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How To Easily Overcome The Dreaded Disease of Lazy Thinking In Writing A Book! Why do you think this way? Whether you have considered this before or not, you need to be aware of what is blocking both your writing and building a business. My goal with this article is to get in your face and help you grow up at this precise moment. If I don’t do this, you will NOT understand this important lesson before it is too late. (Too late is defined as the time when cynicism creeps into your thinking.) The reason that the poor writer syndrome persists and multiplies faster each day than the U.S. deficit is due to the fact that people are followers by nature. By followers I mean that a human characteristic is that people are naturally inclined to follow what other people are doing. In fact, not only are humans followers, but they are prone to follow the wrong people! And writers are the worst! Why? Because of the scores of countless books that show case a lack of entrepreneurism within the covers. Let’s arrest the number one disease of our time: lazy thinking. The real reason that humans are followers is the fact that they we are lazy. Now when I talk about being lazy, what I am really referring to is the manner in which we put our minds to work. To use your mind optimally requires that you unlearn what you have been taught and what you have modeled, and that you develop a system in order to think like an entrepreneur. When you really think about it, writer’s block and problems growing a business are really one and the same thing. They both come from a lack of clarity, which is the same as saying that these problems arise from lazy thinking or a system that breeds careless thinking. To overcome lazy thinking here is what you need to do right now. First of all, you need to change your focus. In a previous article, I wrote about the necessity of understanding that it is NOT your book that will make you wealthy, but it is BECAUSE of your book where the hidden treasures reside.

Before you write another word, change the focus of your thinking. You always want to think NOT from an idea, rather from a thesis. As a non-fiction writer, you are not paid to deliver information or relay facts. We are drowning in information. Instead you are paid to solve specific problems in the market place. Another way of viewing the term ‘thesis’ is to ask yourself this question: What are you trying to prove? Gain instant clarity and eliminate lazy thinking by always asking yourself this before you set off to write. Remember, one of the best ways to increase your clarity is to ask the right questions, which in turn positions you to gain better feedback or quality answers. What you are proving is that your system is the means to solving a specific problem(s). The best way to outline your system is to flow chart out your answer based on what you have discovered through the school of hard knocks. Use software like Smart Draw to think through step-by-step how you would teach your ideal clients to apply your solution to their problem(s). Creating your system is no different than following a company or organizational procedure. Right now I want you to do the following: create a flow chart, or list in a stepby-step manner the predominant way of solving a problem in your market place. If there is not a predominant way, research your top three or four competitors and flow chart out their solutions. When you have finished doing this, analyze each stage (the individual steps between the arrows leading to each step) and self reflect on what you would do differently based on your own experiences. This is how you create your own system. Your system now becomes the answer to your thesis. In others, after you ask yourself, “What am I trying to prove?” You will now answer with, “My system is the solution to solving this problem in the market place.” Stop the dreaded disease of lazy, unfocused thinking. Always think first from a thesis (what are you trying to prove). Secondly, realize that your answer is vested in your system, which is a series of steps that reflect a step-by-step breakdown of specific behaviors that your target market must take to solve their problem(s) based on your personal experiences. Glenn Dietzel, CEO How To Easily Write Your Own 100 Page Money-Making Book In ONLY 12 Hours, Gain Instant Access To A New York Publisher And Create High End-$5,000, $10,000, $25,000 And Higher-Information Products At The Same Time!

Writing A Book - Overcome Lazy Thinking  

Why do you think this way? Whether you have considered this before or not, you need to be aware of what is blocking both your writing a...

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