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2014: a black year for the real estate and construction sectors? The year 2013 is announced as a black year and if it was well in the construction sector, the real estate sector suffered rather a grey year. The very low level of rates has made it possible to partially resolvabiliser accounts receivable, to facilitate the maintenance of the purchase and demand, as well as to maintain a roughly satisfactory transaction number. On the other hand, for 2014, Century 21 announced last week a year under worse auspices. The concern for the real estate market is already palpable. With regard to the building, not better announced, 2014 should be an also morose year was 2013. Balance sheet for the construction market

In construction, the balance of the year 2013 reveals a hit area hit by the economic crisis. The financial health of businesses deteriorates strongly, and in France, new launches in singapore a bankruptcy on three key construction sector. In 2014, the Coface (Compagnie française d'Assurance pour le commerce extÊrieur) announces a new wave of failing companies, directly impacted by the slowdown in demand and the slight downturn in real estate. If real estate prices were brought down in 2014, the building sector would continue its freefall. In 2014, it is estimated the loss of 7000 jobs in the building sector. Craftspeople, whose work has been undermined by the VAT increase, also emphasize the unfair competition of enterprises of the Eastern Europe, problematic for which the Government should strengthen controls. The image of all components of the sector, suppliers of construction materials also have the head under water, particularly after the 2013 Finance Act has submitted them to new taxation. The economies of construction being berne companies, orders of reels, grinders and trowels, cements, lime and mortar accuse a worrying decline. Business leaders, like the French building Federation, remain pessimistic about the coming year. real estate market 2014: a black year for limmobilier and construction sectors? The real estate market In 2013, with rates historically low, real estate sales have remained stable. Century 21 real estate sales network even posted an increase of 3.1% of transactions. 2013 has not been so dark that the experts had feared, with such a limited withdrawal of transactions in the old real estate. The stabilization movement registered in the fall of 2013, coupled with a rise in real estate transactions, had aroused hopes the market vacuum recent passage that somewhat falling back. For 2014, the rise in rates which could intervene threatens to again undermine the sector. Century 21 should be increasing the rate to be achieved gradually. Thus, they could adjust smoothly, while a steep rise would have a detrimental effect

New launches in singapore - on sales. The real estate market would be paralyzed and only a fall in prices proportionally greater than the changes in rates could operate a sustainable recovery.

2014 a black year for the real estate and construction sectors