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Our Strategic Gameplan 2013-2017

The Short Game Version

Our Gameplan

Passion For The Game

Golf is a game of history and tradition that faces significant challenges in a modern society with many competing pressures.

There is a concept that golf is more than a game. In fact some would say ... It’s a game for life.

Glenelg Golf Club has over 85 years of history and is a proud, traditional yet innovative and welcoming club. We are keen to identify and secure the right pathways to ensure the best possible golf and sociably pleasing experience moving forward.


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The purpose of this report document is to explore some ideas that will drive the Club onwards in a sustainable manner, at the same time promoting and enhancing fun and enjoyment of the game and Club. We hope this document sets a clear gameplan for the future.

Golf engenders a lot of passion. We love the game, the history and the challenges it presents. At Glenelg, we love our history, our course, our members and our Club. We want to share this passion with others; family, friends and business associates. We believe golf should be accessible and ageless. Golf is about healthy exercise and having fun in a safe and friendly environment.

By continuing to offer leadership to our community and being The Club of Choice we think it is important to understand our Core Values and Core Competencies. We believe they are:

Players in The Game In any successful organisation, the business needs to work ‘hand in glove’ with its people. It is important that all stakeholders are on the same page. We aim to deliver the very best golf experience from the moment you enter the gates. The experience and promise must be aligned. Key elements to ensure we deliver include:

People: Key Stakeholders & Relationships

Core Values •

Love and respect of the game


Passionate participation within the Club

Friendly, welcoming and relaxed personable communication

A welcoming culture with an emphasis on family values and inclusiveness

Respect for fellow members and staff

Honesty, integrity and trust

An environment that is safe and a place where you can have fun

Traditional roots yet progressive and adaptive

Staff •

Strive to be happy, friendly and exceed member expectations

Are valued for their contribution to the ‘ultimate golfing and social experience’

All staff are willing to go to the next level and be part of a strong, effective team

Other Stakeholders

Core Competencies •

Top quality links style course, fair to all players no matter their ability, but challenging as well

Long proud heritage and a growing brand reputation offering great value to members

Exceed visitor expectations

Course masterplan is clear and concise

Ensure continued, productive relationships with key stakeholders and suppliers (eg. Golf SA, other reciprocal clubs)

Matching “The Bay Experience” To The Promise

A welcoming, relaxed and friendly culture of inclusion

Offer a friendly, welcoming and relaxed environment

Understand new member needs and requirements and be family friendly

Financially sound with management and operational strength at all levels

Provide value for time and money spent

Ensure the course is presented in top class condition and is playable and enjoyed by all golfer skill sets

Ensure flexible and accessible playing times and adhere to ‘ready golf’ concepts, understanding time is a precious commodity

Provide a high quality clubhouse and proshop product and service whereby nothing is too much trouble

A contemporary style and appearance with a family friendly clubhouse ambience

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Strengths & Weaknesses

Off The Tee To fulfil the ultimate golf and social experience, we need to understand why we exist, our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Getting a clear view of the fairway and our purpose is extremely important.

Culture Bringing This To life •

Ensures the Club remains friendly and welcoming

Strives to ensure communication is in a format suitable to today’s society and is two way, respectful and transparent



Establishment of Heritage Fund

Membership focus towards women and junior development

Introduce family friendly initiatives in respect to membership options, events and functions

The course presentation in layout and design is excellent and climbing the national rankings

Rich heritage of course and Club

Friendly and welcoming culture and members from all walks of life

Clubhouse with panoramic views and proshop facilities, product and service offerings are of a high standard

Develop new revenue streams

Change the general view that golf is an elitist and expensive sport

Location of Club to airport, CBD and seaside precinct

Threats •

Declining particpation levels

Best practice player coaching and development personnel

Traditional Club entrance fee

External legislation and high utility costs

Changing consumer habits

• •

Weaknesses •

Lack of physical space to develop

That staff/member interactions are encouraged and we provide personalised warm and consistently exceptional service

Relatively low female member numbers

Debt and the need to adhere to reduction program

Accountability to the clearly defined Gameplan

Brand recognition, particularly interstate

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Opportunities & Threats

Down The Fairway A robust Gameplan creates togetherness, incentive, alignment and ongoing momentum towards a designated point, much like the fairway does to the green. We now need to create ‘fairways’ to align and guide people. We have done this by identifying the major priorities for the next two years and then the next five years.

The 1-2 Year Plan •

Increase member and nonmember revenue

Prepare and market a plan to attract members and public that says golf is accessible and is about friends and family and fun

Complete a membership recruitment plan to increase membership numbers

Design flexible membership packages

Conduct a major pro and amateur tournament

Promote and integrate shorter form competitions

Introduce more variety into our golf programs

The 5 Year Plan •

Enhance our reputation as the ‘Club of Choice’ and having the ultimate golf and social experience

Become known as a family friendly fun club

Build our reputation nationally

Be able to operate independently of entrance fee income

Increase non member revenue without disturbing member privileges

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On The Green Specifically, we have identified the top strategic Gameplan initiatives in five key areas of the Club for the next 12-24 months.

The Course •

Continue Course Enhancement Plan implementation

Continue to manicure so that conditioning and presentation are of the highest quality

The Clubhouse •

Maintain and improve our course rankings

Membership •

Structure new membership categories that are flexible and focus on health, family, a safe environment and fun

Increase the number of female and junior members

Increase corporate membership

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Plan for utilization of space to cater for more family, women and junior facility needs Finalise and implement a plan to increase external function revenue

Finance •

Promote the Heritage Fund to encourage ‘giving’ via donations and bequests

Undertake annual benchmarking and strategy reviews to ensure performance comparisons against other ‘like’ clubs and businesses

Golf Operations & Events •

Conduct a major golf event

Integrate shorter form competitions within the golf program ensuring they are fun and promote healthy exercise

Return the Club to being an ongoing force in pennant golf

Conduct more clinics for men, women and juniors

In The Hole Our progress is made up of many hole completions to complete the round and ‘total scorecard’. The key outcomes and key performance indicators are as follows:

1-2 Year Goals and KPIs •

New member applications annually of at least 100 across all membership categories

Increase annual clubhouse utilisation – Weddings 35; Conferences 200; Functions 150; Member functions 12

Conduct 2 family golf events that actively promote fun

Operating Surplus – target 4% of subscription income

Continue debt repayment program of $300,000 annually

Continue to add quality reciprocal clubs to our list to enhance membership value

Feature in club and service awards of excellence

3-5 Year Goals and KPIs •

Waiting list for premium memberships restored to a minimum of 2 years

Increase female membership numbers by 20% and junior membership numbers by 50%

Continually increase non-member revenue streams without a detrimental impact on players/members

Build the Heritage Fund to a minimum of $5m

The Sign Off Once the 18 holes is complete, it is always wise to review the scorecard, add the strokes and total the result. The final score does not always reflect the true effort but have we done enough to bring us back for another go? We will do everything possible to ensure every time you pass through our gates, that the experience, whether a golfing one or a social one, will always bring you back again.

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The 19th Reflection of the experience, perhaps over a wine, beer or coffee, sometimes provides us with another vision, perhaps, that could be further ‘out of sight’. But by putting it there, we can act to continually remind us and provide guidance for future decisions and actions. The goal, if achieved, could provide stability and an ongoing pride of achievement that could go a long way to ensuring the Club’s ongoing future reputation.

Your Committee of Management is excited and committed to this Gameplan. It is designed to leverage and build on the previous leadership with the intent that Glenelg Golf Club achieves excellence in everything it does. The progressive implementation of the plan will ensure the future of the Club so it is universally known for fun, enjoyment and having the best all round golfing and social experience. It’s a game for life!

The Hole In One To be ranked in the top 20 courses in Australia with a two year waiting list for premium memberships and be known universally as ‘The Friendly Fun Club’.

James Melrose Road NOVAR GARDENS SA 5040 PO Box 220 GLENELG SA 5045 P (08) 8295 3793 F (08) 8294 8894

2013-2017 Strategic Gameplan Summary  

Summary of the Club's 2013-2017 Strategic Gameplan

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