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18th January 2001, E4 is a UK based entertainment channel that broadcasts American sitcoms, owned by the Channel Four Television Corporation (founded in 1982), who own other channels such as, 4 Music, Film 4, More 4, Channel 4 and 4 Music and a few others, so they definitely know how to please as much from whatever audience. Shows that show up range from Big Bang Theory (September 24, 2007) to other shows like Two Broke Girls (April 17, 2007). They show mostly sitcoms, though not always but in those shows they contain inappropriate jokes and adult themes that are not appropriate for people under the age of sixteen, I can say according to these demographics.

An E Sting is a E4 ident, that is done by regular people to give them a chance join in on animation and make them feel more connected to the channel, and of course to gather more of that audiences the animations are done by teenagers so that style will attract more teens and have a more dedicated fan base. Here are some examples of some E stings.

This was the overall winner for the e sting e4 challenge. And it’s not hard to see why. It features a computer animated dinosaur type creature who uses its surroundings for himself, and they accomplished this affectively with the spinning London Eye makes it seem like he is actually there. This is an interesting one, it is one of the qualifiers which depicts an octopus playing whack a shark with an e4 hammer as a bigger shark proceeds to do the same thing to the octopus.

This one is rather unique, as its one of the few that use stop motion clay animation portraying a purple eyed ginger having his e4 removed. Sometimes. It’s hard to know any of the connotations for these, but perhaps the wonder is what makes these interesting. Judging from the animation alone it is rather interesting.

What planning and preparation have you already done to help you respond to the brief? For the planning I have done three types of stop motion animation from human, inanimate object and Lego, as well as going through the history and beginnings of stop motion with the tools that were used before cameras. Trying out these methods help me to decide what method I will be utilising for my esting.

Embed thaumatrope, praxinoscope and zoetrope videos here (if possible)

Embed Lego video here and explain what you set out to achieve and how you feel about working with Lego. I enjoy working with Lego, as I enjoy the creative aspect of it from building characters in your own image imagining how they would move and feel is the best part of it.

Embed the live action SMA and inanimate object videos here and add brief details on the intention/what you were going for underneath For this I had the choice over which inanimate object to use, for that creative freedom. I chose to use some metallic soldiers with one big plastic one, as the metallic small soldier’s fight they realise that they need to join forces.

I will most likely be using toys, as I believe that you can do a lot with action figures as they are able to have more manoeuvrable limbs and be able to make them do realistic movements and I liked the idea of Toy Story making something that people play with actually be alive. I think it would make for a good idea.

Research and planning e4 and the brief  
Research and planning e4 and the brief