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SPOTLIGHT [Fall Rally South]

Under the Limelight

What is fall rally? Fall rally is CNH KIWIN’S biggest fundraiser for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). Pediatric Trauma affects children from infancy to age nineteen. It is a result of motor vehicle accidents, physical abuse, drowning accidents, falls, and animal bites, making it the leading cause of death of children in the U.S. The rally consisted of special speakers, announcements, and much more! Throughout this day members participated in spirit

ON SERVICE [Fall Rally South]

battles, ice breakers; And after the rally members enjoyed spending their time at Knott’s Berry Farm with their friends. Member Darrel Lee (12) said, “Fall rally was a fun event, everyone from different divisions got to come together and celebrate raising funds together. We got to do a variety of different things like ice breakers and cheering. On top of that at the end of the day we got to go to Knott's, which was a blast.” Bringing the whole CNH KIWIN’S together as an ohana, fall rally was an experience to remember.



-On November 5th-

We had our monthly divisional meetings at Chaffey High School. Members were able to learn more about KIWIN’S and Key Club International. If you would like to see the powerpoint during the DCM contact one of the people on page 9. Our divisional spirit leaders also taught cheers in preparation for Fall Rally South.

KUDOS FROM OUR MEMBERS If you would like to send a message to a fellow Kiwinner, message Allie Chang.

Kudos Jean! To: Jean Hsu, Gr. 11 From: Georgiana Soo, Gr. 11 you're amazing, inspirational, and ilysm đ&#x;˜Š stop being bts trash

Kudos Scott and Kristin!! To: Scott Lai, Gr. 9 Kristin Sung, Gr. 9 From: Matthew Tashima, Gr. 9 Thanks for keeping us informed! Without you guys I'd be a lot more clueless!

Kudos Toby! To: Toby Lee, Gr. 9 From: SahSahG

Kudos Julie! To: Julie Yang, Gr. 10 From: bao zi đ&#x;™‚

Huoy tacocat, thanks for being such a great friend and dedicated member. Always speeding towards the finish line, I know you'll always end it strong!! :))

ha-lo julie!!! shi ni de bao zi. wo hen xiang ni. xie xie ni jin tian bang wo mai ka fe gen gen wo qu che fan. wo ai ni. đ&#x;™‚

Kudos Jodee! To: Jodee, Gr. 11 From: Anon

Kudos Zach! To: Zachary Chen, Gr.11 From: Sarah Chun, Gr.10

Hi Jodee you don't know me but I know you really dearly and I want you to know that I print 50 copies of the documents that you need for KIWIN’S whenever you need it so you don’t have to break your printer at home. I know you don’t know who I am but I know you love me anyway.

Hi kudos for being such a cool and laidback person. Even though I'm not all that close with you or anything, I always bully and mock you with Lei but I'm glad you take it as a joke never get offended. You're also a great spirit leader so yay woo good job -insert Zach mocking voice-

MEMBER OF THE MONTH / OFFICER OF THE MONTH Please Congratulate, Toby Lee and Megan Lien!!

Congratulations Toby!! Toby has attended all the events possible for the month of November. He always tries his best to help the club and the community. Over the past couple months as a member he has shown his integrity and dedication to the club. His spirited mindset always brings good vibes to the club at every event and meeting. Keep up the great work Toby!

Congratulations Megan!! Megan shows great responsibility and dedication to her job as Historian and KIWIN’S. She always has a positive attitude that keep our cabinet and members motivated. It is an amazing pleasure having Megan because she demonstrates amazing responsibilities and dedication to her Kiwanis family. Keep up the great work Megan!

UPCOMING EVENTS Don’t miss your favorite events!

12/03 Sat.

12/05 – 12/09 Mon. Fri.

Adopt a Highway
 Members will meet at the intersection of Colima and Hacienda to collect trash along the roads of Colima. Each cigarette butt that is picked up is counted and accumulated at the end of the trip!

9:00 am - 11:00 am

STOP HUNGER NOW WEEK! Details are to be announced!

All Week!!

Operation Christmas Child Packaging Center

12/10 Sat.

If you would like to help children in need, participate in this event to further the shipping process of Operation Christmas Child. These are donated shoeboxes filled with toys, stationary, or sanitary items for needy people. Volunteer at the OCC Packaging Center so that you can give a child living in poverty a present for

2:00 pm - TBA

Rose Float Volunteering

12/27 Tues.

Ever wondered who are the people that decorate the models in the Rose Float parade? Volunteers like you will have the privilege to decorate floats for this year’s Rose Float! Members will cut and glue massive amounts of flower petals in preparation for the big Rose Float Parade. You must stay for the entire shift. Don’t worry. It’s crazy fun. BUS INFO TBA!

4:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Glen A. Wilson KIWIN'S Newsletter Issue 7  
Glen A. Wilson KIWIN'S Newsletter Issue 7