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Week 4- Constructing Environments Journal entry This week in our tutorials we broke of into groups to look at one of the four ‘linking’ buildings that we looked at during last weeks site visits. The building i chose was Ormond College CTM at the far end of the university.

Above are the floor plans given to us within the 36 page spread of architectural plans for the extention. It was quite confronting to look at the a vast amount of intricate ditail shown within each page of the drawing and how much time and persistant effort these would take to produce. The floor plan shows a lot of detail including grid reference points, dimentions. walls, floor space, room use, windows, doors, materials, fittings and other sybols that respond to the legend and later drawings. At the bottom of each page there was a title block which is a crucial part of the drawing as it provides essential details such as orrientation, architects and engineers contact details, revision and project number, scale, locaton, title of plan, status of plan, extra notes and infromation on who drew the drawing, who it was given to and when.

Week 4- Constructing Environments Journal entry Sectons and elevations are another critical part of the plans that we were asked to look into. sections are indicated on the floor plans and given a refeerence number which has the drawing showing what that section looks like. These are very important in gaining a visual understanding of what the structure would look like and wast that areas go together and interact. The elevations also show a visual placement of the structure however these tend to show the exterior and what the building would look like when constructed. Hight dementions and levels are shown on these drawings and they are shown from all relavant straight on orrientations.

Reference sybol for detail in relation to section. Section cut sybol on floor plan.

Details where the last of the four main areas of the plans we had to focus on. The details provide exactly what thier name suggests, Larger scale, detailed images that show the working and structural components of specific areas. These areas are identified on the floor plans, elevations and sections and are given a reference number that allows you to check back and frowards between parts of the plans. These details are essential in identifying the key components of what is shown in the other drawing yet to small to see. The larger scale means more detail can be added to each drawing to show its specifics.

Journal 4 constructing  
Journal 4 constructing