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From the Chair’s Desk:

• From the Desk of the Chair. • Farewell and welcome-• Faculty on the Move .

Individual Highlights: Fall Faculty activities Faculty on the Move Some Interesting activities Faculty Achievement New faculty

If I could sum up the 2009-10 academic year in one word, that word would be “SACS.” SACS stands for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and this organization has given ECSU its accreditation since the early 1960’s. Every ten years, ECSU must provide evidence that we are still living up to our standards. During this academic year, we have been busy at work getting ready for the upcoming visit from the SACS team. Fortunately for ECSU, we have an able leader: Dr. Flora Brown, the first chair of this department, is now serving as SACS Compliance Officer for ECSU. Faculty members have never been busier in this department, and as one might expect, they have risen up to the challenge and found the time to make many noteworthy contributions in research and service. They contributed chapters to edited books, submitted articles to journals, had their book reviews printed in journals, served on

professional and advisory boards, received fellowships and awards, took students on educational trips, gave public lectures, and, in short, gave of themselves to this University, school, department and its students.

their studies at such institutions as UNC -Greensboro, New Mexico State University, and NC Central University.

Dr. Rebecca Seaman was appointed book review editor of a peer-reviewed journal, and Dr. Jingbin Wang delivered a paper at the prestigious American Historical Association conference. Dr. Wang was the first faculty member from ECSU to do so.

Jerry Riggs won both the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for having the highest GPA of a graduating senior in the department. Five years ago, Jerry was on the assembly line, wondering what he was going to do once Ford closed down its Norfolk plant. Now he has a degree, having graduated with highest honor and with a minor in Secondary Education.

Dr. Wang was also awarded the departmental Teacher of the Year award. Congratulations! Five departmental faculty delivered papers at the North Carolina Association of Historians annual conference, which was held this year at Barton College, Wilson, NC. No other institution in NC was represented so thoroughly. The department continues to attract the highest high caliber students. Three History majors graduated summa cum laude (with highest honor). Several graduates have continued

The President of the Senior Class, Lionel (Ray) Robinson, graduated cum laude in May of 2010.

In December, we said goodbye to Dr. William Porter, Professor of Geography, and to Mr. Richard Thomas, adjunct instructor in History. We also said goodbye to Ms. Alyce Miller, Mr. Richard Mitchell, and to Mr. Matthew Henning, who all served the department well as emergency hires. The department wishes them the best as they complete their Ph.D. programs and look for permanent, tenure-track work. We thank them for their service.

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History and Political Science Newsletter

Students Achievements On Research Day, December 3, twenty-nine departmental students delivered a paper. Some students delivered two. Professor Tonya Blair, Assistant Professor of History, and Ms. Alyce Miller, Visiting Lecturer, served as co-advisors to the History and Political Science Club. During the year, the Club sponsored a field trip to the National Holocaust Museum, organized a “Meet and Greet the Candidates� session in Currituck County, and sponsored

hospitality for a variety of departmental programs. The Club also spearheaded a food and clothing drive, collecting over 100 pounds of items for the Albemarle Food Bank of the Albemarle, the Salvation Army, CHKD, and Albemarle Hopeline.

annual award. Great job, Kevin!

This spring, 2010, Mr. Kevin White was the first recipient of an award for Best Military History Paper. This award was sponsored by the ROTC department under the leadership of LTC Troy Barnes, and is to be an

Faculty on the Move in Political Science Dr. Boansi hosted the student forum "Student International Experience" at the 45th Annual International and American Education Week. Dr. Boansi continues to serve in the Men's AntiViolence Network of University Personnel. (MAN-UP), a division of the Women's Safety Initiative Program. Dr. Boansi organized the annual Great Decisions Lecture series. Several departmental faculty members gave presentations, including Dr. Wang, Dr. CoulsonClark, and Dr. Bowman. Dr. Coulson-Clark volunteers for the American Society for

Public Administration national conference, and serves on the Board of the State Employees Credit Union. Dr. Coulson-Clark collaborated with Boston University on the Continental African and American Universities project. Dr. Coulson-Clark served as Faculty mentor for: The Global Leadership Academy, North Eastern High School Senior project, and Louis Stokes Math, Science, and GearUp Students. Dr. Coulson-Clark continues to attend Fayetteville State University (FSU) and is working towards a

Masters degree in Political Science. Dr. Coulson-Clark received a grant to attend a Fulbright conference in New York.

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History and Political Science Newsletter

Keeping up with the past: The work of History faculty Dr. Rebecca Seaman has been selected to serve on the Executive Board of the North Carolina Association of Historians, and to serve as the Book Review Editor for the NCAH Journal

Diplomatic History a revised version of my paper, “No Lost Chance in China: The False Realism of American Foreign Service Officers, 1943 -1945.”

Seaman presented her research on John Lawson, his early publication and the impact on northeastern North Carolina in 1710-11 to the Museum of the Albemarle Museum Guild.

Professor Blair served as a judge for the university’s Ronald B. McNair Scholars’ Essay contest.

Dr. Seaman‘s article “John Lawson, the Outbreak of the Tuscarora Wars and ‘Middle Ground’ Theory,” was published in the April 2010 edition of the Journal of the North Carolina Association of Historians. She has also been appointed as Book Review Editor of the same journal.

On November 9, Dr. Seaman gave prefatory comments for the showing of “Trail of Tears”, putting the Indian Removal of the 1830-40’s in context historically before the movie was viewed, for the Pasquotank County Public Library.

Dr. Wang attended the annual conference of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations in Falls Church, Virginia in June 2009. Dr. Bowman spoke on Culpepper Rebellion at the Elizabeth City Rotary meeting, The Pines, Elizabeth City. Professor Blair attended the conference “African Identity in the Age of Obama” at George Mason University from October 810. Professor Blair was elected to the Board of Directors for the Somerset Place Historic Site, Creswell, North Carolina. Dr. Seaman attended a symposium on John Lawson, sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Archives and History. Ms. Miller is enrolled in the Ph.D. program in History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her dissertation is on sitins in Elizabeth City during the Civil Rights movement.

Dr. Seaman learned that her article “Native Alliances with Europeans,” was published in the online site for US at WAR, 10/13/2005, ABC-CLIO, Inc.; published in The Encyclopedia of North American Colonial Conflicts to 1775: A Political, Social and Military History. Dr. Bowman wrote a guest editorial in the Daily Advance on Constitution Day. Dr. Seaman has been selected as Editor/Author for the Encyclopedia on the Spanish Conquests over the Maya, Aztec and Incas. Dr. Bowman spoke on “The Constitution: The Preamble” on campus on Constitution Day. On November 5, Dr.

Dr. Wang resubmitted to

Dr. Wang presented a paper entitled “Mao’s China and U.S. Recognition: The Forgotten Marxist-Leninist Perspective, 1944-1972” at the 124th annual conference of the American Historical Association in San Diego, California in January 2010. In March 2010, Dr. Wang presented a paper entitled “The Poverty of Dialectics in Mao’s China Studies” at the annual conference of North Carolina Association of Historians in Wilson, North Carolina. Also presenting papers at the conference were Matthew Henning, who read a paper on Holocaust education in Germany and the United States; Richard Mitchell, who gave a presentation on "The Black Experience in Alabama Crime and Punishment." Dr. Bowman and Dr. Seaman also read papers at the conference.

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History and Political Science Newsletter

Honoring our retirees: Dr. Porter and Mr. Thomas North Carolina middle school students and their teachers during a series of summer workshops.

ECSU implements Burroughts Wellcome funds project geared towards “Petroleum Based learning” During a November luncheon, the department said goodbye to two longtime faculty members: Dr. William Porter, Professor of History; and Mr. Richard Thomas, adjunct instructor in History. Dr. William Porter served ECSU for thirty years. He was a particularly busy faculty member, and his grant writing wrote a number of grants and delivered continued implementation of a number of ongoing projects. He is Vice President of the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of GRSS-IEEE.

Porter, Vice President of the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of IEEE.”

He served as a reviewer of the McGraw-Hill textbook Introduction to Geography. Dr. Porter also is codirector of a project funded by the North Carolina Space Grant Program entitled “Teaching Earth Science to Inspire New Geologists (TESTING).” The goal of this project is to introduce geology to northeastern

Dr. Porter also continues to serve as co-director, with Dr. Ali Khan, Project Director, in the U.S. Department of Education Grant Award entitled, “ECSU’s Special CoOperative Project on Critical Thinking Through Technology.” This program provides training to faculty at minority serving institutions across the United States on critical thinking teaching strategies that may be infused into entry-level science classes. Dr. Porter contributed to the proposal, “Building a Model of Collaboration between Historically Black and Historically White Universities: Broadening the Participation of Underrepresented STEM Faculty and Students”, which was presented, with Dr. Linda Hayden of ECSU and Julie Williams of the University of New Hampshire, at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C., December 2. Dr. Porter co-authored the article, “Patent-based Education: an Earth Science Imperative”, pending for publication in 2010. Dr. Porter was principal

author/editor of the pending book Critical Thinking Through Technology, which includes contributions from entry-level science, mathematics and technology instructors from 11 HBCU institutions. Through Summer 2010, Dr. Porter is serving as consultant to the “Integrated Hydrogeophysical Experience” program, which addresses ways to attract undergraduate science majors into Earth Science internships. Mr. Richard Thomas came to ECSU after having already completed a teaching career. After retiring from teaching high school in Virginia, he started teaching World Civilization courses at ECSU. He drove from Virginia Beach two times a week, and the twinkle in his eye made it clear why. He loves teaching. Indeed, he has expressed a desire to work as a substitute teacher back in Virginia. Mr. Thomas is 70 years old, and has retired now twice, but he is proof that once one gets the teaching bug, it sometimes stays with you for life. The Department of History and Political Science thanks Dr. Porter and Mr. Thomas for their service to the students at ECSU.

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History and Political Science Newsletter

New Faculty: Welcome Drs. Green, Mitchell, and Reed The department of History and Political Science continues to attract outstanding visiting faculty members. We are fortunate, during these tough economic times, to be able to bring three new faculty members to the department. Charles Reed, Assistant Professor of History, is completing his Ph.D. in History at the University of Maryland, College Park. He grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and attended Wheeling Jesuit University in nearby Wheeling, West Virginia. He earned his M.A. in History at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He specializes in Modern British and European History, the History of the British Empire, and African History. He has presented papers in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and France, including a recent conference paper that will be published by Peter Lang (UK) in 2011. In his spare time, he enjoys books, politics, and film. Dr. Hilary Green, Assistant Professor of History, holds the Ph.D. in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She received the B.A. in History from Franklin and Marshall College in 1999 and my M.A. in History from Tufts University in 2003. Her

primary research field is United States History with research interests in African-American history, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Entitled “Educational Reconstruction: African-American Education in the Urban South, 1865 -1890,” her dissertation examines how urban African-Americans and their supporters created, developed, and sustained a system of education during the transition from slavery to freedom in Richmond, Virginia and Mobile, Alabama. As partners and circumstances changed, she argues that urban African Americans never lost sight of the larger struggle for educational access and legitimacy for the African American schoolhouse. Through Educational Reconstruction, African Americans successfully moved African American education from being a non-entity to a legitimate institution, established a professional class of African-American public school teachers, and ensured the continuation of this educated middle class for future generations. Dr. Ted Mitchell, Assistant Professor of History, received his Ph.D. in History at Michigan State University in December 2009. He studies Urban History, and his dissertation focuses on the social and political implications of railroad development in nineteenth-century Chicago's public spaces. Before coming to ECSU, he taught history at Muskingum University and Michigan State University. Before graduate school, he taught middle school and high school social studies in Kalamazoo, MI, and Chicago. Besides teaching history, he has worked in various capacities throughout graduate school in history and social studies education and pedagogy.

Welcome to Ms. Gina Gibson: Ms. Gina Gibson is the department’s new Administrative Support Associate. She has worked for ECSU for several years and was transferred from General Studies.

Students and Graduates Making Us Proud Department of History and Political Science History and Political Science 250 Moore Hall 1704 Weeksville Road Elizabeth City, NC 27909 PHONE:

Lisa Duke, Jedidiah Gist, Jamal McCown, Jaki (Dyar) Kennedy, and Blanche Hailey are all attending graduate school. Blanche had a special honor, as she was accepted to present at the Southern Historical Association Conference in a Phi Alpha Theta panel.

(252-335-8773) FAX: (252-335-3683) E-MAIL:

The ECSU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta inducted five new members: Amanda Carter, Lisa Lambiase, Charles Martin, Stacey McGonigle, and Barry Seebo. History and Political Science club under Professor Tonya Blair and Ms. Alyce Miller delivered over one hundred pounds of food and clothing to the Albemarle Food Bank.

We’re on the Web! See us at:

Faculty Members in the History and Political Science Department Dr. Glen Bowman, Chairperson and Professor of History

HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ECSU Moore Hall 250 Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Political Science Dr. Margery Coulson-Clark, Associate Professor of Public Administration Dr. Jingbin Wang, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Kwabena Boansi, Professor of Political Science; Coordinator- and Ms. Tanya Blair, Assistant Assessment Coordinator, Professor of History

Keeping in Touch‌

Dr. Rebecca Seaman, Associate Professor of History; History

Keep in touch with the department by sending news and information to

Assessment Coordinator and Departmental Coordinator of the Teacher Education Program

Or call 252.335.3424

Dr. Flora B, Brown, The department is only as Professor of History, SACS strong as the Compliance. accomplishments of its faculty, staff and students. Please keep us informed Dr. Ted Mitchell, Assistant of your whereabouts. Professor of History

Dr. Hilary Green, Assistant Professor of History Dr. Charles Reed, Assistant Professor of History Adjuncts: Dr. Naginder Dhillon Dr. Charles Foster Mr. Joseph Gravenese Ms. Sandra Onley Mr. Victor Neal

Newsletter/History and Poli Sci/ECSU/2009-10  

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