertbridge Road, dragged down a side Shot soldier dies street, and held her head and arm and used a knife to A young soldier shot on the Falls Road three weeks ago cut out the inch long letters. Her cross was also pulled died in hospital. Lance Corporal Richard Miller aged from her neck. 21 from Peterlee, Co Durham, was sitting in a car near the Royal Victoria Hospital when ambushed. Though he was in civilian clothes when shot the army claimed FACING PAGE - Members of Cumann na mBan he was on administrative duties. escort the funeral of IRA leader Jim Bryson

Thursday 20th September 1973 UDA mans sentence halved A 40-year-old UDA man, convicted of having a homemade gun had his sentence reduced on appeal yesterday. Thursday 20th September 1973 Bomb blast London Army base Five people were taken to hospital when a bomb exploded at the Duke of York’s barracks, Kings Road Chelsea. It was the largest bomb to go off in London in recent weeks.

Thursday 20th September 1973 Suicides and the troubles The Samaritans today said that the provinces suicide rate has been halved since the start of the troubles. It was the only area in the UK to show a drop in rates although attempts at suicide were increasing.

Friday 21st September 1973 Tyrone pub bomb made safe Army bomb experts made safe a bomb in a Cookstown pub. At 10.35 two armed men entered Heaney’s Bar in Cookstown and placed a duffle bag containing a 25lb bomb on the counter. The area was evacuated but disposal experts later defused the device.

Friday 21st September 1973 Derry stoning For the third successive night troops were stoned in Strabanes Bridge end and in the Bogside and Creggan in Derry. They used rubber bullets to disperse the rioters. Friday 21st September 1973 Dunmurry find At Dunmurry troops uncovered an arms cache in a hedge. It contained a .303 rifle fitted with a telescopic sight, 600 round of ammunition and bomb-making materials. Police and troops searched an abandoned caravan near the M2 motorway and discovered a small quantity of an explosive mixture. Friday 21st September 1973 Belfast shootings The army post of Fort Monagh at Whiteroad Road came under heavy automatic fire. Soldiers returned fire but no hits were claimed. At 3.23am a youth fired four shots at the home of a Roman Catholic family in the Braniel Estate. The bullets struck brickwork and the gunman ran away. Soldiers fired at a sniper in the Falls area after four shots hit the North Howard Street military post. There were no casualties.

Friday 21st September 1973 Girls sentence suspended A young woman had her sentence suspended for three years. During a riot at the junction of the Antrim Road and New Lodge Road a brick had been thrown through the window of a bus. The girl from the New Lodge area was charged with riotous behaviour. Friday 21st September 1973 SDLP claim on killings denied Claims by the SDLP that out of 200 assassinations since January last year more than 160 were carried out by extreme loyalist groupings were denied in official circles. During the period mentioned by the SDLP 194 people had been killed, of whom 122 were Roman Catholics, 69 were Protestants and 3 aliens. Friday 21st September 1973 Rubber bullets misused Liberal MP Mr Graham Tope spoke of the indiscriminate use of rubber bullets and called for investigation into the introduction of new riot control weapons. Friday 21st September 1973 Escaper put back A 16 year old was yesterday convicted of escaping from a Belfast remand home and remaining a member of the IRA. He was put back for sentence until Monday. The court heard that the youth escaped while serving a sixmonth sentence at St Patrick’s training school and remand home for throwing a petrol bomb at an army patrol in 1972. Three days after being put into the remand home the youth absconded and was free for over a year before being recaptured in March of this year. During each of his court appearances the juvenile openly declared his allegiance to the IRA and he refused to recognise the court. Saturday 22nd September 1973 Derry murder claimed by IRA The IRA in Derry claimed that they killed James Joseph Brown aged 26 from the Bogside, whose body was found in the city, because he had given information to the army. The body of Mr Brown who lived a t Hamilton Street, in the Brandywell area, was found in Foyle Road, not far from his home. He had suffered head injuries. The army would not comment on the IRA statement and police are waiting for a post-mortem to find the cause of death. Mr Brown was recently married and his wife expecting their first child. An IRA statement

claimed that the man had " verbally in writing and on tape" admitted working for the army since the introduction of internment and admitted responsibility for the arrest of at least three volunteers and though his information arms and explosives had been captured. The IRA also said that Mr Brown had received sums of money totalling about ÂŁ120 and he had tried to infiltrate the IRA. Saturday 22nd September 1973 700lb defused The soldier who defused the 700lb outside Telephone House was celebrating his wedding anniversary. He explained how he and a colleague worked for several hours on the complex wiring on the bomb. It was in the back of a laundry van and was completely encased in roller towels, which camouflaged the circuits. Two controlled explosions exposed a mass of wires and two clocks and an anti handling device. Residents in the area asked for more security in the Little May Street area and the army erected barbed wire barriers on both sides of Seymour Street.

Saturday 22nd September 1973 James Bryson dies James Bryson, IRA member, died from a bullet wound received in a gun battle three weeks ago. He was shot in the head during an exchange of fire in Ballymurphy and sine then he has been seriously ill in hospital while being closely guarded by security forces. He had twice escaped from custody, the last time while wearing prison officers uniform and armed with a gun, which was smuggled to him in prison. Bryson a labourer who commanded an IRA company in Andersonstown appeared in a Dundalk court in June and was extradited to N. Ireland.

Saturday 22nd September 1973 Two men on bomb charge Two men were charged with possessing a gelignite bomb in Ballymurphy. The men were arrested when troops stopped a van. Saturday 22nd September 1973 Craig tours Suffolk area Mr William Craig headed a Vanguard Party delegation that went to the Suffolk area outside Belfast to discuss the security situation with the local residents.

Monday 24th September 1973 Soldier faces death charge A soldier is to be charged in connection with the death Saturday 22nd September 1973 of 12-year-old Kevin Heatley at the Derrybeg housing £30,000 for loss of leg Mrs Marjorie Halligan aged 34 was awarded damages estate, Newry, on February 28. He will appear in court totalling £30,000 after she lost a leg and suffered seri- in Newry. Kevin Heatley died of gunshot wounds after ous hand injuries in an explosion. She had been attend- an incident in the estate shortly after midnight. ing a Saturday night dance at Armagh rugby pavilion when the blast occurred. A company director who lost Monday 24th September 1973 the sight of his left eye and sustained serious facial and Man shot in raid on club arm injuries in an explosion at his city centre depart- A man was injured when an armed raider fired on a ment store two days after the pavilion blast was awarded club at Mallusk. The incident happened at the Michelin Athletic Club. £10,000 compensation. Monday 24th September 1973 Hotel and pubs bombed FACING PAGE - A young girl whose father is detained A car bomb made up of 100 lb of explosives went off in Long Kesh holds a placard during a Loyalist outside the White Horse Hotel in Ballynahinchs High Street. No one was injured but the blast caused strucprotest. BELOW - Car bomb attack in Belfast’s Castle Street tural damage to the hotel and surrounding buildings.

The car used in the bombing had been stolen in Dundrum. In another bombing offices formerly used by the Craigavon Development Commission were gutted by fire after two small explosions. Two youths were seen running away form the office on the Portadown Road.

Monday 24th September 1973 Derry conflict 18 shots were fired in the Bogside and Creggan areas. Security forces were not involved. An army spokesman said that there were a total of 13 shots in five separate groups in the Bogside area; five more shots were heard in the Bligh’s Lane area. A gunman fired Two people were treated for minor cuts and shock after three shots from an alleyway at Oakfield Drive at a foot the home of a Roman Catholic family on the Lansdowne patrol. The army returned fire and no one was injured. Road, Belfast was bombed. The 20lb bomb in a gas cylinder was either thrown or placed at the front door Monday 24th September 1973 of the house. It shattered windows as well as causing Strabane unrest In the Creggan a crowd of about 35 stone-throwing other damage. children at Iris Street were dispersed by the RUC. The Ormeau Arms bar in Bangor was a damaged in a bomb attacked and two youths we seen leaving on a A bus was hi jacked on the Melmount Road in Strabane but troops recovered it before it could be set on fire. motorcycle. All the windows were broken. Later a plumbers van Currans Bar in Laurencetown was bombed and blast was overturned and set on fire in Beechmount Avenue. damage was caused by the 2lb bomb. Monday 24th September 1973 Larne Men get bail Monday 24th September 1973 Two Larne men and a juvenile charged with unlawfully Lower Falls arms Troops searched a house in Servia Street and found a and maliciously wounding an RUC constable were granted bail. rifle, a pistol, a magazine and two detonators. Monday 24th September Army find terror gear Troops found telescopic sight for an armalite rifle, a radio and documents in an unoccupied house during a search in Butler Street, Ardoyne. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Churches unite to pray The heads of the four main churches in Ireland have called for services for peace to be held throughout Ireland. A special form of service has been drawn up and will be used at the intercessions for peace. People of all denominations are expected to attend. Last year at a similar service over 5000 people turned up. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Man found murdered A man believed to be a former member of the IRA was found shot dead on a lonely road near the border. The body was found near the Flagstaff by a midwife on her

TOP - Loyalist bomb attack on the Rocktown Bar in Belfast’s Great Geoeges Street. BOTTOM - IRA bomb attack on the Abercorn Hotel in Strabane.

way to work at Daisyhill. The 34-year-old man was shot twice in the left leg six months ago in what was thought to be in internal IRA dispute. He was ordered to leave the Newry area and he went to England but returned recently. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Court wipes out sentences Fines and suspended sentences imposed on three young County Armagh men were quashed in court in Belfast. The three men were in a car stopped by a military patrol on the road between Glassdrummond and Crossmaglen. The car was coming from the direction of the border and was stopped 800 yards inside N. Ireland. When the car boot was opened a marzipan smell was detected and after an examination of the car boot they found traces of nitro benzene. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Army experts defused bombs A bomb was left at Proctors garage in Kilrea. The 100lb device was placed under a car in a showroom and warned that the bomb would go in 40 minutes time. When the device failed to explode army experts from Derry defused the bomb. Another bomb was placed at Mulvennas wine store in Whiteabbey, by two gunmen. A Belfast newspaper received a call saying that the bomb was of 200 lbs. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Fire damage St James Primary was damaged by fire and in Omagh a small fire started by incendiary devices destroyed the stock in a shop. The blaze was in the shop owned by Mrs Sheila Gillespie. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Arms find Troops in Derry uncovered a sub machinegun, 100 rounds of ammunition and 21 detonators in a hedgerow during a routine search of the Waterside. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Stoning incidents At Fanad drive in the Creggan two soldiers received minor injuries after a patrol had been attacked by a number of youths. Troops replied with rubber bullets and the injure soldiers were able to resume duty after treatment.

RIGHT - Some of the explosives used in a bomb attack on Belfast’s Telephone House

A soldier at the Buncrana Road checkpoint was struck in the face by a stone thrown by a 12-year-old schoolboy. Schoolchildren threw eggs at an army patrol in the Bonds Hill area of the Waterside. Tuesday 25th September 1973 Youth cleared of riot charges The cases against five Limavady youths after a stonethrowing incident were dismissed at court. Wednesday 26th September 1973 2 men escape from Maze A big search operation was mounted around the Maze prison after two men escaped. Altogether six men broke out but four of them were quickly recaptured. Police and troops surrounded the area and started to close in on the prison complex in the hope of trapping the two men who got away. The army brought in a helicopter to help in the search and the four men who were caught were questioned about escape routes.

Wednesday 26th September 1973 Letter bombs Letter bombs were sent to two policemen at Omagh and Plumbridge. The envelopes, delivered at the police stations in the two towns in the normal mail were later made harmless by army explosive experts. The buff coloured envelopes contained 2 and a half ozs of plastic explosives a small battery and a detonator. The bomb had been placed between the pages of a book of Percy French songs and was designed to explode when the book was taken out of the envelope. Wednesday 26th September 1973 Murder charge dropped A charge of murdering a Royal Marine was withdrawn against a New Lodge Road haulage contractor. The man had been charged with murdering Marine Cox during an ambush on a two-vehicle army patrol on the New Lodge Road. A second charge for possession of three rifles was also withdrawn.

Wednesday 26th September 1973 Girl on rifle charge A 17-year-old girl was charged with unlawfully having in her possession an armalite rifle and 12 rounds of .223 ammunition at Englishtown. She is also accused of being a member of an illegal organisation. Wednesday 26th September 1973 Man on rocket factory charge An army search of a Co Down radio engineer’s workshop revealed one of the largest rocket factories ever discovered in North. The man was charged with possessing rocket mortars under suspicious circumstances. Wednesday 26th September 1973 4 in court Three adults and a juvenile were charged with causing an explosion, which damaged the Tate and Lyle warehouse in Glengormley.

Wednesday 26th September 1973 Car bombs disrupt dock area Two car bombs caused traffic chaos in the docks area of Belfast. There were no injures and damage was only moderate although no warning of the explosions was given. The first bomb exploded in Gamble Street and the second in a white car in Tomb Street.

Wednesday 26th September 1973 RUC family in bomb drama A policeman and his wife escaped injury when a bomb attached to their car in Newry failed to explode. As the couple drove off they heard a bang but drove on. Later the policeman examined his car and discovered the bomb. Four sticks of gelignite were found.

Wednesday 26th September 1973 Strabane shooting Two masked men shot a local man in both legs in the Ballycolman housing estate. He was taken to hospital where is condition is not thought to be serious.

RIGHT - Bomb attack on the White Horse Hotel in Ballynahinch. FACING PAGE - Car bomb attack on the Tate and Lyle warehouse in Glengormley

Wednesday 26th September 1973 Convent fire An attempt was made to set fire to St Anthony’s Convent on the Woodstock Road. Inflammable material was placed at a door but it did little damage.

Wednesday 26th September 1973 Gunman fires at troops A gunman fired a single shot at troops in the Creggan district. There were no casualties ad no fire was returned. During the follow up operation a crowd of 100 youths stoned the soldiers. Troops fired rubber bullets and CS gas at the rioters. Three soldiers received minor injuries, and two youths were arrested.

Thursday 27th September 1973 Bombers strike Bombers blasted a Newry shop and several buildings were damaged in another bomb in Lisnaskea. The Newry bomb was planted by two young men, one of them armed, who entered a grocery shop on Millview Terrace and left a biscuit tin containing the bomb on the counter. Several minutes after the shop had been cleared it exploded causing extensive damage.

The Lisnaskea bomb was at a drapery shop in Main Street and no one was injured and the damage was moderate. Thursday 27th September 1973 Shop bombed Army explosives in Castle Street, Belfast, defused a 10lb bomb that had been left outside Liptons supermarket. Thursday 27th September 1973 Newtownhamilton shooting The army revealed that one of their patrols fired at four armed men near the border. The gunmen were spotted and immediately fired at the patrol before running to two parked cars. The soldiers returned fire and hit one of the cars before it drove off. Thursday 27th September 1973 Derry stoning In Derry there were several stoning incidents in the Bogside and Creggan and two petrol bombs were thrown at the patrol. There were no casualties and on each occasion a follow-up operation proved negative. Five to seven shots were fired in Fanad Drive, Creggan, but security forces were not involved. The shots had been fired from a sub machinegun.

Thursday 27th September 1973 3-year sentence A member of the Official Republican movement was jailed for three years for throwing a blast bomb into a derelict Divis Street house in a bid to create a disturbance.

Thursday 27th September 1973 Belfast man gets bail on arms charges A 44-year-old docker was granted bail on firearms and ammunition charges. He is facing charges of possessing a sten gun, an Enfield rifle, a telescopic sight and almost 900 rounds of ammunition which were found by the army in the sitting room of his home during a search.

Friday 28th September 1973 Terror claims Compensation of almost £35,000 has been awarded at Tyrone County Court in Omagh for bomb and fire damage to business premises. Friday 28th September 1973 Publican has close call in bomb blast A Co Armagh pub was wrecked by a bomb blast after a 50lb bomb was left near beer kegs at the front of Valleley’s pub in Annaghmore. The bomb exploded demolishing part of the building. The owner noticed a flaming object as he was driving away from the premises and escaped injury in the massive blast, which followed.

Friday 28th September 1973 Another man also granted bail, from Ballysillan was Escape tunnels found charged with possessing a rifle, a homemade shotgun, Two escape tunnels on which digging had just started an air pistol and more than 300 rounds of ammunition. were discovered in a search of the Maze Prison following the recent attempted escape by Republican prisoners. Tools for the job were also found along with an Friday 28th September 1973 imitation pistol similar to ones used for the escape in Army numbers in Belfast to be reduced which two doctors and six warders were tied up. LitMore than 1,000 troops are to be pulled out of Belfast erature seized included instructions and diagrams on and East Belfast will be patrolled by joint military bomb making. police and RUC patrols. The 25th Regiment Royal Engineers are to return to Germany and the 32nd Friday 28th September 1973 Regiment Royal Engineers who were to have replaced Longlands shooting them are not now coming. The other area to be affected A 25-year-old factory worker from Longlands Park is Andersonstown where the 2nd Royal Regiment of Newtownabbey was shot twice in the head in a misFusiliers are pulling out of the GAA ground at Case- taken identity case. The bullets were meant for his ment Park. Security chiefs were known to have been brother who was not at the address at the time. considering the move for some time and it was a general de-escalation plan for the whole of Belfast to be Friday 28th September 1973 phased in. Men with bomb in van get 10 years Two Belfast men caught with a 70lb bomb in a hijacked laundry van on the Antrim Road were each jailed for 10 years. Both men were found guilty of having a 70lb bomb, one electric detonator, a battery and a clock with intent to endanger life or cause serious property damage. Friday 28th September 1973 Kidnapper gets 12 years A 21 year old man was jailed for 12 years for his part in the Falls area kidnap and assault of two bread servers who were beaten, hooded and questioned about

LEFT - The aftermath of a car bomb attack in Steam Mill Lane in the Docks area of Belfast.

Protestant organisations. The two men were taken from their van to a house in Beechmount Grove and were questioned about links to the UDA. Later the men were separated and one was taken to another house to be beaten with hurley sticks, hooded and further questioned. The other man was given the same treatment but he managed to escape his captors.

A bomb exploded at the rear of Brennans bar at the Frederick Street, North Queen Street junction and although the bar was packed there were no injuries. Damage was extensive and windows in surrounding buildings were shattered.

A large bomb of between 100-200lb was left in a car underneath a flyover bridge on the M2 motorway, but it Friday 28th September 1973 did not damage the bridge. The explosives packed into Arms find a bee keg had been planted on the back seat of an abanA Belfast man was in court charged with possessing a doned Hillman Avenger. When the bomb exploded the loaded armalite rifle, 19 rounds of ammunition and a car was destroyed and pieces of metal were sent over a magazine at Ribble Street. wide area. A bomb scare at a wedding reception in the Orchid resSaturday 29th September 1973 taurant in King Street caused confusion. More than 150 Bombs across the North guests were evacuated after a telephone warning about Victoria police station in Strand Road, Derry came un- a bomb in the area. No bombs were found. der attack when it was thought a rocket had been fired but was later discovered to be an explosion which caused no injuries and little damage.

Bomb scares across Belfast kept the security forces busy and at one time checked and cleared reports of bombs at Aldergrove Airport and Bangor Railway station. The railways were disrupted as a bomb exploded near Sydenham , buckling the line and services were halted to allow for repairs. Services on the Belfast-Carrick and Belfast-Dublin lines were disrupted due to scares.

BELOW - A woman is carried to an ambulance following a bomb attack on Brennan’s Bar in Frederick Street. RIGHT - The remains of the car used to bomb Brennan’s Bar

Saturday 29th September 1973 Derry garage bomb Four men broke into a garage in Bridge Street Kilrea and placed a suitcase bomb beside some paint and cellulose before driving off in a car. Three were armed with rifles and the fourth had a sub machine gun. The bomb exploded later starting a major fire.

Saturday 29th September 1973 Belfast shootings A 25-year-old man was shot in the lower right leg in Howard Street. The man also had head wounds but his condition is not serious. Another man involved in the same incident was taken to hospital where he received treatment for face wounds.

Saturday 29th September 1973 Sugar Island bomb A bomb exploded in a Sugar Island block of flats almost one hour after it had been planted. The device containing about 25lb of explosives was left on the stairway leading to the upper floors. Considerable structural damage was caused but a container of petrol left with the device failed to ignite.

Shots were fired at an army observation post in the Divis Tower. It was understood to have come for the Divis Flats area. One soldier sustained a hand wound.

Saturday 29th September 1973 Belfast bomb A bomb was left in a car at the Haymarket Bar in Annette Street, the Markets. The 200lb bomb was in beer kegs and when the car caught fire the explosives were destroyed.

Saturday 29th September 1973 Bangor arms find Police acting on information received went to the Rathgael Road where among trees they found a sub machinegun, a rifle, and 99 rounds of assorted ammunition and 2lbs of gelignite. Saturday 29th September 1973 Enniskillen mine report Police received reports that a land mine had been planted in a lane between the border custom posts.

Saturday 29th September 1973 Pettigo bomb The village was hit be a bomb attack on the Donegal side of the village. A car bomb damaged the Talk of the Town public house and the army carried out a massive operation in the area after the bombing blocking three of the four roads leading across the border. Saturday 29th September 1973 School evacuated In Dungannon two thousand pupils on their lunch break had to be evacuated from the Circular Road area before a bomb exploded at a fuel depot. The explosion wrecked the storage premises.

Saturday 29th September 1973 Man faces ammo charge A Coleraine man was charged with having 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 135 round of .22 ammunition and six rounds of 7.62 ammunition under suspicious circumstances.

TOP - Car bomb attack under the M2 flyover at Greencastle. BOTTOM - C ar bomb attack in Killen Street

OCTOBER 1973 Monday 1st October 1973 Watch for IRA at Law Courts Special Branch officers were today planning to mingle with crowds to look out for "known IRA faces" during a procession through London to mark the opening of the new legal year. Police and court security staff were keeping a special guard outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand. During last year’s ceremony a man was dragged away by police after shouting a protest at Lord Hailsham. The man had been sitting in a row of seats provided for spectators with numbered invitations. Monday 1st October 1973 Bomb defused at Kilkeel An army explosives expert defused a bomb left in a plastic bin outside the Royal Hotel, Kilkeel. The 120150lb of explosives were discovered outside the bar door by an employee shortly before 9.00am. Monday 1st October 1973 Car bomb A car bomb, which was blown up by the Army on the Lower Falls, caused slight damage to surrounding property and noone was reported injured. The area was cleared after a 30-minute warning had been received. An army explosives expert using a controlled explosion detonated the bomb, which was in a car parked near a newsagents shop at Dunville Park. Monday 1st October 1973 Girl took taxi with her killers 19-year-old Eileen Doherty died when two men she was sharing a taxi with shot her as she ran from the taxi. The men had forced the taxi driver to stop on the

ALL PICTURES - Bomb attack on a builders yard in James Street Cookstown

Annadale Embankment, and as he and Miss Doherty fled, the men took over the taxi and drove after them. They then caught up with the fleeing couple and opened fire on Miss Doherty hitting her in the head and stomach. The gunmen fled the scene, leaving the uninjured driver to find help. Miss Doherty was rushed to hospital but died short time later. The taxi used by the killers was found abandoned in Fountainville Avenue, less than a mile from the murder scene. Monday 1st October 1973 Two get bail on ammunitions charge Two Carrickfergus men alleged to have been among a number of people who attended illegal weapon instruction near Knockagh Monument were granted bail. Six

other men also charged had already been given bail. The court was told that when police swooped on a group at an old farmyard four ran off and a shot was fired at the police. Police returned fire and called on the men to surrender and one man was arrested at the scene and another detained later.

Monday 1st October 1973 Soldier accused of killing boy. A soldier was charged with the unlawful killing of 12year-old Kevin Heatley of Second Avenue, Derrybeg Park, Newry. The boy died from a gunshot wound to the head and the court heard evidence from a woman who saw the soldier on the night of the killing. She Monday 1st October 1973 told the court that the soldier went up Main Avenue and Shot soldier critical that he was not wearing a beret. He fired a shot and just A 20-year-old soldier was critically ill in Altnagelvin held his gun across his body not at his shoulder. He Hospital after being shot through the throat by a sniper fired a shot without going down on his knees. in the Bogside, Derry. Shooting incidents in Derry have decreased over the previous three months according to Army figures. The last time a soldier was wounded Monday 1st October 1973 was on July 25 when two military policemen where shot Tyrone RUC station hit by rocket in the Bogside. A Russian made RPG7 rocket was fired at the police station in Benburb. The missile went through a wall Monday 1st October 1973 and caused a considerable amount of damage. As the Weapons training in the Maze army came to the scene a land mine was detonated in Hundreds of Republican prisoners at the Maze Prison front of one of the security force vehicles on the are training inside their heavily guarded compounds Benburb-Caledon road but no one was hurt. A burned according to the Daily Telegraph. It alleged that 1000 out car found later, used in the attack, had been stolen detainees were undergoing instruction including weapon in Dungannon. training with a real Armalite and another rifle. Official sources were sceptical about the report and it was Monday 1st October 1973 thought unlikely that real guns could be smuggled into Castlederg bomb the prison. Weapon training diagrams and leaflets A bomb exploded in a drapery store in Lower Main often turn up during searches confirmed official sources. Street as security forces were evacuating the area after The Daily Telegraph report said the detainees taking an anonymous telephone warning to Omagh exchange. part were "ready for action" once they were released and described themselves as the 4th Belfast Bn. Of the Provos. Monday 1st October 1973 Shots fired Three or four shots were fired from a parked car at PlanMonday 1st October 1973 tation Avenue, Lisburn, apparently onto nearby waste Girls granted bail ground. The RUC later found two spent bullets at the Two girls charged with possession of two sub machine scene and were hunting a dark coloured BMC1100 guns, a rifle and more than 800 rounds of ammunition thought to have been used in the incident. were granted bail in the High Court. Two men also charged with possession accepted the responsibility for BELOW - Rioting in Castle Street in Belfast City the arms. centre

Monday 1st October 1973 Derry attack An army patrol in the grounds of St Columb’s College was fired on from Quarry Street. When the patrol returned to camp a soldier found a .22 round lodged in his flak jacket. Groups of youths in the Bogside InnMeehan Square area tried to throw burning sticks into passing mobile patrols.

Monday 1st October 1973 Belfast incidents Two boys playing at Ballyhanwood, off the Old Dundonald Road, found a homemade mortar and approximately 175 rounds of ammunition. Four or five high velocity shots were fired at an unknown target in Mayfair Street, in Oldpark area. A few minutes later, a shot was fired at an army patrol making its way down the street. Two blast bombs exploded in the Ballymurphy area but it is not thought they were intended for any specific target. An aerosol spray and 14 firelighters were packed under a parked car at Stirling Gardens in the Cregagh area. The car was owned by a Roman Catholic, neighbours and RUC put out the fire started by the home made incendiary.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Eight injured in car blast At least eight people were injured, one seriously, when a massive car bomb exploded without warning in Cookstown. The bomb went off in Eagleson’s builder’s yard at James Street and the seriously injured victim was a male customer. Windows in many town centre shops were smashed and a block of flats was also damaged. Firemen rushed to the blast scene to deal with a fire that swept through the builders yard after the explosion. Most of the injured were in or around the yard when the bomb exploded. It was left in a stolen van abandoned inside the yard. Security forces searched through the blast rubble to ensure that no one was trapped under the debris. The man who was seriously injured had multiples injuries and had to undergo surgery. Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Bomb supplies found in Derry Troops in Derry uncovered a quantity of bomb making equipment in a derelict house in Creggan estate today. The soldiers on routine patrol found 18 detonators, seven clocks, several batteries, safety fuse and other bomb making accessories at Lislane Drive.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Lisburn man in arms trial Monday 1st October 1973 A 20-year-old Lisburn man was sent for trial charged Strabane shots fired with having in his possession at Ballinderry Road, Two shots were fired at an army land rover in Lisburn, two revolvers, four rifles, two shotguns and Beechmount Avenue. Both shots struck the vehicle but 846 rounds of ammunition with intent to endanger life. the occupants escaped injury. He was also charged with having the arms and ammunition in his possession or under his control under such circumstances as to give rise to a reasonable suspicion.

BELOW LEFT - Loyalist protest in Donegall Place BELOW RIGHT - Car bomb attack in Frederick Street

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Mine blast fails A claymore mine was detonated as army vehicles patrolled a lonely Fermanagh road but there were no reports of injuries. The landmine was detonated about 11/2 miles from Newtownbutler on the road to Lisnaskea, seconds after an army Saracen armoured car and a land rover passed the spot.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Belfast stone throwing Police reported stone throwing between opposing gangs of youths from Prim Street-Albertbridge Road but the crowds broke up when the RUC arrived.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Shots heard in Derry Two gunmen fired at the army camp in the Creggan. Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Seven shots were heard and one struck a sandbag but Belfast shooting Six shots were fired at the army post in Flax Street from no one was injured. A single shot was fired at the army’s the direction of Butler Street, but there were no casual- observation post on top of Rossville Flats from the direction of Glenfada Park. One bullet struck the post ties and there was no return fire. Three shots were fired at a military observation post at but again there were no casualties. Glenpark Street-Louisa Street of the Oldpark Road but no one was hurt. Three low velocity shots were also aimed at an army mobile patrol on the Springfield Road. Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Toy guns disappear from shops No fire was returned and there were no injuries. Hundreds of chain stores and shops have stopped selling toy guns to children. In a bid to stop children Tuesday 2nd October 1973 being mistakenly shot dead by soldiers, Belfast’s Controlled Explosion An army expert carried out a controlled explosion on a Chamber of Commerce took on a voluntary ban on the Ford Cortina left unattended in Linenhall Street. When sale of toy guns. However toy submachine guns and it was later examined the vehicle was found not to con- realistic self-loading rifles can be bought in Larne and Carrickfergus. tain anything explosive.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Loyalist group declares war on army The Ulster Citizen Army, a loyalist group declared war on the British Army. The warning came in a statement to the Belfast Telegraph, as their demands for improvement in conditions for loyalist prisoners at the Maze were not met. The UCA also claimed that the British Military were responsible for the death of UDA leader Tommy Herron. The UCA statement also warned the public to stay away from troops, military vehicles and installations in Protestant areas as these may come under attack at any time of day or night. Little is known about the citizen army apart from its own description of being composed of more socialist orientated members of the UDA.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Time right for peace The conditions for a settlement of the Northern Ireland problem now exist for the first time both in the Republic of Ireland and in Britain, Eire Foreign Minister Garret Fitzgerald said in a speech in Medford, Massachusetts.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Gun case youth gets 7 years A 17 year old youth from Unity flats was jailed for seven years after admitting having weapons, six magazines and more than 1000 rounds of ammunition. His 38year-old mother was jointly charged but was released when the jury failed to reach a verdict in her case.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Murder case dropped Charges against a Newry chef were dropped when the QC in the case entered a nolle prosequi. The man had been charged with conspiring to murder a UDR man and of possessing a firearm with intent. There was insufficient evidence put forward by the prosecution and he was discharged. Wednesday 3rd October 1973 RUC find mortar cache Carrickfergus police intercepted a cargo of mortars awaiting collection for distribution. The three-inch diameter weapons were found near a cinder dump at Ballytober, Islandmagee after a snap search. The mortars were similar to others found in the Newtownards area. Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Trial without jury starts It was announced that trial without jury would begin in Belfast on October 15. The no jury "diplock" courts will deal with "Scheduled offences". Two judges, one High Court, the other county court will hear the cases whether sitting simultaneously or separately. Figures revealed that a total of 453 people have been convicted of offences connected to the troubles in 1973 and that they are serving 2,000 years and 10 life sentences. Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Hotel guest tackles bomb A resident carried a bomb from a hotel in Dungannon shortly before it exploded. A policeman helping to clear the area was injured in the explosion. The windows were blown out from the Beaconsfield Hotel and many cars were damaged when the suitcase bomb exploded.

Tuesday 2nd October 1973 Killinchy man on arms charges A 56-year-old man from Killinchy was charged with Wednesday 3rd October 1973 possessing a large number of mortars. He was arrested Bomb check delayed following an army search of a mortar factory. The main Belfast to Dublin road remained closed as army experts waited for heavy fog to lift before examining a hijacked bus abandoned on the border near BELOW - People waiting on buses following a Newry. A gang of youths held up the bus and forced the driver and five passengers out before driving it past number of bomb scares in Belfast city centre.

the bombed out Killeen post to a point within six yards of the border and then abandoning it. The army wanted to carry out a preliminary examination of the bomb from a helicopter as it remained on the CIE single decker bus left near the Killeen customs post. During the alert two cars were hijacked in Newry and found abandoned on other border roads. The army took up defensive positions in the area in case IRA snipers used the fog as cover. The fog was so thick that many motorists did not see the diversion signs and drove on past the army and past the abandoned bus. No one was hurt.

before 10pm and eight men and four women were taken to Craigavon Hospital. Two men detained in hospital each lost a leg after the blast. Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Derry ambush A joint army-RUC patrol was lured into an ambush at Shantallow by a report of a fake accident. A call was made to the RUC about the accident and as the patrol arrived at the scene they came under fire from two gunmen. No one was injured. An army spokesman stated that no fire was returned but a member of the patrol shot out a street lamp so as to give cover to the patrol. A damaged car was found in the area but there was no one around it and the getaway car used by the gunmen was later found at Carrabane Walk. Two masked men at nearby Ballyarnett had earlier hijacked it. In the Creggan there was persistent stone throwing and four shots we heard in the Brandywell area.

Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Bomb scare Part of Belfast city centre was evacuated after a lorry parked outside Queen Street RUC station was thought to be carrying a bomb. The army carried out a controlled explosion but no explosives were found. The lorry had been reported as hi jacked bus had been then recovered by the driver and taken to Queen Street, searched by the army at the checkpoint but the driver was so worried that a bomb had been concealed inside Wednesday 3rd October 1973 that the army was called in. The controlled explosion Newry fires caused minor damage to the area. Incendiary devices caused damage to two men’s clothing shops in the town. Turkingtons was completely Wednesday 3rd October 1973 burned out after two incendiary devices exploded inBombing charge side the shop. McCartans lock up men’s shop in Sugar A Belfast man appeared in court charged with causing Island was slightly damaged when an incendiary dean explosion at a Derriaghy sweet factory. Damage was vice exploded just after it closed. caused at the explosion at the Rowntree and Mackintosh factory at the Cutts, Derriaghy. Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Belfast arms haul Two men on bomb charges A planned police army search of a band hut at Dee Street Two Lurgan men were in court charged with causing resulted in a substantial haul of arms and explosives explosions at the Craigavon Golf Centre, a drapery shop including 4 cwt of illegal fertiliser, two M1 carbines, at William Street, Lurgan and also at a Spar grocery in rifles, a pistol, four magazines and 1500 rounds of amWilliam Street. munition. Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Boy convicted in blast case A sixteen-year-old boy was detained for five years for causing an explosion at a derelict house in the Springfield Road area of Belfast. In court it was revealed that the boys brother had been shot dead by a mob who invaded Bombay Street in 1969 and it was accepted in court that this might have had some affect on the boy.

Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Youth’s shot Two youths, one 19 and the other 16 were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds to the buttocks after they were picked up by an ambulance in Leeson Street.

Wednesday 3rd October 1973 Church attacked Wednesday 3rd October 1973 A 30lb bomb, which exploded at Altmore Roman CathoPub bomb lic Church in Pomeroy, blew off the roof of the buildTwelve customers were hurt when a bomb exploded in ing. There was no warning before the blast but no one Kane’s bar Ballilnarry. The 10lb bomb went off just was hurt.

Thursday 4th October 1973 Grenades blown up Two hand grenades found in the New Lodge Road were blown up by troops. Thursday 4th October 1973 Two injured in blast A number of people living in Frederick Street in Belfast were injured, two seriously, when a car bomb exploded outside Brennans bar. The blast ripped across the street and wrecked a number of small houses. It was the second bomb to go off outside the bar recently. There were several warnings for premises in the general area, mostly from York Street, but no exact location was given. Brennans escaped damage but many cars were wrecked and set on fire after the blast.

Thursday 4th October 1973 Dungannon blast A young man was injured when an explosion ripped through a car on the Moy-Dungannon road. The injured man was rushed to hospital and two men were spotted running from the scene. Thursday 4th October 1973 Border bomb defused At the Roslea border, an 800lb bomb fitted with an anti handling device was defused. The massive bomb made up of homemade explosives packed into ten sacks had been spotted four days ago but the army decided to leave it.

Thursday 4th October 1973 Explosives charge Two cousins from South Armagh were remanded on bail charged with having explosives.

Thursday 4th October 1973 Man jailed for 5 years An 18-year-old labourer who was cleared of attempting to murder three policemen in the Short Strand area was jailed for five years for having a loaded firearm Thursday 4th October 1973 with intent to endanger life. The man had denied the Tyrone men jailed charges throughout. Three Tyrone men were jailed convicted by the Special Criminal Court in Dublin of being members of the IRA. Thursday 4th October 1973 They were convicted on the evidence of Guarda chief Bomb handed in to army superintendents who told the court they believed the The army ordered an inquiry after a parcel bomb handed men were members of the IRA. into the Blighs Lane post in Derry exploded killing a Royal Army Ordinance Corps officer. A second soldier injured by the blast was seriously injured. The army Friday 5th October 1973 thought at first that the explosion was the result of a Pub horror rocket or mortar attack and the immediate reaction was Five of the six people injured in a grenade attack are to send patrols into the Creggan Estate. It was then still in hospital. A hand grenade was thrown in to the realised that the explosion was internal and after half Anglers Rest bar on the Castlewellan Road, Banbridge. The injuries are: a 62 year old man with a broken leg an hour troops were withdrawn. and other injuries, a 60 year old man with multiple leg injuries, a 30 year old with injuries to his chest, both Thursday 4th October 1973 legs, and right arm, a 23 year old with leg injuries and a Lurgan murder The RUC were looking for two youths after 32 year old 19 year old with injuries to his back, both arms and left Ivan Vennard was shot dead. Mr Vennard was a mem- leg. In addition, several of the injured had puncture ber of the UDR until recently was in the Territorial Army. wounds caused by shrapnel from the grenade. A father of two he lived in Lurgan and was collecting mail from a sub-post office in the Kilwilkie Estate when Friday 5th October 1973 he was gunned down. Bid to kill RUC man fails An off duty policeman was driving his car into the gaThursday 4th October 1973 rage at the back of his house when a gunman fired six Woman and boy charged A Belfast housewife whose soldier husband is serving shots at him. One of the bullets struck the car and anin Germany appeared with a juvenile accused of pos- other lodged in the garage wall but the RUC man was sessing 21 rounds of ammunition in the New Lodge not hurt. Six spent M1 carbine cartridge cases were later found nearby. area.

Friday 5th October 1973 Hoax delays workers Hundreds of commuters were late for work today after seven bomb hoaxes at Carrickfergus railway station. Nine trains from Larne, Whitehead and Carrickfergus and four from Belfast were cancelled after a signalman spotted two gas cylinders at the station. For three hours army bomb disposal experts dealt with the devices. There were no delays on the ferries leaving Larne. Other bomb scares were in Carrickfergus town centre, and at a bar in Albert Street.

Friday 5th October 1973 City centre riot UDA demonstrations against detention of loyalists caused chaos during rush hour and led to rioting in the city centre. The United Loyalist Front warned of the protests but the RUC seemed unable to cope with the protests at Agnes Street, Albertbridge, Shaftesbury Square and Castle Street. UDA youths at Castle Street clashed with others from the Lower Falls direction. Windows were broken and two members of the security forces were injured. The UDA then called off the demonstrations. Friday 5th October 1973 Grenade attack on pub The latest pub to be targeted the Anglers rest on the Castlewellan road came under grenade attack. The interior of the building was badly damaged and six people were injured. Most of the injured were elderly and all had leg wounds.

BELOW & RIGHT - Bomb attack on Artt’s Garage on the Shore Road. FACING PAGE - IRA bomb attack on Great Victoria Street railway Station

Friday 5th October 1973 Woman hit by rubber bullet A woman was struck on the back of the neck by a rubber bullet during disturbances in the lower Falls. She was hit after a crowd tried to stop the army making an arrest in Abercorn Street North. The woman was not seriously hurt.

Friday 5th October 1973 Petrol bombs thrown Three petrol bombs were thrown at a garage in Abercorn Road, Derry but a small fire caused was quickly extinguished. The garage had been attacked a couple of days ago and badly damaged.

Friday 5th October 1973 Missiles thrown at army in Derry There were a number of stoning incidents in the Creggan estate in which gangs of up to 40 youths attacked army patrols but there were no casualties. Paint bombs were also thrown at a patrol at Lislane Drive.

the station was broken but there were no casualties and fire was not returned.

Friday 5th October 1973 Ammunition find at Moy Troops found a large amount of arms and ammunition at the rear of a remote dwelling. The haul included 1 _ Friday 5th October 1973 cwts of illegal fertiliser, two Thompson sum Lurgan gunfire machineguns, five rounds of ammunition and electriA burst of five to six rounds of automatic fire was aimed cal equipment. Two people were helping the police with at the front of the Lurgan police station. A window in their inquiries.

Saturday 6th October 1973 Army blow up 60lb car bomb The army blew up a car containing a 60lb bomb on the Warrenpoint to Rostrevor road, but the explosives did not go off. The road remained closed to traffic as an army technical officer worked to dismantle a timing device still intact after the controlled explosion. The main Belfast to Derry road was also closed when a suspicious car was left on the Glenshane Pass. The troops Friday 5th October 1973 set fire to the vehicle and it was burned out but no trace RUC search for bomb Police searched the Queen’s Court Hotel in Bangor of explosives were found. after a phone call to the News Letter offices by an anonymous male that a bomb had been planted there. No Saturday 6th October 1973 2 hurt in Derry blast bomb was found. A female clerk in a bookmakers shop and a soldier were slightly injured in a bomb blast at the junction of Westland Street and Blucher Street in the Bogside. It is Friday 5th October 1973 thought that a blast bomb was thrown at the army pa10lb bomb defused A 10lb booby trap bomb wired to a UDR mans car was trol as it went past the bookmakers shop. A large crowd defused by the army. inside the shop were showered in dust but escaped unhurt. A single shot was fired at the observation post on the Friday 5th October 1973 top of Rossville Street flats. No one was hurt. Belfast men sent for trial Two men from the Norglen area were charged with con- BELOW - Bomb damage at Great Victoria Street spiring to murder members of the security forces at Station. Norglen parade. They were further charged with conFACING PAGE - British Troops search passangers spiring to cause an explosion. Friday 5th October 1973 House at Creagh demolished A two-storey house at Creagh was demolished when troops carried out a controlled explosion to deal with a 100lb bomb inside. A 69-year-old woman was held for 5 days in another location while the booby trap bomb was planted.

entering the railway station following the attacks.

Saturday 6th October 1973 Prints on bomb Two separate sets of fingerprints on bomb making materials led to the conviction of an Ardoyne man who was jailed for eight years on a series of explosives and arms charges. A thumbprint was discovered on a clock wired up as a timing device to a 35lb bomb, which failed to explode outside a Ligoneil premises. Other fingerprints were found on the sticky side of a PVC tape, which was wrapped round several of the bomb making materials. He was also found guilty of possessing explosive substances, a rocket launcher and warheads.

Saturday 6th October 1973 Supermarket bomb The army defused an 11lb bomb left at Superfare supermarket at Greenhaw Road, Derry. The supermarket was evacuated after a warning and the bomb was eventually neutralised. Troops deployed in the area came under attack from stone throwing youths and CS gas and rubber bullets were used throughout the day to disperse youths.

Saturday 6th October 1973 Mortar and ammunition find Troops found a mortar, a Thompson sub machinegun, two rifles, 800 rounds of ammunition and other items Saturday 6th October 1973 in the north west part of Lurgan town. Earlier in Aghalee 94-year-old woman in bomb drama the army defused two 85lb milk churn bombs after a Police carried a 94-year-old woman invalid from her telephoned warning. Maghera home minutes before a bomb exploded in an empty army post next door. The explosion badly dam- Saturday 6th October 1973 aged the post but the elderly woman’s house was un- Islandmagee find damaged. A Browning pistol, a gas gun and some pellets and about 260 rounds of ammunition were found behind a hedge at Mullaghboy during a police search. Saturday 6th October 1973 Hoaxes Saturday 6th October 1973 Thousands of commuters were affected after an unprec- Civil Rights March anniversary edented spate of bomb hoaxes, which paralysed main The fifth anniversary of the original civil rights march traffic arteries out of Belfast. There were almost 60 in Derry in 1968 was marked with a protest march and hoaxes but only one definite bomb was found at Atlan- rally organised by the NICRA in the city. Supporters tic Avenue off the Antrim Road where a 30lb gas cylin- assembled to listen to a number of speakers including der bomb was found in a stolen car after a telephone Edwina Stewart, Jim Doris, John Bond, Jim Wray, E warning. It was successfully defused. McLaugh and Kevin McCrory.

Monday 8th October 1973 Soldier and man shot in Belfast A soldier and a civilian were injured today when a gunman fired on an army vehicle in the ground of the Royal Victoria Hospital. The incident happened near the Falls road entrance and four automatic shots were fired. The soldier was hit in the back and another bullet struck the civilian who was standing nearby, in the right leg. A girl also had to be treated for shock after the shooting.

in the square and as they were searching the area a gunman opened fire on them. Over 30 shots were heard and several struck a Land Rover and grazed an RUC man on his hip and a civilian was hit on the forehead. Neither was seriously injured. In a follow up search the police found more than 250 rounds of ammunition and some safety fuses hidden in a wood outside the village.

Monday 8th October 1973 Belfast blast The Whitewell Road premises of a Glazing firm were damaged in a bomb attack. One man carried the bomb into the premises of Associated Glaziers and told staff it would explode in 15 minutes. The area was evacuated and no one was hurt when the bomb went off 35 minutes later causing extensive damage.

Monday 8th October 1973 Co Armagh incidents A policeman in Lurgan came under attack when 16-20 high velocity shots were fired at a land rover as it passed the Edwards Street-Francis Street junction. Five shots hit the vehicle but there were no injuries. A short time later 12 shots were fired at a Protestant boy’s club in Sloan Street but none of the boys were hurt. Also a 29 year old Catholic man was described a seriously ill in hospital after he was found slumped across the wheel of his car by an army patrol investigating a report of shots heard in the area. The man had gunshot wounds to the face, chest and hands. A shot was fired at a Protestant house in Margetta Park but there were no casualties.

Monday 8th October 1973 Father and son on guns charges A father and son were charged of possessing five rifles, two shotguns, pistol with magazines containing seven rounds of ammunition, revolver, four home made shotguns, three SLR magazines, three assorted magazines, firing pin and 2,392 rounds of ammunition. The guns and ammunition were found in a search of their home and most of the items were discovered hidden in rubbish in the house, some upstairs and others in an alleyway. Documents referring to the use of firearms were also found and both father and son were members of the UDA. Monday 8th October 1973 Water flood An estimated quarter of a million gallons of water escaped from a Garvagh reservoir after a bomb exploded. The blast was heard for many miles however the extent of the damage was not realised at first and then it was discovered that an 18in hole had been blown in the dam wall. Monday 8th October 1973 Bomb at Church In Dundonald the army were called in after a passer by spotted a suspicious object in the ground of St Michaels Church at Dunleady Road. It turned out to be a 30lb bomb and it was safely defused. Monday 8th October 1973 Ambush in Castlewellan A policeman and a civilian were slightly hurt when the RUC were ambushed in the town square. The RUC had received a warning that a 100lb bomb had been left

Monday 8th October 1973 Shots heard in Derry Troops came under fire near the city cemetery and during a follow up operation a gunman was spotted in the cemetery shooting at a patrol before running off. Later in the Creggan one shot was fired at a patrol but there were no casualties. Seven shots were heard near St Cecelia’s school and several gunmen fired two shots at the Blighs Lane post and were chased through the city cemetery by troops. Fire was exchanged before they escaped. One shot was fired at an observation post on the city wall but no strike was reported.

Monday 8th October 1973 5lb bomb causes damage A 5lb bomb exploded outside a shop at Lettershandoney on the outskirts of the city breaking windows in the premises and in houses nearby. Monday 8th October 1973 Northern Bank damaged A large bomb exploded at new premises under construction for the Northern Bank causing extensive damage. There had been two telephone warnings to police and no one was injured by the blast.

Monday 8th October 1973 Exchange of fire in West Belfast A man with a gun was spotted by an army sentry as the car drove into Kennedy Way and the gunman pointed his weapon towards the sentry. Troops opened fire on the vehicle and struck it several times but he car sped off before the troops could move in.

Tuesday 9th October 1973 ‘Up the IRA man’ gets jail term A 23-year-old unemployed labourer who shouted ‘up the IRA’ and threw a lemonade bottle through a window in a police station was given a 4 month suspended sentence. The incident happened at Musgrave Street police station.

Monday 8th October 1973 Belfast ammunitions find Troops found arms and ammunitions in the Springmartin estate. The haul included a bullet mould, a home made zip gun, a .22 rifle, a .45 pistol, 50 rounds of .45 ammunition, two SLR magazines and two 9mm magazines. Six shots were heard in the Ballymurphy area

Tuesday 9th October 1973 Roxborough Hotel targeted A car carrying 6-10 men pulled up outside the Roxborough Hotel in Rostrevor and the men rushed into the hotel and held up the staff and customers with sawn off shotguns. They planted a suitcase and two plastic bags full of explosives in different parts of the hotel before making their getaway. The hotel was evacuated and only one of the bombs exploded causing minor damage to the manager’s office.

Monday 8th October 1973 Canisters contained explosives In Lisburn a number of red canisters found in a hedge beside the road at Seedstown Cross roads were found Tuesday 9th October 1973 to contain 33lb of home made explosives. Army under attack in Belfast Troops investigating gunfire in the Oldpark Road saw Monday 8th October 1973 youths with armalite rifles. A member of the patrol fired Sectarian attack at Dromara a single shot at the youths who dropped the weapons A single shot was fired through the glass front door of a and ran off. The soldiers found two half full magazines Catholic owned house at Ardtanagh but no one was hit. and 17 empty cartridges in a follow up search. Earlier in the Falls area gunmen set up a sniping position in a playschool near Divis Street. Three men fired Monday 8th October 1973 a number of shots at army sappers erecting a protective Doctor’s son gets bail screen close by the playschool. No casualties were reA search of an outhouse attached to a dwelling of a Co ported and no fire was returned. Tyrone Doctor revealed 250lb of explosives, an elec- A single shot was fired at an army observation post at tric detonator attached to a piece of wire and two gun Finiston School in the Oldpark area from the direction magazines and assorted ammunition. The doctor’s son of a nearby entry. a 17-year-old student was charged with possessing the above items admitted the charge at first bit later denied Tuesday 9th October 1973 all knowledge of the items found. Millisle arms find Police found 16 barrels for home made mortars in a field at Ballymacruise as a result of a tip off. Monday 8th October 1973 Thirty-six sticks of gelignite were found near a local Man had two guns reservoir in Clogher. The explosives had apparently A 30-year-old security officer was accused of having a been there for some time. .45 revolver, a zip gun and 56 rounds of assorted ammunition under suspicious circumstances at Highpark Cross. Wednesday 10th October 1973 Dungannon bomb alert Tuesday 9th October 1973 An army bomb disposal expert was called in to deal Weapons found with a suspected bomb planted in a Dungannon hardSoldiers found a .22 rifle, a Webley pistol and 130 ware store. An armed man left a duffle bag in Dickson’s rounds of assorted ammunition in the Falls area. A rifle of Brook Street and gave staff ten minutes to get out. butt was also uncovered by troops in a hole in the ground The manager contacted the police who cleared the area in the back garden of a house in St James’s Road. but the bomb failed to explode.

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Wednesday 10th October 1973 Bomb and fire hit Belfast garage Artts garage on the Shore Road was gutted by a large car bomb and a fire this morning. A five-minute warning was telephoned to police and there were no injuries. The car with the bomb in it was left on the garage forecourt and had been standing for three quarters of an hour before the warning came. The police evacuated houses in the area and the explosion damaged houses along the Shore Road and started a fire at the garage. Tyres caught fire and gutted the building. Wednesday 10th October 1973 Boy aged 14 on bomb charges A 14-year-old schoolboy from Ballymurphy was charged with having a 5lb bomb in the Springfield Road area. A 16 year old was accused of having a pistol, a revolver, 16 rounds of ammunition, 25 cartridges, fuse wire, detonator, face masks, and bomb making literature at Rosnareen Avenue, Andersonstown.

a self loading rifle, a Star pistol, 3,273 rounds of assorted ammunition, 15 bandoliers and a number of magazines. Also in East Belfast troops found a quantity of ammunition, four sheath knives and a number of paramilitary items in premises on the Beerbridge Road. Wednesday 10th October 1973 Springfield Road shooting Nine high velocity shots were fired at the police-army post in the Henry Taggart Memorial Hall on the Springfield Road last night. There were no casualties and troops returned fire. Wednesday 10th October 1973 Kilrea explosion An explosion extensively damaged Rowland’s supermarket on the Maghera Road but a warning had been given and the area was evacuated before the blast. Wednesday 10th October 1973 Rostrevor hotel bomb The army defused an 110lb car bomb left in the driveway of the Great Northern Hotel.

Wednesday 10th October 1973 Border shooting An 18-year-old Co Louth farmer was found not guilty of attempting to murder soldiers near the Crossmaglen Wednesday 10th October 1973 border. Tractor bomb In Castlederg a forestry tractor at Altnamullan was damWednesday 10th October 1973 aged by a bomb and the army who went to the scene Shots fired at Army patrols removed 10lb of explosives, which had been attached A blast bomb was thrown at a mobile patrol on Race- to another tractor parked nearby. course Road, Derry. One soldier was hurt but was able to return to duty after receiving treatment. A crowd of 20 youths who stoned the patrol dispersed after a rub- Wednesday 10th October 1973 ber bullet was fired. At Greenwalk in the Creggan ten UDA threaten to stop traffic shots were fired at a foot patrol, fire was returned and Derry UDA chiefs have threatened to stop cross border there were no casualties. In the follow up operation a traffic if the Government does not ban trade with the patrol was fired on in Beechwood Crescent. Again fire Republic. A government official stated that security was returned but no one was hurt. was the responsibility of the security forces who were having a good success on the border. There was inWednesday 10th October 1973 creasing cooperation between the forces of law and orAughnacloy blast der, North and South. A grocery shop at Carntell was damaged when a car bomb exploded outside it. The explosion came 50 minutes after a warning to Aughnacloy police. The owner Wednesday 10th October 1973 of the shop who is in her eighties had to be carried from Suspended sentence for ‘coffin demo’ three the shop. Three former members of the Irish anti-internment league were given suspended prison sentences at the Wednesday 10th October 1973 Old Bailey yesterday after a jury that had found them Belfast arms finds guilty had recommended leniency. The riot broke out Security forces found a considerable quantity of terror- after marchers protesting at the "Bloody Sunday" deaths ist equipment in the Oldpark area. The haul, found at in Derry were stopped by police from putting 13 the rear of a shop included four .303 Lee Enfield rifles, symbolic coffins on Mr Heath’s doorstep.

Wednesday 10th October 1973 ‘Intelligence man’ on bail An 18-year-old window cleaner, who was said to be an intelligence officer in the Official IRA, was granted bail in the High Court. A spent bullet was found at the window cleaners house by an army foot patrol and when they searched the house they found a number of documents containing information about military and police vehicles hidden in a bedroom. Thursday 11th October 1973 Guns find in house Guns and ammunition were found in a Protestant district. An old rifle, a revolver, a zip gun, 248 rounds of assorted ammunition, a shoulder holster and a bayonet were uncovered in the search of a house in Conduit Street, Belfast.

of ammunition. One person was arrested at the scene. A number of shots were fired at an army patrol in Lesson Street but there were no injuries and in Ardoyne a police patrol was stoned but there were no casualties. Thursday 11th October 1973 RUC find arms Police discovered two revolvers, a number of pipe-gun barrels and 47 rounds of ammunition in a search of Kinallen.

Thursday 11th October 1973 Shots and blasts heard in Derry A 31-year-old man was admitted to Altnagelvin Hospital with gunshot wounds to the leg. A small explosion was heard in the open ground at Beechwood Crescent. The blast caused window damage to surrounding houses Thursday 11th October 1973 but there were no casualties and the target was unknown. A number of automatic and single shots were heard in Use UDA on border The Vanguard Unionist Assembly member Cecil Harvey the vicinity of the Bogside and there were also a numsuggested that the government should use fully trained ber of stoning incidents in the Creggan area and troops members of the UDA as a special border patrol force. replied with rubber bullets. He believed that the army and the UDR do not have the manpower to effectively watch the border. Thursday 11th October 1973 Ammunition charge Thursday 11th October 1973 A 25 year old bar manager was charged with having 95 Belfast disturbances rounds of ammunition in the Bunch of Grapes pub in A hijacking in Belfast began when a gang of youths East Belfast. boarded an Ulsterbus on the Albertbridge Road and ordered the passengers off. They sprinkled petrol over Thursday 11th October 1973 the seats and then set the vehicle alight. The bus was ‘Official’ chief attacks provos completely burned out. Another group boarded a The Chief of staff of the Official IRA referred to the Citybus on the Castlereagh Road but the passengers Provisional IRA as "sinister elements who are leading refused to leave and the youths ran off leaving a can of some sincere people by the military nose to utter petrol behind. Five minutes later the police went to deceit". The statement was published in Eolas, the Park Road off the Ravenhill Road where a gang of international newsletter of the Republican movement youths had hijacked a bus and placed it across the road. and continued, "Nothing could be more contrary to the The youths who were about to set fire to the vehicle ran revolutionary strategy of the Republican movement than off when the police arrived. the indiscriminate bombing and burning campaign of An army bomb disposal team set fire to a beer keg bomb certain elements. It is completely sectarian in that most found in the boot of a car outside the Pavilion bar on targets are Protestant-owned and seems designed spethe Ormeau Road. The car was spotted by an army cifically to alienate the Protestant people from the patrol and the area cleared. 100-200lb of explosives struggle for justice for their Catholic fellow-citizens". was burned away during the operation. Thursday 11th October 1973 Thursday 11th October 1973 Man spied on army Arms finds in Belfast A 31 year old Stewartstown man appeared at a special In a search of undergrowth about one mile from court in Cookstown charged with collecting informaDunmurry the army found one SLR rifle, one .303 rifle, tion about the army, in that the had written down the two air rifles, one air pistol and 807 rounds of assorted number of a military vehicle on a cigarette packet. The ammunition. A police and army search of a house in man had disposed of the document when he was Highfield Drive uncovered one .22 rifle and 650 rounds arrested.

Friday 12th October 1973 Bomb at York Street station A bomb exploded at York Street station as the army were checking out bomb alerts. The station had been evacuated when railway officials spotted a suitcase. Two youths were detained. The army also examined a suitcase left on board the Belfast-Bangor train by a man who got off at Holywood. The train was stopped at Marino and the passengers evacuated. Services on the Belfast-Portadown line were also hit following an anonymous phone warning of a bomb on the line between Lurgan and Belfast.

The car had been stolen earlier in Castlewellan and no warning was given before the blast, which damaged some cars, parked nearby and caused a degree of structural damage to the store. Friday 12th October 1973 Star bar attacked The attack on the Star bar in Derry was carried out by two youths armed with a pistol. They planted a 20lb bomb in the premises and told staff and customers they had two minutes to get out. It exploded half an hour later blowing out the front of the building but no one was injured. Windows were shattered in buildings within a 50-year radius. A short time later two grenades were thrown at the rear wall of Waterside police station but they exploded without causing any damage. A crowd of 70 youths stoned a foot patrol at Central Drive in Creggan but there were no casualties. The youths were dispersed with rubber bullets and CS gas.

Friday 12th October 1973 Provo shock Provisional IRA prisoners in the Maze prison are planning to recognise the special courts that are run inside the camp to hear the cases of detainees and people held under interim custody orders. They intend to break from the Provisionals usual policy in order to challenge the legality of the procedures and it is expected that a number of cases will be documented and publicised. The Friday 12th October 1973 IRA policy of not recognising courts will still apply Shots fired in Co Tyrone outside the Maze. Several shots were fired at a UDR patrol at Brackville near Coalisland but there were no casualties and fire Friday 12th October 1973 was returned. UDR man on gun charge A 21 year old UDR man who had a home made pistol Friday 12th October 1973 for his own protection was given a conditional discharge Gardai find bomb making ‘school’ when the Judge in the case believed that the weapon A bomb making school and explosives hide out were was for a defensive purpose. discovered when Gardai acting on a tip off swooped on a derelict house in Clondalkin, Co Dublin. The army Friday 12th October 1973 were called to the scene to examine the materials in the Car bomb blast house before members of the Garda Technical Bureau A car bomb exploded in Ballynahinch at the rear of for examination took them away. They found an alarm Stewart and Gibson’s hardware store in Windmill Street. clock wired to candlesticks complete with a timing

Patrick Heenan

James McCarton

Matthew Lilly

device made into a dummy bomb. A number of anti Saturday 13th October 1973 tank rockets were also found. Belfast attacks A military policeman was hit in the shoulder when a Friday 12th October 1973 gunman fired tow shots at him in Violet Street, in the Open verdict Springfield Road area. The shots from a M1 carbine An open verdict was recorded on a 28-year-old man, came from a nearby house. Michael Hayes, who was shot dead by the army in the The army blew up a gas cylinder containing 75albs of New Lodge Road. Mr Hayes, a docker, was found in explosives at Ballysillan playing fields after the cylinan alleyway off Edlingham Street-Stratheden Street. He der had been found in the rear garden of a house at Alhad been shot at least nine times and after the shooting liance Avenue. a number cartridges were found in the alleyway. A sol- Shots were heard in the Whiterock area but there were dier had stated that he thought that Mr Hayes was act- no reports of injuries or damage. ing suspiciously and he thought he had a gun but no gun was found on Mr Hayes. Saturday 13th October 1973 Strabane shooting Four shots were fired at an army mobile patrol in the Saturday 13th October 1973 Ballycolman area last night. Three of the shots hit the Gunmen try to kill Catholic worker vehicle but no one was injured. Fire was not returned. Two men wearing Halloween masks tried to kill a 25- Earlier eight shots were fired at an army vehicle in year-old night shift worker at a Portadown factory. Milltown road but there were no casualties. There were six workers on night shift at Irwin’s dying plant in Goban Street when the gunmen burst in. The Saturday 13th October 1973 victim was woken up by the gunmen and after unsuc- Stone throwing in Lurgan cessfully trying to make the man go with them out of Small groups of rival factions stoned each other for a the factory; one of the gunmen struck him on the head time at William Street-North Street. Troops detained with a rifle barrel. The worker was then told to kneel five people when they moved in. Police later released down and fearing for his life he jumped up and ran off, all five. managing to escape the gunmen.

Saturday 13th October 1973 Stations targeted Seven people were treated for shock when a bomb exploded on a train at Great Victoria Street station. A bomb also went off on a train at Marino station and in a lavatory at York Street station.

Saturday 13th October 1973 Car bomb horror A car containing a 200lb bomb was left on the street outside the Derg Arms, Castlederg exploded minutes after a warning had been given. The RUC evacuated the area and some structural damage was caused to the area. Saturday 13th October 1973 Shots fired at RUC station In Warrenpoint the local RUC station was struck ten times by bullets when a passing gunman opened fire. Fire was returned and the RUC claimed a hit on the car, which sped off in the Rostrevor direction.

were taking part in the protest when at least 12 shots were fired at the army observation post on top of the multi-storey Templar House. Soldiers on the roof reported gun flashes coming from a derelict shop on Spamount Street below them. They returned fire and Saturday 13th October 1973 three figures were seen running away. The army stated Blast bomb in Co Antrim that some of the bullet fragments ricocheted off the roof A blast bomb was responsible for a small explosion at a and landed close to the crowd below. An hour after the shop undergoing renovation. The shop at Strandview incident the observation post came under fire again, this Stores on the Shore Road, Greenisland was not badly time from Hillman Street. damaged. Monday 15th October 1973 Monday 15th October 1973 Bomb in hairdressers Man get life for 4 murders A hairdresser’s salon on the Woodstock Road was Ulster’s first non-jury trial ended when an East Belfast evacuated after the RUC received a warning that a bomb man was jailed for life after he admitted murdering four had been planted there. A man, his wife and their young Roman Catholics. The former UDA man admitted child, who live above the salon, had to be escorted downmurdering 19-year-old Philip Faye, a headwaiter, in East stairs past the 30lb of commercial explosives before the Belfast while Mr Faye was at home. When Mr Faye army defused the bomb. answered his front door he was confronted by a man who asked him if he was a Roman Catholic. When he Monday 15th October 1973 replied yes he was shot five times in the head. 52-year- Youth and woman attacked old Paul McCartan was shot twice in the face and A 17-year-old Protestant youth was found tied to railthrough the back of the head when he was stopped by a ings at the Robert Bell Primary School, Clarawood Park. UDA patrol to find out if he was a Roman Catholic. He had been beaten about the face and white paint James McCartan, a 21-year-old Catholic went to a party poured over him. A placard with the words "RUC inin the Park Avenue Hotel. He was taken out by a num- former" was hung around his neck. ber of people beat up, tied and hooded before being A Roman Catholic woman hanging our washing in the shot three times on wasteland at Mersey Street. The Castlereagh area was set on by three or four youths. last murder happened when a workers’ bus was going The youths grabbed her and the letters UVF were cut to a building site in the Cherryvalley area. A youth into her leg. halted the bus and then a hand grenade was thrown in to it and Mr Patrick Heenan was killed by shrapnel. Monday 15th October 1973 Army fired on Monday 15th October 1973 A single high velocity shot was fired at the army obserWoman on rocket charge vation post in Bankmore Street early today. There were A 20-year-old Andersonstown woman was charged in no casualties and the sentries returned two shots. connection with a rocket attack on an army post in the A rocket fired at an army post in the old Woodbourne former Woodbourne Hotel in Suffolk. Hotel in Suffolk caused only minor damage. Saturday 13th October 1973 Sectarian attack Police were called after reports that Catholics had attacked two Protestant homes at Horn Drive, Lenadoon

Monday 15th October 1973 Blast victim is buried The funeral of Raymond McAdam aged 23 who was killed by a bomb on Friday last near Newtownbutler while trying to help 69 year old Lily Nicholl to safety took place following Mass in St Mary’s Church.

Monday 15th October 1973 Cobweb bar explosion More than 40 customers and staff were evacuated from the Cobweb bar in Crumlin after a bomb was planted outside the bar. A passer-by saw a man run away from an ice cream van parked outside the crowded pub and called the RUC. The explosion reduced the van to a Monday 15th October 1973 tangled mass of wreckage and causing widespread damGun battle in New Lodge age to the bar and other surrounding buildings. The There were allegations by Republicans that troops fired van driver had been hijacked by a number of men at on an anti detention demonstrators in the New Lodge Silverstream Road held for a short time, and released but the army denied the allegations. About 100 people in Twadell Avenue.

Monday 15th October 1973 Council offices evacuated A 7lb bomb was found outside the council offices in Crossgar and it was defused by the army who carried out two controlled explosions.

Tuesday 16th October 1973 Attempted to burn studio foiled An army foot patrol noticed a petrol filled lemonade bottle with a wick attached burning in a doorway at a photographer’s studio in Queen Street, Derry. The bottle had been placed between two one-gallon petrol cans. Monday 15th October 1973 Soldiers quickly dealt with the blaze, extinguishing it Violent night in Derry before serious damage was caused. In the Greenwalk area of Derry an army patrol were In the Creggan there was a number of stoning incidents fired on from close range. Troops found 45 empty and on three occasions troops used CS gas to disperse Thompson sub machinegun shell cases. As they were stone throwing youths. No injuries were reported. investigating they came under fire again from a second gunman and during the shooting a soldier received a Tuesday 16th October 1973 shoulder wound but was not seriously hurt. Shots heard at Glenbryn At the same time three shots were fired at another foot Three high velocity shots were heard in the Glenbryn patrol in the central drive area and fire was returned. Park, Berwick Road in the Ardoyne. RUC and troops Rioting broke out in the Creggan and one rubber bullet were not involved and there were no reports of was fired by an army patrol, CS gas was also used to casualties. disperse the youths. Tuesday 16th October 1973 Monday 15th October 1973 Device in letter box Bomb in village Staff of the Ulster Bank in Forkhill Street, Enniskillen, A police patrol found a bomb in a field close to found an ignited incendiary device in the letterbox of Ballycutler village near Strangford. The army defused the building. The device had destroyed some letters in the device. the box. Monday 15th October 1973 Incendiary device An incendiary device started a fire in a newsagents shop in Enniskillen. It caused damage amounting to thousands of pounds. Another firebomb went off in a shop in the outskirts of the town but no damage was caused. Monday 15th October 1973 Dundalk device defused An incendiary device was found in a drapery store and it was made safe by the Eire army. Tuesday 16th October 1973 2 men shot One of two young Roman Catholic men wounded in separate shootings in Belfast was seriously ill in hospital. The 18 year old man was found shot in the chest at Allworthy Avenue in the Antrim Road area. A man had walked up to him in the nearby Woodland Avenue and shot him. A gunman in a car opened fire on a 25-year-old man walking along the Springfield Road. He was hit in the head and legs but was not seriously injured.

RIGHT - Bomb attack at York Street Railway Station

Tuesday 16th October 1973 Man sent for trial A 33 year old man from the Whiterock was sent for trial charged with attempting to murder three policeman and other charges of possessing a firearm and causing an explosion. The charges arose from an incident when a bomb was planted in a shop next door to Ballynafeigh police station. Tuesday 16th October 1973 New Lodge boy charge A 16-year-old boy was charged with possessing two pistols, 143 rounds of ammunitions and two empty gun magazines in the New Lodge area of Belfast.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 20 held in swoop by troops The army carried out an early morning intelligence operation in Belfast as it arrested at least 20 men thought to be high-ranking IRA officers. Houses in the Andersonstown, Falls, Turf Lodge, Short Strand and New Lodge areas were searched and documents were seized.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 Chip shop blasted A cars bomb exploded outside the Roxborough carry out in Moy, but the area had been earlier evacuated after a warning was received. The bomb, which was in the boot of a stolen car caused extensive damage to the chip shop and surrounding property. Wednesday 17th October 1973 Tyrone bombs A Claymore device exploded behind two army vehicles on the road near Benburb but there were no injuries and the vehicles were not damaged. A huge 4-500lb bomb exploded in a culvert near an army ferret scout car and Saracen personnel carrier. The mine was detonated while soldiers were supervising blasting at a quarry about five miles from Pomeroy. No troops were hurt and wires were found leading from the scene. Wednesday 17th October 1973 City bus attack Two windows in a citybus travelling along East Bridge Street were broken when it was stoned from Turnley Street but none of the passengers was hurt.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 Shooting then double blast Postmaster of Derrylin post office in Fermanagh, James Hall, was shot as he struggled with a group of armed men. The men then planted three bombs in the village, in a pub, grocery shop and post office. The bombs later exploded destroying the buildings.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 Forfar Street bomb A bomb containing less than half a pound of explosives was tossed into a youth club at Forfar Street in the Springfield Road area. The blast blew out two windows but no on was hurt. A few minutes’ earlier three shots were fired at Greencastle RUC station but fire was not returned.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 Soldier hit by sniper A soldier was wounded by sniper fire in the Creggan Estate in Derry. The injured man was hit when a gunman fired a single shot at a foot patrol in the GreenwalkInishowen Gardens area of the state.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 UDA Colonel cleared A self confessed UDA colonel was cleared on arms charges in a non-jury trial in Belfast. He was cleared of having a M1 carbine and three cartridges with 45 rounds of .30 ammunition at his home. He had stated in court that he did not know if members of the UDA had guns. He admitted to be a member of the UDA political wing and that he had never come into contact with any members with guns.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 Reserve policeman shot in north Belfast A 27-year-old reserve policeman was shot dead on the Antrim Road. He was married with a young baby. He and another reservist were on foot patrol near the Capitol Cinema. The policemen were walking into Alexandra Park Avenue when a burst of five shots was heard. The dead man was a hit in the stomach and a 12year-old girl nearby was also hit in the leg.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 8 years for blowing up Anchor Bar Two 17-year-old Belfast youths were jailed for eight years after admitting placing a bomb, which blew up the Anchor Bar in Corporation Street.

Wednesday 17th October 1973 7 years in Dublin court An IRA man was jailed for seven years in a Dublin court when he was convicted of possessing a rifle and armour piercing bullets with intent. The man was caught near the border as he set up a sniping position overlooking a pint at Drummart that is regularly patrolled by the British army. The guarda gave chase and he assaulted one the guarda with the butt of his rifle. Thursday 18th October 1973 Bomb go off after 24 hours Two more bombs went off in Derrylin a day after the other had rocked the town. The village was sealed off and traffic diverted as the army waited for daylight before dealing with the two remaining bombs. One of the bombs was defused but as the army officer began to work on the other bomb it exploded but he was not hurt.

Thursday 18th October 1973 West Belfast arms finds In a search of the Falls area the army found two RPG 7 rockets in a derelict house off Leeson Street. Then on waste ground behind Leeson Street they found two holdalls containing two blast bombs and 33 lb of explosives, three detonators and some safety fuse. Later on another piece of waste ground they discovered 55 rounds of assorted ammunition a sten gun magazine and an armalite magazine. Thursday 18th October 1973 Strabane forecourt bomb A bomb left in a car on the forecourt of Desmond Motors failed to go off after the detonator exploded. A passer-by saw two men put a suitcase in the car and he informed the manager of the garage. There was only a minor explosion caused by the detonator and later the army dismantled the rest of the bomb.

Thursday 18th October 1973 Aerodyne arms find An armalite rifle, 70 rounds of ammunition, medical Thursday 18th October 1973 supplies and terrorist literature we found by troops in a M1 closed house in Highbury Gardens, Ardoyne. A section of the M1 motorway was closed to all traffic as the army checked a suspect car. Traffic was directed Thursday 18th October 1973 away from the section between Dungannon and Grenade found Tamlaghmore after the car hijacked earlier by armed Troops in Derry uncovered a hand grenade in good men in Coalisland was found under a bridge. condition during a routine search in the Long Tower district of the city. Thursday 18th October 1973 Shooting incidents in Derry Thursday 18th October 1973 Five shots were fired from the roof of St Eugene’s school Bombs wreck sorting office at a patrol in the Beechwood Avenue area and as the Derry’s postal services were in chaos today after the patrol was withdrawing they were stoned by a crowd of double explosion that destroyed the city’s sorting about 30 youths. office yesterday. Both incoming and outgoing letters A foot patrol at the junction of Carrickreagh Gardens were lost in the fire caused by the two bombs left by and Linsfort Drive was fired on by a gunman from bearmed men. The five men burst into the sorting office hind a car in Carrickreagh gardens. Fire was returned Little James Street on the fringe of the Bogside and but the gunman made off towards Southway. During held up 20 sorters on duty at gunpoint as they planted the follow up operation 20 youths stoned troops and the bombs. Warnings were given however the first bomb one rubber bullet was fired to disperse them. went off a little early and the firemen could not get the A single shot was fired at a patrol in the Brandywell flame under control for two hours. Avenue area. 20 rounds of automatic fire were directed at an army patrol in the Creggan. The shot came from Melmore Gardens. Thursday 18th October 1973 Seaforde pub destroyed Thursday 18th October 1973 A 70lb bomb in an oil drum was left in Boyd’s pub Murder charge Seaforde. The army were called in and a controlled A 31-year-old unemployed welder was arrested and explosion failed to defuse it and as the army tried to charged with the murder of Ivan Lennard. Mr Lennard, pull the drum clear of the building it went off causing a postman, was killed while collecting mail from a sub extensive damage. post office in Kilwilkie estate.

Friday 19th October 1973 Shots heard in Derry Three shots were heard in the Bogside but the RUC and troops were not involved. Shots were fired at an army patrol from the vicinity of St Cecelia’s school and two shops were also fired at a military checkpoint on the Letterkenny Road. The troops returned fire on both occasions but did not claim any hits. Troops fired rubber bullets after a crowd of around 200 youths stoned them in the Elmwood Road Friday 19th October 1973 area of the Bogside as they were carrying out a house Army defuse Derry bomb The army in Derry defused a bomb left in a local paint search. In the Creggan there were three incidents in store. Two armed men left the bomb in Saunderson’s which youths stoned soldiers who replied with CS gas. paint shop on Strand Road and the area was cleared. The army defused the bomb after first setting off a small Friday 19th October 1973 controlled explosion. The bomb consisted of 25lb of Ormeau Road Blast Police who went to the Ormeau Road area after reports home made explosives. of an explosion found that a small pipe bomb had exploded at a house in Rushfield Avenue. The RUC Friday 19th October 1973 found another pipe bomb which had failed to explode Shopping bag bomb in Derry A5lb bomb in a shopping bag, which was planted in on the front windowsill of the Catholic occupied house. Orchard Street, caused no casualties but the blast No one was injured by the blast, which caused only shattered several windows in the surrounding area and minor damage. damage a parked car. A 30-minute warning about the bomb was given to police and the bomb exploded on BELOW - Bomb attack on the Cobweb Bar in Crumlin. the pavement outside the chip shop and close to the FACING PAGE - A loyalist protest brings Belfast city pub, which had suffered bomb damage before. Thursday 18th October 1973 UDA man had bag of bullets A UDA was sentenced to two years after he got drunk and had a row with his family and then handed nearly 650 rounds of illegally held ammunition to soldiers who called at his house to see what all the noise was about. The 52-year-old man then asked the soldiers to arrest him.

centre traffic to a standstill

Saturday 20th October 1973 Empty box caused all-night bombscare An all night bomb scare at Rooney’s supermarket in Enniskillen ended when the ‘bomb’ turned out to be an empty cardboard box but in a local cinema three incendiary devices were found. The first of the three incendiary devices found in the Ritz cinema was Friday 19th October 1973 discovered this morning. It had been planted in a seat ‘Vigil for peace’ at Lenadoon Roman Catholic and Protestant residents of Lenadoon near the rear of the cinema and had gone off only slightly are to come together for a 24-hour vigil for peace. The charring the seat. The alarm was raised and in a further vigil, sponsored by the ‘Witness for Peace’ organisation search two more firebombs were uncovered in the front stalls but they had not exploded. is being held at Horn Drive community centre. Friday 19th October 1973 Strabane shots About 12 shots were fired at troops in the Melmount Road area of Strabane. There were no casualties and the soldiers returned the fire but did no claim any hits.

Saturday 20th October 1973 Woman sees gunmen shoot husband A Lurgan woman drove her wounded husband more than two miles to hospital after he was shot in the town. The 24-year-old Catholic man and his wife were driving along Francis Street when four masked men stepped out in front of them and they were forced to Friday 19th October 1973 stop. The shots were fired and the man was hit in the Young IRA man jailed A seventeen-year-old IRA man captured by the army stomach. The gunmen then pushed him out of the after a shooting in the lower Falls area was jailed for driver’s seat and into the back of the car leaving his five years. The man was grabbed by troops as he tried wife who was uninjured to get help. His condition was to escape over a wall carrying a loaded armalite rifle. critical. Friday 19th October 1973 Guns in garden Two labourers from Ballymurphy were each jailed for six years after admitting having two rifles and ammunition in a garden in Whitecliffe Crescent.

Saturday 20th October 1973 Ammunition found in Bogside Troops in Derry found 34 rounds of ammunition during a routine search of a shed at Cable Street in the Bogside. Saturday 20th October 1973 Gunfire at Clonard A burst of gunfire in the Clonard area was aimed at an army observation post on the Springfield Road but there were no hits and no casualties. Saturday 20th October 1973 Snugville street petrol bomb A petrol bomb thrown into a Morris Oxford car at Snugville Street in the Shankill area caught fire and burned the vehicle out. Saturday 20th October 1973 Stone throwing in the Shankill 50 youths stoned a RUC land rover at Sancroft StreetCrimea Street and there were no casualties. Saturday 20th October 1973 Arms finds At Joy Street in the Markets police found shotgun and 440 rounds of ammunition on waste ground. Carrickfergus police carried out a search in a house at Cedar Par and found five rifles and nearly 4000 rounds of assorted ammunition. Saturday 20th October 1973 Blasts heard There was a small explosion at Somerset Street in the Ormeau Road area, but there was no damage and no one was hurt. There was another small blast at South Parade in the Ormeau area. A detonator caused the blast.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Rocket attack Two explosions in the Dungannon area were caused by a rocket attack on an electricity sub station on the Dungannon Newmills Road. The tail fin of a rocket was found in a nearby hedge. No damage was caused to the power plant.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Soldiers injured by nail bombs Saturday 20th October 1973 Three nail bombs were thrown at a foot patrol in the Quiet night in Derry Divis flats area. Two soldiers were injured, one Soldiers fired one rubber bullet to disperse 20 youths seriously. after they stoned them in the Dunree Gardens area. Monday 22nd October 1973 Ardoyne attacks Saturday 20th October 1973 In the Ardoyne two shots were fired at soldiers in Housewife charge Brompton Park from the area of Butler Street. Fire was An Ardoyne housewife was charged with possessing not returned but in a follow up operation troops seized an armalite rifle, a loaded armalite rifle, and a loaded an M1 carbine. magazine containing 14 rounds of ammunition and 48 Troops found four petrol bombs at the junction of rounds of ammunition with intent at Highbury Gardens. Brompton Park and Crumlin Road.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Clifton Park Avenue shots heard There was a report of shots fired through the window of a house in Clifton Park Avenue but no one was hurt.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Shots fired in Strabane Three shots were fired at a security forces’ checkpoint on the town bridge yesterday.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Attacks on army patrols in Derry An army mobile patrol stopped to move a gas cooker dumped in the roadway at Westland Street. A single shot hit a personnel carrier but none of the soldiers was injured. A single shot was fired at the army checkpoint in Abercorn Road. The bullet struck a factory wall but there were no casualties and fire was not returned. CS gas and rubber bullets were used to break up rioters in the Bogside and Creggan during disturbances in which four soldiers and a civilian were slightly injured. A single shot was fired at an army patrol in Linsfort Drive. No one was hurt and the patrol returned fire but claimed no hit.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Newtownabbey busy with attacks The army blew up a hijacked car abandoned close to Conway’s bar at Greencastle. The vehicle taken from the Mill Road was not found to contain explosives. Three youths made an unsuccessful attempt to hijack a car.

William Edward Campbell

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Monday 22nd October 1973 Ballroom damaged In Carrickmore the army blew up a suspect car outside a ballroom in the village, which was extensively damaged.

Monday 22nd October 1973 Arms charge: 4 in court Monday 22nd October 1973 Two sisters and two juveniles were charged with posShots hit land rover sessing an M1 carbine and four rounds of ammunition. Six shots were fired at a police land rover on the The gun charge arose out of a shooting incident in the Tullygally Road but although one penetrated the rear Ardoyne area. door and another hit the wheel no one was hurt. Tuesday 23rd October 1973 Heroism as a fuse burns Barmen in Wilson’s bar on the Newtownards Road cleared customers for the bar as the fuse on a bomb burned down towards the detonator. Around 70 people were evacuated but one man Mr Ronald Fletcher aged 46 died when part of the building fell on him after the

blast. The 40lb bomb caused extensive damage and the army defused a 50lb left on the other side of road outside the Ballyhackamore Arms.

Tuesday 23rd October 1973 Tip off lead troops to arms Organised searches in Belfast led to troops seizing a large quantity of weapons including a Russian made rocket launcher compete in its original packaging. The searches were carried out in Leeson Street and the 1st Royal Green Jackets also found an automatic .22 rifle, a sten sub machine gun and two pistols. Two grenades primed and ready for use were also found. In Finaghy troops searched a house at Ardmore Drive and found a .455 revolver, 41 rounds of ammunition and a bayonet.

Tuesday 23rd October 1973 Creggan ambush Two soldiers were wounded when gunmen ambushed an army patrol in Derry. Shots were fired at the patrol as it made its way on foot along Dunree Gardens. One soldier was hit in the thigh and another in the kneecap.

Tuesday 23rd October 1973 No warning from Co Derry bombers Police evacuated an area in Draperstown after a man was spotted leaving a bomb at a garage and a post office. 30 minutes later the first bomb exploded at the post office causing extensive damage. The second bomb went off a short time later almost wrecking Hanna’s garage. Both bombs were in oil drums with boxes attached to them.

Tuesday 23rd October 1973 Busy night of shooting in Derry Two shots were fired at the army observation post on top of Rossville flats but there were no hits. A few minutes later the gunman was spotted in the area and solders returned fire. Later five shots were fired at soldiers on the City walls and there was one strike on the walls. Fire was returned an in the Shantallow district two high velocity shots and 20 low velocity shots were fired at a land rover patrol on Racecourse Road. There were two hits on the vehicle. One shot was heard in the Blucher Street area and in the Spencer Road but troops were not involved in these incidents.

Tuesday 23rd October 1973 RUC-Military Police attacked In Claudy nine shots were fired at military police and the RUC manning a checkpoint but there were no casualties. The shots came from across the River Finn, which marks the border. Tuesday 23rd October 1973 Arms find – two men in court Two men were charged with possessing a loaded revolver and two rifles and a quantity of ammunition in the Donegall Road area. A 39-year-old man was charged with possessing a revolver, a pistol and 200 shotgun cartridges at Highfield Parade. Thursday 25th October 1973 Ammunition found Troops found 150 rounds of assorted ammunition and military type clothing in a house in the Forth River area.

Thursday 25th October 1973 Blast blows man 20 feet Thomas Carr the 62-year-old principal of Derry’s Christian Brother school and George Clarke the caretaker were taken to hospital after accidentally setting off a land mine on waster ground. The army often uses the ground and the men walked into a trap. Mr Clarke was blown 20 ft into the air and the blast ripped off his clothes, which could be seen hanging from a tree after he was thrown over a high wall into Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. Mr Clarke received facial injuries and Mr Carr has leg injuries and abrasions. Two further bombs in Derry exploded. The first was left at the door of a shoe shop opposite Victoria Street RUC station and exploded damaging the building and blowing out windows. The second bomb was planted only yards away in a cafÊ and exploded causing disruption. A car bomb later blew up without warning on the Creggan Road but there were no injuries. Thursday 25th October 1973 Leave loyalists alone UDA tells army The UDA has issued a warning to the army to stop harassing the loyalist people. Protests have been held in loyalist areas over the detention of local men, members

BELOW & RIGHT - Bomb attacks at Derrylin in Fermanagh in which a pub, shop and Post Office were destroyed.

of the UDA. The UDA leadership stated that the detentions would not be tolerated and during the protests four buses and several other vehicles were hijacked and parked across main roads at Dee Street, Albertbridge Road, Cromac Street and Beersbridge Road. All vehicles were returned to their owners. Thursday 25th October 1973 UDR patrol unhurt in mine blast A UDR patrol was unhurt when a mine was detonated near their land rover three miles from Castlewellan. There were reports of shots being fired at the patrol.

Thursday 25th October 1973 Shooting incidents At Newtownhamilton shots were fired at an army helicopter but it was not hit. Five shots were fire at an army foot patrol in Barrack Street, Strabane. Fire was returned but there were no casualties. Single shots were fired at an army patrol on the Derry Road, Strabane and the army vehicle checkpoint at the Camels Hump. In the Creggan shots were fired at an army patrol but there were no casualties.

Friday 26th October 1973 Bombs damage shops Bombs damaged Crangles bar on the Cavehill Road, and shops in Co Derry. Only part of the 130lb bomb left beside Crangles and the army defused the rest of the explosives. The blast in the early morning blew down a wall but barely damaged the bar. In Castledawson a police patrol spotted a van, which had been reported as hijacked. The area was evacuated and the bomb exploded blowing in shop fronts and shattering windows over a wide area. Over 200 children were evacuated from their classrooms in a nearby primary school before the bomb exploded.

Thursday 25th October 1973 CIE train destroyed The 1st Battalion of the South Armagh Provisional IRA Friday 26th October 1973 claimed responsibility for the explosion, which de- Chaos on roads after hijackings stroyed the CIE locomotive on the Belfast-Dublin line. Over 20 suspect vehicles were left on the main road from Belfast to Derry and on may minor roads. There were five explosions one of them on the main Dublin Thursday 25th October 1973 road near Newry but in many cases the buses, vans and Grenade charge A 30-year-old Portadown lorry driver was charged with cars hijacked and abandoned turned out to be elaborate possessing explosives and hand grenades. He is charged hoaxes. with possessing 132 pounds of explosives, detonators, Over 60 people near Omagh were evacuated for clocks, hand-grenades, ammunition, a mortar shell and several hours after a hoax bomb was left on a hijacked Ulsterbus. In Newry hundreds of schoolchildren could four SLR magazines. not get to school due to blocked roads. The bombs, which were exploded, were in a container lorry abandoned at the Killeen customs post near Newry and at Greystones post office outside Dungannon a 50100lb car bomb exploded. At Mullan customs post near Kinawley in Fermanagh there were two blasts, one of which wrecked the post. The other was in a hijacked CIE bus nearly. There were no injuries in any of the blasts.

Friday 26th October 1973 Army defuse shipyard bombs The army defused two 25lb bombs at the foot of a crane in Belfast’s shipyard. The bombs were placed at the bottom of two slipwires attached to a new crane under construction in the east yard.

LEFT - An ambulance man comforts casualties caught up in a 300lb car bomb attack on the Avenue Bar in Union Street. FACING PAGE - Funeral of RUC member William Campbell who was shot dead on the Antrim Road

Thursday 25th October 1973 Hotel destroyed in blast The Roxborough Hotel in Rostrevor was reduced to rubble by a bomb planted by 6-armed men. The 100lb bomb exploded after a warning and was followed by a blaze.

Friday 26th October 1973 Petrol station damaged Extensive damage was caused to a petrol station at the junction of the Ormeau Road and Shaftesbury Avenue when a bomb exploded in a car on the forecourt. The bomb was in a Morris Minor, which had been reported, stolen. The petrol station on the Stewartstown Road was damaged when a car bomb also went off on the forecourt. The Ben Madigan station was damaged on the Shore Road when a 150lb car bomb exploded.

Friday 26th October 1973 Car bomb exploded in Derry A 20-50lb car bomb exploded near St Brecan’s school. The car containing the bomb had been placed about 150 yards from the school buildings and only slight win- Friday 26th October 1973 Short Strand searches dow damage was caused. Troops fired rubber bullets to disperse a hostile crowd, which gathered as they were carrying out house searches in the Short Strand. Friday 26th October 1973 Derry shootings 17 shots were fired at the army observation post on Friday 26th October 1973 Rosville flats and no fire was returned. Eight shots were Blast bomb thrown fired at soldiers from the Bogside Inn and troops A blast bomb thrown in Mount Street, Greencastle did returned the fire. 10-14 shots came from the Limewood not cause any injuries. Street area aimed at troops or the city walls. Four to five shots were heard in the Bogside but the RUC and Friday 26th October 1973 army were not involved. 30 rounds were fired at the Bomb seized The RUC seized a 100lb bomb when they stopped a car city walls but no fire was returned. There were a number of stoning incidents in the Creggan at Marine Parade close to the railway line. A number of and Bogside and rubber bullets were fired in response. men were helping the police with their enquiries.

Friday 26th October 1973 Duffle bag bomb A duffle bag exploded outside Patrick’s Engineering works in Cookstown but a warning had been phoned and the area was evacuated before the blast, which caused some damage. Friday 26th October 1973 Detonator explodes Only the detonator on a 25lb bomb planted at David Browns tractor showroom in Dungannon exploded. The bomb was defused by the army. Friday 26th October 1973 Attempted murder Two shots were fired at two RUC men as they walked on the Newcastle Road, Downpatrick. The hidden sniper escaped and fire was not returned. Saturday 27th October 1973 4 firemen and soldier hurt in blast Four firemen and a soldier were injured when a bomb exploded in a Newtownbutler shop. The bomb had been planted 18 hours earlier by three armed men and the army set fire to the shop hoping to burn off the explosives. The blast ripped through the building, which was destroyed. One fireman was critically injured and another seriously.

and these were dealt with by the army in daylight. Troops claimed to have hit a gunman who fired on a mobile patrol in Lurgan but the wounded gunman escaped. A single shot was fired at Glengormley police station by a gunman in a Ford Transit van which then sped off along Church Road. There were no casualties and no fire was returned. Saturday 27th October 1973 RUC stoned in Belfast The RUC and army were stoned for a time when they moved in to disperse a crowd at Albertbridge RoadSkipton Street. Tuesday 30th October 1973 Arms find in Belfast Two men were being questioned following an arms and ammunition find in a house in north Belfast. Two rifles, 890 rounds of assorted ammunition, a telescopic sight, 48 detonators and 300 feet of cortex fuse were found in a house at Silverstream Road.

Tuesday 30th October 1973 RUC hunt killers 34-year-old Patrick Campbell became Banbridges first victim of the troubles. The father of three was shot at his home when two men got out of a car and knocked at the door of his house. The door was opened by Mrs Campbell and the men told her they wanted to talk to Saturday 27th October 1973 her husband. Mr Campbell went into the hall and his Bombs in three locations wife heard a struggle followed by the burst of gunfire. In Cookstown police found dufflebag bombs outside The gunmen escaped in a Ford Cortina later found abanadjacent shops in Sweep Road. One 35lb device was doned on the Tullyear Road. outside Cookstown Cash and Carry and the other outside a farm feed manufacturers premises. It took six Tuesday 30th October 1973 hours for the army to defuse the bombs. Lurgan shooting In Middletown two armed men who ordered staff out A Lurgan teenager was badly hurt when gunmen firing planted an incendiary device in the temporary customs from a car hit him in the chest and arm outside a bar in caravans. As the armed men drove off the incendiary Edward Street. The gunmen also threw a grenade from went off and the blaze destroyed the caravan. the car injuring an 18-year-old barman. Also in Lurgan Only the detonator of a 20-30lb bomb exploded after it a policeman was shot in the stomach when at least 16 was planted in the Maxol petrol station in John Street shots were fired at him as he stood on duty at a security Dungannon. barrier at High Street. The shots came from a Ford Transit van. Saturday 27th October 1973 Shootings widespread Tuesday 30th October 1973 In Newtownhamilton three gunmen held up building Ambulance driver injured workers on a site near the square and then fired 11 high A 40-year-old ambulance driver received multiple head velocity shots at an unknown target. Close by there is and facial wounds when a bomb exploded without an army observation post and a police station but warning at the Ben Madigan petrol station. The driver neither was hit in the incident. The gunmen left two was travelling to work from his home in Rathcoole. The suspicious parcels in half completed shops on the site blast blew his car across the road

Tuesday 30th October 1973 Booby trap on farm A 33-year-old farmer sustained severe leg injuries when he set off a booby trap in the milking parlour at his farm near Aughnacloy.

Tuesday 30th October 1973 Arms find in Co Down A combined RUC army search in Newtownards resulted in the finding of four rifles and about 1500 rounds of ammunition.

Tuesday 30th October 1973 Tuesday 30th October 1973 Bombs in rural areas Sent for trial An 18-year-old youth from Perry Street was charged A 200-300lb landmine found in a culvert under the Newtownhamilton-Dundalk road was blown up by the with possessing 84 rounds of ammunition. army. In Clogher the protestant owned Trident Inn was damaged after a bomb planted inside exploded. The Tuesday 30th October 1973 area had been evacuated after a warning was received. Shots reported in Derry A civilian was hit in the shoulder after a gunman fired two shots into Guildhall Square from the window of a Tuesday 30th October 1973 shop in Waterloo Street. The second shot hit the wall Claim shooting of a bank and the civilian was not seriously hurt. In the A company of the North Armagh battalion of the ProviTyrconnell Street area of the Bogside ten shots were sional IRA issued a statement claiming one of its active heard. A single shot was fired at an army patrol in service units was responsible for shooting a police constable in Lurgan. Creggan but noone was hurt. Tuesday 30th October 1973 Arms find by soldiers Troops found bomb-making equipment, home made mortars, 90 detonators a blast bomb and a pocket radio in the Ballymurphy area. Tuesday 30th October 1973 17-year-old shot in knee A 17-year-old youth from Turf Lodge was shot in the knee by a gunman in a passing car travelling along the Monagh Road.

Tuesday 30th October 1973 A man and two juveniles charged A Belfast man and two juveniles were charged with having a sten fun with magazine, an Enfield .303 rifle, a .38 revolver, a telescopic sight and 500 rounds of ammunition at a house in Belfast.

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The Troubles 23  

A Chronology of the Northern Ireland Conflict September - October 1973

The Troubles 23  

A Chronology of the Northern Ireland Conflict September - October 1973