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What format do you propose to use to create an ESting? (e.g., stop-frame techniques - with people/models/objects etc, claymation / Lego, time lapse photography, combined formats). I plan on using inanimate objects for stop motion animation, and making characters move in a fluid way to fit the music taking advantage of the different types of movement of action men, making them move in a contrapuntal way. I am also planning on using facial animation for comedic effect adding a smiley face on the action men as they are dancing.

What will happen in your proposed ESting? Write a very brief narrative summary describing the action. I plan to make the other toys moving around and dancing to the music, but the tough action men characters are staying around being tough, but are eased in by the other toys to enjoy themselves and enjoy whatever channel is presenting.

In regards to diegesis, where will your animation be set? This relates to the setting and not your shooting locations. I plan to use a background image of a jpeg festive location, of my own images from holidays which would likely be a beach which would be the backdrop. With this said I can basically film where ever. I will probably do this by using green screen.

Are there (and do you predict there will be) any limitations or difficulties to face when you produce your ESting? Think about competence, finance, locations, resources and practicality. Since I’m using action men it would of course be difficult to make them stand up right without falling. To counter this I plan to use more use of a solid wall for them to lean against and then use something sticky like blue tack to keep their limbs for bending and some on the foot and am planning on using back support and using it in a way so it is not visible. I think there maybe copyright issues since I am using action men which are branded.

Who is the target audience for your ESting? Think about age, gender and interests/tastes. Since my estings idea is for people to let loose, enjoy without limitations of gender age etc this esting is for anybody, though the target audience would most likely be for 16-34 year olds male or female demographic. The reason for this is to have wider array of people watching e4 so I tried to make it rather neutral so anyone can really enjoy, but likely cater towards perhaps the more childish 16+ audience as well younger audiences of people maybe even lower than 16.

What format do you propose to use to create an esting  
What format do you propose to use to create an esting