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group of Glenlyon art and history enthusiasts travelled to the Ballarat Art Gallery on Wednesday 23 May to see the exhibition of von Guerard paintings and sketch books from the 1850s. A guide to the display explained how von Guerard’s early life climbing volcanoes with his father ignited his love of geology. This love, as well as the influence of his father’s talent for painting miniatures, can be seen in the techniques displayed in the artist’s work. When von Guerard came to Australia he travelled extensively in Victoria, sketch book in hand, and took many commissions to paint landscapes for the colonial landholders. Two of his paintings, of Breakneck Gorge and Loddon Falls, are evidence of his being in our local area. He included in the works the minutest of details of people - animals as requested by the commissioners as well as the geological details which were his own passion. Amazingly, the sketches were so detailed that he painted the scenes from his sketchbooks, often years later, back in his studio. Many thanks to the Ballarat Art Gallery staff for putting on this amazing exhibition and to the knowledgeable and informative guide who communicated her own love for the paintings to our group. The next exhibition at the Gallery, from 23 June to 9 September, will be “Into Light” a display of French Impressionists. Lunch completed a delightful day in spite of Ballarat’s classic wet, grey and drizzling weather. Many thanks to Joy Durston for organising the trip and to Margret Lockwood for skilfully driving the bus.

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Margret Lockwood, Claude Forell and Jenny Chester take a closer look at the Loddon Falls painting

June 2018


Eugene von Guerard Exhibition

Issue No. 196

Briefly Oak Tree Thank you to Carl Telfar and Sean Ludeke, from Hepburn Shire, for the excellent job they did with the tree that had to be removed from Barkly Street, Glenlyon. It is a great example of what can be achieved by communication and co-operation. It was sad to see that massive tree come down but it was also clear how far it had degenerated. It was very pleasing to see the new oak tree planted so quickly. It is hoped that the wood saved will be milled and used for projects, such as bench seats, around the Glenlyon Hall.

Market Art

the next Village Market on the Town Common on 16 June, chalk artist, A tClark Ashley Smith will be decorating our concrete forecourt with some amazing 3D art work. Bring your camera to take advantage of this great photo opportunity.

Winter Solstice

us at the mid-winter community bonfire at the Glenlyon Dam on J oin Sunday 24 June.

Gather together to "clean up" around the Glenlyon Dam by collecting wood and bark (bring some of your own!) to create a huge warming bonfire. We'll have gluhwein, warm drinks, sausage sizzle, marshmallows. Activity starts at 3pm to collect bonfire ingredients. Food and drinks available once the bonfire is well on its warming way (4.30-5pm). BYO chairs, torch, mug etc. (Note - this event will only be defeated by heavy rain and/or strong winds.) ALL WELCOME

CFA Dinner

Annual CFA Dinner will be held at the Hall this year on Friday 29 T heJune starting at 6pm. If you are a member, come and socialise with fellow volunteers, if you are not a member come along and meet your local CFA. Contact Margret Lockwood before 22 June by phone 5348 7758 or email to book.

Vale: Mary Gooch 05/05/1918-21/05/2018

is sad to report that Mary Gooch passed away peacefully at Benetas, I tKangaroo Flat on Monday 21 May. Mary was a former resident of Glenlyon and lived in Gooches Lane for over 50 years. A committal Service for Mary was held at the Daylesford Cemetery on Tuesday 31 May. A life of 100 years well lived.

GPA his is the time of year when many residents fly north to warmer climes. At the June GPA General meeting both the President, Joy Durston and the Secretary, Glenda Fleischer were enjoying overseas holidays. The meeting was chaired by Vice President, Margret Lockwood and Wendy McKillop filled in to take the Minutes. The next meeting on Monday 6 August, 8pm at the Hall, will be the AGM including the election of office bearers for the next 12 months.


The Glenlyon & District News is available at the The Glenlyon General Store, The Glenlyon Hall in the yellow box near the fence on the front right side Darryl Wilson & Associates, Optometrists (75 Vincent Street, Daylesford) and online at:

Ramblings from the Bramble Patch nights are longer and there T he is nothing worth watching on the

(free to air) television, but I do not mind. We are of an age when we enjoy the simple pleasures of fine wine, a good book and indulging in stimulating conversation or reverie beside an open fire. On such a night, with soft rain falling outside, I was mulling over the journey of the last nearly 20 years. When I first came to Glenlyon I was running away from the unhappiness of being widowed with changed financial circumstances. There was a curious mixture of exhilaration at my newly acquired independence along with the empty space previously occupied by my marriage. A first action was to try to fill the need for companionship with Bruce, the nondescript dog who was to become my constant companion. I found her as a rescue dog; the fact that she was a female did not alter the name I had already chosen. My city thinking suggested that I needed a male to make me feel safer in the countryside. How wrong! The wonderful people here embraced me and keep me safe. I knew I belonged here when, on the increasingly infrequent trips to the city, I felt the tension leave me as I turned onto the freeway with the anticipation of coming home to Bramble Cottage. Now, as I watch the winter cold replace autumn and summer sun I feel sorry for the city dwellers whose only response to changing seasons is to alter the setting on their airconditioner. Already, new-born lambs skip in the paddocks and all-too-soon spring will erupt in a mist of green on the trees in Barkly Street again and another year will pass. Just as the seasons turn, I have found love again with my dear Harold. My errant son, Benjamin, too, after a period of instability as he searched for his identity, has matured with his marriage to Felicity. Yes, at present life is good. I can only wish the same peace, healing and good fortune to all who move into this delightful corner of God’s earth.


In the Garden with Murrell By Murrell Osborne he plentiful rain in May followed by mild daytime temperatures in early June have been a great encouragement to weeds.


I have continued my war on weeds and my cleaning up of vegetable beds after Autumn production. The weather has also helped my plantings of radishes, spinach and broad beans and allowed the newly transplanted strawberries to flourish. Meanwhile we must keep putting manure on the vegetable beds in anticipation of Spring plantings.

Daylesford Field and Game By Jack Johns aylesford ran a 75 target Compak event for the June shoot in cold conditions. Jake set the grounds and tried three grounds instead of two. The score would be two out of three, with two good grounds but the number two ground just not right: a bit too tough and hard to see in the afternoon shadows. Still learning.


RESULTS AA Grade 1st Blake Nankervis 69/75, scoring 25/25 on one ground, 2nd Rob Hall 68/75. A Grade 1st Mark Stauchbree 67/75, 2nd Shane O'Brien 67/75 3rd Greg Passalaqua 65/75. B Grade 1st Darby Conroy 64/75 including a 25/25, 2nd Paul DaMore 58/75, 3rd Clive Lorensin 57/75. C Grade 1st Nick Rauber 51/75, 2nd The roving reporter Frank Doblee 44/75. Ladies 1st Nancy Disher 43/75. Seniors 1st Peter Hall 67/75, also a 25 straight, 2nd Peter Reading 67/75, 3rd Col Johns 66/75. Super Vets 1st John Monahan 60/75, 2nd Brian Rafferty 58/75. Next month will be Compak again. Thanks go to Ryley in the nom hut, to the "Blue Girl" for the menu sheets and to all that helped pack up on a cold afternoon.

Dates for Shoots held at Glenlyon Reserve 2018 July August

Sat 7th Daylesford 75 target COMPAK Sat 4th Daylesford 75 target “ Old Style “ pre nom 48 shooters max September Sat 1st Daylesford 100 target Super Sporting 9am start October Sat 13th–Sun 14th Daylesford Central Highlands Classic 2 day event (Both at Clunes FGA ) November Sat 3rd Daylesford 75 target December Sat 1st Daylesford Xmas shoot

‘The Glenlyon Bus’ Timetable


eed a ride into town? For a gold coin donation the Glenlyon ‘bus’ offers you a return trip by car to Daylesford every Friday. The volunteer driver will pick you up at your door, arriving in Daylesford at 10.30am and departing Daylesford at 1.00pm. To book your ride, contact Jill Teschendorff: Phone: 5348 7947 or 0448808274 Email: Please book by no later than Thursday to ensure that a ride is available for you.

Glenlyon Weather Summary —

May 2018 By John Cable ainfall for May was above the long-term average with Murrell Osborne in Glenlyon recording 105.5mm for a year-to-date (YTD) total of 256mm, Andrew Hitchman at Diary Flat Road, 113.5mm for a YTD of 260.5mm (back in the lead) and the author 101mm for a YTD of 231mm. This compares with the Daylesford long-term average of 88mm for the month.


The BoM website indicates that winter in southeast Australia will be drier and warmer than average with an 85% chance of the region receiving between 100 and 200mm over the three months. For comparison purposes, the long-term average for the winter in Daylesford is 310mm. The ENSO forecast remains neutral, neither El Nino or La Nina.

Introducing Bundy Bund S Ratt Our new casual correspondent, Bund S Ratt, spends his nights in public offices. He scurries about the desks and filing systems seeking out the often forgotten, sometimes hidden, morsels. Bundy is helped by his friend, Komputer Mouse. I wonder if they remember where they put their sense of humour. I have a feeling they may be needing it.

Hepburn Shire Council Proposed Budget 2018/19 Council Purpose “Our Values” Fun - We will acknowledge and celebrate our successes. We believe in getting involved. We will promote a healthy sense of humour. Page 3

Solstice New Beginnings


ost people know of winter solstice as Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, but long before three wise men, a star and a baby in the manger, it was celebrated as a time of new beginnings.

to create out own traditions, rituals and beliefs as we wish.

For Pagans the significance of this shortest day of the year was marked by a number of rites, many of which have become absorbed into the Christian festival we now celebrate in December. For us, on the other side of the world, the significance of winter solstice in June is different. We are not as dependent on the length of daylight hours as our European farming ancestors, nor do we have the religious and cultural traditions at this time of year associated with it. Which means we are free

year on a piece of paper and tossing them into the fire provided a cleansing experience; for others sending their wishes for the coming year heavenwards by the same method was a demonstration of hope. Many were happy just to share a drink and a barbequed sausage or baked potato with friends. For all of us, this is an event which can be what we want it to be. Join us on Sunday 24 June at the Dam and let it evolve.

Last year in Glenlyon we celebrated with a bonfire at the dam. This symbolically brought together the basic Solstice literally means standing still and that is precisely elements of fire and water, with the outdoors environwhat the earth does for a brief time in its elliptical path ment contributing air and earth. To this we added the around the sun in June in the Southern Hemisphere and necessities of hot food and warming drinks with a choice December in the Northern Hemisphere when the earth is of either the alcoholic or non-alcoholic kind of mulled at its furthest point from the sun. This can be demonwine popular in Europe. strated by tossing a ball in the air and seeing it pause Toasting marshmallows and sparklers for the younger briefly at the top of its ascent before starting to fall back group seemed to fit right in. down. For some of us, writing out the negative influences of the

Glenlyon Fire Brigade Annual Dinner

Winter Solstice ALL WELCOME

Friday 29 June Glenlyon Shire Hall 6pm for 6.30pm

Glenlyon Dam - Sunday 24 June 3-6pm Join us at the annual mid-winter community bonfire. Gather together to "clean up" around the Glenlyon Dam - collect wood and bark (bring some of your own!) to create a huge warming bonfire. Activity starts at 3pm - collecting bonfire ingredients. Food and drinks available once the bonfire is well on its warming way (4.30 - 5pm). We'll have gluhwein, warm drinks, sausage sizzle, marshmallows BYO chairs, torch, mug etc. RSVP to help with catering or leave a message on 5348 7542. (Note - this event will only be defeated by heavy rain and/or strong winds)

$30 per head for members and partners $39.60 for others BYO preferred drinks and take away the empties. Please notify Margret Lockwood of your intention to attend and pay by 22 June. Preferred payment method is by: direct deposit to the Glenlyon Fire Brigade account BSB 633-000 Account number: 108950676 Please include name of person paying! Payment can also be made by cheque/cash by arrangement with Margret by phone or email. Phone 5348 7758

Find under Foot


ork on the floor of the small kitchen at the Hall produced an unexpected treasure. Hidden underneath the floor, and under a disused doorway, was a piece of linoleum which exhibits all the signs of being an original feature of the building.

Early linos were constructed of jute backing, a cork dust layer and a covering of solidified linseed oil into which the pattern was added. These features, together with the geometric pattern, are consistent with the sample being in excess of a century old. It has been handed to George Jackson for framing and will become part of the historical collection at the Hall.

Community Forum


ver 25 interested community members from the Glenlyon area, Daylesford and Kyneton attended the Community Forum to meet with Amanda Millar and Hon Mary Wooldridge on Sunday 27 May. Mayor John Cottrell opened the meeting to introduce Amanda and Mary. Cr Cottrell outlined his vision for Hepburn Shire with an emphasis on managing projected urban growth. He pointed out that 36% of funding in Hepburn comes from government grants compared with only 10% from similar sources in metropolitan areas. Hepburn Shire is noted for its pristine environment, arts and culture and as being a wellness centre, Cr Cottrell said. Amanda Millar has been involved with politics for the past 35 years, since joining the Liberal Party at age 16. She has lived in Mt Macedon for over 20 years and is keenly interested in the issues involving Regional Victoria. Ms Millar is currently the Liberal member for Macedon and will be a candidate for the seat at the next State Election. Guest of Honour was Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge, having held the position of Minister for Health under the previous State Liberal Government. A range of topics was raised including transport, roads, education, internet access and health. An impassioned plea was delivered for an improvement in services to assist those with mental health and dependence issues and their families. The formal part of the afternoon was followed by the opportunity for informal discussion over a cuppa and finger food. Thank you to Robyne Head, President of the Daylesford Branch of the Liberal Party for organising the opportunity to discuss these important issues with political representatives.

Clark Ashley Smith: Sign writer, Artist of Many Mediums


ocal, interstate and international artist extraordinaire, Clark Ashley Smith draws on just about anything anywhere. Clark started as a sign writer in 1979 doing traditional handwritten and computer-cut vinyl signage as well as subcontracting for larger companies. Still working in this field and as a Porcupine Ridge resident, he believes in helping out the community with signs locally to save them having to travel further afield to Ballarat or Melbourne. Clark taught himself illusionary, 3D chalk pavement street art which he does on the ground or on walls, interacting with the public. Once introduced to custom face and body painting he found a whole new canvas, doing work privately for couples. Wishing to extend the body art into another form, Clark studied special effects in New Zealand. Using these techniques he has made two short films in Melbourne featuring some grisly effects such as gunshot wounds and amputations. In between he has found time to compete in international competitions for both body art and special effects and has been a featured artist at body art events. For a special treat, Clark can be seen creating his unique magic on the Glenlyon Hall forecourt at the next Market on Saturday 16 June. Altered Skin SFX Make Up & Prosthetics Custom Body Art 3D 4D Chalk Pavement Art Custom Signs Large Format Signwriting Starnow SFX Artist

Men’s Shed Celebrate 10 Years By Andrew Azzopardi t’s refreshing these days to have a community organisation stick around and grow their membership. In May the Daylesford Men’s Shed held a dinner at the Daylesford Bowls Club Bistro for around 50 members and their partners to celebrate 10 years of the Shed’s operation.


The highlight of the evening was a presentation by founding member and facilitator, Andrew Azzopardi, who recounted how the three original members, Don Killeen, Colin Dunlop and himself, all from Wheatsheaf, attended a meeting at the Old Court House in October 2007 to establish a men’s group. The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, Hepburn Health Service and Hepburn Shire Council, influenced by the work at Creswick Men’s Shed, organised the meeting to develop a men’s support program. It was envisaged that a workshop or ‘shed’ could be constructed next to the old Court House to provide a space for men to get together, share skills and produce some community projects. The proposed site proved to be unsuitable. Over the next few months, a number of meetings were held and other men came on board including Ken Oakes, Richard Bevan, Ken Ferguson, Don Partington, Steve Jordan and David Robertson. Many were Wheatsheaf residents and as the process dragged on well into 2008, it was suggested jokingly that a private shed be constructed in that location. Thanks to Dan Harris and the John Staub, Richard Bevan, Ken Ferguson Don Partington and Colin Dunlop Daylesford Agricultural Society committee, outside the “chook shed” in the early days use of the Poultry Shed and Tom Ford Pavilion at Victoria Park was made available. The search for a more suitable long-term solution continued and during 2010, after a number of applications for State Government funding, the group weas successful with a $50,000 grant. A purpose-built shed was finally constructed at Victoria Park the following year. Members now meet there every Thursday for lunch and to work on a range of projects. During the evening a video was played of the Daylesford Men’s Shed Anthem showing as an accompaniment, the members in a range of activities. The song is a reworking of a traditional tune, Sussex by the sea, by member Richard Bevan, who had encouraged the members to lend their fine voices to this tale of men working together in solidarity. The night provided an opportunity for members who had been absent from the Shed to catch up and become re-acquainted. The evening followed a long tradition by the group, of an annual social occasion at the Daylesford Bowls Club. Wives, partners and family members of the men also enjoyed the opportunity to socialise while enjoying the excellent twocourse meal. The Daylesford Men’s Shed has always been about the men and their wellbeing first and a chance to share skills to develop personal and community projects second. The camaraderie between the men was clearly demonstrated at the dinner. For more information contact: President - Bob Thannhauser 5348 2337 Treasurer - Ken Ferguson 5348 4095 Members meet every Thursday for lunch at Victoria Park, Daylesford, opposite the Football Club rooms.

Don Killeen uses an electric sander at the new shed in Victoria Park


LOCAL GROUP CONTACTS Central Highlands Goat Club: Neil Pearson 0490 083 954 Daylesford Field & Game Assoc: Dave Collins, President 5348 3167; Jody Wallace, Vice President 5348 4245; Jack Johns, Target Co-ordinator 5348 3353 Dromtonpa Tibetan Mahayana Buddism: Peter Stripes 5348 7554 Glenlyon Cemetery Trust: Glenda Fleischer 5348 7539 Glenlyon CFA: Brett Mason 0408 391 842 Glenlyon CFA Volleyball: Colin Priest 5348 7674 Glenlyon Forest Group: Gayle Osborne 5348 7558 Glenlyon Playgroup: Justine 0439 877 254 or Katie 0403 225 757 Glenlyon Pony Club: Sarah Klas 0438 583 176, Glenlyon Progress Assoc: Joy Durston 5348 7542 Glenlyon Recreation Reserve: Bob Kennedy 5348 7692 Glenlyon Sports Club: Evan Davis 5348 7737 0407 093 866 Glenlyon Under 14 Cricket Club: Murrell Osborne 5348 7714 Glenlyon Upper Loddon Landcare Group: Peter Sago 5348 7621 Glenlyon Village Market: Dan Harris 5348 7662 Glenlyon Wool Crafters: Pam Harris 5348 7662, Isobel 5348 1077 Insight Meditation: Frances Guerin 5348 7657 Riding for the Disabled: Lesley Hewitt 5348 1749

1st MONDAY of even months Glenlyon Progress Association 8pm 1st & 3rd MONDAYS Craft Group meets in the Hall 1pm 2nd MONDAY quarterly Glenlyon Upper Loddon Landcare, 8pm in the Hall (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) WEDNESDAY weekly Glenlyon Playgroup 10am-12noon, in the Hall Last THURSDAY each month Dinner on the Deck, Hall 7pm FRIDAY weekly Insight Meditation 9-10.30am 55 Whitegum Drive, Wheatsheaf 2nd & 4th FRIDAYS Wool Crafters meet in the Hall 10am 3rd SATURDAY each month Glenlyon Village Market at the Hall 9am-1pm st

1 SUNDAY of each month Central Highlands Goat Club Glenlyon Hall 12.30pm

COMING UP Sat 16 June and 19 July Glenlyon Village Market Hall, 9am-1pm

Sat 16 June Singing Workshop Hall, 3.30pm

Tues 24 June Winter Solstice Bonfire Glenlyon Dam From 3pm

Thurs 28 June Dinner on the Deck Hall, 7-8.30pm

Fri 29 June CFA Annual Dinner Hall 6pm

Mon 6 August Glenlyon Progress Association Meeting and AGM Hall, 8pm

3rd SUNDAY each month Pony Club Rally, Glenlyon Reserve

Useful Phone Numbers Traffic Hazards

Hepburn Shire: 5348 1633 VicRoads: 13 11 70

Bushfire Infoline VicFire

1800 240 667 during fire season 1800 668 511 (to register your burn off)

Wildlife Rescue

BADGAR: 1300 223 427 / 5368 1501 Wildlife Victoria: 1300 094 535

Snake Removal

Manfred Zabinskas, Five Freedoms Animal Rescue. 0438 681 501

SES Flood and Storm

13 25 00

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George Jackson: 5348 7780

BRICKLAYER: Shane Moiler – Quality brickwork, no job too small or too large. Free quote: 5348 7663, 0407 870 315 COMPUTER SUPPORT: Jack Larm – Computer Whisperer. Is your computer misbehaving? Want to teach the 'old dog' new tricks? Need help adopting new technology? Reasonable rates. Call Jack 5348 7643 ELECTRICIAN: Jamie Grant – Residential, commercial and

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Glenlyon and District News June 2018 no 196  
Glenlyon and District News June 2018 no 196