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Brand-new Outpatient Pavillion offers expanded and up-to-date medical services

“ I am pleased to report that the new Outpatient Pavilion at Advocate Christ Medical Center is nearing completion,

and we plan to welcome the first patients in the Pavilion at the end of March. This will mark an important milestone for our medical center and the Southland community. The vision for this important new building formed several years ago, when we realized that a state-of-the-art outpatient facility would make care more accessible, comfortable and successful for the tens of thousands of outpatients we treat each year. By creating a separate Pavilion devoted to outpatient care, we are able to focus on the specific needs of this group of patients. For example, the new Outpatient Diagnostic Center on the first floor will provide all diagnostic services in one convenient location. Patients requiring further outpatient services will find them easily accessible on the other floors of the building. The Pavilion, which represents a $250 million investment, contains the most advanced treatment technology available. Patients being treated for cancer, neurological problems, cardiovascular issues, or any other health concern will have access to advanced care in a beautiful, calm, patientfocused environment. Of course, the physical building is only part of the story. More important are the thousands of devoted people who have worked to make the Outpatient Pavilion a reality and those who will now serve patients inside the Pavilion. It is an honor for me to work beside these fine people. Should the need arise, we all stand ready to welcome you to the new Outpatient Pavilion.

Ken Lukhard, President, Advocate Christ Medical Center



We realized that a state-of-the-art outpatient facility would make care more accessible, comfortable and successful for the tens of thousands of outpatients we treat each year. FLOOR


Cancer Institute


Neurosciences institute


Heart & Vascular Institute


Advanced Imaging Center


Mechanical Space


Outpatient Surgery Suites


Outpatient Surgery & Endoscopy Center


Outpatient Diagnostic Center


Outpatient Pavilion Main Lobby

No public Access


1. Kenneth Lukhard, President, Advocate Christ Medical Center, looks forward to welcoming the community to the new Outpatient Pavilion. 2. As director of construction, Patrick Lyons has overseen all aspects of the project. 3. The construction management team has been working to keep things moving swiftly and smoothly since plans were approved.


New Outpatient Pavilion Rises at Advocate Christ Medical Center An important new building is rising on the Advocate Christ Medical Center campus that will improve outpatient experiences for decades to come. The Outpatient Pavilion, scheduled to open in March, will house a multitude of outpatient services, ranging from a complete outpatient surgery center to the Neurosciences Institute. “Centralizing outpatient services in one location will be a benefit and convenience to our patients and community,” says Patrick Lyons, director of construction– South Region. “We expect to start out with approximately 1,000 visits per day at peak, with future growth to approximately 1,600 visits per day.” The nine-story, 326,000-square-foot building was designed to maximize patient convenience and comfort. Two main entrances, including one connected by bridge to a 640-space parking garage, will provide easy access. Patients will be able to register on every floor, enhancing their privacy and streamlining their entrance. A pharmacy on the ground floor will quickly fill prescriptions. And the building will

be decidedly kid-friendly, with dedicated pediatric waiting areas and prep/recovery rooms.


The Outpatient Pavilion will provide unmatched healthcare. It will house three specialty centers: the Cancer Institute, the Neurosciences Institute, and the Heart & Vascular Institute. Fourteen operating rooms and eight GI/Endoscopy rooms outfitted with the latest technology will provide the safest, most advanced facilities available. The Outpatient Pavilion will also house the latest imaging technologies, including ultrasound, CT, MRI and more. A specially designed MRI Caring Suite will provide full visual, audio and sensory controls to personalize the experience for each patient. “And the newly created Outpatient Diagnostic Center on the first floor will provide patients with one quick and convenient location for walk-in services like phlebotomy, EKG and X-ray,” Lyons notes.


The building itself will contribute to the healing environment. It was designed to provide increased natural day lighting, which has been shown to create a better patient experience. And the indoor air quality will be maintained by the use of furniture, finishes, and cleaning supplies that are free of volatile organic compounds. Other “green” elements of the building include energy-efficient lighting, fixtures that conserve water, and nearly 100 percent recycling of construction debris. The environmental focus extends to the area surrounding the building: Native plants will be used for the landscaping and permeable paving materials will be installed to reduce storm water run-off. It is anticipated that the building will earn the Gold New Construction designation in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program of the U.S. Green Building Council. The Outpatient Pavilion, which broke ground in 2011, is scheduled to open on March 31, 2014.

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EASING THE CANCER CARE JOURNEY Outpatient cancer program to unveil wide-ranging new support services in expansive, patient-friendly facility Each year, nearly 1,900 newly diagnosed cancer patients rely on Advocate Christ Medical Center and its nationally recognized Cancer Institute for experienced, evidence-based cancer care. This spring, the Cancer Institute will provide additional help and hope to cancer patients and their families when it opens the doors to its new and expanded outpatient services on two floors of the brand-new Outpatient Pavilion dedicated to patient services. On the eighth floor, outpatients will have access to cancer specialists and staff with the most advanced knowledge in early detection, treatment, prevention and follow-up care, all in a space designed for ease-of-access and convenience. In addition to providing a new home for our outpatient treatment and support programs, the new facility will also house brand-new services intended to further ease the journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment, including:

SERVICES PLANNED FOR THE NEW FACILITY:  ultidisciplinary clinic for breast cancer M Oncology rehabilitation services • On-site American Cancer Society services • Patient and family support programs in 1,800-sq.-ft. Gilda’s Club facility and Noogieland for children • Comprehensive survivorship support • •



American Cancer Society (ACS) resource office: In a dedicated new office, our ACS navigator and volunteers will offer patients support on concerns ranging from emotional health to finances, as well as disease education. Visitors to the new ACS space will also have access to an experienced wig fitter and prosthesis fitter, and a private dressing room. Multidisciplinary clinic for breast cancer: During a single visit to the new Outpatient Pavilion, each breast cancer patient can meet with his or her surgeon, medical and radiation oncologists, nurse specialist, breast navigator (and genetic counselor if appropriate) and leave with a complete care plan. Patients undergoing treatment will benefit from advanced oncology rehabilitation services, offering physical therapy and related services designed to alleviate side effects and maintain optimal health during and after treatment. Survivorship navigation office: In a new, welcoming, private office, Cancer Institute survivorship navigator Peggy Kupres will continue to offer breast cancer patients comprehensive post-treatment assistance at

their request. Peggy and her patients review an individualized post-treatment care plan created by the patient’s provider team. The plan contains a complete treatment summary, practitioner contact information and future care recommendations. Gilda’s Club and Noogieland: In an 1,800-sq.-ft. home on the Outpatient Pavilion’s first floor, Gilda’s Club, a national organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients and survivors, will welcome Cancer Institute patients and community members to an array of support programs in community rooms, lounges and a kitchen, six days a week. Noogieland, a Gilda’s Club offshoot designed especially for children and featuring a soothing, amenity-filled play place, will share the space and is the only one of its kind in the Chicago area. The Cancer Institute staff at Advocate Christ Medical Center couldn’t be more excited about the new Outpatient Pavilion facilities and resources, says Wendy Kupiec, MS, RN, OCN, manager of clinical operations for the Cancer Institute. “The expanded services at the new pavilion


TESTING CONVENIENCE Adult phlebotomy and EKG move to all-in-one location The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine will move adult outpatient phlebotomy (blood draw) and EKG services to a single location in the new Outpatient Pavilion, providing increased comfort and convenience to patients, says Hospital Lab Director Nicole Simokaitis, MBA, MT (ASCP). The new Outpatient Lab will feature private testing rooms staffed by the same highly experienced phlebotomists whom patients have come to know, Simokaitis says. “Our 12 phlebotomists have an average of 13 years of experience and are highly skilled. At our new adult Outpatient Lab, these experts will continue to provide the same friendly, compassionate care that our patients have come to expect, using the latest and most advanced equipment and diagnostic technology available.” will help make each patient’s journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment as smooth as possible and greatly broaden our goal of wholistic care for the whole person,” Kupiec says. “We’ve also been very mindful of creating an organized space that makes it easy for our patients to find their way through the building,” she adds. “Patients who need access to multiple modalities, such as a blood draw, chemotherapy and scans, for example, can accomplish all of that in the same building and, perhaps, on the same day. Parking is going to be more geographically accessible and convenient as well. We’re looking forward to welcoming outpatients to a facility designed for their comfort and convenience.” Oncology outpatients benefit from nationally recognized, evidence-based care and expanded support services: • American College of Surgeons Outstanding Achievement Award as well as accreditation with commendation • Only hospital in Illinois with MD Anderson Cancer Network Affiliation® • Evidence-based treatment and access to clinical trials

SURGICAL PATHOLOGY LAB WILL JOIN NEW OUTPATIENT SURGICAL SUITES The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine will oversee a surgical pathology lab on the Outpatient Pavilion’s new Outpatient Surgery floor, offering frozen section diagnosis and other anatomic pathology support services. 2

“Our state-of-the-art diagnostic abilities in the subspecialties of surgical pathology and cytopathology stand out in the field,” Simokaitis says. “Locating another state-ofthe-art surgical pathology lab alongside the new Outpatient Surgery Suites in the Pavilion allows us to continue providing the crucial collaborative support that our surgical staff relies on to safely and effectively care for patients.” Advocate Christ Medical Center’s nine experienced pathologists are board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology and provide extensive subspecialty expertise as well, including advanced diagnostic abilities in hematopathology, cytopathology, neuropathology and transfusion medicine.

ENHANCED SERVICES IN THE NEW PATHOLOGY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE DEPARTMENT: P hlebotomy and EKGs performed in the same first-floor location, and located near general radiology facilities • Private phlebotomy/EKG rooms • Outpatient surgical pathology services to open a fully equipped new lab alongside new Outpatient Surgical suites • Lab directed by a licensed pathologist, board certified in clinical and anatomic pathology, and managed by ACL Laboratories • The highest level of diagnostic abilities in surgical pathology and cytopathology, supported by the most advanced technology •


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THE BEAT GOES ON Heart and Vascular Institute expands array of patient services in new setting From the outset, patients visiting the Heart and Vascular Institute on the sixth floor of the Outpatient Pavilion will find all the services they have learned to expect— cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiodiagnostics, heart failure clinic, Coumadin clinic, and transplant and ventricular assist device (VAD) clinic. The Institute will also host new services, such as cardiac imaging and MRI capabilities, as well as heart heath screening for all forms of heart disease in the early stages. “We’ll also be launching a whole series of multidisciplinary clinics in 2014 including a valvular disease and pulmonary hypertension clinic,” says Gina Roache, RN, BSN, MA, BC, executive director of the Institute. “And, because there is a huge population of about 100 million people with atrial fibrillation, our new Atrial Fibrillation Clinic will provide patients with the ability to get multiple


consults and services all on one floor—and all monitored by a consistent care team.”

AN IMPROVED EXPERIENCE FOR PATIENTS THE HEART AND VASCULAR INSTITUTE CONTINUES ITS TRADITION OF EXCELLENT SERVICE IN ITS NEW LOCATION:  omprehensive care for cardiac patients from prevenC tion to cure • Full range of cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation services, cardiodiagnostics, heart failure clinic, Coumadin clinic, and transplant and VAD clinic • Most advanced cardiac imaging in the Chicago area • Multidisciplinary specialty clinics for valvular diseases, atrial fibrillation, pulmonary hypertension, and adult congenital heart and connective tissue disorder—with more to come •


This is a move in the right direction for those patients requiring advanced heart therapy. “Now, instead of traveling from their doctor’s office to the hospital for labs and on to another doctor’s office, patients will be able to see all the doctors they need to see to have their heart condition diagnosed and to receive their treatment plan,” says Roache. The new sixth-floor location now offers patients an improved experience with all of these services accessible within a two-block range. “Patients will now have a convenient, in-and-out experience,” says Roache. “They won’t get lost, everything is nice and new, and they’ll no longer have to brave the hospital environment to get their testing done.”

Referring physicians can also have the confidence that their patients will now be able to access world-class evaluations within their own communities.

COVERING ALL BASES All of this is just a part of the vision that Roache and her team have for the Institute. In 2015, they’ll be launching even more multidisciplinary clinics, including a clinic devoted to women with heart disease. “We’ve partnered with the hospital’s women’s services department to provide a host of holistic services including stress management and lifestyle classes.” The Institute will also continue to lead the way in transplantation services. “We have a heart and kidney transplant center already,” says Roache. “We’ll be adding a lung transplant center, too—the only hospital in the Southland and only one of three in the state that do lung transplants.”




Advanced Testing in Updated Pulmonary Function Lab

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The Pulmonary Function (PF) Laboratory at Advocate Christ Medical Center has always offered many tests that aren’t found in other labs in the area. The new laboratory on the first floor of the new Outpatient Pavilion will offer those same tests in a larger, more comfortable and more patient-friendly space. “We’re one of only a few labs that perform bronchial challenge testing to confirm the suspicion of asthma,” says Debra Marshall, MBA, MA, RRTNPS, RCP, who will lead the PF Lab. The lab is also one of the few in the area that performs PF testing on young children, with new impulse oscillometry spirometers that enable technicians to perform tests on children as young as three years old. New, with more spacious lab rooms, patients can have loved ones remain with them during the entire testing process. Patients will find the test experience to be more comfortable, too. “Our new lab chairs have the ability to recline, allowing the patient to be relaxed while assuring best outcomes during indirect calorimetry testing. The new chairs also have a procedural arm rest which will allow the patient optimal positioning for blood gas draws. “It’s better for the technician and the patient,” says Marshall. “Now, we can perform all PF testing in one easy-to-reach location, rather than at various locations throughout the hospital,” says Marshall. “That’s important, because the patients who visit our lab often have breathing difficulties. Now, patients can cross the pedestrian bridge from the new parking garage and get to the lab located near the entrance, on the first floor.”

PULMONARY FUNCTION LAB WILL OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:  ix therapists comprise team (83% specialty certified S in PF testing) • Methacholine challenges for asthma testing • New impulse oscillometry devices for testing on pediatric patients • Increased availability for indirect calorimetry tests • Performs six-minute walk tests according to American Thoracic Society standards •

Now, we can perform all PF testing in one easy-to-reach location, rather than at various locations throughout the hospital.

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ALL TOGETHER NOW New Neurosciences Suite to offer a range of expanded specialty services The Neurosciences Institute brings together the entire spectrum of expert neurological care and the latest technology to treat conditions such as stroke, aneurysm, brain and spinal cord injury, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, memory disorders, spine conditions, back pain and migraines. Pain management, neurodiagnostic testing (EEG/EMG), audiology and adult and pediatric neurological rehabilitation are available. The Neurosciences Institute provides the latest, least-invasive technologies, including CyberKnife and specialized neuroendovascular care to provide the most advanced treatments for conditions that affect the brain. Neurologic care is fully supported by our technologically advanced imaging department and board-certified neuroradiologists. Relocation of the Institute’s outpatient services to a carefully planned, single-floor Neurosciences Institute suite in the new 2


Outpatient Pavilion will further enhance the continuum of care for patients in the community, says Executive Director Terry Guymon. “When patients step off 1 the seventh floor elevator, they’ll find a large, spacious check-in and waiting area directly adjacent to the therapy gym. They’ll also find larger exam rooms and treatment areas, plus many new and expanded services in a comfortable and soothing environment,” she says. New and expanded services include: • Spine Center: Patients experiencing acute or chronic back pain, and seeking non-surgical or surgical pain management, will be guided through treatment using a multi-disciplinary approach coordinated by a nurse

spine navigator. • Community education area: A comfortable space for ongoing disease education, support groups and more, including our stroke support group and back pain information and education. • Outpatient adult and pediatric rehab gym: Rehabilitation staff will work with patients in a fully equipped therapy gym, featuring an inspiring seventh floor view. Private


IMAGING treatment areas for lymphedema therapy and speech therapy provide the optimal space for these specialty services. The new facility is specifically designed to accommodate patients with neurological needs, Guymon adds. “The layout is carefully planned so that patients who have limited movement can more easily get where they need to be, and it also facilitates staff collaboration that benefits the patient.

THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE NEUROLOGIC CARE IN THE SOUTH SUBURBS: ADVANCED IMAGING SUPPORT: Outpatient neurology is supported by the Advanced Imaging Center and experienced neuroradiologists • ADVANCED, MINIMALLY INVASIVE TREATMENT: The latest, least-invasive technologies, including CyberKnife, and the only Neuroendovascular Program in the south suburbs, offering expert management and treatment of neurologic brain lesions • STROKE CARE EXPERIENCE: Highest volume of stroke patients in the South suburbs • SPINE CENTER: Nurse navigation of chronic or acute back pain treatment • REHABILITATION: Adult and pediatric neurological rehabilitation and new outpatient therapy gym • PAIN MANAGEMENT: Interventional Pain Management with board certified pain management physicians. •

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SEEING THE INVISIBLE Advanced Imaging Center and Diagnostic Radiology provide unparalleled images and treatments Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology—some of the most advanced in the Chicago region—the Imaging Center in the new Outpatient Pavilion will minimize patient exposure to radiation and provide patients and their physicians the highest quality images, which will result in quicker diagnosis and treatment. Just as importantly, these advanced imaging services will be delivered in an environment designed to reduce patient anxiety and enhance comfort. For example, patients coming for MRI testing will experience a new Caring Suite design that includes scanners that have wide openings to ease the anxieties of more claustrophobic patients. “The Caring Suite features mood lighting, music and high resolution nature photography to create a serene environment for the patient. The patient can select music, images and lighting from a customized iPad to control the environment. The MRI systems will AMONG OTHER IMAGING TECHNOLOalso come with noise-reduction GIES THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO software that will make the MRI PATIENTS AND PHYSICIANS IN THE NEW quieter than any currently on the OUTPATIENT PAVILION, YOU WILL FIND: market,” says Thomas Jacobs, • Six state-of-the-art ultrasound units with digital ultrasound MA, RT(N), interim director, transducer technology featuring multi-modality review imaging services. “Patients can • Wide-bore MRI systems with caring suite design even bring in their own elec• PET/CT hybrid imaging technology that combines PET, a tronic tablet, which we can functional imaging technology, with CT, an anatomical imaging then connect to our system. technology This enables them to play • Low-dose SPECT/CT used for all nuclear medicine outpatient their music and display procedures their pictures on a 70-inch • Dual-energy spectral imaging and automatic tumor/lesion high-definition monitor on tracking and evaluation software the ceiling. Words do not do • Completely digital diagnostic imaging for reduced radiation it justice—you have to see it to doses and improved workflow; physicians will be able to believe it.” access via secure computer systems and wireless hand-held The new space will also devices include some of the most • One of the first completely-digital fluoroscopy units in the advanced technologies available in region, resulting in lower radiation dose and improved the area. “With the latest technoloimage resolution gies, the image resolution is vastly improved,” says Jacobs. The CT technology, for example, offers the benefits of dual-energy subtraction, which enables the radiologist to “remove” bone structures obstructing underlying soft tissue areas in the images. In addition, the new PET/CT service offers tumor-tracking software. “That’s good news for oncologists referring patients,” says Jacobs. The software will measure and compare tumors from a previous study to the new study. This comparison will allow physicians to more accurately evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment plan.

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STREAMLINED SURGICAL SERVICES Advanced surgical care in a setting designed for patient comfort and convenience Starting this spring, outpatients preparing for surgery at Advocate Christ Medical Center will find exceptional care and patient-friendly amenities in a new, state-of-the-art surgery center housed within the Outpatient Pavilion. “This new home for our comprehensive ambulatory services is designed with patient convenience in mind,” says Bridget Shaffer, BSN, MS, RN, CNOR, director of outpatient services. “Patients at the new pavilion will find efficient access to parking, one-stop preoperative diagnostics such as lab tests and X-rays, state-of-the-art technical capabilities for all areas of outpatient surgery, and private recovery rooms, all in a facility designed with their convenience, safety and comfort in mind,” she says. Comprehensive services to be housed in the new Outpatient Surgery Center will include a wide array of types of surgery, including general, plastic, and orthopedic; gynecologic including oncologic surgery; otolaryngologic (ear, nose, throat) and ophthalmologic. Additional planned services OUTPATIENT SURGERY SERVICES IN THE NEW PAVILION:  2 operating rooms with state-of-the-art technology and 1 equipment integration • Streamlined process from admissions through discharge • Integrated patient pre-operative testing for laboratory and diagnostics before surgery • Commitment to patient safety and evidence-based practices • Single-floor, sheltered access from the parking structure via skywalk to the surgery department •



include vascular surgery; urologic surgery, including surgery for urinary incontinence; neurological and spinal surgery; dental surgery and podiatric surgery. Prior to surgery, patients will benefit from preferred scheduling of pre-operative tests, which will be consolidated when possible to reduce the number of pre-op appointments and on the day of the the procedure, patients will find an efficient admissions process designed to minimize wait times, adds Shaffer. Procedures will be performed on the dedicated third floor of the Outpatient 1

Pavilion, where 12 operating room suites equipped with the latest touch-screen technology will be located. In comfortable, spacious waiting areas, families will be able to follow their loved ones’ progress on large monitors, using a private tracking number. From simple to complex cases, surgeons at Advocate Christ Medical Center can treat virtually any trauma or condition with the most up-to-date therapies and technologies. Our board-certified surgeons are nationally recognized in their surgical societies and are known for their exceptional level of care.



Advocate Christ Medical Center, 4440 West 95th St., Oak Lawn n Advocate Christ Medical Center Conference Center, 4440 West 95th St., Oak Lawn s

SMOOTH SAILING New Endoscopy Center offers patients convenience and the highest-level care


The new Endoscopy Center will provide comprehensive services for esophageal, bronchial and gastroenterological care. Patients who visit the new suites on the second floor of the Outpatient Pavilion will find a great deal of space and privacy. “In fact, our new center will have seven procedure rooms and 21 prep/recovery bays designed to protect patient privacy,” says Dana Castle, RN, BFN, manager of the new center. The Endoscopy Center will share space with outpatient surgical services and have separate waiting rooms for adult and pediatric patients. In addition to the range of services it currently provides, such as colonoscopy, feeding tube placement and endoscopic ultrasound, the Center will continue to lead the way in special IN THE OUTPATIENT tests, including fecal transplants for chronic C-diff. patients. PAVILLION, THE “We will be performing a new procedure—esophageal ENDOSCOPY CENTER ablation for Barrett’s esophagus [ulcer at the juncture of WILL OFFER: the esophagus and stomach],” says Castle. “And we’ll • 40 gastroenterologists and soon be performing bronchial thermoplasty [BT] for pulmonologists chronic asthma patients.” • Comprehensive testing menu for adult Among other things, the Endoscopy Center is and pediatric patients noted for its state-of-the-art equipment, which includes 190-series Olympus scopes and Advantage Medivators for processing scopes. 1. Ximagnih illessimpore nus, ut volupta tiuriandi tem quam as et hit as alit auditatem sit. 2. Qui ide nonsend icipsun tisqui ut aut et audam, sunt poresed isinctur aut endiae soluptio eta beatur. 3. illessimpore nus, ut volupta tiuriandi tem quam as et hit as alit auditatem sit. sinctur aut endiae soluptio eta beatur.iuriandi tem quam as et.



DATE: Jan. 27, Mar. 5, Apr. 23 TIME: 6:30 p.m. LOCATION: Jan. 27 & Apr. 23: Oak Lawn Public Library, 9427 S. Raymond Ave.; Mar. 5: n 0629 A&B REGISTRATION: 1G48



DATE: Feb. 4 TIME: 5:30–8:30 p.m. Health Fair and Screenings; 6:30 p.m. Heart Surgery lecture, Dr. Pat Pappas, Cardiovascular Surgeon LOCATION: Sandburg High School Performing Arts Center, 13100 S. LaGrand Road, Orland Park REGISTRATION: 1C53



DATE: Feb. 5 TIME: 10 a.m. LOCATION: Palos Heights Library, 12501 71st Ave., Palos Hts. REGISTRATION: 1.800.323.8611; code 1C73



DATE: Feb. 10 TIME: 6:30 p.m. LOCATION: n 0629 A&B REGISTRATION: 1C74



DATE: Feb. 11 TIME: 6 p.m. LOCATION: Orland Park Township Office, 14807 S. Ravinia, Orland Park REGISTRATION: 1C63



DATE: Feb. 19 TIME: 6:30 p.m. LOCATION: n 0629 A&B REGISTRATION: 1G70



DATE:: Feb. 20 TIME: 6:30 p.m. LOCATION: Oak Lawn Public Library, 9427 S. Raymond Ave., Oak Lawn REGISTRATION: 1C75 FREE!



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