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Be Active!

Play Sports! It Has Tons Of Benefits!

Glenn Ethridge

Be Active! Many students out there nowadays are involved with some type of extra-curricular activity. For the majority of them it is being apart of a sports team. This can play a big role in the student’s life. Being a part of a sports team can do many things for student athletes. It can help them with academics, time management, self-confidence, their social life, their physical well being, and staying out of trouble. They can also find opportunities to further their education. Schools put added pressure on students who participate in sports. Some students have the same problem happening over and over again in the classroom. They lack the “drive” to do well with their school work. One of the areas in a student athlete’s school life is academic eligibility. To participate in ath-

letics, the student has to keep up with certain academic standards that the school holds. With the requirements held by the school to be eligible for a sports team, if a student wishes to participate in a sport, they are required to do well in the classroom. With these requirements, the student is given a certain “drive” to do better in all areas related to school. What that does for the student is make them be more aware of what is going on in the classroom. They obviously want to be apart of the team, so what they will do is strive to be a better student academically. In the process of doing so, the student will of begin notice traits about themselves that they have not noticed before. Often times they will become more competitive in the classroom. As time goes on, the teacher will notice that the student is progressing from where they once were (“Influence of High School Sports”). A very astonishing thing about being part of a sports team that a lot of people fail to acknowledge is that it can lead students to further their education. When looking at a high school student’s application, college application officers often look to see if the student has many skills and is well rounded. They especially search for students that are involved in extracurricular activities such as sports. If a student is on a sports team in high school, this is likely to be considered a very positive thing and

will be a key factor in if they are admitted or not. Some people may never get the opportunity to go out there and further their education due to financial problems, but with sports there are athletic scholarships. Athletic scholarships provide the high school student with the opportunity to go to college. Students will have to be athletically gifted and also academically eligible to receive such a scholarship (“The Influence”). As said in an article done by Jennifer Dilley-Knoles, “The overall importance of an athlete’s academic eligibility can be both stressful for the athlete and the coach. In order to compete, the student must remain academically eligible; thus, various academic support programs have been implemented by athletic departments as a means of maintaining eligibility and ensuring academic process” (Dilley-Knoles). If the student is not academically eligible, college application officers won’t even begin to contemplate that student for the opportunity to go to college on that athletic scholarship. This can be another thing that will give the student that certain “drive” to do better with their school work. Studies have found that “While a select few of these students on an athletic scholarship end up playing a sport professionally, the rest rely on the education they acquire. Even if the athletes do not experience the success they expected within their sport, they are still given a college education that they might not have gotten oth-

erwise.” (“The Influence”). Students who participate in athletics often learn certain skills. The most important skill learned would have to be time management and working under pressure. In found research, when a student is involved in something such as sports, it often will increase certain chemicals that are in the body of the athlete. One of these chemicals is Dopamine. When the levels of Dopamine are increased throughout the body, it tends to calm the person down so they are more able to focus. This will cause the student to be more aware of what is going on in the classroom with things such as due dates (Murphy). Teachers give things like classwork, homework, take home tests, and projects with due dates. Since the student is apart of a team, he/she will work at a better pace to get that work done. Another trait that a student might pick up is the ability to work under pressure. This can also be affected by increased levels of Dopamine. While being on a team, the athlete is made public with the certain events that the team goes to. When in public, this puts pressure on the athlete. They have to perform under that pressure. This can be related to when the student has a big assignment or test. It is important

that the student/athlete stays at a peaceful mind set to get the job done, and get it done well. The more they succeed in something like this, the more improvement they show (“The Influence”). In recent studies, statistics have shown that students that are involved with an extracurricular activity, such as sports, have much higher brain wave activity

than other students who are not. Sports lead to the development of the brain. With this being, the student athlete essentially becomes more confident with themself. They often tend to “come out of their shell” more than usual. An athlete’s confidence reflects from their bearing, which is how they carry themselves. They become more confident with everything they do. This can range with anything from what they do in the classroom to how they carry

themselves in the sport they are a part of, or just in everyday normal life. Their confidence will continue to grow for several reasons. One of those reasons is being successful at what they do. This can be getting a good grade on a test, or have an exceptionally well performance with the sport they are in. When something like this happens, athletes tend to try to “take it to the next level,” and students will continue doing good when it comes to academics. There will always be competition with everything that anyone does. By achieving greatness through a sport, one’s social experiences in life will open up. Success in a sport can ultimately lead to more popularity and social opportunities. There are many important aspects of a student’s life throughout school. One of the most important things in a one’s life is their social status in their school. Often in high school, different groups are given different labels. Some of the students who do not play any sports may be associated with the “nerdy” group, the “not so smart’ group, or the “class clown” group. These labels may not be as accurate as one may think they are. Many students who participate in sports, have a higher social

status than those three groups. There are many ways that sports can affect a student’s social life. One can think that a great way sports help a student socially, is allowing them opportunities to meet new people. Being apart

how one is progressing more towards their goals will keep them held in high spirits so they will continue working hard. It is also recommended that one should work out with a partner. Partners can have a competition between

of a sports team, one will have a few things in common with their teammates. There has been several occasions where this has led to new friendships (“The Influence”). An obvious aspect of sports is that it helps the athlete get into shape. The very first thing the athlete must do is evaluate themself. This will determine how physically fit they are. I f one desires to get more into shape, they must set short-term and long-term goals, and work hard to achieve those goals. If one achieves some of the goals they have set. They must reward themselves. This will give the athlete more “drive” to go after more of the goals they have previously set. When exercising or participating in a sport, another thing one can do is keep a log of their progress. Keeping a log of

each other. Competition is definitely something that will push the athlete to places where they thought they would never reach (Schlosberg 1,25-29). As said by Greenville Wrestling Coach, Greg Sisk, with any sort of extracurricular activity, some sacrifices have to be made. When joining any sort of sports team, one is making an enormous commitment. They will have to sacrifice a bunch of their time to be apart of that team. The athlete is required to put in a lot of time and hard work into the sport of their choosing. What this does essentially is it keeps the athlete out of any sort of trouble that one might get into if they did not have anything to occupy a lot of their time. A lot of kids out there now a days are getting into a lot of trouble. This could all be prevented if they had

something to occupy their time, such as sports (Sisk). In several occasions, sports have saved someone’s life. For some student athlete’s it is the only thing keeping them from doing anything stupid. There are some really great athletes out there would even tell you that, they would not know where they would be today if it was not for the sport they play. Being active is definitely something that everyone should do. Doing something such as participating in sports can do wonders with someone’s life. Generations to come will realize that sports can play a big role in someone’s success throughout their school years. Sports time and time again have proven to be very positive influence for anyone who has been involved, and they will continue to be that way in the future.

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Be Active!  
Be Active!  

Benefits of Playing Sports!