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February 2013

Issue No. 1

WHAT IS THE FEELING OF A FRESHMAN? [WHAT TO EXPECT IN THIS ISSUE] 1.)Personal experiences as a high school student Get behind the school life of high school. Here in this topic you will get to see the pros and cons of being in high school and a l s o h o w i t i s n e w f ro m elementary. 2.)Knowing the teachers & administrators In this part you will get to meet some of the high one teachers and administrators. 3.) Projects/Tests Here you will know how much different the tests and projects are in high school. 4.) School Activities What are some of the different new school activities?

As a whole issue, look into the life of a freshman. Look also into the aspects of a student would be like as a freshman and how different it is

The Class of High 1B

Batch 2016

Gavin Ong

Look into the magazine to further read about the topics listed above. I hope these topics will help in your life in the high school.

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High 1B Awarding

What is it to be like high school student? Here in Xavier School San Juan, I as a freshman student have experienced high school for the first time. First off I would like to talk about is the entering the high school building for the first time. The surprise is the senior students welcomed us with candies and surprise questions about the high school. It was all over the place actually, the seniors. They gave us the encouragement to enter the high school building for the first time. One other thing that I had to cope with was the change of the schedule. Usually in the elementary, the schedule was MondayFriday. Each day would have a specific schedule. Unlike now, there are days. For every seven days, you have already completed one cycle. The seven days are unique and all of that. Like on Monday example is Day 1 then Tuesday would be Day 2 but the next Monday won’t be Day 1 but it would be Day 6. In each day, there are usually five to six subjects composed of one hour each subject. The subjects are longer which



High School uniform

means I have to get used to having one hour instead of forty minutes. With the new schedule, I usually lose track on what day it is because if I pack the wrong materials, that would mean greenslips. Speaking of greenslips, the student prefects in the high school are more strict than the grade school because we are supposed to be more responsible than the younger boys. Since the haricut and everything is harder, I tend to be more careful than before. Whenever the student supervisor would come, we would always fear that someone would get a sanction. Not only does the student prefect gives more sanctions but the teachers and administrators also are more strict in the high school.

Get into the scenes of how a high school would go about on his freshman year. In here, you also would get to expect some changes in high school.

Also one more thing I want to point out is the canteen food is different and the choices are better than the ones in the grade school. We also have the free sitting in the canteen and we can also eat the food during lunch time since now we are a high school student.

Personal Experiences I #64 Xavier St . Greenhills West, San Juan City, MM | 723- 0481 |


The difference of an elementary teacher to a high one teacher... What is the difference of a grade school teacher to a high school teacher? Well, some differences are a high school teacher is more strict when it comes to discipline and academics than a grade school teacher. They usually give is more tasks to do than what a grade school teacher requires us to do.

elementary student prefects are more lenient than the ones in high school. Next up is the guidance department. The guidance department in the high school talks more about the mature topics rather than the grade school guidance. Mostly, the guidance talks about re s p e c t i n g yo u r p e e rs, manliness talk and stuff like that but in the grade school, t h e y t a l k a b o u t yo u r personality, self-esteem and etc. But the one thing that Teacher both high school and grade school possess in the guidance is the talk on bullying. Our guidance counselor is Mr. Que. He likes to play the guitar. He is actually the guy who interviewed me in the family interview last year. Anyways, he is actually a great guidance counselor. One who always does his job and helps his students in the batch of 2016 to the road of success.

Now let us know my class adviser of H1B. Before all that, I want to say that they are a very new batch of teachers and they are very unfamiliar to me. It’s just like going back to kinder again... Anyways, my class adviser is a Filipino teacher. He is Mr. Gomez. Its just his first year in being a class adviser, but it’s not his first time to be a Filipino teacher. He a very strict teacher. All he asks for is respect and he will reward you. Whatever grade you get is just the reflection of your efforts, but one thing I want to point out is he is very competitive. He wants his whole class to be the best class of the batch. One, in terms of grades, in terms of intramurals and in terms of competitions and quiz bees. Those are some The Computer, PE and the music/arts of the common characteristics of a high department all share the extra part of the school teacher. academics in the report card. these subjects Next up is our student prefect. He is Mr. are common in the grade school and in the De Ocampo. He is also very strict actually high school, but one thing I need to point in my opinion, hr doesn’t tolerate anything out is it’s harder and very different. In when giving greenslips. He sees an offense Computer we are now mostly on blogging and he immediately sanctions you with a and PLWS and stuff. In PE, we actually greenslip. If you question it, another have sports that we can pick. In music and greenslip at the most. But I don’t really arts, we play different kinds of instruments blame him for all of that. That is what a and draw not purely on coloring. Mr. De student supervisor should do but the las Penas, Mr. Gonsingtian and Ms. KB

Who are some of the administrators and teachers of the high school? How different are t h ey f ro m t h e ones in the grade school and how do they work in their respective departments? Find out in this page.

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The Assessments of High School What is an assessment in the High School? How about one compared to the grade school? First off, an assessment is a graded requirement from each of the subjects and the grade is either composed of 10% or 20% that is why you should take every assessment carefully. Usually the assessments are Long Tests, group projects, Oral Tests. Those tests are really difficult and you need a lot of effort. Usually, the grade is composed of 60%Class Standing and 40%- Quarterly Tests. I almost forgot the quarterly tests are actually the biggest assessment of the quarter. Usually it occurs at the last days of the quarter. The quarterly test mostly is composed of the lessons you took up the whole quarter that is why studying is a must in the quarterly test. The quarterly tests is very crucial because it can either pull your grades up or it can devastate your grade in the report card. In one day, there are two quarterly tests and usually in the middle of the quarterly test week, there is a break. The time limit is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The only quarterly test that is usually not took during the quarterly test week is Chinese. For the regular group, they take in on the Saturday and for the advanced, they take it on a weekend. The Chinese quarterly test is 20% only instead than 40% because there is a written mastery test which is also 20% that makes up the 40% of the quarterly test.

and long tests are only taken during the periods during the day. The parts of a long test is usually the usuals, the multiple choice usually for Science, Math, Filipino and Chinese, the essays, all subjects except Math. The thing I would want to point out

Rhoncus tempor placerat.

is the essays. The essays compose of almost the whole of the test. The essay questions are not like the factual questions but it is the questions that allow you to think and analyze.

The group projects are really hard especially if your groupmates are not participative and they are just relying on their smart groupmates or their leaders. Mostly the group works are of teamwork and it requires a lot of hard work. Oral tests are part of the group works. Usually Science has a lot of group works as assessments. We have a limited time for the preparations especially if we always have The long test is just like a quarterly test but different opinions. The group works usually it doesn’t comprise the whole quarter’s compose 20% which is really hard. lessons. It only composes of special topics

How is it to be graded in an assessment. Actually what really is an assessment? Find out here.

Projects and Tests, #64 Xavier St., Greenhills West, San Juan City, MM |723-0481 |


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