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Kris Demeanor, Glenbow artist-in-residence, 2009–2010

Working with the Glenbow satisfied the two goals I most wish to tackle in art – pushing myself creatively through responding musically to [artwork on exhibit], and connecting meaningfully with the public by writing songs with families visiting the Glenbow. The uniqueness of these events has proven memorable. I am reminded of them often by the fans, friends and patrons who attended. I see immense potential in further collaboration with multidisciplinary artists and the Glenbow – it’s a rich and inspiring world.

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Eric L. Harvie Glenbow Award Dinner


Glenbow by the Numbers


2009–2010 Exhibitions


Program Highlights


Thanks to our Supporters


New Acquisition Highlights


Glenbow Board of Governors


A Passion for the Art of Asia: Robert Borden and The Bumper Collection


Glenbow Management & Staff Upcoming Exhibitions

On the cover: Kent Monkman, Théâtre de Cristal, 2007, Collection of Glenbow Museum

17 Back Cover

president’s & chair’s MESSAGE It has been a pivotal year for Glenbow

Our strategic plan will guide us in the next

Museum. We have completed our

stage of our development; however we are

strategic plan and business plan

already making changes and seeing the impact

which map our direction for the next

of the plan. Our strong exhibition program in

five years. These plans reflect our

mid-summer 2009 through early 2010 has

new vision – More people interacting

resulted in both critical and popular appeal. The

with art, culture and ideas more

Glenbow-curated Vistas: Artists on the Canadian

often – and will position Glenbow

Pacific Railway exhibition is now on tour and

as dynamic and relevant, attracting

the accompanying catalogue produced by

new and larger audiences who share

Glenbow won the 2009 Canadian Museums

our passion for arts and culture.

Award for best publication and the Alberta Book

Glenbow’s strategic plan has six key priorities that provide a clear direction for Glenbow’s future: develop a vision for programs, exhibitions and art and culture education and appreciation initiatives that respond to the

Awards best trade non-fiction book. Real Life: Ron Mueck and Guy Ben-Ner, travelling from the National Gallery of Canada, attracted national media attention from the transit marketing campaign Glenbow launched featuring Mueck’s larger-than-life and startlingly realistic sculptures

needs of the community; clearly articulate

of newborn babies. Bev Tosh’s exhibition,

our brand and align it with our key audiences;

War Brides: One Way Passage, was seen by

develop a business model that ensures shortterm and long-term sustainability; foster an invigorated workforce; optimize our existing facilities and infrastructure; and develop a vision and plan for a new facility that meets the needs of our visual arts program.

thousands of visitors with special significance to war brides, veterans and their families. Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief featured the evocative work of this Canadian artist who creates new interpretations of the “Old West” as a land of cross-dressing, role-swapping play between “cowboys and Indians.” This exhibition was overwhelmingly met with positive visitor

Kent Monkman, artist

My experience at the Glenbow exceeded my expectations. Aside from the rewarding experience of having my work resonate with the permanent collection, I found the staff to be professional, warm and meticulous about all aspects of my show, especially their efforts toward great publicity and getting the huge audience out for the opening. Many thanks!


| Glenbow President and CEO, Kirstin Evenden (left), with Board Chair George E. Bezaire.

Takao Tanabe, Southern Alberta Foothills, 1982, Collection of Glenbow Museum

feedback and media interest – a testament that

A key learning from our work on the strategic

Calgary is excited by and interested in work that

plan and stakeholder sessions found that

challenges perceptions and overturns accepted

many Calgarians and Albertans are not aware

historical stereotypes.

of Glenbow’s unique funding model. The collections are owned by the Province of

Our new programming initiatives are also

Alberta and Glenbow is contracted by the

welcoming new visitors of all ages with

province to care for and provide access to the

specially priced lunch time programs for the

collections on behalf of the people of Alberta.

downtown business crowd, new evening

For this service we receive approximately 40

public openings on a pay-what-you-can

percent of our funding from the Province

basis, in-depth discussions and presentations

of Alberta. Approximately 10 percent of our

from artists and authors, and new family

funding is comprised of grants from The

programming that sees our whole building

Government of Canada, the City of Calgary

come to life at Weekend at the Museum. The

and foundations. The remaining 50 percent

new programs all reflect our new vision and will

comes from attendance, memberships,

continue to grow in 2010–11.

donors and corporate sponsors and draws

There is much community anticipation for our upcoming exhibitions in 2011, particularly 77 Million Paintings by acclaimed British

on the endowment funds. As such, our economic model is subject to the overall economy and market.

musician, producer and visual artist Brian Eno,

Over the past year, expenses were reduced

the exhibition Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes

by $1.5 million. But revenues also declined so

from the collection of the Art Institute of

we had a deficit of $1.3 million. After careful

Chicago and The Warrior Emperor and China’s

consideration, we concluded it prudent to fund

Terracotta Army travelling from China (in

this deficit from the endowment funds instead

partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum,

of cutting services more drastically. Glenbow is

the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the

committed to running balanced budgets and, as

Royal British Columbia Museum).

part of the strategic plan, we have developed a


President’s & Chair’s MESSAGE comprehensive multi-year budget which returns

the important facets of this program is the

us to a balanced position. We will continue to

recognition that our physical facility requires

manage costs carefully and have developed

renovation and expansion. A new facility will

exciting new strategies to increase revenue.

take time and planning to develop. It requires the community’s support to be successful. We

With the Board of Governors’ support, we

invite you to read our plans to position ourselves

continue to discuss with the Province of Alberta

to better deliver on that vision and future capital

the appropriate level of funding from the service

campaigns for the new facility that Calgary

agreement to ensure care and access of their

deserves at

collection. We are initiating a new form of corporate membership to enable the business

Reflecting on the past year, we are proud of

community to be more involved with Glenbow

Glenbow’s Board, staff and volunteers for their

in a way that is mutually beneficial. We have

hard work and commitment to the institution.

re-considered our approach to program and

Like many other non-profits, Glenbow has

exhibition sponsorship, and will be offering more

had to cut staffing and operating expenses.

and enhanced partnerships for individuals and

Despite these financial challenges, Glenbow’s

corporations – including naming opportunities

employees continue to deliver exceptional

for gallery spaces and long-term partnership

exhibitions, programs and services to the public.

opportunities to support multi-year and seriesbased programs and exhibitions. This year, we

Art and culture matter. We invite you to read

launched a facility rentals program which is

the highlights of our 2009–2010 year to be

on track to exceed our annual revenue. Our

reminded of the important roles that art and

upcoming line-up of exhibitions means we have

culture play in our daily lives. We look forward

opportunities to grow memberships and annual

to welcoming you to Glenbow soon.

giving with our faithful and key supporters and welcome new community partners. Glenbow is committed to further developing

Kirstin Evenden, M.A.

George E. Bezaire

our visual arts program for the city. One of

President and CEO

Chair, Board of Governors

Jonathan Shaughnessy

Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Canada

In working with the Glenbow on the Real Life exhibition, I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of staff; certainly their commitment to the vision of the show and its artworks came through in [their] presentation. … Innovation also led the day as the Glenbow’s programming raised the bar as to what can be done to make an exhibition of contemporary art exciting and accessible for a broad audience, especially younger viewers.



Depreciation & Amortization


Library & Archives



Collections Management


Commercial Activities & Fundraising


Program & Exhibit Development

$2,944,850 Core Services Total $10,102,491



Amortization of Deferred Revenue - Property & Equipment

$877,359 Admissions & Memberships

$887,140 Commercial Activities

$1,617,429 Fundraising

$3,489,000 Government of Alberta

$1,379,586 Investment Income Total $8,821,785



Total website visitors


Facebook fans


Twitter followers @ianflaig

Tweeting about Glenbow

Man, I forgot how much the Glenbow museum rocks.



7,711 users of Glenbow’s Archives and Library

Total museum attendance

4,221 Highest weekly attendance (February 8-14, 2010) during the War Brides, Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief and The Nude in Modern Canadian Art exhibitions

2,572 Glenbow memberships


Over 2,200 people attended exhibition openings

50,199 students participated in school programs


students participated in Glenbow programs remotely

people attended family programs in our Discovery Room, Sketch Club and Weekend at the Museum

23,000 1,000 hours contributed by volunteers



Total revenue from facility rentals


hours volunteered by Glenbow’s Board and committees

Program highlights | Acclaimed choreographer and artist Troy Emery Twigg choreographed a performance at the Glenbow Bares All launch party on February 13, 2010.

In 2009–2010, Glenbow offered new programming initiatives to better meet the needs of our visitors. Launch Parties

Out for Lunch

Glenbow invited Calgarians to celebrate our

In fall 2009, Glenbow launched a new lunch

exhibition openings. The first pay-what-you-

time program, Out for Lunch, for those looking

can launch party with music, performances

to experience the museum with just an hour

and libations took place in October 2009 and

to spare over lunch and with special pricing

has become a regular programming initiative

of five dollars for the general public. This new

with subsequent launch parties held on

series featured presentations and talks in our

February 13 and May 15, 2010 and will continue

theatre by presenters such as author Chris

with each new slate of exhibitions as Glenbow

Turner, Calgary foodie and nutritionist Julie Van

strives to make the museum accessible and

Rosendaal and master of marionettes, Ronnie

open to all.

Burkett. Short, in-depth curator and educatorled gallery tours that highlight specific works in the feature exhibitions are another facet of Out

1,127 people attended our two public launch parties in October 2009 and February 2010

737 attended Out for Lunch programs during the year

for Lunch programming.

Visitor to the February 13, 2010 Glenbow Bares All Launch Party

Great event! I am happy to see the Glenbow have a pay-what-you-can-event. It made the exhibitions more accessible.


Program highlights | Canadian artist Kent Monkman’s reputation has soared since 2007. His exhibition at Glenbow, Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief (February – April, 2010), was Calgary’s first major presentation of his work. Here he is (right) with Gerald McMaster, Curator of Canadian Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario, as part of our In Conversation series.

1,007 attended our In Conversation series


In Conversation

Weekend at the Museum

Glenbow hosts talks by some of the most

In winter 2010, Glenbow made some changes

nationally and internationally significant artists,

to our family programming based on member

curators and scholars of our time to provide

and visitor feedback, attendance results and

insight into art and culture. This new evening

best practice research. We moved away from

series featured talks with internationally

offering family programs every Sunday (Family

renowned artist Kent Monkman (who discussed

Fun Sundays). Instead, Glenbow offered an

his practice with Gerald McMaster, Curator of

all weekend family extravaganza when the

Canadian Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario), and

public exhibition floors opened to families to

a talk with Haida Manga artist Michael Nicoll

participate in workshops and collaborative art

Yahgulanaas in partnership with WordFest.

projects, tours, performances and exploration

Through this engaging format, museum visitors

of galleries throughout the museum in a fun

garnered insight into contemporary art practice

and festival-like atmosphere. The first Weekend

and learned about the influences, ideas and

at the Museum, held on March 13 and 14, 2010,

techniques that some artists are exploring today.

welcomed over 800 visitors of all ages. This

participated in our first Weekend at the Museum (March 2010)

new innovative series will be featured three times per year. Glenbow’s ARC Discovery Room is also now open during regular museum hours and no longer closes between transitions of feature exhibitions.

| Glenbow throws opens its doors and welcomes families for activities, performances and tours during our Weekend at the Museum program.


new acquisition HIGHLIGHTS Sculptures of this size (both are 48 inches high and made of granulite) and importance are rare in museum collections and represent the ongoing commitment of the Bumper Development Corporation to work with Glenbow to enhance the Asian art collection. The sculptures are on display in the Many Faces, Many Paths: Art of Asia permanent exhibition. Cultural History W.S. Herron Parade Saddle Glenbow acquired an impressive array of artifacts from the William S. Herron Family Charitable Foundation into the cultural history Indigenous Studies Laksmi and Bhudevi With the generous support of the Bumper Development Corporation, Glenbow acquired two rare Hindu sculptures from the Chola culture that date between the late ninth and early twelfth century A.D. At one time these matched sculptures may have been placed on either side of a central, larger image of Lord Vishnu, the “God of Preservation.”

collection. The Herron acquisition enhances the material representing Calgary booster, oil man and “maverick” Bill Herron. Trophies, custom-made parade suits and accessories and a remarkable show saddle outfit testify to the Herron family’s deep involvement with western horse culture from the 1940s to the 1960s. Bill Herron’s outstanding saddle outfit, complete with tooled designs and engraved silver mounts, was one of four he commissioned from Riley & McCormick’s master saddle maker

Laksmi (“She of the Many Thousands”) would

John Foss, about 1947. Outfitted with these

have stood to the right of Lord Vishnu. She

striking saddles and matching gear, the family

governs beauty, love, wealth and luck, embodying

won events throughout southern Alberta.

sublime beauty, siddhi peace, strength, balance, opulence and wisdom. Laksmi is the bringer of good fortune and is associated with both material and spiritual prosperity. Bhudevi (“Goddess of the Earth” also known as Prthivi, “The Nourisher”) would have been to the left of Lord Vishnu. She is the goddess of the earth and fertility. Whenever Bhudevi complains that she is being oppressed by a certain demon, Vishnu rescues the earth from her predicament.

Above: Lakshmi and Bhudevi, ca. 10th century A.D., Collection of Glenbow Museum; Right: W.S. Herron Parade Saddle, ca. 1947, Collection of Glenbow Museum


new acquisitions

Left: Tom Thomson, Autumn, 1916, Collection of Glenbow Museum; A gift bestowed in loving memory of Don McMorland by his family.



Autumn by Tom Thomson

The New Gallery

Autumn is the first work by Tom Thomson in

One of the most significant donations to the

Glenbow’s art collection – a gift to the museum

Archives in the past year was the records of The

bestowed in loving memory of Don McMorland

New Gallery. One of the first artist-run centres in

by his family. Tom Thomson’s stature in

the city, the gallery originated as the Clouds ‘n’

Canadian art is legendary. Although associated

Water Gallery in 1975 and was also known as Off

with the artists of the Group of Seven, he died

Centre Centre before adopting its current name

under tragic and mysterious circumstances

in 1987. The gallery has been situated in many

three years before the Group was formed.

spaces in the city over the years and is currently

This oil sketch of trees in the forest is animated

located in Art Central. The organization’s focus

by thick impasto, visible brushstrokes and the

has also changed over the years to reflect the

juxtaposition of rich colours. The painting is

cultural community in the city and the needs of

spontaneously and freely executed and, in

the artistic community. The archival collection

many ways, almost verges on abstraction. The

consists of bylaws, minutes, photographs,

composition is created entirely by a patchwork

incorporation documents, annual reports,

of rich colour swatches which disperse the

programming records, fundraising and financial

energy in all directions.

files, records of New Gallery advocacy in the community, and records detailing relationships

Jane McDonald

Glenbow Library volunteer

My experience volunteering with the Glenbow is immensely rewarding – each time I volunteer I learn something new. I feel privileged to be part of the dedicated team of Library staff and volunteers and to contribute to making materials in the Library collection more accessible to others.


with other organizations in the cultural community. Generously, The New Gallery provided a grant to match federal funds sourced by Glenbow to ensure the timely cataloguing of the archive. A detailed inventory of the fonds is available on the Glenbow website at: findingAids/archtm/newgallery.cfb. Library Federation of Calgary Communities City streets that seem to have more potholes than asphalt, not enough schools in the subdivision, that ever-increasing municipal tax bill … sound familiar? These are just a few of the problems identified in a collection of


community association newsletters, some


more than half-a-century old, that the Glenbow

# of Donations

# of Works






Library received from the Federation of Calgary

Indigenous Studies




Communities. The Federation is an umbrella

Military History



organization which provides information

Cultural History




on matters of interest to local communities,

Multi Disciplinary*




including zoning, traffic and development

Library & Archives



issues. The collection also includes publications

Total Donors/Value




$49,941.00 $12,895,754.00

of local interest, such as city planning reports and publications documenting national and international concerns, including demographic studies relevant to planning for Calgary’s growth and discussions of the need for sustainable development in North American cities.


# of Purchases

# of Works




Indigenous Studies




Military History




Cultural History




Multi Disciplinary*




Library & Archives




Total Purchases






Total Acquisitions

Value $62,000.00


* Multi Disciplinary refers to a gift or purchase that includes material for more than one collection.

David Finch, public historian

Southern Alberta’s memory—of its culture, people and its businesses—resides in the Glenbow’s Library and Archives collections. The expert service provided by the archivists and librarians, as well as the online resources, keep our invaluable history alive.


A Passion for the Art of Asia Robert Borden and the Bumper Collection

Many Faces, Many Paths: Art of Asia, The

and art of Asia through this collection; at the

Bumper Development Corporation Ltd.

same time, the gallery has become a place of

gallery at Glenbow, presents one of North

peace and repose for many visitors. Glenbow

America’s most outstanding collections of the

is an enthusiastic partner in presenting this

art of East and Southeast Asia, including the

collection, a partnership that has been ongoing

Indian subcontinent. The collection reflects

for a quarter of a century.

the passion that Robert Borden, Bumper’s founder and chairman, and his wife, Susan, developed for these remarkable works. Starting as a novice collector after a chance encounter with an art advisor while on an airplane, Robert Borden soon developed a discerning eye and a profound knowledge about this work and the cultures from which it comes. Many of the pieces in this collection are masterpieces and include both iconic and rare representations of

Fortifying this relationship, over the past 20 years, the Bordens have generously gifted many of these works to Glenbow and the people of Canada. As Robert Borden writes in the introduction to the gallery, “It is only when we understand and appreciate the creative ability of artists in many cultures that we can fully appreciate the art of our own culture.” We are honoured by these donations and

great Bhuddist and Hindu traditions.

are proud to enjoy a collaboration with the

The Bordens believe that great art belongs to

but all Albertans.

all of humanity and that it is vitally important that it be seen and appreciated by a diverse audience. Innumerable school children are introduced to the magnificence of the cultures


Bordens that benefits not only the museum,

Eric L. Harvie Glenbow Award Dinner Each year, Glenbow’s Eric L. Harvie Dinner is

The Calgary Foundation

an exciting opportunity for the community to

Established in 1995, The Calgary Foundation

support Glenbow’s exhibitions and programs

assists donors in creating a giving and caring

and to come together to celebrate the

community by applying its resources, expertise

contributions of like-minded Calgarians who

and leadership in partnership with others to

have made a significant difference to the arts

identify and address issues in the Calgary and

and cultural life in Calgary.

area community. With over 900 endowment funds established, The Calgary Foundation

The seventh annual Eric L. Harvie Glenbow

strengthens the charitable sector in the areas

Award Dinner was held on October 15, 2009

of art and heritage, human services, education,

and honoured Dr. Hugh A. Dempsey and

environment, health and neighbourhoods

The Calgary Foundation for their ongoing

through grants totaling $3.3 million in 2009.

commitment to art and culture in Calgary. Dr. Hugh A. Dempsey

The Calgary Foundation is recognized as one of the strongest community foundations in Canada

Dr. Dempsey is a Canadian historian, author,

today. It has a robust arts and culture portfolio

teacher and the first Chief Curator Emeritus

that supports a number of cultural initiatives

at Glenbow. He was hired by Eric Harvie as

which contribute to the overall wellness of our

Glenbow’s first archivist in 1956 and eventually

community. The Calgary Foundation and its

served as Director of History, Director of

donors have been very supportive of Glenbow

Collections and Associate Director, holding this

and its programs over the years. Currently, the

position until his retirement in 1991. In addition

Foundation is supporting Glenbow’s distance

to his continued role as editor of the Historical

learning program.

| From left to right: Glenbow Board Chair George E. Bezaire, President and CEO of The Calgary Foundation Eva Friesen, Glenbow President and CEO Kirstin Evenden and Dr. Hugh Dempsey at the seventh annual Eric L. Harvie Glenbow Award Dinner in October 2009.

Society of Alberta’s journal, Alberta History, Dr. Dempsey has written 18 books. In 1967, he was made an honourary member of the Blood Tribe and in 1975 he became a Member of the Order of Canada. In 1991, the Hugh A. Dempsey Reading Room at Glenbow was named in his honour. For Dr. Dempsey, it is people, their personal stories and their regular lives which can be the most revealing about history. He has been known to say, “I met the great, the near great and the just plain interesting, and of those three groups, the just plain interesting were the most interesting.” His commitment to history has meant that stories that might have been left untold and undocumented are recorded in his many publications and in the wonderful collections he built at Glenbow.


2009-2010 exhibitions April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010

| Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway June 20– September 20, 2009 Organized by Glenbow Museum

Elsewhere: Recent Paintings by Christine Cheung May 1–31, 2009 Organized by Glenbow Museum Celebrating Quilts May 1–July 5, 2009 Organized by Glenbow Museum Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway June 20–September 20, 2009 Organized by Glenbow Museum


Connections to Collections: Jin-me Yoon June 20–September 20, 2009 Organized by Glenbow Museum

The People and Places of Treaty 7 July 16–August 16, 2009 Organized by Glenbow Museum Real Life: Ron Mueck and Guy Ben-Ner October 17, 2009–January 24, 2010 Organized by the National Gallery of Canada Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas: Exploring Haida Manga October 17, 2009–January 24, 2010 Organized by Glenbow Museum Connections to Collections: Jeff Thomas and Paul Wong October 24, 2009–February 21, 2010 Organized by Glenbow Museum

Total attendance for Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway

25,666 Total attendance during The Nude in Modern Canadian Art and Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief


| Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas October 17, 2009– January 24, 2010 Organized by Glenbow Museum

2009-2010 exhibitions | Real Life: Ron Mueck and Guy Ben-Ner, Organized by the National Gallery of Canada October 17, 2009– January 24, 2010

War Brides: One-Way Passage November 6, 2009–February 14, 2010 Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief February 13–April 25, 2010 The Nude in Modern Canadian Art 1920-1950 February 13–April 25, 2010 Organized by the Musée national des beauxarts du Québec Teresa Posyniak: I Speak My Daughter Tongue February 13–April 25, 2010 Organized by Glenbow Museum

Kaahsinnooniksi Ao’toksisawooyawa Our ancestors have come to visit: Reconnections with historic Blackfoot shirts March 26–May 16, 2010 A collaboration between the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, England; the University of Aberdeen, Scotland; the Galt Museum in Lethbridge and Glenbow Museum

| Kaahsinnooniksi Ao’toksisawooyawa Our ancestors have come to visit: Reconnections with historic Blackfoot shirts March 26–May 16, 2010


Total attendance from October 17, 2009– February 14, 2010 during Real Life, War Brides and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas: Exploring Haida Manga


THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTERS $100,000+ Bumper Development Corp. Ltd. Calgary Arts Development Authority Canadian Heritage Canadian Culture Online Program Chevron Canada Resources Harold Klunder Jacob Lazare Mrs. Barbara McMorland New Sun Fund at The Calgary Foundation Nexen Inc. Pattison Outdoor $50,000–99,999 Alberta Lottery Fund - Community Initiatives Program Calgary Herald Canada Council for the Arts Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program Canadian Pacific Railway Classic Country AM 1040 Hotel Arts Masters Gallery Ltd. $25,000–49,999 ARC Resources Ltd. Canadian Heritage Information Network ConocoPhillips Canada Chris Cran Devon Canada Corporation The Calgary Foundation $10,000–24,999 ARC Financial Corporation George & Colleen Bezaire David Bolduc Lauchlan & Karen Currie Joanne Cuthbertson & Charlie Fischer Joe Fafard George & Sheila Crawford Endowment Fund at The Calgary Foundation Great-West Life Assurance Company Barrie Helmer David & Gail O’Brien Olympia Trust Company Jennifer & Myron Stadnyk Arlene & Robert Stamp Gordon Tait The Kahanoff Foundation United Way of Calgary and Area West Canadian Industries Group


$5,000–9,999 Alberta Museums Association Irene & William Bell David & Leslie Bissett Ian & Heather Bourne Enbridge Inc. EnCana Corporation Estate of Donald Peacock Roger Fontana Jeanne Harco Hermès Harley & Rebecca Hotchkiss Imperial Oil Limited Ryan Kalt Michael & Madelyn Lang F. Richard Matthews Jean Merriman Randal L. Oliver Percy and Lois Cole Fund at The Calgary Foundation Peters & Co. Limited RBC Foundation Rubicon Fund at The Calgary Foundation Richard & Mary Shaw Bruce Shultz Jack & Dawn Thrasher Total E&P Canada Ltd. TransCanada Corporation $2,500–4,999 Annapolis Capital (II) Ltd. Allen Ball Ruth Barker Paul Beitel CityTV Pamela Clark Art & Bonnie Dumont David Edwards Kirstin Evenden & Christopher Heazell Harriett Goldsborough John A. Gray Jim Hall Dick & Lois Haskayne Lawrence W. West Family Fund at the Private Giving Foundation Leon Liffmann Bill & Corinne Macdonald MacEwan Family Charity Fund at The Calgary Foundation M. Joy Maclaren McAra Printing Barbara & James Palmer Rob and Ruth Peters & Family Pirie Foundation

Mike Rose Bob & Pat Steele The New Gallery Jeff van Steenbergen West Canadian Digital Imaging Inc. Donald Wetherell & Irene Kmet $1,000–2,499 Aduro Resources Ltd. Alberta Irrigation Projects Association Elizabeth & Bob Andrews Barbara J. Baker BanCor Inc. Mary Barr & Jim Allard Mr. & Mrs. E. G. Battle Brawn Foundation Bill & Jean Toole Family Donor Advised Fund at The Calgary Foundation Michele Nowak & Lloyd Buchanan Bumper Foundation Calgary & District Labour Council Calgary Flames Foundation for Life Calgary Mineral Exploration Group Don & Marlene Campbell Car Investment Corp. CJCA Community and Seniors Foundation Arthur & Grace Clark Doug Coats Ziva & Noah Cohen Jim Cullen Creemore Springs Brewery Ltd. Jocelyne Daw & Bob Page Stuart de Vries Devonian Foundation Gerald & Kathleen Deyell Marilyn Douglas ecentricarts Inc. Echo Memoirs Erik T. Larsen Professional Corporation Catherine M. Evamy FirstEnergy Capital Corp. Richard & Susan Galloway Ingrid M. Haase Hamilton Hall Soles/Ray & Berndtson Inc. Robin Harvie Maureen & Mike Heffring & Family Dr. John R. Hemstock Gail A. Hinchliffe Donna & Greg Horton Imperial Oil Foundation Independent Order of Foresters Jack Jeffrey Dr. Edward A. Johnson Dr. Leslie Kawamura

James & Shelley Keough Phyllis Konrad & Carl Bonke Mary & Robert Lamond James & Helen Laycraft Donna Livingstone & Edward Cavell Betty Lyons Dora Mackie & James Mackie Fred P. Mannix Dave Marshall Lloyd & Tracy Maybaum Jean & Rod McKay Lillian McKimm James & Dorothy McLeod Peter McPherson J. Sherrold & Patricia Moore Ted & Margaret Newall Jock & Diana Osler Jane Outcalt Grant Parker Nancy Peters Erna-May Pierce Rita & Glen Popowich Questerre Energy Corporation Beth Rankin RBC Capital Markets Priscilla Reid Dr. Michael & Mrs. Catherine Robinson RONA Inc. Rosebridge Capital Corp. Inc. Vera A. Ross Deborah Sanderson Scott Land & Lease Ltd. Carol & JR Shaw Shaw-Nee Slopes Golf Course Miriam Shiell Steve Soules Margaret & Ronald Southern Stantec Architecture Ltd. Michael & Caron Stewart Mrs. M.E. Stewart Stikeman Elliott LLP L. Deborah Sword David & Carolyn Tavender Robert Tilden Michael J. & Renae N. Tims University of Calgary Rhonda Wishart & John Cuthbertson YMCA of Calgary Susan J. Zappe $500–999 Axia Netmedia Corporation Aubrey Bell David Bernatchez David Biggar & Servando Peña William E. Brown Sharon Butala Calgary Exhibition & Stampede David & Kathryn Carey Bill Chester

Margaret Churcher, Nelson & Rachel Smith David & Gay Claydon Valerie Cooper Susan Dell Marguerite Dixon Robert Elias EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts Estate of Alison Hankins Estate of Betty Duncan Leonard & Polly Evenden William & J. Louise Gant GCS Resources Management Ltd. Hannelore Gewers Wendy Giuffre Rick & Margaret Harrop John & Mary Lazelle Harvie Brian & Barbara Howes Beverley Hrenewich & Gloria Filyk Melanie Kjorlien Knight Enterprises Inc. Gerald & Mary Janet Knowlton Laricina Energy Ltd. Beth Lennard Ian M. Loch Peter & Jeanne Lougheed Colin MacDonald Vettivelu Nallainayagam Pacific Resource Conservation Society Paramount Energy Operating Corp. Gerald & Isobel Pittman Bente Roed Rosedale Community Association San Remo Ristorante Harry & Joanne Schaefer David & Marion Shill William & June Tye United Farmers of Alberta Coop Ltd. Mary E. Ward $250–499 Dennis & Patricia Anderson Aquila Books Robert Baker & Holly Sykes Diana & David Ballard Margaret Bawden Monique Beaumont Jean-Claude & Marianne Beauvilain Ailsa Birnie Michelle & Jay Brown Doug & Vicki Cass Marc Charest Walter & Gloria Chayka Soren Christiansen Yanka & Robert Cochrane Joel & Pat Cochrane Pat & Jim Conway Susan Cowan Donald & Shan Cross Thomas & Mary Cumming V. A. Cuthbertson

Glenn & Melody Davies Robert & Wendy Dick Estate of Anna Nowick Jan Ferguson Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd. Jim Gardiner Christene Gordon Karen Guidolin Neil Herle Don Heron Brian G. Holmes Brian Hook Pauline Kay Karen Konrad Dr. Sylvia & Dr. J Ryszard Kowalewski Gordon Lackenbauer Brian & Shirley Langan Lorne & Patricia Larson A. Ronald & Barbara Law Mrs. Louise Lefebvre Harold & Elaine Lemieux Jean Leslie Kenneth Lima-Coelho Livingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys Donald & Doreen Lougheed Dr. E. W. Paul Luxford Bruce A. MacDonald Neil Mattatall Dan McGregor Judy Miskew Dr. John & Mrs. Margaret Noakes Cara Olynyk & Andrew Graham Tietje Piera Josephine Pon Maureen Poscente Tasneem Rahim Rich Roenisch Audrey Schultz Catherine Smith Perry & Geneva Spitznagel G. C. Stevenson Laurie Strother Ann Ten Pierik Gloria Toole & Janis Svilpis Peter van Leeuwen Jo-Ann Visser Lawrence & Olga Watson Jeanne Watson Willow Park Wines & Spirits Shirley A. Wolfe Hal & Marnie Wyatt Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas Gifts-in-kind Values Pending Edward Schwarts Estate of Robert E. Burns


Glenbow Board of Governors April 1, 2009–March 31, 2010 FOUNDER Eric L. Harvie*, O.C. C.D. Q.C. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Board Chair George E. Bezaire Vice-Chairs Jack Thrasher, Q.C. Chair, Development Committee Gail O’Brien, LL.D. (Honourary) Past Chair Lauchlan J. Currie Governors Brian Calliou John Cardiff Richard Cormack Anne Crawford Joanne Cuthbertson Chair, Collections & Access Committee William DeJong, Q.C. Kirstin Evenden, M.A., President & CEO Rod Green Robert (Bob) Herdman, FCA Jim Keough Donna Livingstone Jean Merriman Dr. Vettivelu Nallainayagam Dr. Michael J. Robinson Chair, Audit/Investment Committee Richard Shaw, Q.C. Chair, Governance Committee Bruce Shultz, P. Geol. Myron M. Stadnyk, P.Eng. BOARD COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES Larry Birchall Dr. Anne E. Calvert Lance Carlson Bonnie Dumont Phyllis Konrad Corporate Secretary and Treasurer Marion Shill Assistant Corporate Secretary Vacant


PAST CHAIRS Eric L. Harvie*, O.C. C.D. Q.C., 1954–1966 The Hon. Mr. Justice N.D. McDermid* Q.C., 1966–69 James C. Mahaffy*, 1969–1970 W. Donald C. Mackenzie*, 1970–74 The Hon. Douglas S. Harkness*, O.C. 1974–77 Jane T. Edwards*, 1977–1980 D. Edwin Lewis*, C.D., Q.C., 1980–84 E. David D. Tavender, Q.C., 1984–88 Catherine Evamy, 1988–1991 Frederick F. Abbott, 1991–94 J. Sherrold Moore, 1994–97 Robert G. Peters, 1997–2000 A. Webster Macdonald, Jr., Q.C. 2000-02 Randal L. Oliver, 2002–04 Ian A. Bourne, 2004–07 *deceased

FELLOWS Robert M. Borden N. Glenn Cameron Catherine M. Evamy Robert R. Janes, Ph.D. The Hon. E. Peter Lougheed P.C., C.C., Q.C. Joy Harvie Maclaren Michael P. Robinson, C.M. E. David D. Tavender, Q.C. HONOURARY APPOINTMENTS Patricia Ainslie, Curator Emeritus of Art Dr. Hugh Dempsey, Chief Curator Emeritus Dr. Marmie P. Hess, O.C., L.L.D. Associate Researcher Ralph Klein, Curator Emeritus of Blackfoot Ethnology Joy Harvie Maclaren, Curator Emeritus of Blackfoot Ethnology Ewa Smithwick, Conservator Emeritus

Glenbow Management & Staff (Full and part time list as at March 31, 2010) President’s Office Kirstin Evenden President & Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Eliasson Assistant to the President Senior Management Team Douglas Cass Director of Library & Archives Melanie Kjorlien, Vice President, Access,

Knowledge Management Wilf Allen, Support Technician, Audio Visual & Computer Janelle Dubeau, Digitization, Publishing & Rights Coordinator (on leave Feb. ’10) Rebecca Melenka, Digitization, Publishing & Rights Coordinator

Marketing & Communications Tanis Shortt, Manager, Marketing &

Collections & Exhibitions Marion Shill, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

Communications Megan Bailey, Communications Specialist Allison Moore, Marketing Specialist

Access, Collections and Exhibitions Sharon Dubé, Administrative Assistant,

Visitor Experience Heather John, Manager, Visitor Experience Susan Barratt-Kyle, Visitor Experience

Access, Collections & Exhibitions

Representative Julie Bevan, Adult Education Coordinator Danielle Booroff, Museum Educator Michèle Gallant, Museum School Coordinator Cassandra Hanhart, Museum Educator

Collections Daryl Betenia, Manager, Collections Claude Belleau Conservator, Paintings and Sculpture Aimee Benoit, Collections Technician, Indigenous Studies (on leave Feb. ’10) Lee Oldford Churchill, Conservator, Paper Heather Dumka, Conservator, Artifacts Kathleen Fisher, Pest Control and Collections Technician Kimberley Hallis, Collections Technician, Art (on leave Aug. ’09) Catherine Heggs, Collections Technician, Cultural History Travis Lutley, Collections Technician, Art Lia Melemenis, Collections Registrar

Joanne Schmidt Collections Technician, Indigenous Studies Marcia Slater Collections Technician, Cultural History Curatorial Gerald Conaty, Director, Indigenous Studies Lorain Lounsberry Senior Curator, Cultural History Monique Westra, Acting Senior Art Curator

Design and Production Ray Jense, Manager, Production Kathryn Baker, Graphic Design Technician Rod Bennett, Production Technician David Biggar, Graphic Designer, Marketing Stephen Dundas-Smith, Exhibit Designer Elizabete Edels, Exhibits Registrar Ray Laniel, Production Technician David Nicol, Production Technician Cathie Ross, Graphic Design Coordinator Terry Shuttleworth, Production Technician

Audrey Jahraus Visitor Experience Representative Lada Karanovic, Bookings Coordinator Kyle Lamont, Admissions System Administrator Natalie Marsh, School Programs Coordinator Kattina Michele, Museum Educator Veronica Murphy Discovery Education Coordinator Ursula Ross, Visitor Experience Representative Rachel Stacey, Museum Educator Clarence Wolfleg First Nations Program Coordinator Antonia Wolfleg, Bookings Coordinator Central Services Ron Marsh, Director, Central Services Doug Coombe, Purchasing Coordinator Glenn Myhr, Manager, Computer Services Chris Heazell Computer Support, Network Administrator Nick Heazell Computer Support, Network Administrator Cathy Herr Computer Support, Collections Specialist Scott Johns, Audio Visual Operator Owen Melenka, Photographer

Michael Gyorkos, Visitor Services Representative Sarah John, Visitor Services Representative Emily McGuigan, Visitor Services Representative Peter Miller, Visitor Services Representative Bruce Mullen, Visitor Services Representative Kelsey Scholtz, Visitor Services Representative Alice (Ruth) Setso, Visitor Services Representative Rick Widenmaier, Visitor Services Representative Finance James Pon Manager, Finance and Accounting Cheryl Garden, Senior Financial Analyst Simona Ciobanu, Accountant Grace Chan, Accounts Payable Accountant Mary Lender Finance & Administrative Assistant Volunteer Resources Lynn McShane, Manager, Volunteer Resources

& Staff Development

Fund Development Wendy Robinson Manager, Fund Development Michelle Cvik, Database Coordinator Nicola Garvin Membership and Annual Giving Coordinator Kellie Moynihan Grants & Planned Giving Coordinator Glenbow Museum Gift Shop Connie Smith, Manager, Glenbow Shop Douglas Aubrey Assistant Manager, Glenbow Shop Linda Dalziel, Cashier Charmaine Warne, Cashier Library & Archives Anita Dammer, Digital Images Technician Jennifer Hamblin, Librarian Susan Kooyman, Archivist, Digital Access Adria Lund, Archives Clerk Lindsay Moir, Senior Librarian Roberta Ryckman, Administrative Assistant Lynette Walton, Archivist, Imperial Oil

Building & Visitor Services Gerald Bogner Manager of Building and Visitor Services Reynaldo San Pedro Visitor Services Supervisor Joan Calub, Visitor Services Representative Kelly Cavanagh, Visitor Services Representative Doug Coombe, Visitor Services Representative


upcoming exhibitions

The Baroque World of Fernando Botero

Brian Eno - 77 Million Paintings

August 21–November 14, 2010

January 4–March 20, 2011

Organized and circulated by Art Services

Organized by the Glenbow Museum in

International, Alexandria, Virginia

partnership with One Yellow Rabbit’s High

From Our Collection: The Broken World of

Performance Rodeo 2011

John Will

Yousuf Karsh, Regarding Heroes

August 21–November 14, 2010

April 2–June 15, 2011

Organized by Glenbow Museum

From the Collection of the

James Henderson: Wiciteowapi Wicas

Art Institute of Chicago

(The Man Who Paints the Old Men)

Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait

October 16, 2010–January 9, 2011

Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno

Organized by the Mendel Art Gallery

April 2–July 3, 2011

Stephen Hutchings:

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada

Landscapes for the End of Time

The Warrior Emperor and China’s

December 11, 2010–March 13, 2011

Terracotta Army

Organized by Glenbow Museum

July 30–November 20, 2011

Perceptions of Promise: Biotechnology,

Organized by the Royal Ontario Museum in partnership with the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and the

Society and Art

Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre, People’s

January 4–March 20, 2011

Republic of China, with the collaboration of the Montreal

Developed in partnership with the Canadian Stem Cell Network and the University of Alberta’s Department of Art

Museum of Fine Arts, the Glenbow Museum, Calgary and the Royal BC Museum, Victoria.

and Design and Health Law Institute

Left to right: Fernando Botero, The First Lady, 1989, Private Collection. The Baroque World of Fernando Botero exhibition is organized and circulated by Art Services International, Alexandria, Virginia;. Yousuf Karsh, Winston Churchill © Estate of Yousuf Karsh. This exhibition tour is organized by Curatorial Assistance, Pasadena, CA.; Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait (detail), 2006, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa © Anna lena films/Palomar Pictures


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