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Online education and its advantages

As years go by, newer and more innovative forms of education emerge. Online and internet based education has fast gained popularity for a number of reasons and by the looks of things, is here to stay.Online education makes it possible for people with financial constraints and other responsibilities, be it work or family related, to continue their education with convenience and ease.

Some people question the merits of an online education,but it is important for them to realize how the Internet has revolutionized the process of learning. Today students can work towards getting their high school diplomas and degrees ranging from associates to PhD’s through accredited online educational institutions. But do these colleges match up to traditional on campus colleges? Are their programs just as good? How can you vouch for the quality of education with an instructor potentially thousands of miles away? Let’s take a look at some of the merits of an online education.

The most common reason for anyone wanting to take up online education is convenience of time and place. Since the schedules are flexible, you have the option of taking the classes at a time most suitable to you. This works in favor of working students and adults.

The next factor, which is convenience of place, works in favor of those people who can’t afford to commute to college on a regular basis or those who can’t find a college of their choice located close by and don’t want to compromise on the quality of education they receive.Such people should look up colleges on the Internet that have been providing online education to students for a considerable amount of time. Independence University is an example of one such college. It has been providing distance learning programs in healthcare and business to career-oriented students for over thirty years now. Independence University accreditation is that of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), so students studying at the college can rest assured that the education provided at the college is of sound quality and can be certain of its adherence to educational standards.

Lectures, podcasts and coursework are available on the Internet twenty-four hours a day, which makes them easily accessible to the student wherever they are, whenever they want. Students can communicate with each other on chat rooms and professors can be contacted through emails. The intimacy by not being in a classroom is not lost, but in fact students feel a lot more confident by being in a setting they are a lot more comfortable in. Similarly, being in familiar surroundings helps foreign students open up with the professors more easily.

One of the biggest merits of online education, most commonly overlooked, is how employers view degrees earned over the Internet. Some students feel apprehensive about their college degree not being recognized by employers. What they don’t realize is that earning an online degree requires a certain amount of discipline and self-motivation in order to meet deadlines and complete coursework. This kind of dedication and perseverance is regarded highly by employers.

Education should be made available to everyone irrespective of finances or any other reason and online education has made it that much easier.

Online education and its advantages V.6  
Online education and its advantages V.6  

One of the biggest merits of online education, most commonly overlooked, is how employers view degrees earned over the Internet. Some studen...