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About This Magazine Several years ago, GLCA experienced the same frustrations that schools across the United States encounter everyday. Students are not engaging due to a number of reasons; teacher personality conflicts, different learning levels, classroom disruptions from other students and various other reasons. This leads to students not connecting and failing to love the learning process in our education system. We know teachers and administrators work tirelessly to meet the needs of all students. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to utilize tools and resources to leverage technology in ways that improve student outcomes. We’ve seen firsthand that all districts, schools, and students have unique needs that can’t be met with a one-size-fits-all solution. With that in mind, we dedicated our efforts to creating powerful, but flexible products and solutions that give students the personalization and engagement they need to succeed.

The Roar Magazine

With our transition to a new campus, we are taking everything to the next level. As we move into a University campus, our students will enjoy a historic campus, top level athletic fields and access to top training in athletics and business. There will be recreational areas, recording studios, training centers, many classrooms for learning and too many amenities to list at once.

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This is the vision that was initiated as the school was launched with humble beginnings. We invite you to take a moment and read over the next few pages and learn how your child’s world of education will expand at Gateway Legacy Christian Academy.

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A classroom where students and teachers form a positive relationship before learning begins. Gateway Legacy Christian Academy is a private elementary, middle and high school that unlocks social, emotional, and academic growth in every kid. See how we’ve changed the lives of students and their families through our personalized approach.




Our revolutionary campus features dynamic classrooms, art studios, a student boardroom, wellness and life skills classes, a Homework Café, and more.

Our students have one thing in common: they recognize the opportunity to be surrounded by Champions. Each student is unique, and some learn differently, are gifted or need a customized schedule.

We build customized schedules for full-time academy and tutoring students from around the world. We feature training with ACT & SAT scores to place kids in higher education opportunities. 4

THE TRUTH By: Micaiah Johnson

I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up. I thought I might be a surgeon or a psychiatrist, but I really don’t know. I’m learning it’s okay. It’s okay to not always know what you want. Sometimes you pursue life and just figure things out. Take what life gives you and make something great out of it. Life always has a funny way of throwing curve balls at you. Experiences like broken friendships and relationships, losing family members or feeling alone makes you feel like you hit rock bottom. So we have established life sucks and sometimes we don’t get everything we want or dream of….but who cares if life sucks sometimes. We are still going to dream big and make what seems impossible, possible. The truth is even when everything seems to be going downhill and you feel at your lowest there is always a up side. Gateway helped me realize this when I was feeling alone and like everything was wrong. Coming to Gateway changed everything for me. All of my childhood friends go here with me. In middle school when I felt alone and didn’t fit in anywhere; they came along. They made me feel loved and like I belong somewhere. For the last couple years playing basketball, I felt terrible about how I was playing. I wondered if I was good enough. My confidence was low and it felt awful, but playing basketball at Gateway feels different. I feel confident! I love my teammates and coach. It’s as if God put me in this position to do and become something greater. Most importantly, I am figuring out my Identity. Gateway has been a perfect place to

figure out who I am and what person I am going to be. Everyone accepts you for who you are. Being a Gateway Lion has really changed my life for the better. I have met so many different people with various backgrounds, cultures, opinions and feelings. It helped me see how Gateway can take people from lots of different backgrounds and bring them together. When I wrote this article I didn’t just want it to be about me, I wanted it to be about us. The Lions are more than athletes, more than a number on a page and greater than some people believe. The truth is people aren’t always going to accept you, love you, treat you fairly or take your feelings into consideration or even care about you. At Gateway, anything is possible! Be whatever you want to be. Attend the top university. Explore endless possibilities and be the most extraordinary, magnificent Lion you can be. Yes I may not know what I want to be. You may not know either, but Gateway is going to help us figure that out as a family. We are a family; a bunch of lions standing together united as one. The truth is when you have family, friends and a place where you are supported, you can accomplish anything…. even when life sucks.



Historic college campus that has many classrooms unique and traditional to learn in.

ATHLETIC FIELDS & ELITE TRAINING With a soccer field, gyms, and training centers close to campus, our athletes have time to dedicate to consistent training.

RECREATIONAL SPACE With outdoor lounges, hammocks, and places to play, our students enjoy campus life.

6 Â


Dedicated athletic fields and school with classes, office space, gym, and training center allow students to focus on training and curriculum as they prepare for University.

LIVING With an intensive training program and fun, extra-curricular activities planned throughout the year, students and athletes will invest their time into creating life-long memories.


Giulia Valderato Madeira de Ber Pinho Country: Brazil Grade: 12

Gabriel Oliveira Uno Country: Brazil Grade: 12

8 Â

Athletic Spotlight Charles Cunningham


Coach Charles Cunningham, brings with him a wealth of coaching experience which included 25 + years at the Division I level and seven postseason appearances. Cunningham added to his postseason resume in 2011, as he helped UALR capture the school's first-ever Sun Belt Conference Tournament championship to secure a berth in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. It was the fourth NCAA Tournament appearance for Cunningham as a coach, as he was also a part of NCAA Tournament teams at Minnesota (1997 and 1999) and Murray State (1995). Prior to joining the Trojans for the 2008-09 season, Cunningham most recently served as an assistant coach at South Florida during the 2006-07 season. Over the course of his career, Cunningham has made stops at Duquesne, UNLV, Minnesota, Arkansas State, Missouri State, Western Kentucky, Murray State, Univ. South Florida and University Arkansas Little Rock During his time at Minnesota (1996-99), Cunningham helped guide the Gophers to three consecutive postseason berths, including a Final Four appearance in 1997 and a National Invitation Tournament championship in 1998. He spent the 1998-99 season as an Assistant Athletic Director for Men's Basketball Operations and helped the Gophers return to the NCAA Tournament. Cunningham has worked with a number of student-athletes who have advanced into the professional ranks, including NBA players Bobby Jackson, Kevin Bertelsen, Joel Pryzbilla, John Thomas, Trevor Winte, Quincy Lewis and Sam Jacobson (Minnesota), Jeff Martin (Murray State) Shane Edwards (UALR), Popeye Jones (Murray State) Darnell Mee (WKU) NBA, Chris Robinson (WKU) NBA Cunningham began his coaching career in 1973 as a graduate assistant at the University of North Alabama (then Florence State), where he played two seasons after transferring from Snead Junior College. Cunningham, who is a member of UNA's Athletic Hall of Fame, earned a pair of letters at UNA and received all-conference accolades as a senior. He earned his bachelor's degree in physical education and history, his master's in education and completed his Eds, at UNA. After two seasons at UNA, Cunningham took an assistant coaching job at Bradshaw High School in Florence, Ala. He spent eight years as an assistant (1975-83) before taking over as head coach (1983-86). During his tenure, he coached Bradshaw High School to a state Championship. Cunningham got his first Division I coaching job at Murray State (1986-88), helping the Racers to an NCAA Tournament appearance in 1988. The 14th-seeded Racers upset No. 3 seed North Carolina State in the opening Round. Following the 1987-88 season, Cunningham moved on to Bowling Green, Ky., where he spent four seasons on staff at WKU 1988-92)And helped the Hilltoppers to an NIT appearance in 1992. He then spent 3 years on staff at Missouri State (1992-95), helping the Bears earn a trip to the NIT in 1993, before spending the 1995-96 campaign at Arkansas State. He then joined the staff at the University of Minnesota For 3 years, where the Gophers went to the Final Four – NIT Championship and NCAA Tournament. Cunningham spent the next seven years at UALR, where they went to the NCAA tournament.


Kindergarten Surveys were passed out and the results are in: Top Responses: 1)  What are you most thankful for? My family 2)  What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Jingle Bells 3)  What is a gift you might get Mom or Dad? Hockey Stuff

Performance Arts GLCA has a dynamic theatre program that incorporates students at all grade levels. Our programs are designed to bring all age groups together for a big performance and develop a passion for the theatre and performance industry. Don’t miss our first performance of the season on December 14, 2019 as we celebrate the Christmas season. We will soon announce our spring musical to be performed in March 2020.

Sherry Farmer-Herbert speaks about social media marketing to the students of GLCA.

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700 Howdershell Rd., Hazelwood, MO

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Haze lwoo d $1,0 GIVE 00   AWA Y  

HEALTH & WELLNESS Tips To Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season 1. 

Wash your  hands  frequently,  especially  acer  blowing   your  nose,  coughing,  sneezing,  being  with  ill  people  and   especially  before  you  eat   2.  Avoid  sharing  objects   3.  Avoid  touching  your  nose,  mouth  and  eyes   4.  Get  enough  sleep  and  avoid  gefng  "run  down"   5.  Reduce  stress   6.  Use  >ssues  for  coughs  and  sneezes  and  dispose  of  them   immediately  and  appropriately   7.  Eat  right  and  get  regular  exercise   8.  Avoid  crowds  and  keep  your  distance  from  people   whom  you  know  are  ill   9.  If  you  are  sick,  avoid  contact  with  the  frail,  very  young   and  elderly   10.  If  you  are  sick,  stay  home  from  work  or  school  

Source: hkps://www.uwhealth.org/flu/10-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐stay-­‐healthy-­‐during-­‐cold-­‐and-­‐flu-­‐season/10371


Climate Change… The Time Is Now

By: Giulia Valderato  Madeira  de  Ber  Pinho       Scientists all over the world are raising the red flag , we are in the middle of a climate emergency. Human exploitation of the earth is causing irreparable damage to the planet we live in. Our sea levels and temperatures are rising ,our glaciers retreating, our wildlife is at risk of extinction, extreme climate events can be seen all over the world. Apart from all these environmental issues, in the next few years it is expected an increase in the number of diseases disseminated all over the world ,the biggest economic empires to fall, wars and conflicts to become more likely to happen, our basic human rights will be at stake. Therefore what can we do to change that? Who is there to blame? How the spread of the truth about this planetary emergency can be beneficial for the future generation?   Since 1992, scientists have been warning the world how the rate of exploration of our planet’s environment was extremely rapid and unhealthy, however politicians and people in power have ignored it . This year, 11,000 scientists came together to give us a last warning. We must act now or in a few years, destruction will be at a point of no return. Organizations such as Extinction Rebellion, have been ushering a “ radical change through nonviolent resistance” and exposing the oil and gas industry and the burning of fossil fuels who has been the most responsible for this calamity.   Big fossil fuels corporations are the main ones to blame in this situation. Over the past few years, companies have chosen profit over the health of our home. According to a Carbon Majors Report, just one-hundred fossil fuel producers companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. The carbonfootprint of the life on earth at the moment is immense. An IPCC climate change report calls for urgent action, this report states that is necessary to reduce gas and oil use and extraction in 55% by 2020. Even Though ,they are the biggest culprits in this crisis, the worldwide demand for these resources is still significant and what drives these companies , people in power must realize the importance of the status and take immediate and drastic measures on reducing its usage.  

You must be wondering but what about us as individuals? Yes ,we still play a huge part in this crisis. Our habits have become very harmful for the planet and life it as we know it, due to our lifestyle still being very much dependent on these big corporations. That's why we must change. Despite the urgency for change in this aspect, our change has to start in a small scale. As if today the average amount of trash an individual in the US produces each day is 4.6 pounds. So look around your house, see what swaps you can make, try swapping your plastic razor for a metal one or try to compost your food waste. Another option would be to reduce your meat and dairy intake , create a climate conscious diet, which has been proven to be the single most effective measure that you can take to tackle your environmental impact.   Although it is overwhelming, scary and infuriating to think that we might not have a great future for this big blue world, we still have the most powerful weapon amongst this crisis , our voice. So speak out , protest, share information, demand change from our politicians. Act now, we still have time to decrease the rate of climate change and maybe even reverse the distress that humankind has left as a legacy and change the path for future generations.  


When You Have A Bad Day By: Alex Mamaev Each of us, at least once, had a bad day. You feel like you are going down. You are trying to do your best but everything is going wrong. You can think the whole world is against you and you don’t know what to do with that. Don’t worry. You are not alone. There have been so many bad days in my life that sometimes I think that my whole life consists of them. I asked several people and on my own experience I would like to give you a couple of recommendations. What is the best thing to do when you have a bad day?

Three keys of success

1. Stay positive. I know you could think how I could I stay positive if everything is going wrong. Yes, it's hard but believe me even on your darkest day you can find something or someone that will bring light into your life. Everyone has a bad day. if you didn’t succeed in doing something on a football field or on a volleyball or basketball court, or in something else, it doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world. People have a more seriously issues. Try to find some positive moments in the current situation and don’t waste your time and energy for searching negative.

their best results. How do they do it? It’s easy, they don’t think about the failures that happened to them on their bad day. They understand that it is just one day that will not change anything. They will take into account all their mistakes and continue to work as hard as ever. As an example, I would like to give one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. Once he said "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." if Michal Jordan every time thought about his missing shots and losing games instead of just forgetting about them and continuing to work hard. I think he would not become who he is now. In conclusion, I would like to say that do not worry if you have a bad day. Bad days happen to everyone, but they are not forever, even if it seems the other way around. You just need to continue to work, live and find positive moments in your life. Remember that sometimes even the most terrible day can turn into the best day of your life

2. You need to relax. Sometimes it happens that

you are too stressed so everything falls out of hand. In this case, you just need to take a deep breath and relax. When you had an unsuccessful game or problems in your studies or personal life, sometimes a good way out may be to turn your attention to something else. Something that will help you direct your negative energy to the right thing. It can be anything. For example, it could be a meeting with your friends or a walk in the park or do what you wanted to do most but could not find the time. The point is, you have to let go of the situation and find a positive moment on your bad day.

3. Short-term memory. Look at the professional athletes, each of them had a bad day when they did not succeed. But the next day they showed


More than 16 million children in the United States are not getting the food they need to live happy and healthy lives.

1 out of every 6 children across the country is going hungry right now. Have you been hungry? We miss lunch because we get too busy, it gets too late, something unexpected comes up…we miss a meal. It’s pretty common. Doesn’t affect our ability to do what we have to do and do it well. We know we’ll eat when we get done, or get to where we’re going, or when we just make time. It will really taste good. And it does. It’s not the same for one in six kids in the United States who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The next time you’re in a crowd count the kids. When you get to twelve, there’s a good chance you’ve seen two of these kids who know hunger in a way most of us don’t, and maybe never will. I say maybe because it’s surprising how life can turn and before we know it, we’re in a place we never dreamed of.   Mothers who just months ago were donating food to pantries, now find themselves in that same pantry, hoping nobody recognizes them and trying not to break down as they put a loaf of bread and some peanut butter in a plastic bag. She will not eat much of this. Most will go to feed the two kids tagging along beside her. They are moving slowly and a bit unsteadily because they haven’t had a real meal since lunch at school two days ago. A Gatorade and a bag of chips doesn’t count as a real meal.   They may be homeless and living in a shelter. Their whole family may stay in a small room that may, or may not, have utilities. They may live in their car, if they have one. There are school districts in our area where the homeless coordinator says it’s a slow day when only one family comes in their office and says they have no place to stay tonight.   When kids are hungry the only thing they can think of is food. It is extremely hard for them to concentrate and do well in school. They also tend to get sick easier. They may act out, get in fights, and lose their friends. If a student doesn’t do well in school soon they find themselves so far behind that they may never catch up. That extends the cycle of poverty and will continue for their family in the future.    

We can help. You can donate food, money or time to your local pantry. This is all very good. There is also another way you can help. You can start your own I Got Your Back Pack program (www.igotyourbackpack.org) that feeds hungry kids over the weekend. This is a very simple way to help kids at a school near year you. All you have to do is: Start a pantry. It can be an empty drawer, a closet, even a box in the corner. Bring in food. Every week you and the people in your company or organization bring in some nutritious, easy-to-prepare, long-lasting food items and put them in your pantry. (see igotyourbackpack.org for a menu) Call a school near you, or the district office. See if they have any hungry students who could use a backpack of food over the weekend. When they say yes,they will assign a coordinator to find these students, get permissions, and make arrangements to confidentially get them the food every week. Pack your bags. When you have enough food in your pantry you can start. You may start with just a few students. That’s good. Even feeding one or two kids a week is very important. Just make sure you only commit to the number of students your pantry can feed each week. We never want to drop a student. On Wednesday put each student’s food in a plastic grocery bag. This way the coordinator can put this bag in the student’s backpack and they will not feel different because they’re carrying a bag of food home. Kids, especially older kids, are often embarrassed about their situation even though they are completely without fault. Deliver the food. On Thursday drive the food to the school and give it to the coordinator.   That’s it. You have helped change lives. Thank you. Buck Smith Senior Vice President, FleishmanHillard        



DINNER & DESSERT Bandeja Paisa 1 recipe Paisa Pinto Beans (Frijoles Paisa 1 recipe White Rice (Arroz Blanco) 1 recipe Powdered Beef (Came en Polvo) 4 Fried Pork Belly (Chicharrones) 4 Fried eggs sunny side up 4 Baked Plantainsor (Tajadas de Platano) 1 recipe Hogao Lime and Avocado for serving

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Submitted by: Jeronimo Garcia Pa>no  (Columbia)  

Directions Prep 40 m

Cook 60 m

Ready In 2h5m


Prepare the beans, hogao and powdered beef one day ahead and keep in the refrigerator.


When you are going to serve the bandeja paisa, heat the beans and powdered beef and hogao. Make the chicharrones.

3 4

Cook the white rice and plantains. Fry the eggs and chorizos.


To serve, place the rice in a tray or platter and place the rest of the ingredients as you like. I prefer the beans in a separate bowl, but you can ladle the beans next to the rice if you like.


Bring the hogao in a serving dish to the table, so people can place it on top of the beans if they like. Enjoy!

Brazilian Brigadeiro Directions Prep 10 m


Cook 10 m

Ready In 45 m

In a  medium  saucepan  over  medium  heat,  combine  cocoa,   buker  and  condensed  milk.  Cook,  s>rring,  un>l  thickened,   about  10  minutes.  Remove  from  heat  and  let  rest  un>l  cool   enough  to  handle.  Form  into  small  balls  and  eat  at  once  or   chill  un>l  serving.  

Source: allrecipes.com, mycolumbianrecipes.com

Submitted by: Kaiky Santos (Brazil)  

•  3 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa •  1 Tablespoon butter •  1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk


Fashio n CORNER The Gateway Lion Fashion Club Our fashion club is starting with a few students that have a passion to begin their own fashion line of clothing. Many designs are in the works and students will collaborate to develop new concepts in apparel. With a passion to pursue fashion Gateway Lions are looking for companies in the surrounding community to partner with. If you know any local business that would be interested in working with the students at Gateway, please contact: jackie@gatewayacademystl.com

Design By Shaili Betts

CAREER & RESOURCE FAIR What Do You Want To Be When YOU Grow Up? Gateway students enjoyed a day of learning the process for pursuing many various occupations in several industries. If you are a business professional that would like to share with our students, please call the office to schedule a time in our Speaker Series.


Enrolling NOW  for  fall  2020   COFFEE CAMPUS TOURS 9:00AM – 4:00PM Monday - Thursday

6 REASONS  TO  ATTEND    GLCA   •  Community  Involvement   •  Top-­‐Training  Elite  Athle>c   Track     •  Lion’s  Den  Homework  Café   •  Educa>on  For  Life   •  Students  With  Challenging   Schedules  Receive  Custom   Programs   •  Lower  Tui>on  Rates  For  New   Students  Through   Gradua>on  With  Locked-­‐In   Rate  



This is  an  opportunity  to  sit  with  staff   •  Started  in  2006  with  a   and  administrators  to  learn  what  to   handful  of  kids  in  1  class   expect  as  a  student  with  GLCA   •  Opened  Sports  Academy  in   Preparatory  Program.     2015       •  Today  we  educate  over  100   Learn  the  rich  history  of  the  campus   students  from  up  to  38   as  the  student  council  takes  you   different  countries   through  each  building.   •  Top  10  Soccer  Program     Overall  in  the  Na>on   Receive  assistance  with  the   •  Growing  Business  &  Medical   applica>on  process  and  discover  the   Track  to  Level  of  Elite   scholarship  opportuni>es.     Training  Athle>c  Track      

EVENT SCHEDULE   Coffee  With  An  Administrator   Campus  Tour  with  Member  of  Student  Council   Assistance  with  Applica>on  Process   Review  of  Any  Scholarship  Opportuni>es    

Join Jennifer  at  GLCA  To  Learn  More    

Call Jennifer  Bagwell  to  reserve  your  spot  TODAY!    314.954.4613            or  email:    jbagwell@gatewayacademystl.com  


Help us pave the way one brick at a time Our mission is

to sell 5,000 bricks Help us and leave YOUR legacy! Â

Be a permanent part of our history by purchasing a commemorative, personalized brick for only $500 per brick. This is a unique and special way for you, a member of your family, or a past loved one, to be honored in a lasting and memorable way. Each brick will be used to showcase a custom art piece designed by a local artist, displaying your professionally engraved personal message for all to read.

Your personalized brick(s) will be engraved with... Max 3 lines per brick / Max 14 characters per line. Including spaces and punctuation.

Feel free to order as many bricks as you wish!

Forms are available from our website‌.

www.gatewaylegacyprep.com Phone: 618-541-9823

Email: jackie@gatewayacademystl.com

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The Roar Magazine - December 2019  

The Roar Magazine is a relevant publication by teenagers for teenagers. Learn how the Gateway Legacy Lions ROAR! For an opportunity to adver...

The Roar Magazine - December 2019  

The Roar Magazine is a relevant publication by teenagers for teenagers. Learn how the Gateway Legacy Lions ROAR! For an opportunity to adver...

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