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A02: Op(on  3     By   Glenn  Sy  (Wk  1-­‐2)  

Structural Concept   •  Founda(on  &  Foo(ng  system:  The  founda(on  and  foo(ng   has  its  piles  entering  the  soil  and  is  covered  with  concrete   (R  Berryman,,  27  Aug),  Timber  stumps  are  also   part  of  founda(on  (R  Cameron,,20Aug).   •  Floor  system:The  floor  system  has  bearers  and  joist  to   support  the  floor  system  (R  Cameron,,  20Aug).   •  Wall  system:  insula(on  within  walls,  walls  made  of  (mber;   (mber  framing  (R  Cameron,,  20Aug)   •  Roof  system:  structural  spanning  system  between  walls,   beams  and  raRers  to  support  the  roof  (R  Cameron,,  20Aug)  

Materials and  Construc(on   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Steel Corrugated  Steel   Timber   Insula(ng   materials   Concrete   Glass     Plywood   Plasterboard/   villaboard  

Bracing   Foo(ng   Studs     Noggings   Stumps   Beams     RaRers   BaXen     Box  guXer     Downpipe   Rainwater  head     Bearer   Piles   Joist  

Aesthe(c design  and  func(on   •  Glass  and  (mber  were  used  as  walls  to  have  a   contrast  between  light  and  dark  (R  Cameron,,  20Aug)  

A02 INT_ Glenn  
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