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The Journey Your Dream Takes You


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The Power of Marketing

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About This Magazine 2020 has been a year like no other year. No one could anticipate the challenges that could arise with the events that have unfolded. With expectancy and hope, we move forward with the new plans and vision for reaching new heights. We pause to celebrate the massive success we have experienced and enjoy our time planning for the next phase. We know teachers and administrators work tirelessly to meet the needs of all students. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to utilize tools and resources to leverage technology in ways that improve student outcomes. We’ve seen firsthand that all districts, schools, and students have unique needs that can’t be met with a one-size-fits-all solution. With that in mind, we dedicated our efforts to creating powerful, but flexible products and solutions that give students the personalization and engagement they need to succeed. We will continue to enhance the learning experience designed to extract each individual’s God-given talents. We invite you to take a moment and read over the next few pages and learn how your child’s world of education will expand at Gateway Legacy Christian Academy. “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 To learn more about enrollment, visit us online at: www.gatewaylegacyprep.com. See why our Lions ROAR! Greg & Melissa Morrison, Founders ©2019TheRoarMagazine. All rights reserved.

Covid-19 has marked a huge change in everyone's life. It had destroyed dreams and closed doors for thousands and thousands of people who sought to achieve their dreams and be successful in life. Many of those dreamers are students across the world who had to suspend their studies and return to their homes with their hopes in a suitcase.

That was the case at Gateway Legacy Christian Academy almost seven months ago, from one day to the next one, we all packed up our dreams and embarked on an undated return journey. Today those doors to triumph are finally open again and after long months, the voices of students and teachers are finally heard in the hallways one more time. From 25 countries, and with more than 5 languages reunited in one single place, we are Gateway lions. We are teenagers. On the journey to find ourselves and learn how to become adults, we struggle to let our voices be heard. The Roar Magazine is where we, as teenagers, work together to write our own stories for us to be understood and feel connected. Not only are we teenagers, we are also “international� teenagers. What does that mean? It means that we have more exciting, unique stories to tell since a lot of us are from very different backgrounds and our perspectives might not always be the same, which is the interesting part. The stories could be the simplest things like what we are grateful for today, or they could also be deep thoughts that touch on problems relating to mental health that many teenagers are facing these days. We create opportunities for young adults to connect to each other and build an amazing community that uplift individuals to shine in their own ways. We designed our magazine to serve as an advisor, friend and motivator for all those who seek to obtain their diploma abroad. This magazine will be distributed to local St. Louis, MO businesses, sent to college campuses around the country and mailed to families of the magazine staff around the world. A digital copy will be distributed across multiple channels to reach families and friends around the world. You don’t want to miss your chance to be a part of a movement where your stories get to be shared and heard, do you? Let the lions inside you out and see how loud the roars are!


Letter From The Editors

The Roar Magazine

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The Journey Your Dream Takes You By: Joshua Segnon

Every person has a dream in life of what they would want to be in future. Have you ever asked yourself why do we people dream? One broadly held theory about the purpose of why we dream is that they help you store important memories and things you intend to encounter or have learned, get rid of unimportant memories and sort through complicated thoughts and feelings. Dreaming made me the person I am today. As a child I had a dream of becoming the best soccer player I can be and I'm thankful for this God given blessing. Dreaming is a powerful gift. Children dream and tend to believe that they can make their specific dream a reality. Children don't yet understand how the world works. They haven't been drained in a wormhole of problems and tribulations of reality but as they grow, its a process of self determination that gets their dream to be a reality. In addition, the most important common issue is that children reach a certain age and they specifically come across uncertainties. They see problems they can't face and tend to change the dream they were so passionate about into something they never thought about doing. That's not me. As a child I was self-diagnosed with dyslexia. I struggled so hard reading, to understand or to grasp the work I did in primary school. As life tries so hard to put every force of complications to stop your journey to your dream, it never stopped me. Having my family, teachers and friends being there in every troubled situation helped me overcome the disorder.

One other important factor is that I never gave up and always stayed true with what I want to achieve in life. Playing soccer was the most difficult task in my life mentally, physically and emotionally. I didn’t believe I was that good in soccer. There were so many great footballers I shared the field with. Some would say I was never a talented soccer player but was definitely a hard worker. Mentally I was discouraged and in some other moments I criticized myself. I always went back home after practice crying. The only person that would give me comfort was my mother. She would always say "never concentrate on the negatives because once you feed on negative externalities it will be very difficult to overcome the negativity. Just focus on what you want, focus on your dream" she said. I will never forget this statement she told me. As a child with a big dream, you will I repeat "you will" get unbelievers, people that dislike you, that unfortunately hate you, that don't want you to achieve or to be successful. Overall, you will get love and care through family and friends which will help you to go through the struggle. As they say, "You can never have a disadvantage without an advantage", so don't feed on negativity but feed on positivity. Go live your dream.

Teen Days Are Lonely Days By: May Nguyen Teens days are lonely days. Night falls, lights turn off, and with the moon through the window next to the study table, we talk about how much we enjoy each other’s company. I got into middle school and that’s when all this teenage thing began. I went to school from seven to eleven twenty in the morning, then went home for lunch and after that got back to school for another two classes until three thirty in the afternoon. In my country, we have extra classes. It’s “extra” classes that have nothing to do with the school official schedule. We would go to our teachers’ houses to study because with only 45-minute-class at school, we were thought to not learn enough to get good grades on the exams. On days that I only had one or two extra classes, there was a good chance that I could get home in time for dinner but the other days when I had the third extra class, everyone in the family would be ready for bed by the time I got home. Teens days are days of uncertainty. I’ve been taught so much about how to derivative a function, how to balance a chemical reaction, yet nobody ever taught me how to be happy with myself, how to embrace who I am or how to excel at job skills so that I can feel prepared for the future. I can’t count how many times I found myself frustrated over the process of learning how to make up, how to cook, bake or how to start a YouTube channel of my own to start making money. As a teen, I was knowledgeable enough to be aware of the roller coaster of my emotions but not quite experienced enough to be able to explain them and figure out how to deal with them. Days and days going to school and getting back home, my life

was nothing but studying. When being called nerds, some people do take offense, and some don’t. I do. Just because I got good grades doesn’t make me become a nerd, or the glasses I have on me doesn’t make me any less potential to be the “popular girl” at school. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a nerd, the term’s been so overused now and gradually become a tool to imply one is not cool enough or inferior to others, which is unacceptable. My parents are always occupied with running their business. I got to high school and they got even more busy as we welcomed the fifth member of our family, my second younger brother. After school, I would ride my electrical motorbike to my extra classes, which are almost like taking a tour around my city because they’re so far from my house. Every night after extra classes, I ride my bike back home, by myself. I got home and everyone would be already in bed. I turned the music on, heated the food, and got lost in my world. Teen days are monotone. Every day starts and ends in the same way, not until when I decided to study abroad. There were no more “extra classes”. With English, I opened the door for myself to learn a lot of new, refreshing things. I got to know about Jennie Mai, who is a Vietnamese American and suffered from a traumatizing childhood, and her YouTube channel – Hello Hunnay. Her YouTube channel is where I learned about self-awareness and all the cultural differences between Vietnam and the US. For the first time in my life, I felt understood. I gradually got to watch other videos where I can learn how to boost my confidence, be myself, or how to give a speech, and a lot of other essential social skills. As my self-growth developed, I realized that loneliness is an inseparable part of becoming a young adult. I’ve learned how to be okay with it, get used to it, and spend the time alone to invest in myself. Growing up is not an easy process, especially with loneliness trying to upset you every time, but with good self-awareness and the idea of self-investing, dealing with loneliness in teen days would not anymore be a big problem.

Look Up By: Carolina Rojas

Positioned in the middle of the bridge, I observed a magnificent sight. The highest bridge in the Capital of Colombia measure 1.6 kilometers long and eighteen meters high. It takes less than three minutes to cross it. My thoughts centered around how crazy it was to see a bridge located over another bride. The first time I crossed that bridge I was speechless. I took twenty seconds to enjoy the view from the top; the whole panorama is indescribable. You could contemplate the last rays of the sun or even the magical sunsets that shelter the buildings. There are so many colors in perfect lines that made it look like it was done by angels. Twenty seconds filled me with peace and tranquility. This was a moment in which the gap between the real and the imaginary disappeared. Day after day at 6pm, a smile appeared on my face and a strange faith invaded my heart. I considered the idea that people settle for the simplest acts of nature because they feel complete with them. I knew that the day when I was looking through that window and I did not feel like that way, I would have to start looking in another direction. At fifteen years old, my world revolved around basketball. I envisioned myself fulfilling my goals thanks to sports and studies. An x-ray and heartbreaking words woke me up from that dream, "You can't go back to playing sports and if you can walk again, it will be a miracle." A small hidden illness from birth was the one that now stood between my goals and my life. I could not settle for that diagnosis, and I decided to use one last alternative. I went to a specialist to hear another point of view. I just wanted to hear “It was a mistake; you just need ice”. Once again, I had to go over that bridge. This time my gaze was directed to the pavement. Reaching the top, a black spot caught my attention. Nearly two hundred people covered in poverty and famine were below that bridge. I could not

distinguish between garbage and the people, who made bad decisions, and that led them to a dead hole. At that moment, my perspective of the bridge changed completely. Those images remained in my mind until the moment I entered the doctor’s office. Sitting in front of me, the doctor proposed a treatment to deal with my disease; although it would not completely heal, everything would improve. I looked up and realized the beautiful view in front of me. There were two options: I could look up and fill myself with hope or look down and see my x-rays and my immobile legs. I remembered the simple, but famous bridge, that had showed me before, two different futures. It pushed me forward towards my goals and dreams. I will never forget that special moment when everything made sense to me. Fortunately, the treatment worked. Continuing to fight led me to achieve several of my goals. I was called up to my national basketball team, I represented my country in the BWB NBA camp, and I had the opportunity to enhance my sports career and my studies in the best country to do it. Being able to finish my career in an American University, has been the largest dream of my life. Since I was a child, I´ve been watching movies of graduation. At the end of the movie, people throw their caps up and the only sound is the people´s screams, gathering between each other. I used to think in those seconds of glory, where you realized that you made it, and your effort was worth it. My imagination is not enough to describe what I am going to be feeling in the moment when my cap will be flying in the air.

CAMPUS LIFE LEARNING Dedicated athletic fields and school with classes, office space, gym, and training center allow students to focus on training and curriculum as they prepare for University.


With an intensive training program and fun, extra-curricular activities planned throughout the year, students and athletes will invest their time into creating life-long memories.

INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE Come experience how interactive learning programs make all the difference for students that learn in different formats.


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When A Hero Dies -Kaiky Santos, Brazil

Then, two seconds later, my phone rings with a call all the way from Brazil. In a moment, my world had shifted. Goosebumps formed as I received news from a phone call. My childhood friend had called with a sore voice delivering news that my hero, Kobe Bryant had just died. At that moment, I felt a bizarre sensation.

It started as every other normal day. I was on my way to the gym to put some shots up, like I used to do every day. I was feeling it that day. There was something off. I could not stop because of this weird hunch I had. I passed the whole night up watching Bean’s highlights and his talk about the Mamba Mentality because I could not sleep. Although I had the feeling of something being weird, I was too motivated to stop because that’s what Kobe used to bring out of people. He inspired their will to be the best version of yourself each and every day that goes by. There I was walking through the streets with my headphones on and couple of other friends, when suddenly I saw a friend. He was completely frozen in the middle of the sidewalk. He looked like someone who just had seen a ghost. I look at him with worry and asked him with all this regret that came out of nowhere as soon as the words left my mouth, “You ok, bro? What happened?” He responded “Nah, bro Kobe just passed away in a helicopter crash”. At first, I did not believe it. , I thought it was a stupid twitter joke or fake news.

Everything was looking surreal, like I was trapped inside this bad dream. I knew the guy I looked up to wasn’t alive anymore, but I could not accept it. I walked forward, stunned. It felt like a bad dream. My friends and I walked all the way to the gym on mute mode without letting a single word escape out of our mouths. We didn’t know what could be said at that moment.

Everything negative --pressures, challenges-is all an opportunity for me to rise. -Kobe Bryant

Less than a month and a half later the pandemic situation went from bad to worst and my school had to send every single international student like me home, afraid of border issues. There was I at my home, feeling in a rock bottom situation because my season was over with the fourth place in our national tournament. My semester ended up short. I was going to be away from people who had become family for me and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to come back for another to finish my studies. Would I be able to run after my dream of pursuing an athletic scholarship in a NCAA college?


After everything that happened, I started thinking about everything Bean said about Mamba Mentality and how you got to push yourself to work hard enough to be at your best. You must face the challenges. I started to prepare myself for basketball season, even though I did not know if was coming back to my High School for another year or not. As the time passed by, with all my preparation, I started building this mental toughness to keep going. It helped me pull through. It became a part of me and of my routine. I learned to not feel satisfied and settled with my situation at the time. Fortunately, I received the great news that I was going to be able to come back but then I had another challenge. Brazil’s borders with the United States were closed and I couldn’t come back to my High School. That made me look for other options. I spent fourteen days in quarantine in Mexico to get in the United States. I thank God everything worked out perfectly. I arrived at my school, where I found myself writing this and where I unfortunately had this minor setback on my hamstring. But that won’t stop me, I’m already almost 100% recovered and aiming for my goals. I know I’ll get there.

Many lessons were learned. The most important lesson is to never, never give up. Keep moving forward. Run after your dreams with intention.

Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. This brings me hope.




Traditional Vietnamese Dinner

• • • • • • •

Raw Materials

1 cup of Thailand gutinous rice 1 egg Several shrimp and slices of pork 1 sausage Chill, oil, brown sugar, onion, salt and soy sauce Bon appétit Sai Gon sticky rice with assorted toppings

Let’s do it!

1 Preliminary processing all the raw materials - Sticky rice picks up all the grit out, gently wash it, avoiding rubbing the rice vigorously. Scallion picked, removed the roots and washed, cut into short pieces. With garlic, you peel, rinse and crush. Particularly chili, then remove the book, wash briefly and then crush. - Peanuts, before cooking, you need to wash them and soak them in water for about 30 minutes to hatch and remove. Then, add the beans to the pot of boiling water with a little salt until the beans are cooked, then take out the beans to drain. - Pork you wash with salt water to remove odors, then marinate meat with a little salt and sugar, garlic, chili and let it sit for about 15 minutes for the meat to infuse spices. - Dried shrimp, you wash and soak until soft hatching, take out and rinse and drain. - Wash radish to reduce saltiness and then dice the seeds or small fibers as desired. Step 1 Preliminary process all the ingredients of Mixed Salty Sticky Rice

2 Cooking sticky rice

- Glutinous rice soaked overnight, drained into an electric rice cooker. Pour water into the pot, add 1/3 of the coffee salt. Poke small holes in the surface of the rice to make the sticky rice cooked evenly and delicious. - When the rice cooker is turned on to warm mode, add peanuts.

the topping for sticky rice. 3 Making - Put the pan on the stove, you put the sausage in and fry, just ripe, take the sausage out and put on paper to

absorb the excess oil. Then sliced diagonally, thinly and slightly long.

- Put another small pan, the onion has just the smell of shrimp, add dried shrimp, pickled radish, mix well. When they hunt, add the scallions and turn off the heat. - Pork, after marinated, put in an oil pan, fry until golden brown, fragrant, then put down, shred or sliced.



- You put the sticky rice on a plate, the salty filling depends on the taste that you give the appropriate dose. You may add soy sauce if needed.

How To Manage Your Time By: Shaili Betts

Time management is an important skill for school and daily life. In this article I will be teaching how to manage your time while not being consumed by stress and giving yourself time to have fun. There are three strategies that you can implement to improve your time management skills. The first one is to have a checklist of things you need to get done. Organize the priority assignments based on the dates they are due. How much time it would take to finish the assignment and how much it weighs on your grade are important factors that you need to put into consideration as well. After you have sorted all this out upon which assignments you will do first and which ones you’ll do later, you sit down with a calendar and time slots and start working on it. Don’t forget to reward yourself with some breaks after hours of studying as well. Just a side reminder, if you have practices and meetings, they should be marked down in your calendar too. Once your calendar/schedule has been completed, just follow it exactly and don’t stress about the mountains of work you have to do.

Manage your time

A second strategy is getting people from your classes and having a study group. One person might be good at math, while you might be good at English. Helping each other with the work that they are not good at, gets it done faster. This strategy is very simple. As the ancient proverb says, “Two brains are better than one.”

Lost time --is never-found again. -Benjamin Franklin The third strategy is using a timer. This may sound a little extreme but is very effective if you are a person that can get distracted easily and lose track of time. The timer is just another way to remind you to get schoolwork done and have your priorities in order. Also, the timer is for time constraints for specific tasks, subjects, and how much time you spend not doing anything. Your timer is unique to you and can be customized accordingly. These little tricks can help you so much throughout high school and college. I hope these techniques help you reach your goals.

or someone else will

Telling Your Story, The Power of Marketing By: Hazel Yiru Xiong Hello. My name is Yiru Xiong. My friends in America call me Hazel. First, I would like to thank my teacher Mrs. Jackie for giving me this opportunity. I am a student in China, studying CLEP courses in the United States of America online. I'm very interested in marketing. My passion is to pursue marketing at a University in the USA. The reason I love marketing is that I started to learn English as a kid. Learning a new language is really interesting. Being able to skillfully speak a language lets me feel a sense of accomplishment. I also really enjoy traveling in different countries to understand their language and their cultural. I've spent my whole life studying other languages, so I began to think about what kind of career would allow me to continue to learn more languages and travel. Because of this goal, I chose marketing. I found that marketing not only allows me to shuttle between different countries, but also allows me to sell my products to other people. Selling my own products in different places is like leaving my footprint in different places forever. This is a particularly magical and sacred thing for me. I hope I can put more people's dream elements in my product. if this product is successful, it will be a dream come true. I believe that the power of dreams is life changing.

If I can study in a school that has a great marketing program, it will be a dream come true. There may be a lot of people say that my ideas are too naive, easy to fail, or I just do not understand the difficulties of society. That may be true. I really don't know. Because I didn't know, I had unprecedented enthusiasm and energy to do what I wanted to do when I was a child. Some dreams from childhood for me will not be broken due to difficulties or challenges. With my dream intact, I can do anything. Although I don’t have great wealth, if I am not living for my dream in this world, I am not being true to me. Life holds two concepts for me. I have to focus on my dream and the hard work it takes to complete the dream. Finally, a person I particularly like said a sentence, which I have always kept in mind: “Don't give up easily, because the surprise always comes without a sound.�

-Always chase your dreams!

Celebrating Victories By: Dave Redden As we progress through the school year, both academically an athletically, I can reflect on what the last few years have brought us. Still in our early years of even fielding athletic teams, we have already gained national attention and rankings to support that attention. We have enhanced the athletic and academic abilities of a multitude of student-athletes that have enabled them to attend Universities in the United states on both Athletic and Academic scholarships. All of this is what we are expected to do, and we do it well, but what intrigues me more than anything are the individual stories that accompany the students; the excitement to be in the US, becoming acclimated to the area cultures and weather, meeting new friend from all over the world and developing one’s own self, maybe the most important of all. Three years ago, as track coach, I had the opportunity to coach a young man from Martinique, Jude Christine. Jude’s athletic abilities developed quite well, he gained national attention from several D1 schools and was offered several scholarships. He was one of France’s top 400-meter dash runners and was well on his way to participating in the next Olympics. As a coach and pseudo-father figure, I was proud and excited that one of my athletes had such a destiny of greatness. I was fulfilled knowing I had had a part in molding this young man’s abilities and ultimately his future.

Then, I got the call. After spending a year at a college in Texas, he had decided to stop his track aspirations and focus completely on academics, that of being a surgeon in France. I was heartbroken yet smiling at the same time. It was at that moment that I realized that as a coach or teacher or parent, no matter how well we prepare our student-athletes-children, we can only take them to the point where they make their own decisions. This is also similar to the culture at Gateway Legacy as well. We see the young students succeed and fail, we see them thrive as well as get in trouble, we see them grown with their thirst for knowledge all the while making lifelong friends of both fellow students as well as coaches and teachers. We see them progress to the point that they make their own decisions and develop into responsible young citizens. When they ultimately graduate and leave, it accompanies a heavy heart, but also accompanies a lifetime of smiles and memories, knowing we have done our job well.


An More Interview with a World Champion than 16 million children in the United States are not

getting the food theyand need to live happy and healthy lives. How to live with purpose serve other people By: Oliver Cesar Mercedes & May Nguyen After having read several articles about Todd Stottlemyre and knowing about his unique life story, we were incredibly blessed to have a chance to interview him via a Zoom call. For those who haven’t heard about Todd, he is a former MLB starting pitcher, three-time World Series Champion, an entrepreneur and inspiring speaker. He’s blessed with a happy family everyone would dream of: a wonderful wife, who is also his best friend and 5 beautiful kids.

We started off the interview by having him sharing how his life has been going since the pandemic began. As a group of teenagers hearing him, a successful, experienced person that we look up to, we were fascinated in the very first few minutes that he started sharing his perspective on things. His view on Covid-19 is truly one of a kind. He advised us, “Focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t”. He continued with, “Some people will come out of Covid-19 becoming a greater, better person while others come out of Covid-19 worse off.” He emphasized that it’s what we do during this time that matters. In the interview, we asked about his childhood. Todd spent his childhood going to Yankee Stadium with his dad, Mel Stottlemyre, who was also a pitcher for the Yankees. He was surrounded by a lot of baseball legends. Obviously, Todd’s dad had the most influence on him of becoming a baseball player, which is not to say that his dad forced him to follow his footsteps. His dad always said “You need to do you, don’t ever let anyone put their dreams on you. *Source of Images: https://toddofficial.com/

Own your dream!”. Todd knew that he never wanted anything else than becoming a baseball player like his dad. As he started to take a minute reflecting about his life now, he concisely stated that all his life, he’s been blessed for having great teammates, managers, incredible opportunities to have played for 15 seasons and participated in three World Championships. Moreover, he’s been overpaid for 15 consecutive years. However, neither money nor fame were his purpose of pursuing a baseball career. Todd’s perspective on money is what we all agree with: “There’s so much more in life than money. The more money I can make, the more people I can serve, not the more money I can spend on buying fancy stuff.” The act of making money must be based on serving more people. That is the key to his success. Looking on the outside, Todd’s life seems perfect and ideal to a lot of people, however, what he suffered through is not what everybody knows. His biggest loss, which was also the cause of his consecutive days of feeling guilt, hatred and frustration, was the death of his brother. He opened up to us about that unfathomable tragedy of his whole family, the day his brother, Jason Stottlemyre, died of leukemia at the age of 11. Todd did have his marrow removed and given to his brother with the hope it would do its job to bring his healthy brother back but that, unfortunately, never happened. The bone wasn’t accepted by Jason’s body, he fell into a coma and passed away shortly after that. We couldn’t help but put ourselves in Todd’s shoes and imagine the pain he experienced. Goosebumps, frightened, miserable and scared are what we felt. The loss of someone we love is the scariest loss in everyone’s life and how unfortunately Todd had to go through it at such a young age. The following days after his brother’s death were probably the darkest days of his life. Every time he looked in the mirror, the only person he saw was his brother. Though it wasn’t Todd’s fault and really there was nothing he could’ve done to save Jason, for some reasons, he still felt like he had something to do with Jason’s death. He reached out to his mentor for help. His mentor told him to, in the next 7 days, document how he thinks and feels (he was not allowed to react) about

certain challenges he’d been facing. The point was to make him observe his feelings, then to control them by replacing negative thoughts by positive thoughts and after that, taking actions. The experiment then became the topic for his second book, the Observer, where he taught people how to be an observer of their own feelings, which has a lot to do with the way they deal with problems or tragedy and get through them. “You have to lose before you win, fail before you succeed, in every aspect of life.” He advised. Todd states that he failed miserably before he succeeded massively as he starts to share about his career. He continues: “There’s no sick days in sports. Everyone in the team is counting on you to show up no matter how you feel. Even if you’re not feeling good to show up and play that day, you’re still and always the best player at your position that the team has.” All of the baseball players in the room nod constantly because we know that for a fact. Not only that, he also tells us why people fear failure, that is because they don’t want to look bad in front of their buddies. But he continues to teach us a valuable lesson about failure “Failing is exciting because it becomes the teacher to tell you the exact thing you

need to work on to succeed the next time.” As we’re getting to know him more and more, we’re interested in hearing his drive of writing and publishing his first book “Relentless Success: 9-Point System for Major League Achievement”. His answer was surprising and fascinating to a lot of us. He admits that the thought of writing a book never occurred to him. As he was thinking how he’s been surrounded by amazing, wonderful people who've helped him go through tough phrases and eventually get to where he is now, he decided to write and publish his very first book “Relentless Success: 9-Point System for Major League Achievement”. This was his way to give back some and teach some of the lessons he learned while being surrounded by champions. Even more exciting, he’s been working on his second book called “The Observer”. Each person in the room is excited to be able to read this new, inspiring book. It’s an indispensable part of every interview to *Source of Images: https://toddofficial.com/

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ask the speaker about some life advice or whatadvice-you-would-give-your-younger-self kind of question and we sure didn’t miss that part. Todd says a lot of things but one thing we remember the most is “It’s what you do every day that counts”. We are teenagers, young adults, we got the whole future waiting ahead of us and that piece of advice Todd gave us will become so helpful. It’s so powerful if we learn from it and look back 5 years later at what we’ve achieved thanks to the daily habits that we’ve built up day by day. We remember he also tells us to stay grateful, write journals, read, and read a lot. We’re reassured by him that we don’t need to have everything all planned out and organized because we’ll never know what the future holds but just one thing we need to figure out every day that is are we today the better version of who we were yesterday. Last but not least, we intended to make it difficult for him by asking a quite tricky question “If you found yourself with God, what would you say?”. Todd inhaled, he paused for a moment as if he really took time to think it through. After a while, he says that he’d ask God to save the world. He guessed if he said that, God would respond with “I’ve already saved the world, now people need to make a decision.” We all laughed but it rang true. It’s our job to make the world a better place for us to live in and know that we serve a God that loves, and we need to make a decision.

Being at the most crucial, vulnerable age of our life, we are trying to learn how to become adults. We need and appreciate this opportunity to have an interview with Todd Stottlemyre and hear his life lessons and coaching towards success. We know that God doesn’t make junk and we’re born for a reason. Until we figure out what that reason is, we are intentionally pursuing purpose. *Source of Images: https://toddofficial.com/

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