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Edward Burtynsky, Uranium Tailings #12, Elliot Lake, Ontario, 1995, Collection of Glenbow Museum

4–9 FEATURE exhibitions “... [Uranium Tailings #12 Elliot Lake, Ontario] could easily pass as an idyllic and superficial depiction of landscape.... As an artwork, the colours remind me of a John Constable painting and could dutifully be poised as a nod to the works of the Group of Seven.” Linh Ly, artist and one of the guest curators for Edward Burtynsky: Encounters




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Photograph of Iain Baxter& © University of Windsor

Installation view of The Gray Rabbit by Laurie Anderson, 2010

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Front cover top row: Edward Burtynsky, Oxford Tire Pile #4, Westley, California, 1999, Collection of Glenbow Museum; Edward Burtynsky, Rock of Ages #2, Granite Quarry, Beebe, Québec, 1991, Collection of Glenbow Museum. Second row: Stills from The Gray Rabbit by Laurie Anderson, 2010. Third row: Iain Baxter&, Landscape with Sailboats (Digital Code Conversion Series) [detail], 2008, Collection of the Artist

winter calendar of events

2012 | 1

president’s letter I am very excited that Calgary has been named a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012. What a tremendous opportunity to showcase Glenbow and the many other organizations and individuals that make up Calgary’s vibrant cultural sector! This winter, we present esteemed performance artist Laurie Anderson’s installation, The Gray Rabbit, in association with One Yellow Rabbit’s 2012 High Performance Rodeo. We are thrilled to present the North American premiere of this work. After the success of last year’s exhibition 77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno at Glenbow, we are partnering once again with the Rodeo to bring the work of Laurie Anderson, one of the world’s premier multimedia and performance artists, to Calgary audiences. We also present two feature exhibitions that draw on Glenbow’s collection of contemporary art, showcasing the work of two prominent Canadian artists, Edward Burtynsky and IAIN BAXTER&. Edward Burtynsky: Encounters encourages visitors to interpret the artist’s complex and expansive landscapes from their own perspectives. Glenbow has a collection of over 40 Burtynsky works, most of which were generously gifted by the artist in 2003. This will be the first Glenbow exhibition to showcase this gift and will be the first substantial presentation of Burtynsky’s work by a public institution in Calgary. Thirty guest curators from across Canada have been invited to participate based on their

2 | 2012

winter calendar of events

contributions to their respective fields. Those selected are leaders in their communities of practice, whether they are architects, scientists or artists themselves, and they bring a unique perspective to a number of the issues that are addressed in Burtynsky’s work. This exhibition highlights the diverse way in which one can interpret and comment on the complexity present in Burtynsky’s work. 1n40/rmat10/n, featuring the work of senior Canadian artist IAIN BAXTER&, and curated by Glenbow Curator Colleen Sharpe, coincides with the opening of a 50-year retrospective of BAXTER&’s work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Glenbow’s collection includes works by BAXTER& dating from 1959 to 1980. The focus of this project relates to BAXTER&’s larger practice and considers how we perceive landscape. This is a unique opportunity for Calgarians to experience BAXTER&’s landscape and environment-based works. In addition, BAXTER& is creating a new, site-specific work for the exhibition. As we anticipate Calgary’s year-long celebration of culture in 2012, I want to thank you for your continued support of Glenbow, one of Calgary’s premiere cultural institutions.


Do join us at Glenbow for memorable programs, exhibitions and talks this winter; there is something for everyone!

Kirstin Evenden, M.A. President and CEO Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) fur trader William McKay acquired this Cambridge ale jug in about 1865 when he was appointed Chief trader for the Fort Ellice District. A third generation fur trader, ”Billy“ McKay was respected by his clients, the Cree, his employer, and the Canadian government. At the government’s request, McKay helped prepare the First nations for the arrival of the north West Mounted Police in 1874, and for treaty 6 in 1876. McKay died unexpectedly in 1883, and the ale jug was passed to his son, thomas McKay. thomas briefly worked for the HBC, then went into farming and politics in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert region. He became town mayor and was later elected to the north-West Assembly. RECEnT ACQUisiTions the MCKay faMily CaMbridGe ale JuG this handsome pitcher was made in Wedgwood’s Etruria factory, ca 1850–55. the white jasperware body has been dipped in a rich blue glaze and accented with simple white lines. A fine silver lid and beaver-shaped finial were added in Montreal about 1860 by renowned Canadian silversmith robert Hendery.

this Cambridge ale jug, with its iconically Canadian decorative finial, has unique connections with the McKay family of Saskatchewan. Glenbow extends its thanks for this important donation to McKay family members Mrs. Cairine J. Scott, Mrs. Eleanor M. Meek, Ms M. Patricia McKay, Mrs B. Jean Kromm and Ms Wendy E. O’Donnell. Above left: Cambridge Ale Jug, ca. 1855-1860, Collection of Glenbow Museum

winter Calendar of events

2012 | 3

feature exh

Artist Laurie Anderson has cast herself in roles as varied as composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, vocalist, instrumentalist and electronics whiz. Many have tried to categorize her diverse 40-year career into broader terms – performance artist, avant-garde artist, even woman artist. But she opts for the more traditional term, storyteller. 4 | 2012

winter Calendar of events

hibition In The Gray Rabbit, Anderson the storyteller examines a story from her childhood. But this is no rote retelling of the summer when she was 12. Instead, through this multimedia installation, Anderson re-examines her memories of the summer she spent in hospital, realizing that what she remembers and what she recounts is what is palatable for her to remember. For Anderson, creating the work was a way to examine the mechanism of telling a story. She also experimented with how to fit a story that was in her head into a museum gallery; she wanted to put the story in places. Dreamlike and heavily processed images that evoke scenes from her childhood story are projected onto an imaginary and iconic landscape of a town made of shredded paper. The result is a shimmering sidewalk of imagery that has the motion of narrative without its literalness. Laurie Anderson has said that she wants her art to “...evoke a reaction more than explain anything clearly.” The Gray Rabbit is a multifaceted work that inspires reflection, permits a glimpse into the artist’s personal history and illuminates the experimental and intuitive creative process of a masterful storyteller. The Gray Rabbit premiered at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paoulo and Rio de Janeiro) in 2010-11 as part of the Laurie Anderson retrospective I IN U EU EM TU. Glenbow is pleased to present the North American premiere of The Gray Rabbit in association with One Yellow Rabbit’s 2012 High Performance Rodeo.

January 18–April 9, 2012


In Conversation: Laurie Anderson Tuesday, January 17 Laurie Anderson is a multi-dimensional artist of supreme proportions. Her reach goes beyond performer, artist, musician, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker and storyteller and into a world all her own. Rolling Stone calls Anderson a ”… singer-songwriter of crushing poignancy – a minimalist painter of melancholy moods who addresses universal themes in the vernacular of the commonplace.” Anderson will sit down with Glenbow Vice President Melanie Kjorlien for a thoughtprovoking discussion touching on highlights of her vast career and some of her most recent accomplishments such as 2010’s Delusion, her most recent album, Homeland, and, of course, looking more closely at her latest installation The Gray Rabbit at Glenbow and her residency in Calgary for the 26th High Performance Rodeo. After this discussion, join us for a reception and visit the The Gray Rabbit exhibition. 7:00pm ConocoPhillips Theatre Glenbow Members $20/General $25 Call 403.268.4110 for tickets

Presenting Sponsor: In Conversation

Left: Stills from The Gray Rabbit by Laurie Anderson, 2010; Laurie Anderson © Tim Knox

winter calendar of events

2012 | 5

feature exhibition


E n c o u n t e r s

Inspired by Edward Burtynsky’s view that his images can “function as reflecting pools of our times” we wondered what meaning Canadians would find in this photographer’s masterfully composed images. When compelled to reflect upon Burtynsky’s images of landscapes transformed by industry – quarrying, mining, recycling, manufacturing, rail cutting and ship breaking – what would be our commentary on these landscapes shaped by our own desires and needs?

6 | 2012

winter calendar of events

For this exhibition, 30 Canadians, representing diverse views and life perspectives, each chose a work by Burtynsky. The result is a combination of places and moments Burtynsky has photographed over the course of his career, combined with written commentary by the guest curators whose

January 21–April 9, 2012


reflections are thoughtful, thought-provoking, sometimes surprising and always personal. As an artist, Burtynsky has said that he searches for subjects that are rich in detail and scale yet open in their meaning. By considering the meaning others derive from these compelling works, Encounters prompts us to look at these images anew, creating opportunities for dialogue about humanity’s impact on the landscapes Edward Burtynsky photographs. From left to right: Edward Burtynsky, Nickel Tailings #30, Sudbury, Ontario, 1996, Collection of Glenbow Museum; Edward Burtynsky, Container Ports #8, Racine Port, Montréal, Québec [detail], 2001, Collection of Glenbow Museum; Peter Mettler

Guest curators for Edward Burtynsky: Encounters include Canadians from across the country.

Robert Bourdeau Marc Boutin Jim Brown Barbara Budd Ronnie Burkett Elizabeth Cannon Tim Caulfield Cam Christianson David Cohlmeyer Phil Currie Marie Delorme Phil Fontaine Glendale School Grade 5/6 Students Tanya Harnett Linh Ly Martin Magne Jeff Melanson Danny Michel Bill Phipps Ron Renaud Tara Shaw Fred Stenson George Stromboulopoulos Students from Bearspaw Adult Learning Centre Mark Tewksbury Robert Thirsk W. Brett Wilson

FILM SCREENING Saturday, January 21 Petropolis The documentary film Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands made its North American debut at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and has since been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, the Vancouver International Film Festival, Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal and other film festivals around the world. The footage of this film was shot from a helicopter over the remote Canadian oil sands, where a massive operation is underway to extract oil from beneath forests and wetlands. Regardless of your views of the oil sands, this film provides an interesting view of a remote and relevant landscape. The film has short narration by the film’s director Peter Mettler, who was also the cinematographer on Manufactured Landscapes, a documentary film about the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky. Join us after the screening for our winter season Launch Party. 6:00pm Members $10/General $12 Call to reserve your tickets at 403.268.4110

winter calendar of events

2012 | 7

feature exhibition

I A I N B A X T E R & / r m a t 1 0 / n 1 n 4 0 IAIN BAXTER& is recognized internationally as one of Canada’s pioneering conceptual artists. In 2005, the Canada Council Molson Prize committee stated that his “highly regarded conceptual installations and projects, as well as his photography, have earned him the label of ‘the Marshall McLuhan of the visual arts.’” He’s an Officer of the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario and the Order of British Columbia. He is a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize and was awarded the Governor General’s Award in Visual Arts in 2003. 8 | 2012

winter calendar of events

January 21–April 9, 2012

Currently BAXTER& is the subject of a 50-year retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario, it will be exhibited there beginning in March 2012. His works have been widely exhibited and collected in institutions including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Gemeentemusem in The Hague, Holland and The National Gallery of Canada. 1n40/rmat10/n, draws attention to BAXTER&’s lifelong concern with ecology, information and the environment. The exhibition brings together environmentally themed conceptual works spanning 50 years such as Puffin Parley, 1959; Apple Trees, 1980; CO2 Landscape (Homage to Chico Mendes), 1990; and Seat of Power, 1990. The works are drawn from the Glenbow’s collection and from the collection of the University of Lethbridge. The exhibition will also include new works created by BAXTER&, including a site-specific installation.

From left to right: Iain Baxter&, Image © University of Windsor; Iain Baxter&, Apple Tree on a Hill, 1980, Collection of Glenbow Museum; Iain Baxter&, Landscape with Sailboats (Digital Code Conversion Series), 2008, Collection of the Artist


1n40/rmat10/n explores BAXTER&’s interest in the fusion and the confusion between natural and information-based landscapes in our world. Most of all the exhibition shares BAXTER&’s belief that “art is all over.” BAXTER&’s name could also be considered a work of art. In 2005 he had “and” legally added to his name, which he represents as an ampersand. This act was a statement that art is about connecting and collaborating with the viewer, and that life is full of “ands.” He recently trademarked the ”&”. Exclusive Evening Tour with IAIN BAXTER& Tuesday, January 24 Spend an evening with one of Canada’s most celebrated conceptual artists IAIN BAXTER& for an in-depth look at his exhibition. The exhibition draws from 50 years of BAXTER&’s environmentally focused work and includes a major new site-specific installation. 7:00pm 2nd Floor, Glenbow Museum Limited availability Call 403.268.4110 to reserve your spot Members $15/General $20

winter calendar of events

2012 | 9

numbers worth knowing A numerical guide to the artists featured in our winter exhibitions: Laurie Anderson, IAIN BAXTER& and Edward Burtynsky.

1 40

The number of years covered in the recent retrospective of Laurie Anderson’s work at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2010. The Gray Rabbit, the work by Anderson on view at Glenbow this season, had its world premiere as part of this retrospective.


The position that Laurie Anderson’s 1981 single “O Superman” reached on the UK pop charts.

In 2002, Laurie Anderson was appointed the first and only artist-in-residence for NASA. (The space agency has sponsored an art program since the sixties, inviting artists like Andy Warhol or Robert Rauschenberg to use imagery of space technology in their art, but this was the first residency.) As artist-inresidence, Anderson produced The End of the Moon. According to her, it’s about “stories about stars and dogs and people and cities and war and all sorts of things,” and, the thing she particularly likes, “wacky facts.”

6 feet

The length of the Talking Stick, a wireless, baton-like MIDI controller Anderson developed in the late 1990s that accesses and replicates a variety of different sounds. It was used prominently during her Songs and Stories for Moby Dick production.

Above: Still from The Gray Rabbit (detail) Laurie Anderson, 2010

10 | 2012


winter calendar of events


The year IAIN BAXTER& won the Purchase Prize for this work, Puffin Parley, at the Southern Alberta Annual Art Show.


The number of years IAIN BAXTER& worked as creative consultant to the president of Labatt Breweries, from 1982–83.

Above: Iain Baxter&, Puffin Parley [detail], 1959, Collection of Glenbow Museum

August 20–September 28, 2011



The number of hours of lectures (per term) IAIN BAXTER& was required to give as resident artist for Simon Fraser University in 1966. He did provide the 26 hours – all on one single day (plus two hours) “... during which he showed his students slides, guided them around Vancouver … took them to see the movie Blow Up and returned to class to spend the night viewing experimental films.” (Paul Grescoe, 1967)


The address of the Eye Scream Restaurant on W. 4th Street in Vancouver that Baxter& began as part of N.E. Thing Co., a company he cofounded to provide consultation and evaluation services with respect to things. The restaurant was opened as part of N.E. Thing’s ongoing research into what Baxter& has described as “the osmosis between ordinary life and the artist’s take on it.”

30 years The length of time Edward Burtynsky has used his Linhof camera. “It’s been around the world with me about 10 times, but my new digital Hasselblad gets better results doing aerial work than I could ever get with film.” (Edward Burtynsky quoted in Toronto Life.)


Edward Burtynsky’s age when he received his first 35 mm camera and began using the darkroom that was set up in the basement of his family’s home.


The number of works by Edward Burtynsky in Glenbow’s art collection. Most of the images, representing many of his major series up until 2002, were generously donated to Glenbow by the artist. Above: Edward Burtynsky, Mines #13, Inco-Abandoned Mine Shaft, Crean Hill Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, 1984, Collection of Glenbow Museum

$100,000(us) The amount given to Edward Burtynsky upon being awarded the inaugural TED Prize (along with U2’s Bono and inventor Robert Fischell) in 2005. The amount was to be spent on making three wishes of the winner’s choosing come true. You can find out what Burtynsky’s wishes were at

winter calendar of events

2012 | 11

feature from ourexhibition collections program

From Our Collections: Inscapes As part of Glenbow’s ongoing From Our Collections series, we are pleased to present Inscapes. This selection of contemporary art explores the idea of interior and imagined landscapes. The artworks visualize inner landscape as a place imagined or remembered by an artist. The term inscape is used in visual art to refer to stylistically diverse artworks that represent an artist’s psyche as a kind of interior landscape. The works drawn from the Glenbow collection bring together a diversity of artistic practices on this theme, including installation, media, painting, sculpture, textile and conceptual art. Featured are multimedia installations that offer immersive worlds to discover, such as David Hoffos’s Phase I: Parlour (golf), 2003, Scenes from The House Dream; and Graeme

Patterson’s Pothole from the Woodrow Series. The exhibition also includes works by John Brocke, Gordon Ferguson, Christopher Flodberg and Mary Scott. Come and discover the intense, profound and often playful world of an artist’s mind. Member’s Open House celebrate Glenbow’s New Season Sunday, January 22, 12:00–5:00pm Refreshments will be available in the ConocoPhillips Theatre for members and their guests, and Glenbow staff will be on hand to chat and answer any questions you have about the new exhibitions or the museum in general. Plus bring a friend to the Open House, and they will enjoy complimentary admission! Should they decide to purchase a membership that day, they will get 10% off their membership fee. Members can enter to win a fabulous prize package from the Museum Shop.

Above: John Brocke, Aurora, 1989, Collection of Glenbow Museum

12 | 2012

winter calendar of events


launch party

winTER 2012 LAUnCh pARTY saturday, January 21 Join us for the best after hours art party to start off the new year! We’re celebrating the openings of Laurie Anderson’s The Gray Rabbit, Edward Burtynsky: Encounters and 1n40 / rmat10 / n by IAIn BAxtEr&. this launch party includes work by celebrated national and international artists and stunning performances by some of Calgary’s most innovative musicians and performers. Performing solo is Dan Vacon, a well-known Calgary musician and front man to the Dudes. Dan‘s performance will showcase his soul, his incredible guitar playing and breathtaking vocals. You won’t want to miss this. Jennie Vallis, a Calgary-based interactive designer and new media artist will entertain with a motion-tracked live dance performance and digital interaction space featuring motioncontrolled projections. the dance performance will feature choreography by La Caravan Dance

Saturday, January 21, 2012

theatre’s Maya Lewandowsky in an innovative and electrifying union of technology, movement and the human form. DJ Matt Bayliff, previously from the Calgary indie rock super group Beija Flor, will DJ throughout the night. And, to cap off the night, discover your artistic self and express a memory using watercolour paints in the Discovery room. 7:00–10:00pm Pay-what-you-can at the door RSVP by January 19 to

Supported by:

Clockwise from top left: Dan Vacon; Jennie Vallis; Edward Burtynsky, Temagami #18, Abandoned Iron Ore Mines, Sherman Mines, Temagami, Ontario, 1991, Collection of Glenbow Museum; Still from The Gray Rabbit by Laurie Anderson, 2010

winter Calendar of events

2012 | 13

in residence

in REsidEnCE: shAnE koYCZAn “on LovE” tuesday, february 14 this season’s In Residence program features award-winning spoken word poet Shane Koyczan. On the most celebrated day of love, Koyczan will be back to premiere more new work inspired by his time visiting the Glenbow collection – a visit which exposed him to many memorable love stories. Koyczan is known for his performance at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. For many, his performance was a highlight and it was that performance that launched Koyczan to the world stage. the sincerity and wit in Koyczan’s poems are known to speak directly to the heart and you may find yourself laughing hysterically and crying uncontrollably all in one evening. David Bidini, who writes for The Globe and Mail remarked, “… Shane swallowed the stage with the power of his verse, stepping from subdued deep hot sad love poetry to hip-hop power chord meta-meter, throttling the crowd with the weight of his rhymes, and effectively

14 | 2012

winter Calendar of events

wiping the stage with us. And so, a whole new generation of rhyme readers will be born.” Explore your romantic side with an evening outside the traditional dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day. Warning: Language may not be suitable for children. 7:00–8:30pm ConocoPhillips Theatre Tickets $15/Members $12 Call 403.268.4110 for tickets

Glenbow’s In Residence program invites diverse artists from a variety of disciplines to interact with Glenbow’s exhibitions and art collections and then create a new work that debuts to the public at Glenbow. The first year of In Residence saw Calgary singer/songwriter Kris Demeanor develop and facilitate a series of participatory encounters where audience members became co-creators.

Above left to right: Shane Koyczan; Valentines, ca. 1909-1912, Artist Unknown, Collection of Glenbow Library

in concert

dAnnY MiChEL: in ConCERT friday, february 24 Danny Michel is a musical innovator who has been called “one of this country’s undiscovered musical treasures.” When armed with a band, Danny can blow the roof off any venue, but it’s his solo performances that get his fans really excited. Join us for this unique opportunity to experience a Danny Michel solo performance in an unexpected venue, a museum gallery. Danny Michel received a Juno nomination for Best new Artist in 2004; recently, Danny’s song “Feather, Fur & Fin” won the David Suzuki Foundation’s “Playlist for the Planet.” David Suzuki said, “Your song ‘Feather, Fur & Fin’ articulates a passion for the environment that resonates deeply with people across the country, and around the world.” Beyond being an unbelievable musician, an advocate for the environment and an incredibly passionate

performer, Michel is also one of the guest curators of this season’s Edward Burtynsky: Encounters exhibition. If you’d like to hear what countless fans and critics have been going ga-ga over for years, join us for this performance by one of Canada’s best, Danny Michel. 7:00–10:00pm 2nd Floor Lobby Tickets $20/Members $18

Left to right: Edward Burtynsky, Oxford Tire Pile #2, Westley, California, 1999, Collection of Glenbow Museum; Danny Michel

winter Calendar of events

2012 | 15

out for lunch Out for Lunch


Have a craving for knowledge? An appetite for art? Don’t miss this season’s Out for Lunch series which will cure your cubicle blues. Join us over your lunch break for informative discussions about Glenbow’s feature exhibitions.

Presentations run from 12–12:45pm ConocoPhillips Theatre $5 General Public/Members Free Bring your lunch

Admission is free for members/$5 general public

IN THE GALLERY 40 MINUTE EXHIBITION TOURS Tours begin at noon, second floor lobby

Thursday, February 9 Join Glenbow Vice President Melanie Kjorlien for a closer look at Laurie Anderson’s dreamlike installation work The Gray Rabbit. Thursday, March 1 Explore the conceptual art of notable Canadian artist IAIN BAXTER& and discover artworks from the Glenbow exhibition, From Our Collections: Inscapes. Thursday, March 15 Meet Glenbow Vice President Melanie Kjorlien for a discussion on the unique curatorial model for the Edward Burtynsky exhibition. Encounters brings new meaning to the work by incorporating the views of guest curators with varying backgrounds from across the country who selected photographs for the exhibition. Discover more about one of Canada’s most respected photographers and his ideas on environmentalism and beauty.

Presenting Sponsor: In Conversation, Out for Lunch Series & Art for the Senses

16 | 2012

winter calendar of events

The Edward Burtynsky exhibition experiments with a fresh curatorial model that engaged compelling guest curators from across the country to select a Burtynsky photograph that most resonates with them. This season’s Out for Lunch speaker series will bring some of the guest curators to the museum to discuss their involvement in the project, the work they selected and how it intersects with their world and the work that they do. The Architect: Marc Boutin Thursday, February 2 Marc Boutin, from The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative Inc., is an award-winning local architect who designed The Calgary Centre for Global Community, Eau Claire Public Space, Calgary Public Building, Memorial Drive Landscape of Memory Plaza among many other projects. Join us as Marc discusses how he believes art, architecture and the environment collide, and to see the Burtynsky photograph that most inspired him. The “protected places” person: Martin Magne Thursday, February 23 Martin Magne is Director of the Western and Northern Service Centre for Parks Canada. In 2011, Parks Canada celebrated its centennial. Martin will discuss how the Canadian landscape has changed over time and how he believes the Canadian natural and historical landscapes influence artists’ work. Martin will also discuss the Burtynsky photograph he selected for the exhibition.

Coe ThE oThER phoToGRAphER: TAnYA hARnETT friday, MarCh 9

Fred Stenson

tanya Harnett is a photographer who uses her art form to explore notions of spirituality and materiality, technological modes of representation and hierarchy of media. Join tanya as she discusses how her practice as a photographer engaged her in this curatorial process and how her own photography shaped her decision when selecting a Burtynsky photograph for the exhibition.

wRiTinG woRkshop wiTh FREd sTEnson: LAndsCApE inTo LAnGUAGE saturday, MarCh 24 It is often said that when a writer writes landscape well it is like the landscape becomes an active character in the story. this workshop will look at how writers make landscape live in the minds of readers, whether that landscape is wild, rural or urban; pretty or not-so-pretty. How do we find the words to make these landscapes speak? What are the right details to select? Fred Stenson will introduce participants to the work of writers who create evocative landscapes in their work. the goal of the workshop is to equip writers with techniques for their own writing.

tanya Harnett, Cold Lake First Nations: Damaged Spring at Blueberry Point, 2011, Collection of the Artist

Stenson is one of the guest curators of the Edward Burtynksy exhibition, where he was asked to select and write about one of Burtynsky’s works. Stenson will describe that process and how it relates to the workshop’s discussion of turning landscape into language. Fred Stenson is an Alberta-based writer of fiction, non-fiction and film. His three historical novels, The Trade, Lightning and The Great Karoo are respected for their treatment and use of landscape. the first of these novels was nominated for the Giller Prize; the last was a finalist in 2008 for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction. Both The Trade and Lightning won Alberta’s Grant MacEwan Prize. He lives in Cochrane, Alberta. 10:00am–4:30pm Adult $90/Glenbow Member/Member of WGA $70 Space Limited call 403.268.4110 to book Program includes a guided tour of the exhibition Edward Burtynsky: Encounters and a catered lunch. Presented in partnership with

winter Calendar of events

2012 | 17

all ages programming AMPERSAND EXPLORATION January 28–April 9, 2012 Discover the original and intriguing artworks by IAIN BAXTER& by following the clues in our exploration guide. Pick up your activity sheet in the Discovery Room and trade it in once it’s completed for a cool decal. Perfect for family visits!

Art du Jour ARC Discovery Room Open Daily Level 2 The ARC Discovery Room is the perfect place for visitors of all ages to enjoy art activities and explore the ideas featured in Glenbow exhibitions. The ARC Discovery Room is open to the public daily during museum hours, but may be closed for private group and school bookings on weekdays. Please ask at the admissions desk or call ahead to inquire about closures. WATERCOLOUR MEMORIES January 18–April 9, 2012 Evoke memories and share your experiences through this watercolour painting activity. Choose a memory at random and paint your story using watercolour paints and paper. Compare and contrast your creation with the lucid projections in Laurie Anderson’s The Gray Rabbit exhibition. TEXTURED LANDSCAPES January 21–April 9, 2012 Using paper, drawing tools and textured objects, transfer a rubbing onto a landscape drawing to create the appearance of natural surfaces. Your finished artwork will be a landscape that has been altered at the hands of human influence, a subject that can be explored in the Edward Burtynsky: Encounters exhibition.

18 | 2012

winter calendar of events

Explore the artwork in our feature and permanent galleries through 15-minute presentations delivered every Saturday and Sunday by our knowledgeable museum educators. Saturdays & Sundays 2:00pm

WHO IS LAURIE ANDERSON? January 28–March 4, 2012 Who is artist Laurie Anderson? Many of us know her as a musician, but there are many other facets of her creative process to encounter. Visit our feature exhibition The Gray Rabbit and learn more about Anderson’s experiences, and maybe share a few of your own. Exploring Edward Burtynsky March 10–april 9, 2012 Burtynsky���s evocative photographs inspire a variety of responses from the viewer. Join us in exploring some selected works by renowned guest curators in Glenbow‘s feature exhibition Edward Burtynsky: Encounters and discover a new point of view.

Above: Marion Nicoll, Badlands, Eladesor, Alberta [detail], 1953, Collection of Glenbow Museum

The ARC Discovery Room is supported by:

all ages programming bEhind ThE sCEnEs ToURs Registration is limited for Behind the Scenes Tours. Call 403.268.4110 to reserve your spot. Tours begin at 6:15pm, no latecomers Meet in Glenbow’s main lobby Members $12/General Public $15

phoToGRAphY FoREvER? thursday, february 16 Developed in the early 1800s, photography is a late addition to the artist’s toolbox. the materials, techniques and styles of photography reflect ever-changing technological advances which also affect how and if a photograph can be preserved. Join Glenbow paper conservator Lee Oldford Churchill to discuss the evolution of photographs and the many ways they are preserved and conserved, and then venture into the conservation lab to examine some of the fascinating photos that have been preserved in Glenbow’s collections. MEMoRY And iMAGinATion thursday, MarCh 22 A name embroidered on a sampler, rough shingles crafted into an imaginary creature, an enigmatic wooden machine – these objects are individual expressions of memory, personal environments and imagination. Folk art can embody memories of past activities and quilts often use textiles and words that connect to the quilter. It is objects like these that can provide fodder for the imagination. Join senior curator of cultural history Lorain Lounsberry to find some imaginative and provocative artifacts in Glenbow’s history collections.

wEEkEnd AT ThE MUsEUM: ALL AboUT ART! MarCh 17 and 18, 2012 Glenbow has so many varied art exhibitions this season and we’re celebrating them all! Join us for a fun-filled weekend of art-making, performances and storytelling and discover the many works of art in our feature galleries. Explore all the ways creativity finds an outlet and find the inner artist within you. All activities, workshops and supplies are included with admission or membership. Mark the dates in your calendar for this not-to-miss event 9:00am–5:00pm $32 Family admission (Includes 2 adults and up to 4 youth) Free for members Please visit for details Supported by

Above right: Lone Star Quilt, ca. 1920–1930, Collection of Glenbow Museum

winter Calendar of events

2012 | 19

but more fun ancy Join us for a night of culture, cuisine and cocktails in support of Glenbow Museum. Featuring special guest, radio and television host Jian Ghomeshi. February 11, 2012 Entertainment & exhibits • 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM Dancing until midnight Dress: Fancy or Fun For tickets and information visit or call 403 268 4188

20 | 2012

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Charlie Russell and the First Calgary Stampede June 2–July 29, 2012 The 1912 Calgary Stampede. There was no midway and there were no horse shows. But there was a rodeo and the artwork of Charlie Russell. Known then as the Famous Cowboy Artist, Russell created art that connected deeply with ranchers and cowboys in the West. His “Special Exhibition” of 20 paintings was a huge draw at the first Calgary Stampede. Glenbow is pleased to celebrate the Stampede’s centenary by recreating this 1912 exhibition, which will include 18 of the 20 paintings exhibited in 1912. From Russell’s glorious western landscapes and “heroic” depictions of First Nations (Stolen Horses) to some of his most famous action paintings featuring cattle (Heads and Tails), cowboys (In Without Knocking and Smoke of the “45”) and outlaws

(Call of the Law), this exhibition is truly a oncein-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the best works painted by this iconic western artist. Heralded as “a magnificent collection of western pictures” in 1912, Russell’s exhibition was incredibly successful, both critically and financially. Today, Russell scholars and collectors are already anticipating the return of this special exhibition to Calgary. Presented by:

Supported by:

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The United States Consulate, Calgary

Above: Charles Marion Russell, Stolen Horses, 1910, Collection of Glenbow Museum

winter calendar of events

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winter 2012 events VISIT/CONTACT 130–9 Avenue S.E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada t2G 0P3 403.268.4100

in Conversation: laurie anderson Tuesday, January 17 (page 5)


launCh Party Saturday, January 21 (page 13)

Monday–Saturday: 9:00am–5:00pm Sunday: 12:00pm–5:00pm

filM sCreeninG: PetroPolis Saturday, January 21 (page 7)


MeMber’s oPen house Sunday, January 22 (page 12)

exClusive eveninG tour with iain baxter& Tuesday, January 24 (page 9)

out for lunCh talK: the arChiteCt MarC boutin Thursday, February 2 (page 16)

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out for lunCh tour: the Gray rabbit Thursday, February 9 (page 16)

sChManCy Saturday, February 11 (page 20)

in residenCe: shane KoyCZan “on love”


Tuesday, February 14 (page 14)

behind the sCenes tour: PhotoGraPhy forever?

tuesday–Friday: 10:00am–5:00pm

Thursday, February 16 (page 19)


out for lunCh talK: the “ProteCted PlaCes” Person: Martin MaGne

Monday–Saturday: 10:00am–5:30pm Sunday: 12:00pm–5:30pm

Thursday, February 23 (page 16)


in ConCert: danny MiChel Friday, February 24 (page 15)

out for lunCh tour: froM our ColleCtions, insCaPes Thursday, March 1 (page 16)

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out for lunCh talK: the other PhotoGraPher, tanya harnett


Friday, March 9 (page 16)

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out for lunCh tour: burtynsKy enCounters Thursday, March 15 (page 16)

weeKend at the MuseuM: all about art Saturday and Sunday, March 17–18, 2012 (page 19)

behind the sCenes tour: MeMory and iMaGination Thursday, March 22 (page 19)

writinG worKshoP with fred stenson: landsCaPe into lanGuaGe

PARKING Palliser Square City Hall tELUS Convention Centre EPCOr Centre


Saturday, March 24 (page 17)


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