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Prairie Peak Golf Resort

云顶峰上高尔夫小镇 Site Visit Report and Appraisal


By Niall Glen 尼尔 格伦 Golf Course Architect 高尔夫球场设计师 Royal Golf International Group 尊皇高尔夫国际集团



第一部分: 介绍

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Report


Site Conditions


第二部分: 规划高尔夫球场场地报告

Proposed Golf Course Locations:

Site 1: Prairie Links Golf Course

第一个球场 : 高原林克斯球场

Site 2: Prairie Heath Parkland Golf Course

第二个球场: 丘陵园林球场

Site 3: Red Stone Valley Golf Course

第三个球场: 红石谷球场

Site 4: Forest Trails Golf Course


第三部分 : 报告内容总结 Section 3: Summary and Content of Final Report




Following our site visit on the 11th and 12th of December


this report details our findings;

发现,我们用了两天的时间透彻地观察了设计四个球场 的场地情况,去验证场地是否合适及哪一种风格最合





conditions at all






4 proposed golf course to establish their

suitability for golf and to ascertain what style of course


is most suited to each location.

划建议以及提出可以使每个球场的风格迥异并且最大化 地利用自然环境的想法。


this site appraisal report we can confirm our

recommendations for the development of a golf course at


each location and outline our thoughts for how to make

分析报告的基础。 在这份最终的综合性的文件中,每个

each golf course feature a distinctive style and make best


use of the natural site conditions.




of the information included here forms the basis for

our more detailed site feasibility study which will follow this report.



this final comprehensive document each

course will be carefully routed taking account of the site conditions analysed here and the final position and site boundaries for each course will be coordinated with the masterplanning of the complete resort.


final document will also include more detailed

analysis of the proposed golf course style at each location as well as detailed explanations of how to achieve the desired aesthetic of the

4 distinct styles of course.


Site 1: Prairie Links and Championship Golf Course



sensational site for the first golf course with the proposed




holes in the foreground.


photo is

taken looking south east showing the full extent of the irregular bluff edge that has enabled such a dramatic design.

The mountains in the distance ensure that the backdrop for each hole is as dramatic as the golf hole itself. 这个球场的12号洞和13号洞在最显眼的地方,这张照片是从西南边看的时候拍下的,可以完整看出悬崖边的不 规则走向将怎样与变化多端的设计融合起来。而远处的山峰也可以作为球场的布景,让人看起来很球洞一样有特 色。

Site 1: Prairie Links and Championship Golf Course As

we have already performed an intensive site analysis

of the site and established its general suitability for a golf course development, our site visit on this occasion focused on verification of the selected routing and detailed planning of the first course routing to confirm its feasibility and develop our ideas further about the most appropriate design style to implement at this location.

As much of the golf course is perched on the edge of ‘bluff ’ it was essentially important for us to verify

the the

correctness of the computer generated topographical information to ascertain whether it accurately reflected what we found on site and this would determine whether any further routing adjustments are required to the golf course design to accommodate actual site conditions.


we focused our attention on holes


and we

were delighted to find that the course as currently routed works exceptionally well with some truly spectacular golf holes.

Some of the ‘bluff ’ edges could not be easily

seen from the topographical information and therefore we had concerns that the holes as designed may need to be slightly relocated and this may have had a negative knockon impact on other holes but our verification confirms the back nine routing as plausible and exceptional.



area is almost completely characterized by open grassland it was easy to traverse and easy to visualize how each hole will look once fully designed and it was very exciting to see that our desktop exercise worked so well.

Next we looked in detail at the selected location for the clubhouse to verify the suitability of its position, elevation and aspect. Again we were very pleased to find that the reality matched our intentions. The access road to the clubhouse will work well and the position of the clubhouse sits in a sheltered area that will overlook the

10th, 16th





the clubhouse

for most of the day.

Situated centrally within this part of clubhouse location also enjoys fantastic 360

degree panoramic views that will allow a specific sense of place and should ensure that the architects for the clubhouse building will be able to design a clever building that makes best use of the natural beauty of this location.

The most challenging part of the verification exercise for this course was the front nine holes. Most of these holes are located within an area of vegetation that covers a large section of this flat plateau and extends all the way to the edge of the bluff where so many of our holes are proposed. to locate


因为我们其实已经对场地进行过全面地分 析以证实每个场地是否适合做球场,我们 这次的场地考察主要集中在核实已经选好 的路线和对第一个球场的详细规划,以确 定它们的可行性,以及进一步深化我们对 这个球场最合适的设计风格的想法。 由于差不多每个球场都是在悬崖边,因此 对我们来说,去现场核实由电脑绘制的地 形图很重要,这样才能更精确的反映现场 的情况是否和电脑绘制的吻合,需不需要 对路线设计进一步调整,以确保匹配现场 地形。 我们首先看的是10号至18号洞,令人高 兴的是已经设计的路线布局十分吻合那些 我们期待做成非常出色的球洞的地形。有 些悬崖边从地形上图看不那么容易被看 到,因此我们 也担忧设计在这里的一些 球洞可能要重新选位置,这可 能会对其 它的一些球洞有不利影响,但是通过证实 我们的设计是可行的并且很独特,由于这 个区域的主要特征是草地,所以一旦设计 完全完成了,视线是很容易穿过这块区域 且很容易设想出每个球洞的样子出来。同 时让人很兴奋的是我们做的工作没白费。

1st, 9th,

has a west facing aspect ensuring that it receives sunshine the site the

第一个球场:云顶峰上林克斯和锦标赛球 场

vegetation made it much more challenging

the exact position and visualize each hole as

接下来我们到了会所设计的地方以证实 选址否合适,高程及朝向是否合适,令人 开心的是一切都吻合我们的设计。到会所 的通道没问题,会所也将处在一个能看到 一号洞,九号洞,十号洞,十六号洞以及 十八号洞的有利位置,除此之外,会所朝 向西边,这样可以保证一天当中的大部分 时候它都能够接收到光照。由于会所地处 这个区域的中央,这样可以保证到它可以 360度全方位地享受到这里的景色,以及 独特的地理感觉,同时还可以保证到建筑 设计师能很好的利用周边的自然景色,高 明地融合到他的建筑设计中来。


we had designed it.


for this part of our study

we found a good vantage point in the mountains that overlook this area and spent some time to examine what we could.

This exercise confirmed the general viability of

our routing but full confirmation of this part of the golf course can only be ascertained following a detailed site survey and clearance of some areas to allow us to walk along the playline each hole.


fought desperately to investigate this area in more

detail but the vegetation was thick and unforgiving so we were forced to turn back!










conditions and prevalent vegetation cover in this area.


we found was the soils here are marginally more

organic than those found on the grassland areas and as such they are slightly

‘heavier ’

in composition.


对这个场地的考察中最具挑战的部分是前 九洞,前九洞中的大部分洞分布在植被当 中,一直延伸到悬崖边。因为植被的覆 盖,很难去精确的核实球洞的具体位置, 同时根据我们的设计去想像它们的样子。 因此我们找到了一个利于观察的点,在那 里我们花了一些时间去观察我们可以看到 的。基本上我们设计的路线是可行的。但 是要完全确认这部分,还要再一次更加详 细的场地考察,以及在一些地方清表后, 在沿着可打球的区域线内走走。 因为杂草丛生,且很浓密,我们努力尽量 深入观察。

this is not as perfect a situation as that found across holes

10-16 it should not be regarded as too much of an issue. Following clearance of this area some remedial work and topsoil removal will be required to remove some of the more organic material found in the upper section of the rootzone, but, once this is done and the ground exposed we expect that there will be no issue to turn it into open grassland identical in character to the remainder of the course.


但是我们还是能够对杂草丛生处的土壤的 条件进行考察。我们发现这里的土壤有机 化程度要大过之前看的草甸。因为他们的 组成成分要多些,虽然不像10号至18号 的土壤条件那么完美,但也不是一个大的 问题。 除了清表以外,需要做一些修补 的工作,并移走一些表层土壤,一些根部 有机化严重的土也需要被转移走。但是, 一旦移走了后,土壤暴露在外,我们希望 将它们转化为和这个场地上其它草地一样 的地方时没有问题。

Summary and Next Steps: We


can conclude that this part of our site visit was

extremely successful and confirmed the general viability of our golf routing and the proposed ‘links’ style of design.

Some remedial work will be required to the first nine holes but this is a standard golf course construction procedure and once completed we can now confirm our confidence in this site location to produce a premier golf course.


this golf course the routing of each hole and design







as a precaution,





to enable us to retain

some flexibility of design,) on the front


in particular,

we will alter the site boundary slightly to ensure that if further adjustments are required following vegetation clearance there is sufficient room to


the design

without affecting the remainder of the masterplan.


additional area is, any case, good to have as it will prevent other facilities being proposed too close to the course and guarantee the seclusion that this course deserves to fully realize its potential.

我们可以总结出这次这部分的场地考察是 很成功的,基本上确认的场地 和林克斯 风格的可行性。前九洞需要做一些改良工 作,但这建造高尔夫球场标准程序中的, 一旦完成我们将更加有信心它会成为有一 个高水准球场。 由于在这次的考察中每个球洞的路线和风 格都可以确认了, 但是,保险一点(即 我们在设计时还能够保留一点弹性),前 九洞,特别是一些边线需要改变以确保清 表后在不影响整体规划的前提下有足够的 空间可以允许下一步的设计变更,另外, 这样还能避免其他的配套设施会被设计到 离球场太近,并可以保证到球场本身的隐 蔽性使它的潜能充分得到发挥。


Site 2: Prairie Heath Parkland Golf Course


From this lookout position and looking north to North East, we were able to get an excellent overview of this proposed site for the Prairie Heath Parkland Golf Course. It revealed a fantastic site area that rises steadily in elevation moving from heathland in the foreground to a more vegetated section as the elevation increases. The site is bisected by a widening drainage valley that is sure to be a main feature of the design. 站在这个观察点从北往东北方向看,我们能够很好的看到这个长草园林球场。它显示出了从前段的长草一路平稳 上升到植被更多的区域的优美景色。加上将这个场地分为两半的宽大的峡谷,定会成为一个特色。

Site 2: Prairie Heath Parkland Golf Course

场地2: 丘陵园林球场


除了上次简短的对现场的简要分析外,这 次考察我们要求增加时间来确定本区域做 高尔夫球场和开发的合适性,以及我们的 设计风格。

only performed a very brief analysis of this site

during our first site visit we required additional time during this visit to ascertain this areas suitability for a golf course and further development our vision for the design style.


area of the property is characterized by an ever

steepening slope going from west to east.

The lower sections

are vegetated predominantly by heathland grasses which confirms the suitability of the soils for a golf course.


area is almost completely bisected by an ever widening drainage channel that has been carved out naturally over time.


valley is more heavily vegetated owing to the

availability of water here and as this channel extends up the hill the area becomes more and more densely vegetated

这片区域的特征是从西向东分布陡峭的坡 度。较低的地域主要以长草为植被,这确 定了做高尔夫球场土壤的合适性。本区域 几乎被一条越来越宽的沟壑一分为二,这 是随着时间自然的雕琢。由于富有水源, 这里的植被更繁茂,并由于沟壑一直延 伸到山脊,植被越来越茂密一直延展到山 脚,环绕项目的边界线。

until it reaches the base of the mountains that surrounded the project boundary.


is the main character of the site and it presents no

great obstacle or challenge to the design or construction of a great golf course.


the land rising over


m from the west to the east it certainly represents a mountainous feel.


of the more western areas of this site are more

exposed to the prevailing wind and this must be taken into consideration when planning the golf routing.



elevated areas are in fact more secluded and protected from the wind by the surrounding mountains which can be used as an advantage of the upland areas.


to the change of elevation our routing must be

carefully and thoughtfully planned to ensure that the golfer enjoys a full exploration of the area but is not forced to play consecutive holes against the slope and wind.

A good

balance of holes on each nine must be

designed to ensure that the routing is successful.


line with this philosophy and design criteria we also

note the importance of deciding upon a central clubhouse position to ensure that the starting and finishing holes on each nine hole loop do not have to play uphill. be a key factor in the success of the routing.

This will Further to

this we are also aware that there may be a requirement for an access road to be located through this part of the site.


requirement will be confirmed by the client

in due course but for that eventuality we have already investigated its probable alignment and can confirm that an access road can be located here without adversely affecting the quality of the golf experience.

To truly give the player a feeling of being in the mountains

这是这片场地的主要特征,这意味着这对 设计或者建造一个出色的高尔夫球场来 说没有大的障碍或者挑战。随着地形从西 向东抬升240米,这肯定是一种丘陵的感 觉。 这片区域的西部的某些地方暴露于主风 向,这在规划球道的时候必须要考虑到。 不断抬升的地形被环绕的山体隔离并防 风,这点可以被作为丘陵的优势来利用。 由于高程的变化我们必须要小心谨慎地设 计球道,并确保球手享受全面的风景体 验,但不能有连续的球洞是逆着坡度和风 向的。要在每一个九洞寻找平衡来确保球 道布局的成功。 遵循这样的哲学和设计标准,我们同样也 要注意中心会所位置的重要性,确保起始 球洞和结束球洞不要是上坡的方向。这是 球道布局的关键因素。除此以外我们一发 现这里也许需要一条通道穿越本场地。这 需要业主在合适的时候确定,但是我们已 经考察了他们之间的可能的关联性并确定 一条进入的通道可以修建在这里且对高尔 夫体验没有不利影响。 为了真实地给球手在丘陵里的感觉,在局 部需要一些适度的土方工程,需要填平一 些地方同时增加另一些地方的坡度,帮助 改变目前地形单调的坡度。


a modest amount of localized earthworks will be required to flatten some areas and steepen others to help change the constant slope of the current terrain.


golf courses designed in mountainous terrain are

characterized by having elevated tee positions and rely

大多数建在山地地形上的高尔夫球场的特 征都是有提升的发球台并依赖将球打到球 道和果岭的平地。我们确定这片区域适合 通过一些适度的土方量来取得这样的效 果。

heavily upon playing to plateau areas for fairways and greens.

We can confirm that this area of land is suitable to

carry out such modest earthworks to achieve this effect.

With the added advantage of the drainage channel running through the site providing an irregular shaped edge we also note an opportunity to fully incorporate this feature into our design to add further excitement to the golf course.

This site is certainly more mountainous than the first site which plays mostly along the same elevation. As such it will present a more mountainous challenge. Our task will be to make use of this rise in elevation to create more abrupt and sharp elevation changes within each hole.

We foresee the use of very similar grass species mix to that on the first course but how these grasses will interact with the golf design will be completely different, they will be mixed into the design to offer a parkland feel. Rather than the continuous and comparatively flat links style lined by tall grasses on the first course, the grasses on this course will feel softer and more forgiving with the accent rough grasses blending between feature copses of trees.


grasses will play a much different role in the strategic design style of this course.


will be used in between

the tees and plateaus to split up each plateau from the next one giving the golfer specific platforms to aim at.


enhance the parkland feel of this course further we will transplant some trees from other areas of the site where they would otherwise need to be felled.



individual hole may fall or rise in elevation quite

sharply and this can add drama and excitement to the design.


some uphill holes may seem quite hard

the benefit the player will have is that he will know a downhill hole will be coming.


golfer will have to

exercise determination skill and patience on the uphill holes and he will be rewarded with the feeling of hitting the ball incredible distances on the downhill holes.


溪流在场地穿流而过增加了优势,并塑造 了不规则的边缘形状,我们发现这这样的 特色融入到设计中增加高尔夫球场的刺激 性。 尽管高程一样,但是这个场地肯定比第一 个场地更有丘陵园林的感觉,体现丘陵园 林的挑战。我们的任务是利用高程的提升 在每一个球洞都创造更陡峭和剧烈的高程 变化。 在这里我们看到也可以用一些非常类似第 一个球场上用的草种(高羊茅),但怎样 与设计调和又完全不同。它们将被放入到 设计中去给人一种园林的风格,而不是第 一个球场上用高草点缀的给人连续且相对 平坦的感受。这个球洞上的草通过与周边 的小树丛结合给人更加柔软的感觉。高羊 茅在这个球洞的战略设计中又扮演着完全 不同的角色。它们将使用在发球台以及小 高原之间使发球台和小高原分开来,给球 手一个特定的打击台来瞄准目标。为了进 一步强化球场的园林感受,我们会从这个 球场的其它一些地方的树移植到这里来。 除了这种特别的设计外,单个球洞可能在 高程上起伏很大,这样可以在设计中增加 剧烈感和刺激感。虽然有些往上坡打的洞 看起来有些难度,但是球手可以得到的好 处是他将知道一个下坡打的洞将等着他。 球手将在这个上坡打的球洞上经历抉择和 耐心的考验,但是下一个下坡打的球洞 上,他将收获一种他可以将球打到比他想 象中远的体验感受。

previously established a key criteria of mine for any

golf course is to create


great par


holes on each golf

course as these are the holes that the golfer really remembers.


sharply rising site presents the perfect

canvass to achieve this and our routing will ensure that the par 3 holes play downhill from a tee plateau to a green plateau far below that will entice, inspire and continually entertain the golfer.

我之前建立的一个标准是每个高尔夫球场 上都要有4个特别出色的三杆洞,因为这 些洞将是球手真正记住的洞。而这里剧烈 起伏的地形正好可以满足这一点,加上我 们的路线设计可以确保三个分别从高原打 击台到远处高原果岭的下坡三杆洞将会使 球手获得灵感,娱乐性和诱惑感。

Summary and Next Steps: With


favourable soil and sub-soil conditions we can

conclude that the required and modest earth moving required to create this design style is both viable and achievable.


the further advantage of the ability to utilize the

natural drainage valley we are confident and satisfied that this will create a distinctive style.


can be

achieve with moderate investment and thus we can confirm the suitability of this site for the proposed design style.


这边比较好的表土和地下土壤条件,我们 可以总结我们的设计和中等土方量的计划 都可以实行和实现。 加上可以利用当地的自然峡谷排水的优 势,我们有一种满足感和信心设计出独特 的风格,只需要适度的投资,我们可以确 定这个地方适合我们提议的设计风格。

next step for this area is to create a routing design

that fulfils the brief that we have set out in this section.

We must be careful when planning the clubhouse location and access and entry roads to ensure that they do not

下一步就是要设计路线图,实现我们在这 个地方已经做的主要的规划。

interfere in any way with the golf experience.


we do not anticipate the design of any other major

resort infrastructure in this part of the site we can say

在规划会所,通道和入口的时候要小心, 确保这些都不会影响到高尔夫的体验。

that this area is almost an entity to itself and unaffected by the location of other facilities which will be completely hidden from view.


the entry or access road run

through this area to serve either this course or the resort it will be hidden from view by transplanting trees.


such determining the actual boundary of the course

is less of a key factor but importantly this allows us to have more flexibility to create the proposed design where necessary and this will be pivotal when preparing the

由于我们不期望在这里看到其它主要景点 基础设施的风格,我们可以说这球场是一 个独立的个体,不会受其他设计的影响, 因为它们会被景观完全隐藏起来。如果进 入的道路或者通道从这个地区穿过,那么 不论是为球场服务还是为景区服务,都需 要通过移植的树木将它的视线隐藏起来。

grading plans for the course.


grading plans will be the most important factor

in determining how to best alter the flatter areas to represent this distinctive character and carry the design theme trough the whole site.

因为如此,在决定边线的时候不会显得那 么关键,但同时也很重要,因为我们可以 在实现我们的设计的时候能够获得弹性空 间,特别是在做坡度断面图的时候特别重 要。 这些坡度断面图将起到一个关键的作用, 那就是在我们将一些更加平坦的地方通过 改造创造一些特色风格出来,并在整个球 场中延续。


Site 3: Red Stone Valley Golf Course


Panorama showing the lower section of this piece of the property. This is characterized mostly by open grassland and is relatively flat in nature. Whilst it is picturesque in its own right it does not fully assist us to create a design style that is completely distinctive. 在本场地的低处拥有360度全景,主要是开阔的草甸,自然相对较平。尽管它本身就很独特,但是还不足以完全支 持我们创造一种完全别具一格的设计风格

We will concentrate our study on the upper section of the area where there a river meanders through the site and the surrounding mountains make you feel much more like you are in a valley. We will make use of both of these features to create a distinctive style for the course and add some clever architectural touches to finish off the aesthetic look. 我们将集中精力研究于项目地的较高的地段,这里一条河流蜿蜒而过,周围的高山让你感觉置身于峡谷之中。我 们将利用这些特征来创造球场与众不同的风格,并增加一些高明的设计技巧来完成其美学表现。

Site 3: Red Stone Valley Golf Course



第三个球场需要我们透彻的考察以证实我 们所做的设计风格的可行性。一开始,我 们认识到这个地方可以做一个峡谷球场, 但是从我们的现场考察中看出,有些低地 势的非常平坦的地方是一片开阔的草地, 因此有些区域可以被认为是和第一个球场 在特色上相似。

site area for the


course required thorough

investigation to establish the viability of our initial design style proposal. Initially we had identified this area as a region that could accommodate a valley themed course but our site visit revealed that the lower section of this area felt too flat and was covered with open grassland.

Therefore in sections this site could be seen as quite similar in character to the first course. However it became apparent that as the ground rises to the North and East east the surrounding mountains enclose the area much more and offer a much more secluded experience.


you travel up the ever narrowing valley

you also notice that there is a quite a dramatic change in vegetation from open grassland through an area of quite thick scrubland before reaching a forest area with some fine specimen evergreen trees.

There is a reasonably sized river that could be incorporated into the design and in addition to this three or four other smaller tributaries that could be used and manipulated to create some interesting features and backdrops for individual golf holes.


section of the site is also home to the



that are unique to this area and it would be our intention to incorporate this into the theme of the design.


这里有一条不算小的溪流可以融合到设计 中来,除此之外,三到四条的小支流也可 以被利用起来为一些洞做为布景以增加特 色景观效果。 这个地区还拥有许多的红石头,可以说 很独特,我们有意将它们结合到设计的主 题中来。

such a variety of natural features and not one

distinct and prominent one it is our challenge to identify which one of these themes should play the leading role in characterizing this part of the site.


the area where the nature walk is currently

situated has its own natural beauty it seems like the majesty of the majority of the rest of this site is still waiting to be discovered, hidden under a blanket of undergrowth and as a result of this it is difficult to fully appreciate the character of the site.


a golf course here presents no real technical

problem and in terms of investment should not present any more of an issue than any of the other sites we have investigated and deemed suitable. lies in



challenge here

out’ the true character of the land and

enhancing it to create our third distinctive design.


但是随着地势向北边和西边上升,区别越 来越明显。会看到更多的山峰将这片地包 围着,给人一种更加隐蔽的感受。当你走 向越来越窄的峡谷处的时候,你也会注意 到植被的变化也很剧烈,从开阔的草地到 浓密的灌木丛再到一片森林区域,其中有 一些很好的四季常绿的品种树。

initial thoughts on this are to make thorough use of

the rivers channels and bring them into a more prominent position in the design whilst adopting much more of a

‘parkland’ style of golf design.

有了这么多各种各样的自然特色,而没有 一种独一无二和显著特征,对我们来说, 要挑选哪一种主题放在这个球洞的设计中 做主要元素也是一个挑战。 当场地上已经有一条自然小道的区域体现 着它自己的自然之美时,它主体的壮观或 者其他区域的自然之美似乎还在等着被发 现,放佛是隐藏在一片毯子下面或者是地 表植物,也因为如此很完全欣赏它的特 色。 站在球场建造的角度上没有什么真正的技 术问题,站在投资的角度上,也不会要求 得比考察过的其它几个球场多。而挑战是 把这个区域真正的特色找出加以利用和加 强变成第三个独特的设计风格。 我们最初的想法是更多地采用公园球场风 格的同时,充分利用这里的河流,把它们



red stone which is a defining characteristic of this

area should be brought into the theme of the course and if necessary they can be transported to add this theme to other parts of the golf course.

To complete the distinctive

style of the golf course and help to blend the golf course with the red stone we can select a specific type of accent landscape grass that has a red seed head rather than the brown one found elsewhere on site.


soil conditions are mostly good here and this type

of grass can be easily established and maintained in this type of climate and environment without extra investment in irrigation or drainage.


we continue our feasibility

studies and develop the styling for each course we will detail out this proposal more fully.


location of the clubhouse here will again be a key

factor in assisting us to create the setting and theme of the golf course.


this reason we require to locate

the clubhouse somewhere near to one of ‘red stone’ areas and ensure that the entry road experience also helps to develop this theme.


was clear from our on site investigations that the

uppermost section of this valley and in particular the north east corner has an area of outstanding natural beauty and also an improved environment for biodiversity so it would be our intention to leave this area alone to nature and retain the trails that have already been built there.

The clubhouse itself can be situated mid way up the valley and this ensures that no roads can spoil the more beautiful upper section where we can work hard to preserve and enhance the natural beauty and created a harmonious design that blends into the surroundings.



will then

look at how the entry road will add to the sense of place.

If we are able to retain the approximate alignment of the current access road and capture glimpses of red stone in the large river on the right all the way up to the clubhouse,

(whilst replicating this on the other side of the road,) we will achieve a distinctive entry experience that will help to set the theme for the course style.


it may be true that we have to


out’ the

distinctive character of the course for the purposes of creating a truly unique course identity that must not distract us from the fact that this area is extremely beautiful and in fact its natural beauty is in its own way very distinctive.

The ‘Red Stone’ theme for this course relies on the use of this natural phenomenon and its successful incorporation into the design style of the course.

放在设计中更加重要的位置。 这里的特色红石也应该加入到这个球场的 主题中,如果有必要,也可以把这些红石 运到球场的其他地方中去以增加这种主 题。要把这种主题体现出来并且把这些红 石融入到球场中,我们可以挑选一种特别 的景观草,这种草有红色的种子头,不同 于场地上其它的褐色的草。 这里的土壤条件大部分都是良好的,在这 里的气候和环境下种这种红色的草及养护 都很容易,不需要额外的喷灌或者排水方 面的投入。在以后的可行性分析及建立风 格的过程中,我们会更完全的介绍这个建 议。 这里的会所位置对布局和主题的创造来说 是一个关键因素。因为这个原因,我们要 求将会所放在红石区近一点的地方,同时 保证到从通道进入到会所的体验也能为主 题的创造提供帮助。 从我们的现场考察中可以清晰地峡谷最上 面特别是东北处的一个角落有一片非常出 色的自然景色,这种环境可以增加生态多 样性,所以我们有意单独将这块保留出来 ,以及已经建好的路。 会所本身可以建造峡谷的中部区域,这将 保证我们不会破坏到上段区域更加美丽的 自然景观,我们会努力保留它们并且强化 它们以及通过设计将它们与周围的自然环 境和谐的结合起来。然后我们将研究怎么 样使进入的通道增加这个地方的独特感 受。如果我们能够将现场已有的路径差不 多保留下来,并且将一些红石放到右边的 一直延伸到会所的溪流中以及左边也做这 样的设计,那么我们会获得一种独特的进 入会所的体验,同时也强化了主题。 为了创造一个确实独一无二球场,我们需 要“梳理”这个球场的独特性,但我们也 不能忽视这片区域非常美丽,事实上它自 身的美景就已经非常与众不同了。球场的 这种独特性和主题会和河流峡谷高尔夫及 高处美轮美奂的景色交相辉映。 红石的主题依赖于自然现象以景观的利用 以及成功的将它们融入到设计风格中去。

Summary and Next Steps: Through


our creativity and use of carefully selected

species to blend with the natural environment we remain confident that we can realize the potential of this piece of the property and create something that attracts golfers due to its natural beauty.


course style most suited to this type of location

more of a ‘parkland’ style of design.



away from

the open grassland that is almost devoid of water this river area is much more suited to a parkland style that incorporates rivers and specimen trees into the design.

The fairways here might be cut into sections as the rivers flow naturally between them and the greens might be perched on river edges.


leads to a very strategic

style of design and much more of a ‘target golf ’ experience more commonly associated with a ‘parkland’ golf course.


would represent the type of golf that the

golfer is more used to playing.


Rather than the ‘hard and

fast’ conditions of the open grassland areas the grass on these fairways will be softer with the ball stopping more quickly as a result.

This creates the opportunity for us to

create a much different style of design and a more varied experience.

In a secluded area where there is much less wind this ‘parkland’ style is a much more appropriate style of design to implement and coupled with the natural beauty of the area is sure to catch the golfers eye and inspire them.

通过我们的创造性和根据自然环境谨慎选 择的生物物种,我们很有信心可以将本地 的潜质变成现实并创造因为自然美景吸引 球手的球场。 这里的球场在设计风格上更像“公园球 场”。离开草甸这里几乎缺乏水源,而河 流更适合公园风景风格,并与标志性树木 一起融入到设计中。 这里的球道可能会被截断,因为河流自然 穿流其中,果岭坐落在河岸。这会形成非 常有策略的设计风格并更多是融合“公园 风景球场”的“目标性高尔夫”体验。 这表现的是一种中国球手更习惯打的球场 类型。和开阔的草甸球场“又硬又快”条 件不一样,这里球道上的草会软一些,结 果是球会快一些落到草上。这样有可能创 造不同的设计风格和更丰富的体验。 在隐蔽的区域风会小很多,这种“公园” 风格更适用于这里的设计,来实现和遵循 这里的自然美景,并保证能抓住球手的眼 球并激发他们的灵感。


Site 4: Forest Trails Golf Course


The Northern

section of the flat area near the government building. More open with some deciduous trees that are bare at this time of year.

The southern section close by which characterized by an evergreen tree

靠近管理站北边区域的平坦部分在这 一年中的这个时候因为落叶的原因显 得相对开阔。

南边的区域则是长青树,虽然从这些图片上可以看出,它们凋零很严 重,但是仍然可以创造有趣的通道去设计球场曲线,我们要知道的问 题是需要多长?

but as you can see from both of these photos these trees are heavily diseased and whilst they still create an interesting corridor to route a golf course through we must ask the question for how long?

On the far side of the river lies a much more interesting piece of terrain and an area much more suited to a forest trails golf course style.

离河远的一边有一块更加有趣的地形,更 加设计设计出森林球场的风格。

Site 4: Forest Trails Golf Course


The final site that we investigated during this site visit was the forested area to the south east of the property. From the Government building we investigated the area directly to the west which can be characterized into two area. Both

这次我们勘探的最后一个区域是位于项目 地东南的森林区。从管理站我们看到这个 区域直接位于西部分为2个部分,都有植 被覆盖,西北部主要是混合的一些灌木树 种,西南部是森林区。

were vegetated but the area to the north west was mainly covered with undergrowth mixed with a few specimen trees and the area to the south west was a forested area.


to the vegetation and trees both of these sections

of the property had reasonably organic soils although drainage capacity still seemed to be good.



这一区域拥有植被和树木,因此土壤适度有机, 同时排水能力看起来也良好。一开始灌木并不能 激发我们在这里找到一些出色的树种点缀围绕这 个区域,这种特色可以融入到设计中去。

undergrowth area did not initially inspire us we found some fantastic specimen trees dotted around the area and these could feature heavily in the design of a golf course here.

The forested area was much easier to traverse but we were disappointed to note that the condition of the trees was poor with many of the trees either dead or diseased.


you continue south through this forest you reach

the end of the land and an extremely sharp drop off to a wide river bed below.


edge extends for almost


kilometres and presents the opportunity for some really stunning cliff top holes.


this area characterized and analysed we continued

to move south and over the river to the other side where a more natural and healthy forest awaits.

We therefore see

this area as more inspiring for a golf course and a better representation of a forest trail experience.


topography here is interesting and varied and the

forest condition is much better.


is still a mixture of

deciduous trees and evergreen tree but the evergreen trees are much more like specimens and are clear of disease.


variety of tree species will ensure that the golf course aesthetic will be every changing with the seasons and provide a wonderful backdrop against which to implement the

4th course and deliver another unique experience.


we found most intriguing about this part of the

site is that it mostly faces west so the sun will cast an ever changing shadow through the trees as it sets in the west providing the golf course with an eternally shifting shadow that will highlight the beauty of the golf course.


now and again there is a break in the forest cover

which reveals some spectacular views across the rest of the site and the river below.


森林区很容易穿越,但是我们很失望地发现,树 木的状态很差,很多树不是死了就是染病了。 在森林里往南一直穿越过去可以到达这片区域的 尽头,一个非常陡峭的悬崖连接到宽阔的河床。 这种边缘大约延伸了1.5公里,并有创造一些惊 险的悬崖球道的可能性。 分析完这片区域后我们继续向南探索,并穿过河 流到达对岸,一片更加自然健康的森林。 这里的地形地貌很有趣并富有变化,森林的状况 也好很多。这里仍然是落叶树和常青树的混合, 但是常青树更像样本并很清楚是病态的。这些树 种的多样性可以保证高尔夫球场的美感会随着季 节不断变换,提供美轮美奂的背景,让第四个球 场提供另外一种独特的体验。 最让我们有吸引力的发现是大部分的场地是面向 西边,这样当太阳西下的时候,阳光透过森林将 投射永恒变化移动的光影,将这里的美丽景色凸 显出来。 一般森林覆盖的区域中会时不时有个断开的部 分。站在这里断开的部分能看到其他区域雄伟庄 严的景色以及下面的一条河流峡谷,最终以穿梭 其中的一些支流结束了这种庄严,提供了设计果 岭和打击台的好地方。 对森林球场来说它简直是个完美的地方,同时它 也提醒了我在世界其它地方看到的建在有着类似 地形上的类似风格的高尔夫球场。这会是第四个 风格迥异的球场,有着很少或者没有高草。但是 当地的树木预先将洞的形状做出来了。而通过在 森林里劈出一条通道将球场的视线打开,会吸引 到球手,并使他们不断追寻下一处风景。

finish off the majesty of

the location there are a number of tributaries that have cut a path through the land providing some exciting green

由于树木在周边景色占据主要,因此球场的风格 不要那么复杂且感觉像公园球场的设计。球场路


and tee locations.

This is the perfect location for a successful forest trails golf course and reminds me of similar styles of golf courses that i have seen around the world in similar types of terrain.

It will truly offer a 4th distinctive design that

contains little or no rough but with the trees preforming the role of framing each golf hole.

The golf course will

cut a path through this forest and every so often will break free for a clean view across the site.

This will keep

the golfer intrigued and wondering when they will catch their next glimpse.


the trees dominating the surrounding the golf

course design style should be less complicated and should again feel like a ‘parkland layout.


trick will be to

route the golf course here on site to ensure that the best specimen trees are kept and incorporated into the design.


styling, whilst a critical part of each design,

may be especially important here to help bring out the aesthetic of the design.


the forest cover providing

shelter from the wind a much larger style of ‘sprawling’ and irregularly shaped bunker could be used here and this matches well with the forest trail experience.


in this location we must retain flexibility and

use the initial boundary that we create as a guide to be confirmed once on site.

As we do not anticipate that there

will be conflicts with other land uses on this part of the property we hope that this is achievable.


线设计的策略要最好品种的树木融入到设计中 来。而作为每个球场设计中关键元素的沙坑,在 这里要体现设计的美学显得特别重要。森林的覆 盖使得它成为了一个避风所,这里将使用不规则 伸展加上不规则造型面积要大得多的沙坑,很好 的与周边的树木轨迹搭配。 因此对于球场,我们需要保留出弹性的空间。可 以用一开始确认的边线可以作为指引,在现场确 认合适的边界出来。由于我们希望在不和其他土 地使用产生冲突的前提下实现这点。

Summary and Next Steps:



第四个球场作为这整个勘测过程的结束使得四个 球场呈现出风格迥异的风格和体验,会使球手珍 惜这种体验并流连忘返。

golf course can round off a full exploration of the

4 unique experiences which they will cherish and wish to return to time after time. site and provide the golfer with

For this site the next step is to establish the best clubhouse position and ascertain how we should access it. Our initial study suggests that the road currently servicing the government building would be suitable for access to the area but we must now establish whether the clubhouse should be situated on the area where the government building sits, or whether it should find a location on the other side of the river.

Our next stage of the study will assess the implications of both locations and this decision will form the basis for the routing and clubhouse access.


stated before we hope that the boundary for the golf

对于这个球场下一步应该是验证最佳的会所地方 及确认进入它的通道。我们最初的分析是现在场 地上进入那栋管理站的通道很适合,但是我们需 要确认是否会所会建在这里,或者建在河的另一 边。 我们下一步的分析将会评估这两个地点的意义, 一旦确认了选择,它将会形成整体路线和会所通 道的基础。 如上面提到过的,我们希望边线能保持一定的弹 性空间,以确保必要能够有更改球道甚至球洞的 余地,并且将那些好的树保留到设计中来。

course area here can remain somewhat flexible to ensure that we can alter fairways and even holes if necessary to utilize and keep the best trees using them to enhance the design.


Summary and Content of Final Report With

this overview of the site conditions at each chosen

golf course location completed we can confirm our confidence and belief that this site possesses the natural characteristics and commercial potential to create a viable golf destination with at least


golf courses of

unique character and style.

Throughout the next stage of the process we will continue to develop our design ideas and philosophy for each golf course site and build a ‘picture book’ that helps everyone to understand the style of design and aesthetic look that is proposed for each golf course.


final report and


study will include a

summary of all the technical information that we have gathered thus far and will present this along with our consolidated masterplan for the resort.


masterplan will include the position and preliminary

routing design of each golf course and detail the position of all other proposed facilities, infrastructure or residential development.

Having PAGE 20

established the overall masterplan and overview

报告内容总结 通过这次在四个不同球场场地情况的考 察,我们可以确定及相信,这里富含自然 特色及具备开发四个风格迥异的高尔夫球 场汇聚地的商业潜能。 下一步的计划里,我们会继续研究对每个 球场应用的设计想法和理念,以及汇集一 本“图画册”以帮助每个人更好的理解设 计的风格及蕴含其中的美学。 我们最终的报告和可行性分析将包含一份所有技 术信息的总结以及一份景区总体规划图。 这份规划图将包含每个球场的地址和初步路线设 计,以及其它建筑、基础设施以及住宅建筑的设 计地址。 一旦有了整体规划图和察看的技术信息,我们最 终的报告将会深入每个球场选址的细节部分以确 定会所最佳位置以及进入它的通道。然后我们将 根据地形情况以及可利用的自然特色设计路线, 使四个球场呈现出迥异的风格。 一旦开始了这一步,我们必须清楚要能够保证交 通网络的贯通以及其它场地建筑或者基础设施与 球场很好地连通。 重要的交通线路不但能体现出与搭配景色的合理 的线路结构,也能使景区显得统一完整并且给人 一种独特的地理感。

of technical information, our final report will look in more detail at each golf course site to ascertain the best location for the clubhouse and access roads.

We will then

configure the best routing for each golf course taking account of the topography and the available natural features to create

4 distinct golfing experiences.

Once we have commenced this step we must also be mindful to ensure that the interconnecting road network and any other site facilities or infrastructure connect well with these golf course sites.

This traffic flow is important not only to ensure that the most sensible routes are selected to fit with the landscape

在这份整体的规划图中,我们将继续与所 有其他参与到这项规划中的咨询方紧密合 作,保证到所有的步骤统一,以及球场的 潜能不至于因为其他的土地规划而遭到破 坏。 最后,要确认所有的设计,我们需要再一 次的现场考察,以核实每个会所的地点和 进入会所的通道,同时核实每个球场的路 线设计。 这也会使我们进一步去核实每个球场的设 计边线,以及在下一步的工作中能够继续 设计上的深化和每个球场细节化的部分。

but also to help the integration of the resort and create its unique sense of place.

Throughout the preparation of the integrated development plans we will continue to collaborate closely with any other consultants involved in the planning of the overall masterplan and ensure that at all stages the integrity and potential of each golf course site is not compromised by any other planned land use.

Finally, and to confirm all of our proposals, a further site visit will be required to locate and confirm the location of each clubhouse and access road, and verify the routing of all golf courses.


will further allow us to validate the proposed

boundary of each golf course site and continue the design development and detailing of each golf course in the next phase of works.


Prairie Peak Site Visit Report and Analysis  

Prairie Peak Site Visit Report and Analysis

Prairie Peak Site Visit Report and Analysis  

Prairie Peak Site Visit Report and Analysis