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GATEWAY LEGACY ACADEMY Several years ago, Gateway experienced the same frustrations that schools across the United States encounter everyday. Students are not engaging due to a number of reasons; teacher personality conflicts, different learning levels, classroom disruptions from other students and various other reasons. This leads to students not connecting and failing to love the learning process in our education system.

Melissa Morrison Co-Founder

We know teachers and administrators work tirelessly to meet the needs of all students. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to utilize tools and resources to leverage technology in ways that improve student outcomes.

firsthand that all districts, schools, and students have unique needs that We’ve seen can’t be met with a one-size-fits-all solution. With that in mind, we dedicated our efforts to creating powerful, but flexible products and solutions that give students the personalization and engagement they need to succeed. With our transition to a new campus, we are taking everything to the next level. As we moved into a University campus, our students will enjoy a historic campus, top level athletic fields and access to top training in athletics and business. There will be recreational areas, recording studios, training centers, many classrooms for learning and too many amenities to list at once. This is the vision that was initiated as the school was launched with humble beginnings. We invite you to take a moment and read over the next few pages and learn how your child’s world of education will expand at Gateway Legacy Christian Academy. To learn more about enrollment, visit us online at: See why our Lions ROAR! Sincerely, Melissa Morrison Melissa Morrison, Co-Founder


Our Philosophy At Gateway Legacy Christian Academy, we motivate and encourage youth and teens to aspire to high goals in the areas of academics, athletics and social skills.

What We Offer: •  •  •  •  • 

Athletic Training Strength & Conditioning ACT & TOEFL Prep AP Classes College Recruiting

•  •  •  • 

Room & Board Travel Tournaments College Campus Visits ESL Classes

Our Students Receive Offers To: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Harvard University Indiana State University University of New Mexico Dartmouth University University of Wyoming Ball State University Syracuse University McKendree University University of Pennsylvania Pacific University Greenville University University of South Carolina

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

University of Illinois Michigan State University Central Michigan University Southern Illinois University North Dakota State University University of Wisconsin Robert Morris University University Of Florida Bowling Green University Florida International University University of Mississippi And More….

Gateway Legacy Christian Academy

700 Howdershell Rd., Hazelwood, MO 63031

Mission & Vision Gateway Legacy  Chris0an  Academy  is  an  elite  college  preparatory  academy  for  students  K  -­‐  12.    We  mo0vate   and  encourage  youth  and  teens  to  aspire  to  high  goals  in  the  areas  of  academics,  athle0cs  and  social  skills.  We   believe  every  person  has  God-­‐given  talents  and  our  purpose  is  to  help  you  discover  and  unlock  the  poten0al   that  exists  within  your  talents  and  giEs.     "The  Mission  of  Gateway  Legacy  Chris0an  Academy  is  to  develop  world  changers,  innovators  and  leaders  with   a  passion  to  pursue  purpose.”    

"The Vision  of  Gateway  Legacy  Chris0an  Academy  is  to  be  the  na0on's  BEST  resource  for  people  development   in  3  key  areas:  Sports,  Business,  Medical."     IMAGINE…   A  classroom  where  a  student  and  teacher  form  a  posi0ve  rela0onship  before  learning  begins.   Gateway  Legacy  Chris0an  Academy  is  a  private  preparatory  academy  that  unlocks  social,  emo0onal,  and   academic  growth  in  every  kid.   See  how  we’ve  changed  the  lives  of  students  and  their  families  through  our  personalized  approach.     To  Encounter  God's  Presence   “You  make  known  to  me  the  path  of  life.  In  Your  presence  is  fullness  of  joy;  at  Your  right  hand  are  pleasures   forevermore.”  -­‐  Psalm  16:11  

Delivering  Hope  and  Vision   "For  I  know  the  plans  I  have  for  you,”  declares  the  LORD,  “plans  to  prosper  you  and  not  to  harm  you,  plans  to  give  you   hope  and  a  future."  -­‐Jeremiah  29:11  

Inspiring  Excellence  and  True  Performance   “Study  to  shew  thyself  approved  unto  God,  a  workman  that  needeth  not  to  be  ashamed,  rightly  dividing  the  word  of   truth.”  Ma_hew  22:37  “Jesus  said  unto  him,  Thou  shalt  love  the  Lord  thy  God  with  all  thy  heart,  and  with  all  thy  soul,   and  with  all  thy  mind.”  Proverbs  9:9  “Give  instruc0on  to  a  wise  man,  and  he  will  be  s0ll  wiser;  teach  a  righteous  man,   and  he  will  increase  in  learning.”  -­‐  Timothy  2:15  

Growth  With  Leadership  Development   "Love  and  truth  form  a  good  leader;  sound  leadership  is  founded  on  loving  integrity."  -­‐  Proverbs  20:28    "Be  responsive   to  your  pastoral  leaders.  Listen  to  their  counsel.  They  are  alert  to  the  condi0on  of  your  lives  and  work  under  the  strict   supervision  of  God.  Contribute  to  the  joy  of  their  leadership,  not  its  drudgery.  Why  would  you  want  to  make  things   harder  for  them?"  -­‐  Hebrews  13:17  

Serving  Families,  Students  and  CommuniFes  

“For you  were  called  to  freedom,  brothers.  Only  do  not  use  your  freedom  as  an  opportunity  for  the  flesh,  but  through   love  serve  one  another.”  -­‐  Gala0ans  5:13      “As  each  has  received  a  giE,  use  it  to  serve  one  another,  as  good  stewards  of   God’s  varied  grace.”  1  Peter  4:10    “even  as  the  Son  of  Man  came  not  to  be  served  but  to  serve,  and  to  give  his  life  as  a   ransom  for  many.”  -­‐  Ma_hew  20:28    “But  not  so  with  you.  Rather,  let  the  greatest  among  you  become  as  the  youngest,   and  the  leader  as  one  who  serves.  -­‐  Luke  22:26  

Middle School Overview

Reading List  

  An example of the reading list for our middle school includes:


Island of Blue Dolphins

•  Number the Stars •  Amos Fortune •  Carry on, Mr. Bowditch •  Heidi •  Because of Winn-Dixie •  Little House on the Prairie •  Frindle •  The Chronicles of Narnia •  Holes •  The Lightning Thief

Middle  school  is  an  exci0ng  0me  for  children  and  for  parents.  It  is  a  0me  that  also   can  be  filled  with  pressure  and  anxiety.  Middle  school  students  are  on  their  way  to   becoming  independent,  developing  their  own  interests,  and  preparing  for  high  school   and  beyond.  At  Gateway,  your  child  will  spend  this  0me  exploring  the  world  of   academics  in  exci0ng,  hands-­‐on  daily  tasks  paired  with  tradi0onal  learning.     Leadership  will  be  a  large  focus  of  the  student’s  daily  ac0vi0es  and  will  build  a   founda0on  of  success  to  last  a  life0me.  Our  teaching  and  support  staff  understand   that  every  child  is  unique  and  learns  at  their  own  pace.    Our  curriculum  and  tes0ng  is   designed  to  help  every  child  succeed!           Here  is  what  you  should  know  about  today's  middle  school  kids,  and  what  you  can   expect  during  these  transi0onal  years:       “Tweens”  face  many  challenges  during  the  middle  school  years  such  as  puberty,   bullying,  da0ng  and  other  issues.  It  is  no  wonder  so  many  preteens  struggle  with   anxiety  or  exhibit  behavioral  problems.    Self-­‐esteem  may  suffer  during  middle  school,   as  students  compare  themselves  with  their  peers.    Gateway  partners  with  your  family   to  navigate  these  transforma0ve  0mes  in  your  child’s  life.    We  invite  you  to  come  and   visit  with  us.    Come  take  a  tour  and  see  how  your  family  will  benefit  by  becoming  a   part  of  the  Gateway  FAMILY!           Here  is  a  sneak  peek  of  what  is  in  store  for  the  2020/2021  school  year  at  Gateway!       Our  Elementary  and  Middle  school  classes  are  housed  in  the  historic  white  building   located  on  the  back  side  of  our  campus.    This  beau0ful  building  was  the  first  college   west  of  the  Mississippi  in  the  United  States,  built  in  1840.    It  is  now  named  the   Kenneth  House  aEer  Gateway  founders’  son,  Gregory  Kenneth  Morrison.    We  share   his  story  with  students  throughout  the  school  year.    His  life  impacts  the  basis  of  why   we  are  so  passionate  about  young  people  and  helping  them  change  the  world.               Each  year  our  two  main  classrooms  will  be  transformed  into  a  magical  learning   environment  in  keeping  with  a  new  theme.    The  theme  for  2020-­‐2021  is  “A  Life  of   Wonder!”    One  classroom  will  become  larger  than  life,  filled  with  life  size  classic   games!    The  walls  will  come  to  life  with  skill  building  fun!    Our  other  classroom  will   take  us  down  the  rabbit  hole  into  “Alice  in  WONDERland”!    This  room  will  keep  our   students  filled  with  the  wonder  and  love  for  educa0on!           There  is  a  place,  like  no  place  on  earth.    A  land  full  of  wonder,  mystery,  and   danger!    Some  say,  to  survive  it,  you  need  to  be  as  mad  as  a  ha>er.    Which  luckily,  I   am.      –  Alice  in  Wonderland    

Micro Electives These are a cornerstone of our elementary and middle school program!  These electives are a hands-on explosion of FUN!  Electives last two to four weeks of the school year and immerse students into the world of creativity all while learning to explore new worlds of learning.  Each of these electives will be presented to our students with FUN class names that will have your child forgetting that this is actual learning!   HERO FORCE  As a member of the Hero Force, students are asked to show compassion outside the classroom through meaningful community service. This is what we refer to as Hero Force.  This amazing program connects academic learning to community problem solving.  Hero Force encompasses opportunities for the whole child to grow and flourish beyond the classroom walls.  As a result, Hero Force creates a well-rounded caring student body.   

What are the benefits of Hero Force?

Serving others is beneficial to the student, family, student body, and community!  Community service experiences that include interaction in the community, are interesting and relevant to the student, and are valued activities in the community, can increase a student’s academic achievement and attachment, motivation, and engagement in school. Overall, participation in meaningful community service can:   Build character, relationships, and social skills Grow empathy Develop an increased sense of social responsibility Provide an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs Strengthen organizational and leadership abilities Train teens to become innovative citizens, people who see beyond surface causes and effect change in their communities and beyond Promote tolerance Provide services for communities they otherwise might not have Open doors to career possibilities So much more!   VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS Weekly, our classroom will whisk students into another world via Virtual Field trips.  Students will explore learning opportunities they may not ever get the opportunity to experience otherwise. And it can all happen from the comfort of our classrooms. We will travel to new worlds and unique adventures from Mount Rushmore to the Amazon.  These amazing days will quickly become students’ favorite times in the learning year!  The first day of school students will receive their passport book of all the places they will experience during the school year.    CLASS TRIP  This year our students will travel to Orlando for four days of exciting learning and team building.  Students will be able to fundraise to pay for the cost of this amazing trip.  

Micro Electives •  Animation •  Film Production •  Music Production •  Audio Production •  Video Game Development •  Cooking •  Home Economics •  Sign Language •  Journalism •  Student Council •  Horticulture •  Zoology •  3-D Art •  Painting •  Robotics •  Wood working

WHY GLCA? •  97% of our graduates receive offers and scholarships to universities around the country •  Our graduates received offers to Ivy League and D1 Universities •  Top education from Instructors in small groups and one on one instruction •  Top counseling from on-site administrators •  Online and Onsite Elite Preparatory Academy •  Top 5 Soccer Program in the Country •  College Recruiters come to us to view our candidates •  We win •  We help YOU win!

Emotional Skills

Emotional Skills Class is a part of everyday learning! Selfawareness, impulse control, empathy, teamwork, and responsible decision-making are just some of the social and emotional skills that help students succeed in and out of school. Unfortunately, many students are not currently developing these skills on a regular basis.   At Gateway, we use a life-changing curriculum called Habitudes!    The Habitudes for Social and Emotional Learning curriculum uses memorable imagery, real-life stories, and practical experiences to teach timeless skills in a way that is relevant to students today. Students are constantly using images to communicate via emojis, Instagram, and Snapchat. Why not utilize their favorite language to bridge the gap between learning and real-life application as part of your social emotional learning program?   Habitudes helps students:   Develop habits of self-discipline and initiative Implement time management skills to do what really counts Plan for personal growth outside the classroom Identify their unique strengths and passions for a healthy selfimage Many more social and emotional skills

Study Groups / Homework As middle school students prepare for high school, it is even more important than ever for them to develop proper study skills as well as learn how to work together with others. While we do not want our students to have to spend long periods of time every night bogged down with homework and parents stressed with trying to re-learn subjects so they can help their child with homework, we do understand that a certain amount of homework actually helps develop good study habits. Therefore we utilize ZOOM for study groups, with groups available 3 nights a week and an hour on Fridays.

5th Grade

Leadership/Bible Math Spelling Reading Handwriting History English Spanish Art Music Physical Fitness Emotional Skills Virtual Field Trips    

7th grade

Leadership/Bible Math Basic Economics English Spanish History Reading Science Speech Spelling/Vocabulary Writing    

Curriculum 6th Grade

Leadership/Bible Math English Science Spanish Handwriting / Writing Art Music Reading Speech / Drama Spelling / Vocabulary Literature Life Skills    

8th Grade

Leadership/Bible Pre-Algebra US History Understanding Politics Handwriting Music Art Speech Writing Science Reading  

Curriculum • 

Writing: Clearwater Press


Science: Apologia


Bible: Drive through history


Math: Teaching Textbooks/Life of Fred






History: Notgrass


Handwriting: Miss Jaimeot


English: Institute Excellence in Writing




Economics: Dave Ramsey


Leadership: My mindset matters




Historic college campus that has many classrooms unique and traditional to learn in.

ATHLETIC FIELDS & ELITE TRAINING With a soccer field, gyms, and training centers close to campus, our athletes have time to dedicate to consistent training.

RECREATIONAL SPACE With outdoor lounges, hammocks, Homework Café and places to play, our students enjoy campus life.


Dedicated athletic fields and school with classes, office space, gym, and training center allow students to focus on training and curriculum as they prepare for University.

LIVING With an intensive training program and fun, extra-curricular activities planned throughout the year, students and athletes will invest their time into creating life-long memories.

Preparing Innovators and Leaders For The Future

Profile for Gateway Legacy Christian Academy

Gateway Legacy Middle School Program 2020  

Read the following pages about Gateway Legacy Christian Academy and learn why our Lions ROAR!

Gateway Legacy Middle School Program 2020  

Read the following pages about Gateway Legacy Christian Academy and learn why our Lions ROAR!

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