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2011–2012 Annual Report

We’re extending...

Dear Friend of Gleaners It is an honor and a privilege to reflect on the past year and update you on our work, our plans, and our vision. Thanks to each of you, it was an extraordinary year!

And the volunteers kept coming to help—all of you! You rolled up your sleeves and made nearly 18,000 visits to Gleaners, contributing a total of 71,000 hours of work—unbelievable!

Extending our table

This year, the board, staff and community partners will be working to ensure all who are hungry have enough to eat. We will be guided by a new Vision and Mission.

With your help, we’re setting places at our table for over 300,000 Hoosiers who struggle with hunger. In 2012, your generous support allowed us to distribute the equivalent of 20 million meals, a new record! Thank you for helping us provide food—and hope—to our neighbors in need.

Extending our goals You made it possible for Gleaners to distribute record amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. With food prices and unemployment in Indiana painfully high, it’s a challenge for thousands of Hoosier families to eat well. Thanks for helping them have a healthier future.

Extending through the weekend Thank you for having a heart for hungry kids! Our BackSacks program is reaching almost 10,000 elementary school children every weekend during the school year. We are inspired by the cards and letters we receive from the children, and you make their happiness possible.

Vision Food for every table. Hope for every future.

Mission Lead the fight against hunger.

What motivates us to continue? YOU and the countless hungry Hoosiers we serve every day. As always, we work hard to maximize the impact of your generous gifts. We are proud of the fact that 95% of all donations to Gleaners go directly to hunger relief programs and services. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We simply couldn’t do our work without each of you. With deep gratitude,

Extending our services Thanks to you, eighteen schools have their very own food pantry, and the families love it! A summer program for kids was also started in rural counties, and now they get good meals when school’s out. Plus, senior citizens trying to make ends meet can receive a box of healthy food due to your gifts.

Extending our reach Your gifts made it possible for Gleaners to keep our beautiful Mobile Pantry on the road, delivering the equivalent of a million meals to under-served communities. The Mobile Pantry made 184 visits and put smiles on thousands of faces.

our table.

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Cynthia Hubert President & CEO

Carrie Petty Chairman of the Board


Serving Indiana’s Hungry

Extending our table As the need to help feed Hoosiers grows, Gleaners wants to rise to the challenge. We are challenging ourselves to extend our table, our reach and our mission by increasing our capacity to distribute food in underserved areas, increasing our support of feeding seniors, implementing more effective child hunger programs and even extending them into the summer. Our goals are ambitious but the need is great. In 2012, Gleaners truly extended our table by distributing 24,441,326 pounds of food and critical grocery products. This translates into 20,367,772 million meals a year. An average of 55,802 meals distributed every day.





2008–2009 2009–2010 2010–2011 2011–2012

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

22,840,593 25,202,364 20,608,077 24,441,338


All of our families were so grateful and the fresh foods were a huge hit. The children were amazed by the taste and that the fresh foods can be cleaned and eaten raw. It was a real teachable moment. IPS #14

PERISHABLE Food Recovery Programs

Extending our goals One of our initiatives to help address hunger in our service area is to recover perishable food from our food donors daily to distribute to member agencies. This year we extended our delivery of perishable food more than ever as we distributed record amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy. Gleaners regularly picks up from 155 grocery stores across our service area. We couldn’t do this without our partners Caito Foods, Indianapolis Fruit, The Kroger Co., Marsh Supermarkets, Meijer, Sam’s Club, and Walmart. The Perishable Food Recovery Program rescued 4,805,397 pounds of food this year, an increase of 17% over last year’s record breaking distribution. Of the amount of rescued food, 2,815,045 of those pounds were fresh produce.

2012 Pounds of food distributed through the Perishable Food Recovery Program

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report


2011 4,101,707



Extending our services Despite any signs of economic recovery, 118,000 children in Gleaners service area are food insecure. The Child Hunger Initiative provides food for children through three distinct programs. The three programs include: BackSacks—Weekend Food for Kids, School-Based Food Pantries, and the Summer Feeding Program. School-Based Pantries As a part of our plan to keep extending to new places where the need exists, we continue to extend to more school-based pantries—a program to help high school students stay in school. Just last year we had three school-based food pantries, and thanks to your support, we’ve expanded to eighteen schools in six counties with their very own food pantries—making it one of the nation’s largest programs. Summer Feeding Program School meals are often a child’s only source of quality nutrition. Unfortunately, when school is out for the summer, many Hoosier children are forced to go hungry. In order to ensure that children are able to lead healthy, active lives during the summer months, Gleaners launched its first Summer Feeding Program for youth 18 and under in 2012. Over the course of 12 weeks, Gleaners provided more than 14,000 free lunches to hungry kids at 9 sites in Fayette, Jennings, and Jefferson Counties. We utilized national best practices and innovative partnerships, like the Spartan Summer Food Truck in Connersville, to best serve our rural communities and reach the families who are most in need.

I had a family of 11 who had a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in two years. The oldest of the nine children cried when telling me, “thank you.” Emmerich Manual High School Food Pantry Coordinator

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report


Mary Castle Elementary has seen the BackSacks Program benefit our students in so many ways. They are not only happier and healthier, but they are also able to focus on learning at school rather than their hunger. Mary Castle Elementary


Extending through the weekend To build and create a better future for our children, we need to nourish their bodies as well as their minds. That’s why Gleaners set out to extend our reach to students in need through the weekend with our BackSacks Program. They get food on Friday afternoon so they’ll have food to eat on Saturday and Sunday and be focused on learning come Monday morning. It’s working. Teachers have noticed a difference in their students. In 2012, Gleaners distributed nearly 10,000 BackSacks each weekend to children in 18 counties. A special GRANT from Lilly Endowment INC. In May, Lilly Endowment announced a lead grant of $1.5 million over the next three years to help Gleaners alleviate childhood hunger through its Child Hunger Initiative. This gift will allow Gleaners to increase efforts in the fight against childhood hunger in 2012 and beyond. “Lilly Endowment is pleased to support Gleaners’ efforts to feed hungry children in Central Indiana,” said N. Clay Robbins, President and CEO. “The strategic partnerships they have developed with schools and other organizations to enhance their effectiveness and impact are truly exemplary.”


Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

There was a gentleman with three kids and a wife and he was electrocuted on the job from his head down to his feet. He told me he was denied workers compensation five times. The food they received will last the five of them about a week or more. Fed Ex Volunteer

Gleaners Mobile Pantry

Extending our reach There are always those cases that seem to be out of reach. Either the local hunger relief agency cannot meet the demand or those in need can’t make it to a food pantry. That’s where our Mobile Pantry helps us extend our reach and fill the gap. It’s a food pantry on wheels. In an average distribution, we can distribute five tons of food to 200 families in a two hour period. We do this not only for hungry Hoosiers but for those in need of food after a natural disaster. The Mobile Pantry program made 184 distributions in 2011–2012. These distributions resulted in 1,198,540 meals distributed to those in need that do not have immediate access to a food pantry.

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report


Senior Hunger

Extending to our elders Health related costs account for almost half of the average senior’s social security income, leaving little left for utilities, insurance and in some cases rent. Seniors are faced with making hard choices and they sometimes find themselves skipping on buying key essentials like medication or food they need. In some cases they are not alone, as they also have the added expense of care for grandchildren on their limited incomes. Gleaners continues to extend our services by working with the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) to supply low-income seniors with a box of food each month. Last year, 3,339 seniors participated in the program. Through our network, more than 11,000 seniors receive emergency food assistance every year. We’re helping seniors get proper nutrition so they can continue to care for themselves and be less of a burden on our health care system.

At IPS School #56, we have a large population of grandparents raising their grandchildren. At our recent food pantry, one of the grandmothers shared with me that she herself had only eaten tomatoes and bread for the past 3 days in order for her two grandchildren to have a healthy meal. She cried because that night the entire family would be able to have meat, vegetables, salad and a dessert. Plus, there would also be enough food for the next week. IPS #56


Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Donations For every $1 that’s donated, 4 meals ARE DISTRIBUTED TO THOSE in need.



Tom & Debbie Steiman-Cameron

Joy of Giving Inc


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Horton

Estate of Zelda Bold

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Adams

Sur La Table

Lauth Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Abernathy

S.K. Huffer & Associates P.C.

Defender Direct

Ameriprise, Inc.

Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing Inc.

Liberty Mutual

Mrs. Billie J. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hupfer

The Glick Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation

Ayres Foundation, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Lumley


Ice Miller LLP

Meridian Street United Methodist Church

Indianapolis Disc Golf Club, Inc.

The Kroger Company

BMW Constructors Philanthropic Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation



American United Life Insurance Company

Mr. Steve Klipsch

Lilly Endowment

3M Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Ayers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kottlowski

Taste of the NFL

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Oak Motors, Inc.

Ms. Nancy J. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lauer

United Way of Central Indiana, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ording

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bennett

The Willard and Anne Levin Foundation

Walmart Foundation

California Community Foundation— Jeff Dunham Fund

Anonymous Fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation Anthem Blue Cross

Community Foundation of Boone County

Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Price

The Brave Heart Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Lueck

WellPoint Associate Giving Program

Automotive Finance Corporation

Fayette County Community Foundation

Putnam County Community Foundation

Brehob Nursery, Inc.

Macy’s Foundation

Bank of America Matching Gifts


The Rock Island Refining Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Brehob

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mark

Dr. Richard T. Beeler

Mr. Thomas Brodnik

Martin Marietta Materials


Feeding America, thanks to Pampered Chef

Royal United Mortgage

Blue River Community Foundation


Rudd Equipment Company

Mr. and Mrs. Keenan S. Buoy

Mr. and Mrs. Sean McCloskey

Central Indiana Senior Fund, a CICF Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Brown

Heritage Fund—The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County

The Saltsburg Fund—Don Buttrey

Stanley Byram Foundation

Dr. Jean McGrady

ConAgra Foods Foundation

The Capital Group Companies

Shaw-Burckhardt-Brenner Foundation

Mr. Ralph Collins

MillerCoors, LLC

Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County

Mrs. Helen F. Sheeks

Mr. and Mrs. Willis R. Conner

Monarch Beverage Co., Inc.

Mr. Anthony M. Smith

Mr. Keith Crum

Mr. and Mrs. Galen W. Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Golay

Mr. and Mrs. Brett D. Nigh

Target Corporation

David M. Cook Foundation, Inc.

North Campus Surgery Center, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Templeman

The Gerry and Bill Cowlin Foundation

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak and Stewart


Delta Faucet Company

Ms. Rose Mary O’Malley


The Cummins Foundation, Inc. Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, Inc.— Indiana’s State Food Bank Association

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Herr Family Foundation Ice Miller 100th Anniversary Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation

Mr. Dennis M. Cooke

Johnson County Community Foundation

Deem, LLC

Legacy Fund, a CICF Affiliate

Wayne S. Deveydt

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Matching Gifts Program

Liberty Mutual Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Fisher Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, Inc.

The ursa minor Fund, a fund of the Indianapolis Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Desarla

Panera, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Logan

Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers

Charles Miller Memorial Foundation


Mr. Fred Donnell

The Netherleigh Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation

Wayne County Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Robin S. Readnour

Estate of Ruth M. Miller

Mr. Patrick S. Ganey

Mr. Thomas Dormann

Mrs. Myrtle Wiseman

Estate of Loretta K. Shipley

The Gayman-Davis Shoemakers Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Eckert

Republic National Distributing Company

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Wolfe

Ripley County Community Foundation

Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County

Elanco Women’s Network

The RND Foundation, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation

The Woodforest Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Emmerson

Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Rydberg

The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF Affiliate Indianapolis Interfaith Hunger Initiative Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Davison

Roche Diagnostics

Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick M. Hohlt

Mr. and Mrs. William Wright

Rotary Club of Carmel Indiana

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC

Mr. William Ertel

Sablosky Family Foundation, a fund of Legacy fund

Cummins Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Zachary

Sandor Development Company, Dorsand Management Co., Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hubert

Zenith Logistics, Inc.

Feeding America, thanks to General Mills and Subway Restaurants

The Scottish American Club of Indiana

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, The Trustee’s Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Zerkle

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fehr

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Slabosky

Share Our Strength

Indianapolis CROP Walk, Church World Service Indianapolis Motor Speedway, LLC

Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Slaughter

Ms. Barbara L. Smith

Mr. Harold E. Smith

St. Vincent Hospital and HCC, Inc.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hanthorn

Mr. and Mrs. Bijon D. Jalaie

Mrs. Shirley Henderson

Sun King Brewing Co.

St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital

Mr. Kurtis M. Herron

Alliance Consulting and Testing, Inc.

Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Jaws Youth Playbook


Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Sertoma Club of Broad Ripple


Donations $2,500–$4,999 CONTINUED

TOSA Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Barnett

Charitable Foundation

Ms. Mary M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar E. Fehnel

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Gotway

Trinity Episcopal Church

Mr. Dean Barratt

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Carl

Mr. Lawrence S. Dawson

Mr. Richard Fetz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Grant

Tuxedo Brothers, Inc.

Mr. Raymond Todd Barrett

Dr. and Mrs. William Carr

Ms. Diantha V. Degraw

Ms. Bonnie Fijal

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Greenfield

Tyson Foods, CP641

The Barrow Family Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. James Caskey

DeHayes Family Foundation

Mr. Richard Fine

Gerd J. Griffith

Mr. Raymond L. Umstead

Mr. Alfred R. Barrow

Mr. Ralph and Dr. Gail Cassell

Mr. James P. Deitchman

The Finish Line

Dr. and Mrs. David Grignon

United Way of Bartholomew County, Inc.

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Ms. Donna J. Dellen

First Internet Bank of Indiana

Mrs. Ann B. Grimes

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Wei

Mr. Brett Bayston

Central Indiana Case Management Society of America

Mr. Rob DeRose

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Grinnell

Ms. Whitney Wolf

Ms. Lola Tredwell Beavers

Leah Chappell and Margaret Galloway

Mrs. Stacey C. DeShields

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fleenor

Ms. Maxene Grounds

Mr. and Mrs. William Beeker

Ms. Lorraine V. Chauvette

Dr. Dennis K. Dickos

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Mr. Roe Wright

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Ms. Jane F. Diedrich and Mr. Hal Minnigan

Mr. and Mrs. E. Tim Foley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gruesser

Zink Distributing Company, LLC

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Mr. John Chlapik

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Dlouhy

Ms. Wendy Fortune

Dr. James E. Hamby

Dr. Gary Wright

Mr. Michael Bernauer

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Clark

Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc.

Kraabel Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hamilton


Ms. Ann Bible

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Clark

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Lankton Family Foundation

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AC Equipment Reps., Inc.

Biddle Memorial Foundation

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Mr. Fuad Hammoudeh

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Mr. Andrius Doniela

Ms. Kathyren Francis

Mr. Calvin E. Harden

Mr. William J Adams

Mark & Peggy Blackard

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coates

Mr. Charles M. Dotson

The Frank Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Harrison

Mr. Keith Blessing

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coble

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dreikorn

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Franks

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Aidmatrix Foundation

BMO Harris Bank

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DRW Construction Company

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Duke Energy Foundation

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HCC Medical Insurance Services

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Assurant Foundation

The Bank of New York Mellon Community Affairs


Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report


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Marion County Farm Bureau

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Prairie Farms Dairy

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report



In-Kind Donations

$1,000–$2,499 CONTINUED

In-Kind contributions help us stretch the monetary gifts we receive.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Watson

Gleaners would like to thank all the individuals who designated their gifts through these organizations:

Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson

Mr. Bradley White

Attorney General’s Food Drive

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Whiteman

Capital Group Companies

Mr. Kenneth J. Thrasher

Mr. Ralph Wilhelm

Combined Federal and State Campaign

Mrs. Deborah A. Flanagan Tobias

Ms. Nancy H. Wilkerson

Fidelity Donor Advised Funds

Ambassador Randall L. Tobias

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wilson

Give with Liberty

Ms. Constance Torres

Mr. Christopher Wilson

Network for Good

Toyota 100 Cars For Good

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson


Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Trainor, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Windmiller

Greater Giving

Ms. Amy Traub

Mr. Peter Withey


Schwab Charitable Funds

California Pizza Kitchen

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Treend

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Witt


Georgetown Market

George E. Fern Company

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Trobridge

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Witzig

United Health Group Giving Campaign

Gibraltar Construction

International Paper

Mr. Michael P. Turberg and Ms. Karen T. Sgroi

Mr. Wesley Womer

United Way

Indianapolis Zoo


Mr. Justin Tysdal

Mrs. Julie Wood

USA Funds

Indy West Harley-Davidson

Lushin and Associates, Inc.

United Hope Foundation, Inc of Indiana

Ms. Susan Wood

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Major Tool & Machine, Inc.

McGuire Scenic

The UPS Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Harry A. Wright, Jr. and Dr. Debra J. Helper

Mallow Run Winery

The Russ Reid Company

USA Funds

Mr. Martin Wright

Ms. Brittney Mechenich

Ms. Jo Ann Valenti

Mr. Rick Wright


Monarch Beverage Co., Inc.

Mrs. Carol Van Auwelaer

Estate of Mark A. Wyman


Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Van Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Zancanaro

Barbara Friendenson Design

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Vangeloff

Ms. Anna Zeilman

Mr. David Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Vanslambrook

Mr. Stephan M. Zentner

Ms. Karla Vasquez

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Zink

Mr. Brian Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Zink

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Vaught

Dr. Emil Pelech, Jr. and Dr. Nancy Zinni

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Don B. Ziperman

Mr. Christian Tendick

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun P. Wallisa

Mr. Michael Sutton, Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Thompson

Mrs. Nancy Allen Waters


Omni Severin Hotel

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc

Feeding America

Pacers Sports and Entertainment

Conrad Hotel Indianapolis


Crown Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station

Republic National Distributing Company

Ms. Elizabeth Ellis

$10,000–$24,999 DAST Consulting LLC Dodd Technologies


Indianapolis Stage Rentals

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Baker

The Kroger Company

Barrington Jewels

Mid America Sound

Bohemian Properties

Monarch Beverage Company

Indianapolis Power and Light Company

Publicis, Inc.

Connor Fine Painting

BrightPoint North America L. P. Eby Brown Caito Foods Central Indiana Council on Aging Dodson Group, Inc Nita Brooks Global Workplace Solutions

Thank you to all of our donors. We have carefully reviewed these lists; however, if we have made any errors, please accept our apologies. Please contact Peggy Wulff Blackard, CFRE, Chief Advancement Officer, at 317-925-0191 ext. 119 or so we may correct our errors.


Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Darrow Plastic Brick Models Emmis Communications Inc.

Ms. Cindie Norris Off the Wall Ventures Ray and Mascari, Inc. Reis Nichols Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel Shideler Skin Care Center Ms. Dorothy Vise William Comfort Air Mr. John T. Wortman and Dr. Sandy Porter


Greater Giving

Arni’s Restaurant

Image Builders, Rowland Printing

Arthur’s Music Store

Indiana Ballet Conservatory

Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Beckley

Kroger Reclamation Center

Ms. Kelly Brown

JW Marriott

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

Millcraft Paper

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Mr. and Mrs. Mac Fehsenfeld Fine Promotions Inc. Food Bank of Northern Indiana Mr. and Mrs. William C. Harlow Mr. and Mrs. Herb Herman Indianapolis Fruit Co. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis Star JCC Indianpolis JR Funnigans Jump N Play Ms. Karen Kennelly MacAllister Machinery Company Inc. Mears Automotive Meijer #129 Indianapolis Mobile Glass Blowing Studio National Institute for Fitness and Sport Priority Group Mr. Chris Raflik and Mrs. Shawn Quick-Raflik Red Bull North America, Inc. Roanna’s Heavenly Sweets Ruth’s Chris Steak House Mr. and Mrs. Matt Schwent Sensient Flavors Spot’s Garden Service Stampin Up Ms. Debra Steiman-Cameron Ms. Kimberly J. Stevenson Sysco Food Services Tastings-A Wine Experience Tippmann Group Treat America Food Services Walt Disney World Zink Distributing Company


Tributes and Honorariums

Tributes and Honorariums



In Honor of A. Inc. Indianapolis Fred Autio

In Honor of Mary and Joe Bates Mr. and Mrs. John Beede

In Honor of A. Z. Buckwalter Megan & Craig Haddox

In Honor of Martha Crawford David Crawford

In Honor of Bill and Nancy Everett Angela and Brett Sutton

In Honor of Larry Grigsby Carol J. Wills

In Honor of Earlene Hines Carol J. Wills

In Honor of Juanita Jaggers D. P. and Roberta L. K. Jaggers

In Honor of Jim and Sharon Abel David and Beverly Abel

In Honor of Mom and Dad Batcheller Jacobe Batcheller

In Honor of The Burch Family Jill Ann Jesse

In Honor of Marie and Steve Cross Eric and Marya Strand

In Honor of Bradley Jay Fackler Jennifer A Collins

In Honor of Carole Guess Beryl E. Cohen

In Honor of William Hoffman Becky Yant

In Honor of Margi Jahns Linda L. Clevenger

In Honor of John and Lauren Abel David and Beverly Abel

In Honor of Marie Beard Sandra Gilbert

In Honor of Janice Dailey Robert P Dailey

In Honor of Stan and Cathy Faidley Micah Faidley

In Honor of Ed and Kay Jenkins Lynda L. Feiwell

In Honor of Eric and Elaine Bedel Gary and Peggy Ford

In Honor of Charles C. Daugherty Selma S. Caldwell

In Honor of Falk Family Doris E. Douglas

In Honor of Gwynne-Vaughan Granchildren Bob and Carol Gwynne-Vaughan

In Honor of Peter Joseph Hogan Patricia Hogan

In Honor of Patrick and Dee Abel Rick and Kristy Newcomer

In Honor of George and Anna Lee Burkle Helen and Bob Brody

In Honor of Blaine Holmes Paula M. Allen

In Honor of Tom and Alix Abel David and Beverly Abel

In Honor of Louise Beede Mr. and Mrs. John Beede

In Honor of Susan Dean Carol J. Wills

In Honor of Sara Farashahi Amberlynne J Farashahi

In Honor of Yahweh b’Shem Y’shua HaMoshiach Jeff and Krista Hurley

In Honor of Herbert and Arlene Jernukian Pamela R Czartoryski

In Honor of Anthony DeSanto Ken A. Roe and Linda K. Peterson-Roe

In Honor of Dr. Michael Farkas Ann Farkas

In Honor of James B. Hall Sr. Derek Hall

In Honor of Ed and Hazel Dhaene Jenna C. Lower

In Honor of Mac and Nancy Fehsenfeld Debra A Baker

In Honor of The Hallock Family Janice Schaller

In Honor of Advantage Health Solutions Kathy Ponko New Avenues, Inc. James Wieland In Honor of Ed Andresen Meredith A. Andresen In Honor of Aprimo Volunteer Group G Mahesh In Honor of Gerald J Arenson Andrew Arenson In Honor of Kevin and Nancy Armstrong Doris E. Douglas In Honor of George and Nancy Badgero Jennifer Hershberger In Honor of Colleen Bailie Jill Dodd In Honor of Beth Baird Virginia Donovan In Honor of Colleen Baker Julia Baker In Honor of Leigh Bangs Mark Bangs In Honor of Crystal Banks Mark R. Kelley In Honor of Anna Barnard Christina A. Grummer In Honor of Karen and Bill Barrett Dan and Meg Barrett


In Honor of Susan Beikes Teresa A Beikes In Honor of Kevin Bejcek Joseph Rompala In Honor of Elliott and Ann Berger Rhoda N Cahan In Honor of Robin Bills Jeffrey and Brenda Bills In Honor of Bingo Adam Ketterman In Honor of Michael J. Bisesi Susan Williams In Honor of Lyle D. Boughton Barbara S. Glaze In Honor of Bowden Family Helen and Bob Brody In Honor of C. Ann Bowman Raymond and Karin Wright In Honor of Greg Bray Carol J. Wills In Honor of Ross Brennan Tracey Benford In Honor of Katie Bridges Sally Delporte In Honor of Bill and Debby Brody Helen and Bob Brody In Honor of James Brokaw Kelly Peasley In Honor of Derek Brown Derek Brown

In Honor of S. Kevin Campbell William and Sally Grout In Honor of Sheila Carlson Sandra Carnesecchi In Honor of Bill and Moira Carlstedt Roger Eiteljorg In Honor of Shirley Werner Carr Linda K. Tyler In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Gary Carter Gregory R Behrens In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. James Carter Gregory R Behrens In Honor of Mary Catterson Theresa M. Kraft In Honor of Central Indiana Case Management Association of America Linda Straub

In Honor of Leonard Dintenfass Kathryn Crossen In Honor of Traci Dolan Nicole Ross In Honor of Peggy G. Drew Sisters of St. Joseph In Honor of Julie Driscol Mark R Kelley In Honor of Patricia Dujmovich Ralph N Dujmovich

In Honor of Methodist Sports Medicine Center Jennifer Croft Badolato

In Honor of Eagle Highlands Surgery Center Jennifer Croft Badolato

In Honor of Michael Collischan Jeffrey A Barnard

In Honor of Mary Eckert Betty M. Browning

In Honor of Nancy Connolly Jason Stahl

In Honor of Dave and Peggy Eichenlaub Matthew and Julie Yesnick

In Honor of Robert Considine Stephen P. Considine In Honor of Conveyance Group Business Associates Conveyance Group, Inc.

In Honor of Jim Emery Stephen F. Wintermeyer In Honor of Karen Emmerson Thomas Emmerson

In Honor of Beth Copeland Publicis Indianapolis

In Honor of Marjorie Engel Craig P. Lamontagne

In Honor of Mark Cosby CVS Caremark

In Honor of Pat Engel Megan Siebert

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

In Honor of Dr. Mark and Sharon Fenstermacher Michael R Fenstermacher In Honor of Dr. Fisher & the Staff at OrthoIndy Merrill S. Thompson In Honor of Mark Fleenor Kim Mathews In Honor of Dr and Mrs E Fry Michael and Shirley Fry In Honor of Kathleen Gibbs Jennifer Van Rhoon In Honor of Sandra Gilbert and Duke Realty Publicis Indianapolis In Honor of Erin Gill Mark R Kelley In Honor of James and Judith Gillespie Margaret Strodtbeck In Honor of Amy Glover Carol J. Wills In Honor of Paul Severance and Robin Gobetz Robyn J Grant In Honor of Clay and Wendy Gough Donald and Mary Trainor & Sarah Janosek

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

In Honor of Linda Hamil Steven M Sherman In Honor of Larry and Melissa Hardin Paul D. and Sharon McCurdy In Honor of Cynthia Hardy Rachel Hardy In Honor of Jordan Harrison Tom & Anita Wertz In Honor of Mary Hatem Susan Williams In Honor of Irvin Heidenreich Philip & Cynthia Heidenreich In Honor of Ray and Jacki Heiman Harvey and Arlynn Polokoff In Honor of Janice Henry Robert N Henry In Honor of Gayle Herold Lew Herold In Honor of Ora Hight Michael J Nee In Honor of Bonnie Hillengass Matthew and Julie Yesnick In Honor of Dr. Harvey Himelstein Murray and Lynda L. Feiwell In Honor of Amorette Hines Sallie Fields

In Honor of Rev HZ and Martha Hollowell Mrs. J G Coleman-Ramirez

In Honor of Dave Johnston AGA Indianapolis Chapter

In Honor of Ray Horn Paul R. Myres

In Honor of Matthew Kahn David S. and Leslie Kahn

In Honor of Diane Houtman Daniel Kittle

In Honor of Cathy Keibler Carl & Tina Balsley

In Honor of Rachel Howard Anne Howard

In Honor of Mark Kelley Mary E Murray

In Honor of Melissa Hughes Carol J. Wills

In Honor of Bill and Maureen Kennelly Helen and Bob Brody

In Honor of Craig Huljak Barbara Huljak In Honor of Nancy Humphrey David L Humphrey In Honor of TJ Peter Hunter Susan Williams In Honor of IHC Hunger Drive Benjamin and Rachel Greenfield In Honor of Indiana University Health—Radiology Aashish A Patel

In Honor of Pat Kiely Joseph Blessing In Honor of Ross and Beth King Robert B and Nancy Poetz In Honor of Christine Knight Gretchen Knight In Honor of Stacy A. Koppelmann Mindymerc Elaine Nelson In Honor of JoAnn Kriebel Jo Hi

In Honor of IU Health Physicians Internal Medicine West Cynthia Tieken

In Honor of George and Mary Beth Kucka David and Beverly Abel

In Honor of IU Health Plans James Wieland

In Honor of Greg and Judi Kueterman Dennis and Virginia Royalty

In Honor of Paul Irving Stephen F. Wintermeyer

In Honor of Doris Kuntz Richard A and Brenta Clem

In Honor of Chris Isley Tina Isley

In Honor of Lydia Kuykendal Stephanie M. Greenwald


Tributes and Honorariums

Tributes and Honorariums



In Honor of Mark and Shelley Lakshmanan Charles M Goodwin & Rich and Leela Woodfield

In Honor of Kim and Susan Martin Jennifer E. Matthews

In Honor of Mary Murray Mark R. Kelley

In Honor of John and Jean Pock Jennifer Belle

In Honor of Christine T Shaffner Patricia Shaffner

In Honor of the Thorp Family Lori A Thorp

In Honor of Leonard Williams Angela Groet

Ratliff; Chris Ready; Keith & Colleen Robertson; Jane Root & Andrew Taylor

In Honor of Rex and Lynne Martin Jennifer E. Matthews

In Honor of Kesa Krishna Murthy Srinivasu Kesa

In Honor of Dr. Hassan A. Shah Karen Klein

In Honor of Jacqueline Thompson Dale E Bloomer

In Honor of Ian and Jenifer Masterson Sheila E Masterson

In Honor of My Dad Melinda Leal

In Honor of Marian Thompson Auguste Thompson

In Honor of Margaret and Rick Mattix Lori Lencheck

In Honor of Michael Naish, Jr Michael T Naish

In Honor of Mary Pospychalla The Capital Group Companies

In Honor of Nancy A Brooks and Margarette L Shelton Spencer Sundell

In Honor of Willoughby Children, Nieces and Nephews Carol and Dan Willoughby

In Memory of Astrid Lane Cowan Daniel W. and Donna L. Archibald

In Honor of Greg Laudermilt Elizabeth Lane & Wendell Lee and Linda Emerson

In Honor of Juliet Port & Christopher Reading Barry Levitt

In Honor of E. Kirk McKinney Jr. Alan B McKinney

In Honor of James H. and Susan Naus David Naus

In Honor of Lowell Douglas Price Elizabeth A. Price

In Honor of Charles Sim Kate Sim

In Honor of Jim and Judy Thurman David and Beverly Abel & Cynthia Kaufman

In Honor of Methodist Sports Medicine Center Jennifer Croft Badolato

In Honor of Indiana ProHealth Network Sandra L Febach

In Honor of James Ray Patricia A. Gullick

In Honor of The Sizer Family Matthew and Julie Yesnick

In Honor of Sally Tinnel Carol J. Wills

In Honor of The Yesnick Family Matthew and Julie Yesnick

In Honor of Reed and Hill Families Cady Knight

In Honor of Linda Smith Matthew Dollins

In Honor of Mrs. C. Toll Michael and Shirley Fry

In Honor of Kathleen Yesnick Matthew and Julie Yesnick

In Honor of Mike and Eileen Miller Richard E Miller

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. David Hecht, Rani and Nina Nancy Logan Sonntag

In Honor of Regions Indiana/ Illinois Leadership Team Michael F. Hart

In Honor of Maryrose Snider Alison Snider

In Honor of Harold Tompkins Kal and Betty A Bakk

In Honor of Jeffrey Younts Kristin J. Reece

In Honor of Mary Kay Norris Nancy Burkhard

In Honor of Gary and Jill Reid Jacqueline Hoffman

In Honor of Hazel Snyder Kenneth W and Sandra Snyder

In Honor of Sophia Trauner Bernard and Jude Trauner

In Honor of Lisa K Zychowski Angela Zychowski

In Honor of Richard Norris Nancy Burkhard

In Honor of RetinoRX Mark R Kelley

In Honor of Marcy Sparks Terry and Tina Huff

In Honor of Chris Trede The Capital Group Companies

In Honor of OrthoIndy Merril and Emma Thompson

In Honor of Ben and Amy Rogge Emily Rogge

In Honor of Jack and Dianne Steen Helen and Bob Brody

In Honor of Tucker Family Sherrie and John Knighton

In Honor of Carol and Gary Packer Mary S Siegrist

In Honor of Chuck and Amy Sadler Pat L. Dearing

In Honor of Walt Steinfeld Janet Corson

In Honor of Pierre Twer Robert Dunklau & David and Louisa Hollander

In Honor of Eldon and Elaine Palmer John and Patricia Nichols

In Honor of Robert and Beverly Salyers Roger Eiteljorg

In Honor of Johnny and Cadence Leffel John H Leffel In Honor of Clients of Legis Group Public Affairs, LLC Glenna Shelby In Honor of Tasha Lewis Ann Bevilacqua In Honor of John Daniel Littrell Troy Lee Littrell In Honor of Andy Longo Anthony and Jennifer Dzwonar In Honor of The Loops John S Hayford In Honor of Katie Lootens Michael and Shirley Fry In Honor of Sean Michael Lothridge Larry Lothridge In Honor of Taylor Mabelitini Judith A Mabelitini In Honor of Chris and Sharon MacAllister Casey Davis In Honor of Fran MacAllister Casey Davis In Honor of Lavern Mardis Maurice and Luella Sue Gentry In Honor of Joan Markle Roxanne Kovacs In Honor of Marlys Marshall Ken A. Roe and Linda K. Peterson-Roe In Honor of Dale Martin Kal and Betty A Bakk


In Honor of S. Lee Miller Julie Miller In Honor of David and Holly Minnis David R Reilich In Honor of Sid and Sharon Mishkin John and Jody Tzucker In Honor of Carl Henry Mitchell Jerry and Vickie Mitchell In Honor of Bob and Marsha Moeder Fifth Third Bank, Central Indiana In Honor of Patrick Moore Matthew and Julie Yesnick In Honor of Thomas Moore Matthew and Julie Yesnick In Honor of James T. and Jackie Morris Robert and Sandra Borns; Capital Improvement Board; Bill and Edith Enright & Susan Williams In Honor of Tom and Kathryn Morrison Susan Williams In Honor of Steve and Terri Mosier Lawrence E Langford In Honor of Herbert Mull Joseph and Delores Bridgewater

In Honor of Tony Paschali James A. Carlton & Andrew Zarkowsky In Honor of Eloise Paul Paul Family Foundation In Honor of Heather Paynter Vicki Paynter In Honor of Rick Pickering Doris E. Douglas In Honor of Mary Lou Pierce Dorothy A Nemcik In Honor of Lonnie B Pinkin Santosha C. Johnson In Honor of George and Christine Plews Arthur Plews

In Honor of Steve and Jennifer Sanner Susan Williams In Honor of Ronald and Yvonne Schneider Annette Flood In Honor of Doris Scott Carl E. Scott In Honor of Florida and Eric Scott Frank Kevin Young In Honor of Al and Elsie Segal Elliott and Carol Segal In Honor of Gary Sevine Jacob and Florence Sosniak

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

In Honor of Nancy Stephan Mr. and Mrs. Alder In Honor of Jane Stevens Publicis Indianapolis In Honor of Jaylon Stewart George Stewart In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stoner William T. Darden In Honor of Stowers Family Philip M. Burris In Honor of Pat Stringer David Fields In Honor of Dave and Patty Summers Ben Harcourt In Honor of Sue Sylvester Jeese and Patricia Clark In Honor of Miriam Tannenbaum Norma K Chapman

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

In Honor of Linda Kay Van Hoy Patricia A. Gullick In Honor of Charles and Joan Waldron Lawrence R and Donna D Higgins In Honor of Elizabeth Walter Gregory W. Walter

In Honor of Mike Wince and Pam Cox Mark R Kelley In Honor of Brad Woodward David and Helen Muram

In Memory of Opal Adams William J Adams In Memory of William Knight Bates Ilene Beers & CRNA’s at Providence Hospital

In Memory of Tourmani Dembele Mary J. Lapointe; Susan P. Stuart; Dr. Len and Suzanne Bielski & Charlene Hutchcroft In Memory of James J Denbo Brandi and Andrew Bills; Thomas and JoAnn Farrington; Head Quarters Beauty Salon; Rodger and Janice Wiggs & Jim Coe In Memory of Patricia Donnell Gayle and Thelma Kamp; Barbara B Thomson; Danny Barrett; Fred Donnell; Marilyn & Nick MacCollum & Ada C. Shaum In Memory of Patricia Drippe Michael and Kathleen Mary Drippe In Memory of Charles Eaggers Richard E. and Lee Deer

In Memory of Zelda Bold Steven M. and Sandra E. Steinkeler

In Memory of Rose Eckhart David J. Del Vecchio

In Memory of Drucilla Bose Lois Zender

In Memory of Ted TC Edwards David and Linda Olson & Sarah W Otte

In Memory of Olean Bulic, father of Karla Nardi Butler-MacDonald, Inc.

In Honor of George and Catherine Weber Jefferson J. Weber

In Memory of Josephine Charles Norma G Fielding; Jocena K. Schafer & Karen Shidler

In Honor of WellPoint IronStrike

In Memory of Catherine J Connelly Heidi Beyer; George, Rachel, Don and Mary Ann Boyd; William Bromer; Eleanor J. Frederick; Pamela Frederick; H.J. Umbaugh & Associates; Jenna Hase; Josef J. Oshinkski; Robert A. and Cynthia L.

In Honor of Nancy Wheeler Kathryn Vaulter

In Memory of Charles C. Daugherty Selma Caldwell

In Memory of Phillip Bernstein Peter N. and Karen L. Reist

In Honor of Bill and Teri Weber Elise L Mullins

In Honor of Mary Wells Robert P Dailey

In Memory of Geri Creasey Rod and Janet Corson

In Memory of Ross Faris Don Altemeyer; Linda L. Arant; Edward P. and Judith S. Archer; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Archibald; R. William and Karen Barrett; Mark and Ann Bear; Theresa and Dave Berghoff; Best of Broadripple I; Ryan M. and Deborah A. Borchelt; Lawrence R Bowmar; Nancy Bryant; Vaughn D. and Nancy F. Bryson; Anthony H Carpet; Gregory Chwatko; Kevin Coyne; William G Cummings;


Tributes and Honorariums

Tributes and Honorariums



In Memory of Ross Faris (Continued) Elizabeth Darby; Robert E. and Rae Ellen DeLance; Lilly Farahnakian; John E Galuin; Brian Garwood; Dick and Judy Guernsey; Todd and Lara Habig; Marcia Haddox and Family; Neil Handley; Thomas and Nancy Inui; Martha T Jackson; John Jaqua; Donald, Joann and Emma Jones; Erin Kem; George Kovacs; Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kravitz; Chuck Kysar; Jayne Langan; Maria Lipes; Amanda Lynam; Kathryn S. Maeglin; Scott Marchakitus; Tilden and Cathy Mendelsohn; Kelly Mitchell; Lewis J. Mumford; Robert D. and Anne M. Nation; Marilyn M. Phillips; Pamela M. Richardson; Robert Olson; Juantita Orth; Carol Rumple; Dennis M. and Sally S. Smith; Marc and Pamela Stephens; Pamela Torres; Mr. and Mrs. David P. Van Mook; Rosalie Vermette; David and Virginia Waite; Chuck and Nancy Webster; Deborah Weinmann & Bennie K Whipker In Memory of Jay Farrar M. Joyce Carlisle; Eileen Dell; Lisa and Roy Dudenhoeffer; Gregory Forsthoefel; Cynde and Rick Hanson; Skilled Care of Indiana; Steel Works, LLC & Peter H. and Elaine M. Woodward In Memory of William Fitzgerald Tom and Ann Zerr In Memory of Lois Frazier Janet Keith In Memory of Paul Frederickson Joel Grove In Memory of Joe Gore Nancy Fehsenfeld In Memory of Adlah Grossman Peter Z. and Pollu Grossman In Memory of Tom Gumbel Carla Mathison In Memory of Vern Hardis Kathleen Ketcham


In Memory of Parents of James and Mary Richard Mary K Richard

In Memory of Constance Henslee Carla Mathison

Christopher J Swift; Mark and Jeanie Tweedy; D.B. Wilcox & Kerry Wonders

In Memory of Ralph Meyer Eileen Cantin

In Memory of Betty Lou Hessman Norm and Betty Kuehr; Thomas and Janice Lobdell & Rene D Wilson

In Memory of Raj Kumari Savita Kamdar

In Memory of Robert Montague David Hull; Kimberly Bardellini; Rachel Bunting & Susan D. Orr

In Memory of Beverly Riddick Butler MacDonald

In Memory of Erin Kathleen Morrison Susan Williams

In Memory of Susan Ritter Philip Schuler

In Memory of Russel Muttart Claudia J Hammonds

In Memory of Ryland Roesch, M.D. Nancy Roesch

In Memory of Jim Hiland Eugene Dodd

In Memory of Greg Lawdermilt Wendell and Linda Emerson

In Memory of DeWayne Hill The National Bank of Indianapolis

In Memory of James Lee Lester David and Debra Longwell & Barbara and Tom Taylor

In Memory of Anthony Hnizdo Diane Hammel

In Memory of Janice Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rompala

In Memory of Ralph D. Nance Bob and Suzie Rimstidt

In Memory of Waneta Sarver Judith E. Neidlinger

In Memory of John Houser Gloria Del Greco; John and Susan Klinefelter & Janet R. Stuntz

In Memory of Andrew Livezey Angela M. Chapman & Mark Robert and Susan Phillips

In Memory of Ralph Neiman Jerald T. Neiman

In Memory of Marlyene Seller Mark S and Candy K Jones; Andrea L McCord & Curtis and Barbara Shipman

In Memory of Bernard A. James John J. Griffin; Rick and Susan Haack; Deeann List; Motorists Mutual Insurance Company; John and Diane Osterhage; James and Susan Robisch; Mark Noe; Philip Amenda; Bradley Jordan; Dean Acklin; John Osterhage; Michelle A Hopwood & Josh Hopkins

In Memory of James Lockert Butler-MacDonald, Inc.

In Memory of Zack Jenkins Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces In Memory of Jerrye— Aunt of Bruce Kidd Ken Roe & Linda Peterson-Roe In Memory of Tim Johnson Anonymous; Roger and Carol Ball; Homer and Blanche Beall; Jay and Patricia Beck; Brion and Sandy Johnson Family Endowment; Craig and Penny Cheever; Abby Cella; John R. Donohue; John and Dorothy Dunlop; Dale and Melinda Egeberg; Terry and Jody Fanning; Martha Faul; Mark A. Kleme; Marti Lamar; William and Mary Langellier; Carolyn L. Looker; Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy; Mark and Joanne Niland; Dolores Olson; Mary & Wil Painter; John and Margaret Pappalardo; Shand, Newbold, & Chapman, P.C.; Donald and Karen Skokan; Judy Suarez;

In Memory of Doyle Lower Jim and Susan Naus In Memory of Nicholas Madden Stan and Barbara Bennett; Ellen Susan Carter; Defense Finance & Accounting Service Indianapolis; Megan L. Eisenhauer; Cynthia Gregory; David and Elizabeth Hofmann; Cindy Long; John Medley; Norman E Noe; Kathy J O’Connor; John and Barbara C. Page; Audrey R Roberts; Thomas E Roberts; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schmalfeldt & Anne Truba In Memory of Danny Manley Matthew Cler In Memory of Bobbye Martin Butler-MacDonald, Inc. In Memory of Juanita Marvel Eddie and Marilynne Gorrel; Paul I. Lew; Evelyn Ludt; Maxine M. Pierson; Merril and Emma Thompson & Joan Wenrick In Memory of Gary McCormick Terry & Vicki Dunscombe; Harvey Markley & Robert and Mary Ann Miramonti

In Memory of Clara Nichols Ken Roe & Linda Peterson-Roe In Memory of Ralph and Nell Parrott Jerry and Leslie Brooks In Memory of Lois Pellum Therese Andrews; Robert and Jerri Glant & Sherck, Hussey, Johnson, McNaughton LLC In Memory of Edward Mullins Perry Judith Beaty

In Memory of Ned Windus Harvey and Arlynn Polokoff

In Memory of Raymond J. Simmons David and Helen Muram In Memory of James Steinsberger Karen Emmerson In Memory of Ruth Bertsch Stillwell Diana Clawson In Memory of Elaine Thompson Susan C. Guba

In Memory of Leo Petrie Lynda D. Van Kirk

In Memory of Lieutta Timmons Robert and Sally J. Alden & Cynthia Kaufman

In Memory of Rev. Joseph Porter George R Porter

In Memory of Mary Tinley Beverly L. Timmons

In Memory of Lois Powlen Craig Powlen

In Memory of Bob Turpen Pamela and Alan Abel

In Memory of Olive Reid Jacqueline Hoffman

In Memory of Les and Lovella Wadel Michael and Kathleen Mary Drippe

In Memory of Emily Renkiewicz Margaret H Layne

In Memory of Carl Wesenberg Cynthia T. Miller

In Memory of Oliver Reynolds Lynda D. Van Kirk; Allisonville Christian Church Bible Study; Bonnie M. Bryant; William and Orabelle Easton; Robert and Elizabeth McCarthy; Dennis and Janis Nichols; John Price & Marjorie L. Scott

In Memory of Cody Williams Susan Williams

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

In Memory of Ted Williams Bradley Kinkoph

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report


2012 Award Winners

Board of Directors & Staff

Every hour that every person volunteers has a tangible effect.


Donor of the Year

Volunteers of the Year

MVP—Mission Vital Partners


Rotary Club of Indianapolis

Addison Wolf & Fed Ex

Publicis Indianapolis

Food Donor of the Year

Community Spirit Award

Robert McFarling Award


Fayette County School Corporation & Fayette County Community Corporation

The Kroger Co.

Carrie Petty Vice President Petty Custom Homes

Agencies of the Year

Chairperson-Elect Skip Adams Partner Ice Miller LLP

Fishers United Methodist Church

Secretary Martha L. (Marty) DuRall, MBA, SPHR Exec. Dir., Human Resources St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital Treasurer

Top 25 Food Donors When donors give, they become a part of our fight against hunger.


Harlan Bakery

Wayne Dairy-Richmond



P&K Services, LLC


Indianapolis Fruit

Columbia Fresh Produce Inc.

Caito Foods

General Mills Storage

SH FB of East Central Indiana

Sams Club

Pepsi Cola

Peaper Brothers


Sara Lee Foods



ConAgra Consolidated

Tippmann Group/Interstate Warehousing

The Kroger Co.

Treat America Food Services

Kraft Nabisco Division

J. Bruce Klink Vice President/Finance and East Group Controller Star Media Jay B. Love Chief Operating Officer Slingshot SEO

Robert Herzog VP of Finance & Chief Financial Officer Educational Management Corporation Harrison College Immediate Past Chair

Robert Moeder President Central Division The Kroger Company

Ronald E. Talbot Senior VP & COO PNM Resources Members Shawn Bauer Partner Barnes & Thornburg LLP Greg Beyerl President Sign Craft

James Browning Vice President Real Estate Development Browning Investments

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Stacy Flanigan, CTP Senior Vice President Treasury Management Sales M&I Bank

M. Kent Millard Director of Generosity and Gratitude The United Methodist Church Indiana Conference

Tom Britt Owner &


Marilyn Burger Community Volunteer

Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

Margaret Pike, EdD, CPNP Director Cathedral Soup Kitchen

John T. Wortman, CFP Financial Advisor Valeo Financial Advisors, LLC Allen Wright Shuck, Villanueva & Wright Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Gleaners Staff Cindy Hubert President/CEO Annette Baker Controller & Human Resources Peggy Wulff Blackard, CFRE Chief Advancement Officer Eric Knepper Chief Operating Officer Kathy Hahn Keiner Chief Programs & Agency Relations Officer Jeff Anderson Director of Distribution Center Brent Douthit Director of Food Sourcing & Procurement

Jeff Simmons President Elanco Animal Health Business Unit Eli Lilly & Company

Bob Evans Director of Agency Relations

Kirk Stahl Executive Vice President Director of Client Services Publicis Indianapolis

Suzanne Hudson-Smith, CFRE Director of Donor Relations & Major Gifts Officer

Michael Sutton, P.E. President Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.

Carrie Fulbright Director of External Relations

Robert Wilson, CFRE Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Laurinda Swank SVP & Chief Financial Officer First Internet Bank of Indiana




Food Contributions (75.9%) Donated Food Distributed (79%) Gifts & Donations (18.3%) Food Distribution Costs (11%) Government Grants & Contracts (1.5%)


Hunger Relief Agencies (2.8%)

Kids & Seniors Programs (6%)


Management & General (1%) Special Events (1.4%) Fundraising (4%) Other Income (0.1%)


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

Unrestricted Sept. 30, 2012

Sept. 30, 2011

REVENUES AND OTHER SUPPORT Food Contributions Gifts & Donations Government Grants & Contracts Hunger Relief Agencies Special Events Other Income Net Assets Released from Restriction Total Revenue & Other Support


Permanently Restricted

Sept. 30, 2012

Sept. 30, 2011




Food Distribution Costs




Kids & Seniors




EXPENSES Donated Food Distributions


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1,087,437 $45,694,927


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(1,087,437) $394,956

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Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report





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Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report


Thank You Thank you for all you do TO Fight Hunger in our community.


Gleaners | 2011–2012 Annual Report

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Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana Annual Report 2011-2012  
Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana Annual Report 2011-2012