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Glenn Sy   638058   WK#2    

Introduction and  Discussion   This  week,  the  tasked  required  us  to  make  a  structure  out  of  balsa  wood  and  super  glue.   After  building  the  structure,  it  was  concluded  that  the  overall  design  of  the  structure  is   poor.  During  a  test  that  was  conducted  by  flipping  the  structure  sideways,  suspending  it   in  air,  and  having  one  person  hold  the  base,  the  structure  bent,  which  shows  that  it  is  not   rigid.  In  addition  the  structure  is  durable  because  it  did  not  break  or  snap  into  two.  The   shape  of  the  structure  was  a  triangular  pyramid  and  spanned  almost  two  metres.  Since  it   is  a  pyramid,  the  load  is  lesser  and  more  viable  because  there  were  lesser  construction   materials  used.  One  of  the  failure  mechanisms  of  this  structure  is  that  if  the  protruded   diagonal  columns  that  support  the  base  are  removed  then  the  structure  will  fall.  

Findings First  diagram:    The  structure  is  not  very  stable,  which   is  showed  through  the  slanted  structure.  The  lack  of   bracing  showed  that  the  structural  frame  could  not  support  the  load  that  is   compressing  on  the  structure.  One  of  the  ways  to  make  it  structural  stable  is  by   fitting  in  vertical  braces  in  the  frames  because  the  forces  are  transmitted  towards   the  base  in  order  to  increase  stability  (Tata  Steel,  BSI&SCI,  2013).       Second  Diagram:  The  loads  that  acted  as  compressive  force  along  the  structure  is   balanced  by  the  broad  surface  area  through  putting  up  a  diagonal  post  in  order  to  

Glenn Sy   638058   WK#2    

spread out  the  load  so  that  stress  decreases,  which  will  produce  stability  (Interactive  structures  2008)  

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The picture  on  the  right  exhibited  instability  because  the  weight  of   dead  load  could  not  be  withstood  due  to  compression  forces.   (Interactive  Structures  2008).  Hence,  instability  is  seen  through  the   building  almost  collapsing.  If  there  were  lateral  forces  acting  on  this   structure,  it  will  certainly  overturn.       The  picture  on  the  left  showed  that  it  was  structurally  stable  because   there  are  knee  bracings  along  the  structure  with  a  rigid  foundation   (Ching  2008).                      


Glenn Sy   638058   WK#2     Resources:   Tata  Steel,  BSI&SCI  2013,  London,  viewed  10  Aug  2013,  <>.   Images  aside  from  my  own  diagram:  Kilduff  S  2013,  Week  2  Task,  photograph,  Tutorial  week  2,  Melbourne.     Ching  F  2008,  Building  Construction  Illustrated,  Wiley  &  Sons,  New  Jersey.   Interactive  Structures  2008,  CD,  Wiley&Sons,  New  Jersey.          

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