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Boarding is so much fun. You get to know people much better if you’re a boarder, it’s like you’re on a huge sleepover but you get to sleep at a reasonable time!

Francesca Coleman, Fours

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Welcome to Boarding at Queen Anne’s Queen Anne’s is an independent boarding and day school for girls with over 420 pupils aged 11 to 18 years. High aspirations combined with a positive approach to learning creates an environment where girls can grow into motivated, decisive and self-assured individuals. We are renowned for our excellent pastoral care and academic success alongside a rich programme of extra-curricular opportunities and excellence in the arts, drama, music, sport and academic enrichment. We believe girls perform best when they are happy and secure. Girls attend Queen Anne’s daily or on a full, weekly or flexi-board basis according to individual family needs. Approximately half the girls board in purposebuilt Houses supported by a team of experienced house staff. In the Lower and Middle School (years 7-11), we have two Boarding Houses. In the Sixth Form, boarding and day girls share the state-of-the-art facilities in purpose built boarding houses as they prepare for A Levels and take advantage of the enrichment programme available to all our senior students.

The school is situated to the north of Reading near Henley-on-Thames and is just over 40 minutes from London. School transport for weekly and flexi-boarders is available from destinations throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, London and the South. We would love to welcome you to meet the girls and experience boarding at Queen Anne’s. You are welcome to join us at any of our popular Boarding Taster Weekends.

Miss Nicki Coombs Deputy Head Pastoral

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The happiness of the girls is our top priority and it is primarily through the house system that we strive to ensure this. The 24 hour nature of school life means that members of staff are always on hand to offer support and advice. Our boarding team offer both academic and pastoral care, ensuring the girls are happy and having fun throughout the week.

lcome Visitors Weealways welcome to call, ily ar Parents and fam We have to say hi! in p o p r o skype ily is as y and your fam lic o p r o o d en an op e girls! our family as th much a part of

At the heart of our success is the ‘family’ aspect of boarding. During their time in boarding they make life-long friends and we often hear from our Queen Anne’s Society girls that the friends they made here at school remain close to them throughout their lives.

It’s great fun being in a Boarding House. Everyone looks out for each other, it’s like one big family and there’s always someone on hand to offer advice on anything from Prep to beauty tips!

Sarah-Jane Laing, Head Girl

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h c r a e s d r o w h c r a e s d r o w earch s d r o w h c r a e s d r o w

Queen Annes School Lacrosse Wilkins Friendships Kindness

Boarding Fun Happy Care Warmth

Cosy Hot chocolate Academic Activities Stimulating

Maddock Adventure

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Rosie Ollis, Lower Fifth



Boarding is good fun and you will make some really close friends. It teaches you independence, organisation and responsibility. But above all, you will have a lot of laughs.

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There are two Junior Boarding Houses called Maddock and Wilkins. In the lower Years (7/8) girls normally share with between two and three other girls. In Year 9 the girls are likely to be in a room of two and in Years 10 and 11 the girls will either be in their own rooms or share with one other girl. The girls have the opportunity to share with their friends and to meet and make new friends. Every term the rooms are rotated so that everyone has the chance to get to know each other. The House staff and their families (including pets) live in the Boarding House along with two deputies and GAP students. The staff are on duty 24 hours a day and the resident nurse is onsite if a girl is feeling unwell.

Mr and Mrs Bushby (and Lucy) Maddock Houseparents

The Boarding Houses are fun and vibrant places to be. House staff pride themselves on their welcoming, friendly and family orientated atmospheres.

What is in the House? Each House is made up of comfy ‘sits’ complete with TV, Wii, table tennis, games, puzzles, DVDs, kitchen (for the all-important hot chocolate!), and a prep room. Girls are encouraged to bring posters, photographs, cushions and teddy bears to make it feel like a home from home.

Mrs Hillier Wilkins Housemistress

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We have well-organised, action packed days with plenty of time to relax and chat to your friends. Before coming here, I never dreamed that I would have so many friends! Sofia Cormack, Upper Sixth

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Every new girl has a mentor who provides support and helps her settle into the House and school life. Letters and emails are exchanged and everyone meets up on New Girls’ Day before September. Sixth Form students regularly visit the Boarding House to organise parties, activities and act as ‘big sisters’ to the younger girls. Life in our Boarding Houses is much like being part of one big happy family. House staff are always on hand, socialising with the girls, supervising prep, and joining the girls at meal times.

House Events House events are an important aspect of boarding life. House staff and Sixth Form organise a variety of activities both in the House and locally. The girls enjoy trips to the theatre, cinema, bowling and restaurants amongst others, as well as House quizzes, games, competitions, rounders and swimming. Birthdays are celebrated with cake and parties, as are other occasions throughout the year.

Evening Events The school day finishes at 4.15pm when everyone has tea. This usually consists of squash, fruit, cakes, toast or homemade biscuits. At 4.30pm girls go to evening activities or complete prep. The activities change every term and range from public speaking and debating to horse riding and rock climbing. Girls can join the swing band, master street dance, discover trampolining, enjoy drama and much more. Less formal activities include socials with friends and other schools, ice-skating, water sports, ballroom dancing, cheerleading, theatre trips and, of course, shopping! Activities such as Young Enterprise and Duke of Edinburgh help the girls to develop confidence and a bold spirit. Dinner is served at 6.15pm and following this, girls can relax in House or take part in further activities. At 7.15pm prep begins, all girls have access to the library and ICT suites. Prep is supervised and staff are on hand to assist. Bed times are staggered according to age and hot chocolate is served before bedtime.

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On my first day at Queen Anne’s I was really nervous and a bit scared but by the end of my first week I had settled in really well and everyone was really nice. Rachel Green, Lower Fours

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Dont worry about making friends all the girls at Queen Anne’s are really nice and you can always come and find me!!!

Roisin McCarthy, Lower Fifth

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There is never a dull moment for Queen Anne’s boarders. Weekends are always an exciting time and many varied trips and activities are on offer in a programme that the girls are always involved in putting together. They might be visiting the Clothes Show in Birmingham, the latest exhibition at the National Gallery or trying out their skills with zip wiring at ‘Go Ape’. Whatever the venue, girls can enjoy spending time together enjoying cultural events or facing new challenges – the great outdoors with the Bushcraft Company in Oxford or Bray Lakes Watersports Centre is always popular for the brave-hearted! There is something for everyone. Our equine enthusiasts can attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show as well as the Horse of the Year Show. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy watching rugby or ice hockey matches, perform ice skating tricks at Somerset House, or challenge friends at laser paintball in Guildford. For those who just want to relax? Well, dinners out and shopping in various locations, or

people-watching in the local cafés in Caversham always offer a welcome break from the academic rigours of Monday to Friday school.

There are often socials with nearby boys’ schools which include Eton College, The Oratory School, Pangbourne College, Shiplake College and Radley. Both day and boarding girls take part in the weekend trips and activities. I hope you will join us to experience for yourself, the exciting range of activities on offer at Queen Anne’s.

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Weekend Plan Saturday







Saturday morning activities





Fixtures (home and away), trips, shopping with friends, private study and house activities including cupcake classes, arts and crafts, free swim, etc

Trips, shopping with friends, private study and house activities including cupcake classes, arts and crafts, free swim, etc


Tea in House




Trips, house activities including movies, pizza nights, games, dance-offs etc




Trips, house activities including movies, pizza nights, games, dance-offs, etc

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The girls describe their experience of boarding at Queen Anne’s in the most positive terms. They report loving the school and say that the school is fantastic, wonderful and brilliant. Ofsted Report

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The Saturday Morning Programme offers a full and varied schedule of optional activities, providing a great range of experiences for both girls and parents. Activities can be attended as one-off sessions, for example trampolining and family tennis. There are also courses that involve more continuity, lasting from five-weeks to a whole term, such as National Pool Lifeguard and an Introduction to Fashion & Textiles. Additionally there is always a range of academic clinics and tutorials or specialist workshops in drama, music and sport on offer. Please visit our website to see the current list of activities. We have a ‘no limits’ approach to the programme and often girls suggest new activities, taking us to a new level of fun!

There is so much to get involved in, you can try anything from tag rugby to learning Mandarin. It’s a great way of finding out activities you enjoy and to learn a new skill. Saskia Watson, Fours

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Saturday Morning - what’s on offer? Athletics Clinic Hone your skills and become the next Jessica Ennis.

Climbing Gain confidence on the climbing wall and have fun with friends.

AS Level Music Workshop A great opportunity to dedicate some extra time to your A Level music qualification with your teacher.

Cookery Learn useful and practical skills that you will use throughout your grown-up life.

Badminton Improve your skills and technique on the court with friends. Duke of Edinburgh Award The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) has four sections; Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition and is a great way to develop a diverse range of skills from social to physical. Ceramics A fun and creative activity for anyone that has an interest in the craft. Chamber Music Come along and rehearse with friends. Cheerleading Choreograph routines in a group and improve your gymnastics skills in a fun and creative environment.

* Parents welcome to attend

Dog Training* Teach your canine friends to be obedient and discover tricks to impress others! Drama Perfect your acting skills in this fun and creative workshop. Drama Production (rehearsals as required) If you are taking part in the drama production you will need to be here! Drama & LAMDA Clinic Improve your drama skills and gain an accredited qualification in the subject. Fashion Design Whether you have an interest in fashion or want to learn the basics of design, this activity is a great place to start.

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Fencing Improve your accuracy and agility in this fun activity which is open to all abilities.

Music Composition Get creative and compose your own tunes, you also have the opportunity to record your music too!

Fitness Suite* Work to your own schedule in the Queen Anne’s fitness suite. Fitness equipment includes rowing machines, treadmills, weights and cycling machines.

Netball Shooting An entire session dedicated to improving shooting abilities for getting those all important goals for your team!

Golf Practice your driving skills and improve your par at the local golf club.

Recreational Swimming* This is a great activity to improve fitness and endurance whist having fun.

High Jump Set yourself a goal and have fun whilst improving your high jump technique.

Running Club Improve your fitness and be motivated by running in a group.

Indoor Hockey Try something new and get involved in our hockey session.

Rookie Lifeguarding Learn how to save lives and gain an accredited qualification.

Jewellery Making Design and create your very own jewellery for friends, family or yourself!

Rounders Become part of the team and improve your ball skills in this fun and inclusive game.

Lacrosse Clinic Develop your skills and abilities in this popular sport.

Rowing Take to the waters of the Thames at the Reading rowing club and improve rowing skills with friends.

Mandarin* This activity is open to all parents, and is a great way to spend time with your family and to learn a new and interesting language.

* Parents welcome to attend

Scholars’ Essay Competition Enter your work into this essay competition; this is a great workshop to join to perfect your writing skills.

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Scuba Learn to scuba dive in the comfort of the swimming pool, and take this skill with you on holiday to see some fantastic sights!

Textiles Whether you are a beginner or a novice, this is a great activity to create some one-of-a-kind pieces.

Squash Have fun with friends whilst improving your skills on the court.

Trampolining Improves your flexibility and have fun with friends.

Tag Rugby A fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby suitable for all abilities.

Yogalates* A combination of yoga and pilates, this is a great activity to strengthen core muscles whilst improving fitness.

Zumba Have fun and get fit with this Latin-inspired dance-fitness class.

I think we’ve always got lots of energy because there’s so much to look forward to. There are always tons of things to do at weekends. Jessica Gibbon, Lower Sixth

* Parents welcome to attend

Tennis Whether you play for fun or to compete, this is a perfect activity for you to get involved in.

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Trips Trips Trips Trips Trips t Ques r e s La ing Bowl f l Ree a r o rd C Oxfo rip d T n a a r Cinem ndso i W , g n ondo katin S L e o t c I tures ips n r e T v d A ping d of l r Shop o W gton n i s s Che Tour ’ r e t t y Po r r a H ‘ ing ttros k a i u B Q t Quad ing a s n p e i v r E tre T lian a t I ’ Paris Thea e c d I n a n y L ing o ve Disne ‘Danc w Li o h S es p’ Cloth d ‘Stom Worl s ’ ’ y a ur ld Cadb ‘Mati k ar pe P r hton o iing g i h k r S T B pe i Slo k S Tour C Dry B e B tl r Cas o s d Win Golf um e s u y M ocke V&A H e n c r I Mode e orts t p a S T r Wate g Sailin

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If you are not planning on signing up for one of our trips, there will always be something else to get involved in, for example: • Fixtures (home or away)

• Mad Hatters Tea Party

• Cupcake Classes

• X-factor Nights

• Pizza Nights

• Charades

• Arts and Crafts

• Hawaiian Evening

• Movie Night

• Easter Egg Hunt

• Karaoke Evening

• Cookery Masterclass - Shushi, Chinese, Spanish and Thai

• Make-over Nights

• Swimming

• Fun and Fitness

• Sleepovers

• BBQ and Inflatables To sign up for any of our weekend activities, fill out the online form:

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Across 1. A fun subject to take part in! 4. You will feel at ? here 5. A brand ? Boarding house opened in 2012! 8. First name of the school 10. You can play, sing and listen to this 11. QAS is warm and ? 13. You can do this at the top of your voice! 14. Boarders have a comfy one 15. You will have lots of these when you're having fun! 17. Where you learn and have fun with your friends 19. You can swim in the indoor ? 21. How the food is described! 22. Lots of this is played at Queen Anne's 23. Every girl that joins us has a ? to look after them 24. Lots of these to choose from after school and on a Saturday morning 28. You can take part in horse ? 29. We have tea ? on the front lawn 30. There is an annual ? trip abroad on the slopes

Down 2. A fun bat and ball sport played mostly in summer 3. Second name of the school 4. A real treat before bed! 6. You will definitely have lots of this at Queen Anne's! 7. Queen Anne's celebrates this on Ascension Day 9. Canine training. One of the Saturday morning activities 12. Can I take part in a Boarding Taster Weekend? 16. Sleeping over-night 18. A tasty nutritious meal in the evening 20. A popular sport at Queen Anne's 25. This is red and worn by girls on special occasions 26. Groups that work together with a common goal 27. This is short for sitting rooms found in each house

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Open Mornings Open Mornings will be held on Saturday 11 May, Friday 14 June and Saturday 14 September at 9.30am. Upon arrival we will assign you a pupil guide who will provide you with a tour of the school. During your tour you will meet key staff, find out more about our curriculum and have an opportunity to see our facilities.

Ask Anything You can ask your tour guide anything – they don’t have a script and will give you their honest feedback on what life as a Queen Anne’s girl is really like.

Taster Stays Prospective pupils are welcome to join us on one of our many Taster Stays. These are an informal chance for the girls to experience life as a Queen Anne’s Boarder. Girls arrive on Saturday morning and meet the House staff. They are buddied up with a Queen Anne’s girl who will look after them throughout their stay. The girls take part in the Saturday Morning Programme, before enjoying the exciting afternoon and evening activities with the other girls in House. On Sunday Morning the girls enjoy brunch before being joined by their parents for coffee with the House staff. To book a visit or taster stay please go online to, alternatively please contact Jane or Claire from Admissions on 0118 918 7333 or

Visiting Queen Anne’s is a great opportunity to get to know us better. Please be assured you will always receive a warm welcome.

The pupils and staff of Queen Anne’s would be delighted to welcome you to our school. You are always welcome to visit, tour our school and meet the Headmistress, Mrs Harrington.

Mrs Julia Harrington, Headmistress

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Queen Anne School Henley Road, Caversham Berkshire, RG4 6DX T: 0118 918 7333 E:

Registered Charity

Queen Anne's School Boarding Booklet  

Booklet of information regarding boarding at Queen Anne's School.