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Alfredo Adan Roses

Ignacio Adán Rosés

Javier Adán Rosés

Alfredo Adan Roses Age: 25 Date of birth: 06/08/1985 Nationality: Spanish Home: Barcelona Born: Barcalona Speaks: Spanish and Catalan Religion: Zodiac sign: Lio Father: Alfredo Mother: Carmen Has 2 younger brothers, Javier 23 and Ignacio (Nacho) 18

Alfredo is a Barcalona supporter. Wanted to be a doctor or footbal player when he was a kid.

Likes blond girls. He is single. Favourite color: green Hero: his father

Movies: City of God, Scent of a woman, Scarface. Series: Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, The Office. Music: Electronic / Poprock, Chinese Chrismas Cards (Spanish), Bishop Allen (USA). Likes to surf on the web or visit an exhibition. Drinks spanish wine, ribera del duero or local beers and eats tapas. Likes to sail with his boat Amaltea, a Menorquin.

Studied advertising and PR at Blanquerna university. Next he started working in advertising in Barcelona at Amida Communiction as a copywriter. He worked her for 6 months. Aftet that he started his own company with some friends from university. A design studio called Noulux. Here he worked 1,5 years as an Art Director. Here he started thinking of doing a miami ad school masters.


Wants to work at: Shackleton group (Spain) Sra. Rushmore (madrid, Spain). But he would also like to work in NY depending on the offer.

Favourite font: Helvetica Favourite brand: Apple

Blogs:,, alfredoadan


all about Alfredo Adan and who he is.

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