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Demographics, Psychographics, primary and secondary audiences 1. Decide how you want to review your animation project? Will you produce an oral presentation, audio commentary or written report? Why?

I will be reviewing my animation project by a written report, as I think it’s the most effective method of doing so because it’s visual as well but can say more and can easily express and go into extra detail because I find it more comfortable. And I can simply say more and be more descriptive and not have confine myself to say less by not adding so much words on a power point. With the written report I can even make it visual by adding pictures.

2. Discuss how you exhibited your projects and how you could have shown it to a broader audience/other methods of exhibition. I have exhibited my esting through YouTube and gather audiences through there and you used that as the link to show to other people and get responses from them. I was able to get my responses by sharing it online through a questionnaire with one word document and one survey monkey and got more people to view it that way. In terms of what else I could have done, I could have used my twitter account and promote it to the appropriate target demographic of teens between 16 and above. Another way would be to pay to be able to advertise your own project through advertising sites and even YouTube where you can be given permission to advertise if you are willing to pay, but is almost a guaranteed success if done given the huge size of the platform with almost every type of demographic will see it. In general I could have just took advantage of the wide array of different individual platforms available for promotion from Facebook to even Myspace, if one does not work out there is always another. In terms of purchase for promotion I could use the website Fiverr in which people will provide a service in response for a payment of their choice, just look for advertisement and their will be people to help you out with your project. If I wanted I could not use the internet though I would be at a huge disadvantage. So this is only good in collaboration with the internet. Alternate examples being posters, newspaper ads, sponsor ships.

3. Discuss how you obtained feedback from audiences and state who you asked. Also, list the questions/criteria for feedback and present your results. What was the general reaction to your work? Graphs and print screens are vital here. When I was making my esting, I had the intention of making a child/adult friendly short. The point of the esting was to portray the idea that there are no borders for e4 and that anyone can enjoy it without being judged. So I made it in a style in which it would be fun to watch for everyone, and thought it was rather neutral in that regard, as it was not inherently made for a young audience, as e4 themselves are a 16+ channel in terms of demographics. With that said I wanted to cater to different audiences, such as perhaps a psychograph of people who naturally more childish despite their age and cater towards all ranges of people to maximise

e4’s audience, and cater towards the secondary audiences as well, that’s what my esting was about bring people together to enjoy some e4.

Now in relation to this we have the response’s to which I will go through and see whether or not people got the general gist of what I was trying to get at and see if my esting gravitated them to connect with the personality of the esting in present. The general consensus was that they enjoyed it, but thought it was incoherent in nature probably due to the fact that I tried to jam pack as much information within the small span of 10 seconds which some people thought was a bit rushed in terms of narrative.

For more constructive criticism, I wanted to know what it was for everyone that was the main issue of the esting as whole. It’s good to know these things so that you can have an understanding and in this case an understanding of the target audience a bit better, so I can

improve from it. The results were fairly mixed, but for the most part it was the narrative that people did not like in the what went wrong section of the questionnaire further concluding that people did not quite understand it or get how it necessarily relate to e4 other than the logo, and my response is that all estings are generally speaking completely random, my esting did have a purpose but perhaps not executed well enough for the regular viewer to understand what is going on. Interestingly enough the response’s seem to indicate that it is for males from child ages to 18 which is somewhat what I wanted, though hoped it reached a female demographic a bit better. People also said that I didn’t include the e4 logo enough, though it appeared twice though not for long, but it was a 10 second clip.

People Ive sent the survey to.

In terms of the aesthetics of the esting people generally rather liked it. The vibrant colours where nice to look at, and a few of the people mentioned how they liked the use of the green screen and the background used for it, and this is coming from the people who are in the target demographic for e4 being 17+ people and gender being relatively split, but mostly boys have answered. One person said that they did not like the use of green screen and wanted real backgrounds, to which I have to say that it was more beneficial to use green screen because it would be difficult to use college property and go to the actual beach and wanted to have a cartoony feel to it despite the back drop being real, and it gives me more of a variety, as I have a lot of pictures of beaches in different countries not to mention it’s just good on a technical stand point. With this said I have successfully got my point across with the aesthetic design of the esting for an e4 target demographic.

The general consensus of the esting in a technical standpoint, was received rather well with some people saying that they couldn’t understand what is going, which probably is not to do with the frames rather he just does not understand what is going in in general, as everyone else believes it is rather smooth with some scenes a little smoother than others such as the action men scene. Contrary to popular belief an outlier within the results says that it is jolty which could mean he does not understand stop motion and how it’s made or he simply is not referring to the fps rather the way how awkwardly the characters move perhaps. This proves to me that it was made to a good standard for what it needs to be in terms of frames.

There is particular style to this esting which was a playful teen short is the best I can describe it, but let’s see how they see it as. Well they acknowledge the fact that it is indeed stop motion, and has a toy story childlike feel to it due to the toys and has the same comedy as it while two other people don’t know. Someone picked up on the fact that it was retro, and while not intentional I can see why and today’s teens seem to like the 80s aesthetic ,but then someone says that they don’t like the stop motion genre.

This ties in well with genre, so for this the people said that for the most part fits in with an action comedy animation, which I can sort of agree with apart from that it is not really action in a traditional sense in that so much is happening its obviously not a Stallone movie, it doesn’t follow any formula for anything action related to that genre other than the fact it is rather fast paced, which makes this more interesting as someone stated that this was an adventure movie. With this said they did manage to detect that it is a comedy animation, well it’s definitely not stand up its just mild fun to watch type short, with that said why did they say comedy? Well one person stated that it is a comedy due to the fact that the characters and how they move and background create a nice harmony to

seem just joyful, but is comedy the right terminology? In a sense yes, though it was not meant to make you laugh really but just like and enjoy watching, it could make a child laugh maybe. Comedy is just the closest thing to categorise it,

When I made this esting they were never meant to talk, and within the span of 10 seconds I can’t take the time to really develop the characters to a degree of their standard so I was hoping people would take it for what it is and judge them for the characters I picked and how they move and perhaps impact what is happening which would be hard because there seems to be a collision with the narrative and the people watching. Five out of ten people basically said that there was no character development, with one to even say that they just seem like objects not characters. With that said the rest was positive. Finally after all the criticism I asked them what it was that they liked best, to see if I got what it was I wanted get across with the esting. It seems that people liked it on a creative stand point, they enjoyed the stop motion for the most part, they liked the use of green screen, the editing the only thing they seem to not like is the narrative, so in that regard I think I was successful in what I wanted to get across as people enjoyed it and appreciated the technical aspects of it and found it fun regardless of not knowing what is going on.

For more constructive criticism, I wanted to know what it was for everyone that was the main issue of the esting as whole. It’s good to know these things so that you can have an understanding and in this case an understanding of the target audience a bit better, so I can improve from it. The results were fairly mixed, but for the most part it was the narrative that

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE In order to complete this step effectively, you must compare your intentions with the reactions / feedback. To do this you must systematically go through your responses and highlight what was said whilst stating what you had hoped people would think. You should back all of this up with print screens of the feedback and print screens of relevant sections of your esting. For example, 9 of my 10 responses indicated they liked the bright colours and lighting as it was engaging and attractive (add print screens of survey results). This is what I had intended and I designed my set to look like a fun space (insert print scenes showing the bright and colourful set / location). Please follow this format for each questions asked.

Decide how you want to review your animation project 453  
Decide how you want to review your animation project 453