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HI READERS! This year I am committed to delivering useful and valuable information which I feel you and/or your staff will benefit from. This information may come from anywhere in the world and in varying forms - book reviews, surveys, news articles or general opinion. As part of my own personal development I subscribe to Success Magazine and also Success Book Summaries. This ensures I keep up-to-date with what's happening in the world of Personal Development and Success. Some of you may know Jack Canfield from his best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. He is also a motivational speaker and author. His book The Success Principles is full of great ideas which can be used personally, as well as in the business arena. Here's just three of his thought-provoking points to consider: - Give up all your excuses - There is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live. That person is you. - Most of life is on-the-job training. Some of the most important things can only be learned in the process of doing them.

Recommended Reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield Jack Canfield sheds new light on the 'tried and true' principles of success, teaching you how to increase confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions. He explains the timeless principles used by successful men and women throughout history Whatever you want to achieve, Canfield demonstrates how you can use these fundamental strategies to achieve your goals. Canfield fills the book with memorable and inspiring stories of CEOs, world-class athlete, celebrities, and - fortunately for many of us - everyday people. For those struggling with fear, excuses, or simply an inability to see beyond the next hurdle, this book will give you the courage to act on the principles of success today! For more details and to purchase, click here

Meeting the Training Needs of Today's Businesses Often companies want to develop their women, however they and the participant are challenged to find the time to fit it in. In response to this need Self Confident Women are now offering their Self Development Program as individual modules. You can now choose one or more topics as required by your company. To make it even easier - you can have your employees fill in our survey to determine which modules they would like to participate in. Timeframe The timeframe is completely up to you - weekly, monthly, quarterly! Delivery Method Depending on your requirements we can deliver topics via workshop, webinar or even self-paced downloads! Can't get much easier than that! By making these modules available in various forms, you can now develop the women in your workplace in an efficient and cost effective way. All you have to do is choose the module/s and the form you want it delivered and we do the rest - Easy isn't it! Individual Coaching Sometimes great potential talent gets a little stuck - so coaching is also available upon successful application of the individual. Nothing to lose and everything to gain ... for the women in your workplace AND your company. "The future of the women in your workplace is in great hands - Your own". warmest regards,

Glenise Anderson Is a successful business woman who wants to share her knowledge and skills with other women. Her organization Self Confident Women, provides tailored education solutions that meet the personal and professional development needs of women. Development and Training Courses for Women

Internationally recognized Self Development Program for Women. Finalist in the "Best Product of the Year" category for the 2010 International Stevie Awards.

The Success Principles  

This year I am committed to delivering useful and valuable information which I feel you and/or your staff will benefit from. This informatio...

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