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MARIN E R'S CLU B The Sailfish Condominium Estimated Monthly Fees 201 3 Unit

Condo Association Assessment

Building Number

Master (HOA) Association Assessment

Mariner's Club

Total Monthly Dues & Assessments





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, Hazard, flood, windstorm and liability insurance for the outsides of the building Trash removal and utilities for condominium association common areas i


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Management, accounting, legal and bad debt expenses\ Master Homeowners Association Assessment Billed quarterly, this assessment includes:

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and relared expenses Hazard, flood, windstorm and liability insurance common areas Water and Sewer Fees

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Trash removal Management, accounting, legal and bad debt expenses Mariner's Club Key Laroo. lnc. Club Dues Club dues are billed monthly and include a 7-5% sales tax. To own a unit in Mariner's Club you must be a member of Mariner's Club Key Largo, lnc. There is a (l) one time equity membership contribution determined by the Club ($45,000 as of 6/l /2008). This equity membership


contribution is returned in full (less any obligations) when you sell your unit. Additional Costs to be Paid at Closlng A one-time lnitial Capital Assessment for the Mariner's Club Homeowner's Association, lnc. ($2,785.08) and a one time lnitial Capital Assessment for The Sailfish at Mariner's Club Condominium Association, lnc. (either $1,993.98 or $2,754.12 depending on unit size) must be paid at closing. These are calculated at 6 times (2 quarters) the regular monthly assessment. and assessments presentd hse are based on best information awilable as of March 19, 2013 and are subject to clnnge. Potential Bu1erc should confirm these charges directly wlth the Condotninium As1ociatlon' the Home Avner's Association, and Mariner's Club Key largo' lncFEfs