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Dessert GA’s Tableside Cheese Selections Beltane Chevre ∙ Goat’s Milk ∙ Connecticut Gruyere ∙ Cow’s Milk ∙ Alp’s Buttermilk Bleu ∙ Cow’s Milk ∙ Wisconsin Taleggio ∙ Cow’s Milk ∙ Italian Aged Gouda ∙ Sheep’s Milk ∙ Connecticut Marmalade Pudding w/Bushmills Custard Sauce Warm Steamed Marmalade Pudding ∙ Bushmills Custard Sauce Banana Fosters Warm Banana’s ∙ Vanilla and Brandy ∙ Tahitian Vanilla Ice Crème “I’ll take the fruit…” Wink, Wink! Fried Oreo Cookies ∙ Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Crème ∙ Crème Anglaise ∙ Strawberry Molten Lava Cake Warm Chocolate Lava Cake ∙ Vanilla Gelato ∙ Crème Anglaise ∙ Berries Warm Marsala Zabaglione Macerated Berries House Crepe Warm Fresh Crepe filled with your choice of; Banana & Nutella ∙ Tahitian Vanilla Ice Crème Lingonberry Preserve ∙ Tahitian Vanilla Ice Crème Grand Marnier Flamed ∙ Vanilla Gelato

Ice Crème, Sorbets and Gelato’s

Dessert menu  
Dessert menu  

Dessert Menu