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White teeth: without the race to dental clinic 1.GET WHITER TEETH WITH BANANA PEEL: Tooth whitening is the basic sign of cleanliness and hygiene. Having yellow teeth is always embarrassing. There are many ways by which you can whiten your teeth. As science has taken a big leap and there are many scientific development in the teeth whitening technology still the home remedies and use of natural resources is always preferred and one of the simplest and easiest natural method is using of banana peel. Yes to your knowledge it may sound weird but thats true it does works.There are so many easy ways to know about teeth whitening reviews and it can easily be done. Banana is richest source of carbohydrates and it also posses value for teeth whitening. How to use: Just rub the inside part of banana peel onto your teeth and see the results its easy and effective without any side effects. So, have brighter teeth with roughage and at no expense. 2.BAKING SODA AND HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAN DO A LOT TO YOUR YELLOW TEETH : The use of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for whitening of teeth is very common practice. They do a magic to your teeth but more often people get dilemmatic as to how they should be used and at what intervals. Below is the simplest step to keep your teeth white with the use of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. How to use: Step 1: spread that is squint the hydrogen peroxide on the brush. Step 2: now dip the brush in the box of baking soda and brush. Though you might feel bit awkward while brushing your teeth for the first time as baking soda is powder but soon a lather of powder is formed and it will be alright. Following this step twice or thrice a week will get you better results.

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