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It’s sunny now, but for

industry needs in terms of an affordable,

the longest time, I never

value-added vessel to attract families.

thought the long, cold,

Bayliner’s MSRP for the Element XL is less

snowy winter of 2013-

than $17,000, making it very affordable. It

2014 would ever end.

can hold up to nine people, giving it plenty of

Proof positive is this true

room for family and friends. And it holds the

story. On Saturday, April 12, the temperature in Chicago rose to nearly 80 degrees for the first time in more than six months. Two days later, snowflakes started falling, the city recorded 1.5 inches of snow, and the temperature dipped to 26 degrees on tax day. Like some many fellow Chicagoans, I could only wonder if this winter would ever end.

promise of “value,” that is bang for the buck.

abounds is marine electronics. This sector

Managing Editor Karen Malonis

of the industry changes so often and so

Associate Editor Jerome A. Koncel

quickly that it is hard to keep up with all the about these products, our roundup article beginning on page 28 highlights some of the many new electronics products available to boaters for the upcoming boating season.

boating season has arrived, and not a day too soon as far as I am concerned.

Art Direction Steve Jones

One product category that gets special attention in this issue is oil spill products.

Advertising | Sales Inquiries Neil Dikmen p 312.266.8400 • f 312.266.8470 e

BoatUS recently tested 21 products that claimed to either remove or render harmless

This issue is one of our most popular and

oil, gas, or diesel spills. It found that many of

well-read issues, and it contains several

them didn’t deliver on their promises. What’s

worthwhile articles focusing on innovation,

more amazing to this 30+ year veteran of

affordability, and product testing.

the recreational boating industry is that of

While I’m not one who often sings the

Contributing Writers Victoria Bostedt Sarah Gross Elaine Short Editorial Intern Brandon Smith

changes. To entice our readers to learn more

sun is shining brightly, the waters are to put their boats into the water. The

Publisher & Editor in Chief F. Ned Dikmen

Another part of the industry where value

But on to bigger and better things. The gleaming blue, and everyone is eager


the 21 tested products, more than half (11) were found to be either toxic or super toxic.

GREAT LAKES BOATING® Magazine (ISSN 1937-7274)

“hotbed of innovation,” our cover story on

Our Port of Call, Oconto, Wis., is a hidden

Boating Publications, Inc., its publisher, 1032 N. LaSalle

Malibu Boats celebrates several “game-

jewel just waiting to be discovered. The city

Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60610.

changing models.” Take for example Malibu’s

has done quite a lot in recent years, from

Waksetter 23 LSV. This model’s innovative

dredging its harbor to installing buoys from

hull design, along with its Surf Gate and

Oconto to Green Bay, to make this town

Power Wedge Advancements, allow for

more attractive to boaters and other tourists.

perfect waves right out of the box, as well as

Check out the article beginning on page 22.

praises of the boating industry for being a

for a customized experience on the water.


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Finally, our editorial on page 8 describes the

centers and newsstands in areas surrounding

Malibu’s Wakesetter 22 MKZ is the ideal boat

highly successful work of the Recreational

the Great Lakes. Postmaster should forward all

for the seasoned pro and the casual weekend

Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF).

rider. Its sleek design and angular look

Once you discover how RBFF works with

have made it Malibu’s fastest selling model

states to bring back lapsed boaters and

All manuscripts should be accompanied by a self-

since it was first introduced for the summer

fishermen and the results it has achieved

addressed stamped envelope. Great Lakes Boating

sports of waterskiing and wakeboarding.

over the last few years, we encourage

Magazine is not responsible and will not be liable for

Malibu Boats has been around for 30 years, but it’s only recently taken a more pro-active

you to send thank you notes or emails expressing appreciation for their efforts.

undelivered issues to Great Lakes Boating Magazine, 1032 N. LaSalle Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60610.

non-solicited manuscripts, including photographs. Great Lakes Boating Magazine does not assume liability or ensure accuracy of the content contained

approach to the Great Lakes region. We

This same leadership exists with the Great

in its articles, editorials, new product releases and

applaud the boatbuilder for this effort, as well

Lakes Boating Federation, which watches

advertising. Inquiries may be directed to the authors

as for moving from a private concern to a

over everything on the Great Lakes from

through the editorial office. Products, services and

public company sold on the New York Stock

fishing to the environment to local, state,

Exchange. Wells Fargo analysts believe the

and national legislation. Check out our

company’s products and patent-pending

website (www.greatlakesboatingfederation.

accessories make it well positioned for

com) and join our efforts to protect

growth. We envision Malibu Boats as the

and sustain the Great Lakes.

boats for those people seeking an outdoor sport with speed, excitement, and athleticism. If Malibu Boats gets the heart pounding, then Bayliner’s boats, especially the Element XL profiled on page 20, are exactly what the 4 GLB | May/June 14

And, my wish for all of you is a happy, fun, and safe time on the water this summer!

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.................... 23’ .................... 102” ....................27” .................... 15 ....................69 gals Wake Plus or Diamond

For more than 30 years, Malibu has designed and built boats in the U.S., with a focus on game-changing innovations, unrivaled versatility, and the ideal mix of performance and pleasure. The Wakesetter 23 LSV has been fully redesigned for 2014. This all-new boat starts with an innovative hull design that will boost the wakeboarding and wakesurfing experience, while the running surface remains unchanged. The 23 LSV also features WakeView seating, deeper storage, and a user-friendly dashboard among many other updates. The newly designed helm features a new steering wheel and shifter that provide the same high-end performance and handling that Malibu is known for. Riders can fine-tune their ride with the Power Wedge and customizable rider pre-sets. The Diamond hull is also available for slalom skiing enthusiasts. The 23 LSV equipped with Surf Gate is a perfect wakesurfing machine. For 2014, Surf Gate features a faster actuator for quicker side-to-side transfers. Malibu has also incorporated signaling, with a horn on the transom and optional indicator lights on the tower, helping riders time their transfer from one side to the other.

Malibu Boats 5075 Kimberly Way Loudon, TN 37774 865-458-5478



At a time when our country is struggling to fi nd real leaders, it’s consoling to fi nd one right in our midst. The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation’s (RBFF) efforts to bring back lapsed anglers and boaters stand out because they are not only clear, concrete, and practical, but also highly successful. The Foundation’s pro-active direct marketing efforts have specific goals, use well thought out methods, and measure its success in numbers we can all understand, i.e., dollars and cents. In April, RBFF announced the 2014 launch of its State Marketing Program. The nationwide effort to increase fishing license sales and boat registrations is being conducted in partnership with 40 state agencies for the State Fishing License Marketing Program and 21 state agencies for the State Boat Registration Marketing Program. It targets more than 3.5 million lapsed anglers and boaters with direct marketing materials that encourage them to buy a fishing license or register their boats. Previous years’ programs have enjoyed impressive success, resulting in more than $34.6 million cumulative gross revenue for participating states.

The State Fishing License Marketing Program, now in its seventh year, focuses on those anglers who haven’t renewed their fishing licenses for at least one season. Th is year’s program includes a black and white postcard mailing and a supplemental email message in participating states. The 2013 program included 40 states and resulted in more than 229,000 licenses being sold and $4.64 million in gross program revenue. The State Boat Registration Marketing Program, initiated nationwide in 2012, is an outreach program to boaters who haven’t renewed their boat registrations for at least one season. The primary tool for gett ing these boaters to

return is a four-color direct marketing letter that is being distributed in 23 states. In 2013, this campaign resulted in more than 48,000 boats being re-registered and $1.68 million in gross program revenue. RBFF funds both of these programs, and the participating states receive all of the revenue generated by the programs. In addition, RBFF provides states with customizable direct marketing pieces; works with them to enhance their overall marketing and communications efforts; and offers ways to improve the fishing license and boat registration processes. As we begin the summer boating season, we want to recognize the outstanding efforts of RBFF to increase participation in recreational angling and boating, thereby protecting and restoring the nation’s aquatic natural resources. Even though this is the mission of RBFF, we applaud it not just for these successful marketing efforts toward lapsed boaters and anglers, but also for its awardwinning Take Me Fishing™ campaign.

Designed to create awareness around boating, fishing, and conservation, and educate people about the benefits of participation, Take Me Fishing helps boaters and anglers of all ages and experience levels learn, plan, and equip themselves for a day on the water. The campaign website, , features tips and how-to’s that can be used all over the country, tools to compare different styles of boats, information on how to get a fishing license and boat registration, and an interactive state-by-state map that allows visitors to fi nd local boating and fishing spots. Please join us in offering kudos, praise, and thanks to RBFF for all they have and continue to do to increase participation in boating and fishing. Send a note, an email, a letter of thanks to RBFF for a job well done.


8 GLB | May/June 14


The change from winter to spring and spring to summer is usually not a big time for celebration, but this year it’s worthy of a great big one because of our harsh winter. The howling winds, blinding snow storms, and bitter cold temperatures have been replaced with warm breezes, blooming flowers, and ice-free waters that beckon us home. It’s time to celebrate.

and safety tips for this boating season. The best tip: Wear a lifeacket! Every boater and passenger should wear a lifejacket every time they are on the water. More than 70 percent of the boating fatalities in 2012 were the result of drownings. The USCG estimates that 85 percent of these drowning vistims were not wearing lifejackets.

While we note with some fanfare the changing of the seasons, now is a good time to also recall those things that make boating such a great pastime. The freedom and exhilaration that one experiences are certainly notable, but we would like to take this opportunity to highlight two impressive statistics.

National Marina Day is June 14, and celebrates marinas as gateways to our nation’s waters, stewards of those waters, and providers of numerous recreational opportunities. Marinas throughout the Great Lakes will be hosting events, inviting families and friends to participate in a variety of fun activities ranging from boating demonstrations to food and music. Join the celebrations!

Each year, the number of people who participate in boating is growing. Th is past year, more than 82 million were either on a boat or actually went boating. Th is makes boating one of the single largest outdoor recreational sports in the United States.

So, take time to remember all the good things that are part and parcel of boating on the Great Lakes. Visit the Discover Boating website ( and revel in all the good things that are boating. Now is the perfect time to celebrate the boating lifestyle.

Of those people who participate in boating, the vast majority enjoy a safe boating experience, and this fact is often overlooked when people talk about boating. The U.S. Coast Guard reported that in 2012, the last year for which figures were available, boating fatalities were the lowest ever since the federal agency began keeping these statistics. What a great accomplishment and a real testament to those people who are involved in the teaching, preaching, and educating of people about safe boating.


The VOICE of 4.3 Million Boaters

During the next two months, there are two occasions that offer all of us a great opportunity to celebrate the joys of boating: National Safe Boating Week and National Marina Day. May 17 through May 23 is National Safe Boating Week. During this time, boaters will be reminded to give as much attention to safety precautions for themselves and their passengers as they do to maintaining their vessels and keeping them in good condition. Th is is a great opportunity to get free vessel safety checks. Request one from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary at During this week, various boating organizations will come together to provide activities, educational seminars, | 9




The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS) Report at the start of this year, and it is a milestone in the fight against aquatic nuisance species (ANS). The GLMRIS Report outlines eight potential control plans within the Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS) to prevent the transfer of 13 aquatic nuisance fish, algae, virus, crustaceans, and plants in all life stages between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins. The eight potential plans range from continuing and improving upon current control efforts, like the operation of the electric barriers in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, to vastly complex efforts such as the complete separation of the two watersheds. During 11 public meetings held to discuss the report, 930 minutes of diverse testimony were recorded from more than 600 meeting attendees. While the oral comments were diverse, one sentiment prevailed—no one wants to see Asian carp established in the Great Lakes. Most of the costs and timelines in the report are associated with measures to mitigate the impacts invasive species controls have on flooding or water quality, and this is a critical area. For example, although it may not take 25 years to build a dam (or dams) in the CAWS, the GLMRIS alternatives must include features to ensure that these dams do not harm the public by causing either significant flooding in the Chicagoland area or creating adverse impacts to the water quality of Lake Michigan.

conveyance, flood risk management, and recreation. The GLMRIS Team’s analyses show that physically separating the waterways is likely to cause severe adverse impacts to these uses, particularly to flooding, water quality, and navigation. Physical separation was found to induce an estimated $211 million and $251 million in average annual losses to commercial cargo navigation for two Hydrologic Separation alternatives. Two options were examined to potentially mitigate these impacts: a multi-modal facility that would transfer commodities from barge to truck or rail and transloading facilities that would lift vessels over a physical barrier. Th rough a survey of commercial waterway operators, the research team found that most commercial shippers would not use a transloading facility due to additional re-handling costs. Because a multi-modal facility would also involve an increase in the costs of material handling, it is unlikely shippers would use these facilities. Therefore, the GLMRIS Report proposes no mitigation for impacts to navigation. Th is one example shows the challenging tradeoffs to be weighed in addressing the potential interbasin transfer of ANS. The impacts to existing uses should not be overlooked when considering ANS transfer alternatives. For more information, visit: htt p:// By Sarah Gross, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District

Lake Michigan and the CAWS currently serve many important uses, including navigation, water supply and


Then skip on over to 10 GLB | May/June 14




or more than 30 years, Malibu has designed and built boats in the U.S., with a focus on game-changing innovations, unrivaled versatility, and the ideal mix of performance and pleasure. This is a snapshot of three outstanding models that will leave the reader thirsty for a “eureka moment� that can only be experienced on the water.

12 GLB | May/June 14


23 LSV

The design, finish, and details on all of these boats make them a

Wake and wave manipulation is easy and intuitive with Malibu’s

lot of fun to look at, but like a hot sports car, the real pleasure is

Surf Gate and Power Wedge advancements, which allow for

in the ride. The all-new Wakesetter 23 LSV boasts an innovative

a quick and perfectly customized experience on the water for

hull design that takes wakeboarding and wakesurfing to another

any boarder, surfer, or skier, from beginners playing around to

level, while the running surface remains unchanged.

seasoned pros looking to shred the envelope. Boarders can

A long-time favorite of many Malibu’s pro team riders, the 23 LSV throws a perfect wake right out of the box with fine-tuning at the operator’s fingertips via the dash’s MaliView touchscreen.

easily transfer side to side while on the move with Surf Gate, and for passengers there’s no need whatsoever to lean the boat to one side; they can just sit back and enjoy the show. | 13

The 23 LSV’s distinctive styling and classic curves draw stares wherever it goes. Its completely redesigned interior is spacious and luxurious, featuring deeper storage, wake-view seating, rear transom seating, and, like all Malibus, beautiful hand-wrapping of the dash, seats, etc. throughout. Bonus: Coastlines are no problem in a Malibu; these boats are ready to take on salt water with the optional Salt Resistance Performance package, a comprehensive shielding of all susceptible components against the damaging effects of salt water and sea air.

14 GLB | May/June 14

SPECS: Length: ................................................................. 23’ Beam: ................................................................. 102” Draft: ................................................................. 27” Capacity: ................................................................. 15 people Fuel: ................................................................. 69 gal. Weight: ................................................................. 4,500 lbs. Hull Type: ................................................................. Wake Plus or Diamond


22 MXZ

Malibu’s flagship 22-footer lives up to its title as Official Towboat of the Red Bull Wake Open. This competition-proven boat effortlessly kicks out wakes perfect for the casual weekend rider and old pro alike. The 22 MXZ has been hailed for its performance and great wake, as well as providing the ideal amount of space, fitting as many as 14 riders comfortably. The deep-V wake hull cuts through the water with ease, and a fast and easy tweak of the settings provides a custom pull for every rider in the boat. The Malibu Touch Command makes wake and wave customization a cinch. The one-of-a-kind Surf Gate lays perfect waves that can be run from one side to the other at the desired

height, letting surfers work back and forth as long as they please, while the rest of the crew relaxes and enjoys the show. The aggressive, angular look evokes a certain exotic edge, which, beyond the boat’s high performance, is likely part of the reason why the 22 MXZ set a record as Malibu’s fastest seller ever upon its debut. It’s as though there’s some 007 DNA in its design.

SPECS: Length: ...................................................................................... 22.3’ Beam: ...................................................................................... 102” Draft: ...................................................................................... 27” Capacity: ...................................................................................... 14 people Fuel: ...................................................................................... 50 gal. Weight: ...................................................................................... 4,400 lbs. Hull Type: ...................................................................................... Wake | 15


24 MXZ

Pro wakeboarder Phil “King of the Wake,” Soven’s favorite, the 24 MXZ is the rare big boat that delivers uncompromising agility, so performance isn’t sacrificed for more power. The proof is in the ride, and this 24-footer is incredibly nimble, especially considering it’s designed to haul 18 people. It offers a roomy, plush interior and storage galore. A testament to thoughtful design and engineering, the powerful 24 MXZ doesn’t just throw world-class wakes; this thing handles like it’s on rails. The two gorilla fins down below and the deep-V wake hull both help the 24 MXZ slice through the water while holding an edge

16 GLB | May/June 14

and handling better than any boat in its class. With its Surf Gate, Power Wedge, and 1,450 pounds of hard-tank ballast, the boat treats the rider to meaty wakes and long, glassy waves all day long. No big and slow here, just big. It’s fast and incredibly agile—with more than enough power to make serious waves.

SPECS: Length: ...................................................................................... 24.5’ Beam: ...................................................................................... 102” Draft: ...................................................................................... 27” Capacity: ...................................................................................... 18 people Fuel: ...................................................................................... 78 gal. Weight: ...................................................................................... 4,800 lbs. Hull Type: ...................................................................................... Wake

A robust lineup of Deck Boats and the new Element XL

deliver more for less on the Great Lakes Bayliner’s capacity is more than meets the eye. From chasing walleye in the rocky beds of Lake Michigan to cruising for excitement near one of Lake Huron’s daydream beaches, Bayliner means options.

By Elaine Short

18 GLB | May/June 14

190 Deck Boat LOA:.......................... 18’7” Beam:.......................... 8’1” Draft Max.:.......................... 16” Fuel Capacity:.......................... 35 gals.

210 Deck Boat LOA:.......................... 20’7” Beam:.......................... 8’6” Draft Max.:.......................... 16” Fuel Capacity:.......................... 55 gals.

215 Deck Boat LOA:.......................... 20’7” Beam:.......................... 8’6” Draft Max.:.......................... 16” Fuel Capacity:.......................... 55 gals.

Get More, Do More with Deck Boats

Bayliner’s new outboard-powered 210 Deck Boat seats up to 12 thanks to L-shaped pontoon-style cockpit seating and a spacious bow. Roomy in-floor locker storage holds skis, water toys, even a

Bayliner’s versatile and stylish Deck Boats are a go-to choice for

full cooler, while innovative under-seat storage stows the rest of

families looking to host a crowd for ambitious days on the Great

the crew’s gear leaving plenty of free space. Flight Series or Fish

Lakes. From bow to stern, Bayliner’s 190, 210, and 215 Deck Boats

Package options are available as well.

are ideal crafts for long days on the water.

The 215 Deck Boat comes with a Mercury stern drive, offering an

The 190 Deck Boat has a floor plan option for every style of boater.

impressive holeshot at the full capacity of 12, ensuring no rider will

For water sport enthusiasts, the Flight Series package adds

be traded for power. Easy-to-reach grab handles and cup holders

necessities like an extended swim platform and wakeboard tower. If

amplify comfort and safety in the spacious bow seating area, while

perch is on the menu, then the Fish Package with built-in Lowrance X4

a large in-floor locker accommodates skis, water toys and other

sonar is the way to go. The 190 offers so much storage and efficient

gear, keeping the cockpit clutter-free. Both the 210 and 215 have a

seating the only question boaters will be left asking is whether to stick

portside storage bulkhead that doubles as a changing area.

with the windscreen or add the wraparound windshield.

Photos by Richard Steinberger and Pasqual DePuhl | 19

Element XL LOA: ............................18’2” Beam: ............................7’5” Draft Max.: ............................16” Fuel Capacity: ............................12 gals.

A New Way to Do More: The Element XL

Starting at $16,999, the Element XL includes automotive-style handling, a standard 90-hp or upgraded 115-hp FourStroke Mercury® engine and class-leading stability and safety features.

Bayliner’s revolutionary Element series ensures that new boaters

At 18 feet, Element XL boasts deep freeboard and Bayliner’s

feel at home on thewater. The new Element XL adds a big twist to a

innovative, patent-pending M-HullTM design,that has significantly

trusted boat line: more power, more seating, and more storage.

improved onboard safety. With an optional Sport configuration,

“The Element XL is going to be huge in 2014 and beyond,” said Keith Yunger, President of Bayliner Boats. “While Bayliner is constantly striving to innovate, we are also building new expectations about the possibilities of family boating. We are confident that the larger

including a custom sport arch, Element XL will excite the water sports enthusiasts onboard. Element XL’s features open up all the possibilities the water holds, and with seating for nine, offers enough room for friends and family.

Element XL will put smiles on the faces of new and experienced boaters all over the country.”

20 GLB | May/June 14




Oconto is located on the bay of Green Bay, and its name is

harbor is home to 50 slips for transient or seasonal

derived from the previous inhabitants, the Menominee Indians,

boaters, including 6 to 8 majestic sailboats moored

who proclaimed it “land of many fishes.” Today, the city certainly

at the entrance, waiting to sail softly in the wind. An enormous iron

lives up to its Indian name, as well as its current nicknames as the

sundial plus an ancient rustic ship’s anchor welcome everyone to

“Perch Capital” and “Walleye Mecca” of the Great Lakes.

the “land of many fishes.” In addition, Breakwater Park is the place

Oconto not only welcomes local fishermen, but also professional

where visitors and locals flock daily to capture breathtakingly

ones, as it is home to three major walleye tournaments: Cabela’s

beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Masters Walleye Circuit in June, AIM Pro Walleye Circuit in July, and Sheboygan Walleye Club Battle on the Bay in August. The AIM tournament is “green.” Fish are caught, photographed,

22 GLB | May/June 14

Damian Schumacher

Kitty Werner

and released.

“PERCH CAPITAL” AND “WALLEYE MECCA” OF THE GREAT LAKES. Although Walleye is the city’s main fish attraction, Oconto’s waters

sediment. The state agency awarded Oconto a $1,953,358 Harbor

are full of many other fish species. Perch are plentiful, and for many

Assistance Program Grant to increase its harbor’s channel depth to

years the local Sportsman’s Club has sponsored a local Perch

8.5 feet and widen its entrance to 60 feet from the existing 50 feet.

Tournament. In the Oconto River, bass are abundant.

Maintaining THE HARBOR

Armed with this grant, Oconto has been able to dredge the harbor to a depth that will allow both big and small boats to safely pass into its harbor. Because the source of this sediment buildup has been

Although Oconto markets its harbor and river as major attractions for tourists and anglers alike, it has found difficulty promoting these prime attractions because of a pesky problem: sedimentation. Like many other shallow draft harbors along the Lake Michigan coastline, Oconto’s harbor entrance encounters a yearly buildup of sediment, meaning the city has had to dredge it periodically. Last

unknown, it remains a baffling problem. To solve this perplexing matter, Oconto is moving forward in this area by pursuing a 100 percent federally funded grant to identify the causes of sedimentation. Oconto has also formed a Dredging Committee with local entities to stay ahead of the issue.

year the city received a major boost from the Wisconsin Department

Damian Schumacher

Cabela’s Walleye Circuit

of Transportation to clean out the existing | 23

A Cruisers CONNECTION Seeking the dredging of Oconto Harbor in 2013 was not only a useful tool for attracting recreational boaters and sport fishermen, but it was seen as a positive step for keeping the city’s largest and oldest continuously operating business, Cruisers Yachts.

accomplishment, because it tells boaters that Oconto welcomes them and is concerned with their safe arrival and departure. Over the years, Oconto’s Breakwater Harbor has not been known as a “boater friendly place.” In fact, the word among the boating populace was to avoid Oconto Harbor. “Don’t try to enter the harbor or you’ll find your boat embedded in sediment.” Oconto

As a major manufacturer of yachts, Cruisers Yachts has

believes that the dredging and widening it completed this year,

depended on Oconto Harbor for testing its new boats. Therefore,

along with the installation of solar-lit buoys, will show boaters that

it encouraged the city to pursue the Harbor Assistance Grant,

Breakwater Harbor is safe and accessible.

noting that without the proper depth of the channel, the testing might have to move to another community. With the grant project almost completed, Cruisers no longer has to worry about this potential problem.

Attracting TOURISTS Oconto uses its natural harbor and abundant fish to attract boaters and anglers, but it is not only a fishing haven. Three years

Today, Cruisers Yachts is the biggest employer in Oconto. It

ago the city was designated “Bird City” because of its connection

recently announced that it would be building a brand-new line of

to the Wisconsin Nature and Bird Trail where many species of

fishing boats, which will eventually bring 70 more jobs to this area.

birds can be spotted. The Oconto Marsh area ties into the Nature

Members of Oconto’s city administration have applauded this

and Bird Trail as an important habitat for about 100 types of

announcement, citing it as another progressive move by Cruisers

waterfowl and migratory birds.

that will further develop Oconto’s economy. Oconto has also been building on its “High Flyer” status since Not only was the dredging important to Cruisers Yachts, it was

it was bestowed upon it. This summer, the city is sponsoring its

also critical to keeping five commercial fishermen at the harbor.

first Nature Festival featuring 34 vendors and a “Raptor Show” at

In addition to the dredging and widening of the harbor, the Oconto River Channel will be safely marked with buoys up to the

purple martin, and wood duck houses in various parks and is faithfully monitoring them.

Cabela’s Walleye Circuit

Kitty Werner

mouth of the Bay of Green Bay. This is an extremely important

Copper Culture State Park. In addition, the city is placing bluebird,

24 GLB | May/June 14

Damian Schumacher


The city also has a professional-grade sporting complex called

Oconto County Historical Society. Attached to the property is the

Holtwood Park. It includes six baseball fields, a nine-hole disc golf

original barn, which houses an eclectic variety of vehicles and

course, two volleyball courts, two horseshoe pits, and a soccer/

carriages, including an electric car.

rugby field.

Remembering ITS HISTORY While Oconto strives to meet the needs of today’s boaters and tourists, it is also very proud to speak of its history.

Another Oconto attraction addressing its history is “Ride Oconto History.” This unique tour consists of five bike routes with 46 historical stops, including one National Landmark, 5 Historical Markers, and 28 National Register of Historic Places. Oconto has the distinction of being the County Seat,

More than 5,000 years ago, during the time of the pyramids,

showcasing a stately century-old Court House, topped with

Oconto was the burial place of the Copper Culture Indians. In the

a majestic golden “Lady Justice” who watches over the City,

1950s, an Oconto student discovered the Copper Culture Burial

as the soothing chimes of her clock remind the community

Grounds, and a museum now marks this finding as part of Copper

each hour of the day as it arrives.

Culture State Park.

No matter what hour the clock chimes, now is the time for boaters,

In the 1800s, Oconto was also a booming lumber town, and

anglers, and others to discover Oconto, the hidden jewel waiting

reminders of this fabulous era are displayed in the mansions

to be revealed.

lining Main Street in Oconto. Most of these homes are in their original state. One remarkable mansion, the Beyer Home, has

Victoria Bostedt is the mayor of Oconto, Wis.

Damian Schumacher

been turned into a museum, lovingly maintained by the local

Kitty Werner

Beyer Home | 25


By Jerome A. Koncel


hen it comes to buying marine electronics products, there

In the West Advisor section, boaters will click on “Fishfinder” and

are three important steps to follow. The first is to buy

get an article that describes what fishfinders do and then walks the

high-quality products. While price is always a priority in

reader through the selection process by asking the reader to answer

any purchase, the question inevitably comes down to how high a priority? In this case, it seems that the best advice is to buy and install those products that are reliable, easy to use, and will give the boater many years of trouble-free use. After all, boating should be hassle-free, stress-free experience. The second step is to make sure the equipment is properly installed. Today’s marine electronics make boating just not easier, but also safer. So, be sure to have your equipment properly installed by a certified professional. Remember that boating on the Great

a series of questions:

• Does the boater want a standalone, combination, or networked fishfinder? • What display specifications does the consumer want, i.e., color, size, and pixels? • How much transmission power is needed (wattage) and what type of transducer frequency (single or CHIRP)?

usually choppy, and getting home safely should be the number one

• Does the fisherman want to look to the side, straight down, or all around?

priority. Every 20-foot and larger boat on the Great Lakes should be

By answering these questions, the angler will be able to narrow

Lakes is like boating on oceans. The lakes are big, the waters are

equipped with a combination GPS/chartplotter. Finally, boaters should properly care for and maintain their marine

down the specific “Fishfinder” he or she would would to purchase for their vessel.

electronics equipment.

New products Advice Because boaters have many options to choose from when purchasing marine electronics, they should not be afraid to

The following is a roundup of some new electronic products offered to boaters by various marine electronics manufacturers for the summer of 2014.

seek advice. The most obvious sources of information about marine electronics equipment are other boaters, but don’t hesitate to contact product support staff at leading manufacturers, such as Furuno, Garmin, and Raymarine. Another valuable resource are stores such as The

Radios Cobra Electronics introduced its latest series of handheld radios at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show.

GPS Store Inc. (, West Marine, Cabelas and

The Cobra HH450 DUAL Marine Radio is a waterproof, All-Terrain-

others. One highly regarded authority is West Marine, whose website

Radio™ specifically designed for year-round, multipurpose use. This

( offers a West Advantage section that has

rugged and compact, floating marine radio unit includes Cobra’s

clear, concrete practical articles under the icon “West Advisor.”

exclusive Rewind-Say-Again® feature and both marine VHF and

As the name suggests, the articles found in “West Advisor”

walkie-talkie GMRS technology for higher-powered functionality.

provide useful advice to help boaters in purchasing various marine

The radio allows boaters to choose between low, medium, and high

products, including specific marine electronics products, such as

power for short and long range communication, plus it offers access

chartplotters, radar, and fishfinders. The articles are clearly written

to weather alerts with Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.)

and go through a step-by-step process to help boaters select the

for threatening weather nearby. The HH450 Dual has a noise-

proper equipment. Let’s use “fishfinders” as an example.

canceling microphone for crystal clear conversations, while the

28 GLB | May/June 14

Rewind-Say-Again feature records the last 20 seconds of any missed calls and plays them back.

Sonar Humminbird introduced its 800, 900, and 1100 series of sonar equipment as a continuation of its long-standing commitment to design and manufacture the best sonar units in the marketplace.

The Cobra HH450 Dual

Huminbird says these sonar units offer customers the highest level

protects boaters from

of performance, value, and support available.

unpredictable weather situations through NOAA weather alerts and instant access to emergency channels. In addition, its floating and waterproof design are invaluable in case the radio falls overboard into the water. In addition to the HH450 handheld radio, Cobra also offers the world’s only floating VHF radio with wireless cellphone connectivity:

Humminbird’s 800 Series is compatible with Humminbird® LakeMaster® digital GPS mapping, Humminbird® LakeMaster® AutoChart™, and Navionics® Gold™ products. Both the 900 and 1100 Series are compatible with Humminbird® LakeMaster® digital GPS mapping, Humminbird® LakeMaster® AutoChart,™ Navionics® Gold/ HotMaps™ and Navionics® Platinum+ products.

the MR HH500. This radio allows users to make and receive phone calls directly from their VHF radio.


Building on the CHIRP technology that became so popular among Great

Night Vision Camera

Lakes anglers last year, Lowrance offers the next generation of its Elite

FLIR Systems, Inc., offers its MD series of night vision cameras to

fishfinder/chartplotter: the Elite-7 and

help boaters detect obstructions, other vessels, and people in the

Elite-5 CHIRP series.

water at night.

The manufacturer has added CHIRP

The MD-Series uses FLIR’s state-of-the-art technology to create

sonar to its broadband Sounder™ and

clear thermal imagery night and day. MD-324 features 320x240

DownScan™ Imaging fishfinder technologies.

standard-resolution, 24° field of view, and

Lowrance claims the CHIRP sonar provides anglers with the best

2x e-zoom, while the MD-625 features

possible view of the water column allowing them to clearly see

640x480 high-resolution, 25° field of

baitfish and game fish targets.

view, and 2x and 4x e-zoom. Both models are built to withstand harsh maritime environments, include automatic defrost, and come with a two-year standard warranty.

The Elite CHIRP lineup includes 5-inch and 7-inch screens. The CHIRP sonar allows anglers to easily distinguish between baitfish and game fish targets. Moreover, anglers can layer

Weighing only three pounds and

Downscan™ Imaging views onto the

standing a mere seven inches tall,

CHIRP sonar for a presentation that clearly separates fish targets

the MD-Series is easy to install on

from surrounding structure. In addition, the equipment’s advanced

any boat. It’s Ethernet-enabled for

signal processing reduces the need to manually adjust settings to

simple integration and consumes

more clearly see fish, structure, and bottom detail.

as little as 4.8 W.

The Elite 5 and Elite 7’s chartplotter capabilities include a built-in GPS antenna and a detailed U.S. map with more than 3,000 lakes and rivers, plus coastal contours to 1,000 feet. | 29

Crowd Sourced Chart Plotting In April, NOAA discontinued its printing and distributing of paper charts, and though it may have been on everyone’s mind as an inevitability, it still marks the end of one era for the boating community, and the beginning of something new. That new course is crowd sourced chart data integrated into smartphone hardware.

Unlike the captain’s ability to feel system elasticity by hand, an autopilot must use mathematical equations to understand and compensate for such conditions. Along with system elasticity, prop walk needs compensation as well. The Hydro-balance™ eliminates the vessel’s tendency to veer providing straight-asan-arrow course keeping. Evolution™ autopilot systems start at $1,599, but the Hydro-balance™ software

Navionics, a manufacturer of electronic charts, has recently updated


its web app capabilities.


Simply put, the Navionics Boating App gives boaters the ability to instantly update NOAA, and virtually any other available chart in the world. Upon doing so, anyone who has the app and is a part of the public sharing will automatically receive the updated chart.

or can be updated for free with existing

A boater can mark a new rock, a fresh sandbar, or even an oil spill,


and it all goes straight to the Navionics server where a sophisticated

algorithm checks for accuracy and reliability. If the equation works out, then that data is added to the base, and anyone in the world looking at the particular chart will gain instant knowledge of the potentially treacherous waterway that lays ahead.

4D Cartography The C-Map 4D and the C-Map MAX charts recently announced by Jeppesen provide rich chart detail and Value Added Data similar to the Navionics software for enhanced cruising and fishing. C-Map 4D MAX delivers an added situational awareness and realism to boaters by utilizing high-definition satellite imagery overlaid 2D and 3D charts. Mapping this way helps boaters better understand their vessel position in reference to surroundings above and below

The Navionics Boating App is a free and easy transition from the old days of waterway cartography to the new.

Fresh software for autopilot New Hydro-balance™ software for Raymarine’s Evolution™ autopilot system was recently announced. The Hydro-balance™ actively compensates for system elasticity caused by air bubbles in the steering lines, flex in hose and piping, and variable valve

the water. In addition, Jeppesen offers cartography for game fishermen by making potential productive waters standout. The 4D capability more clearly visualizes vegetation and the drop zones

performance. The elasticity degrades an autopilot over time and

where fish are typically found.

causes vessels to veer slightly off course.

30 GLB | May/June 14

So, who’s buying boats these days?

The answer depends on the type of boat, the length of the boat, the location, and the particular responder. The question evokes different answers, and this is the tale of two boat-buying segments.


the best of times for those people purchasing boats

To understand how the eroding middle class affects boating, GLB

smaller than 25 feet. Sales of these boats have increased

took a look at the sale of new boats between 25 feet to 40 feet

significantly in the last two years, and exhibitors and sponsors at

between 2006, which was pre-recession, and 2013, the most recent

this year’s boat shows report an upbeat enthusiasm among these

year for which figures are available. The key here is to realize that

consumers. They see a real revival in boating.

economic uncertainty keeps people from buying boats, and this

The other tale is put forth by business analysts who believe the

certainly shows up in reviewing these sales numbers.

current uptick is blown out of proportion. These individuals believe

The accompanying chart provided by the National Marine

the lingering effects of the recession of 2008-2009 are still with us,

Manufacturers Association, and prepared by Statistical Surveys Inc.,

and are the most dominant factor affecting today’s boat buyers.

shows a tremendous drop in the sales of new boats between 25-feet

A common thread between both boat-buying segments is that the boating industry is slowly but surely coming out of the recession. What’s debatable is the idea that this is a full recovery. In fact, most industry analysts agree that the industry will never return to the days

to 40-feet in 2008-2010. While there was a slight increase in 2011 and more robust sales increases in 2012 and 2013, they are from a very low figure. Overall, sales of new 25-foot to 40-foot boats in 2013 were less than half (48 percent) of what they were in 2006.

of 5 percent annual growth. As Ned Dikmen, the publisher of this

While sales of new boats have dropped precipitously between

magazine, noted, “Those days are long gone.”

2006 and 2013, used boat sales have continued to grow. Today, it is

A closer look

estimated that 75 percent or more of all boat sales are used boats.

Perhaps the one segment of the population that suffered the most from the financial recession of 2008-2009 was the middle and upper middle class. These individuals saw the value of their IRAs and 401Ks lose anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent. As a result, instead of thriving and wondering when and how they’re going to spend their discretionary funds, this group’s focus has turned to surviving. 32 GLB | May/June 14

Sales of All Boats 25’ – 40’ Great Lakes States

100 80 60 40 20 0








2013 source: Statistical Surveys, Inc

Given this fact, GLB interviewed some brokers to get their views on

Erick Kreuger, Galati Yacht Sales, Holland, Mich., is very

whether the upper middle class segment is looking to buy 25- to 40-

optimistic about boat sales, having seen a significant improvement

foot boats, that is, cruisers, power cruisers, and mid-size trawlers.

in pre-owned yacht sales for the last three years, and expects to

Bill Allgaier, who started operating his marine brokerage business, Harbor View Marine, selling pre-owned power and sailboats in Traverse City, Mich., in 2007, said his sales have been great for the past two years, but hit rock bottom from 2008 to 2010, and barely

see an increase in 25-foot to 40-foot boats sales in the near future. “Boat sales shift along with the economy. As long as things are improving in the economy, they’ll also be improving in boat sales,” said Kreuger.

improved in 2011. His roller-coaster ride of selling pre-owned

Ron Setina, owner of Harborside Marine, in Wilmington, Ill., said

powerboats and sailboats has made him acutely aware of the

time constraints and the high price of 25-foot to 40-foot boats

factors that motivate boat buyers, and he believes the one thing that

are the major obstacles to this down market. “Fewer and fewer

differentiates today’s boat buyers from those of the pre-recession

young married couples are coming into dealerships because they

years of 2006-2007 is the search for value.

see boating as too time-consuming,” said Setina. “Boating has to

Allgaier said the middle and upper middle class were hit especially hard by the recession, and that’s probably the main reason why his

compete with band practice, dancing, and sports teams, and simply takes too much time.”

sales of cruisers and power cruisers are basically “flat.” He cited

As for high prices, Setina blames the boat builders. “There are few

the example of a middle class factory worker from Detroit who used

people in the middle class who can afford the new 50-foot to 60-foot

to visit Traverse City looking to move up to a newer pre-owned

Carver yachts, but the new 34-foot cruiser is still out of their price

boat. Allgaier says that since the recession, that person has retired,

range,” he said.

moved to “warmer climates,” and either sold his vessel for a smaller


one or simply stopped boating. Kyle Stenzel, general manager of Spring Brook Marina in Seneca, Ill., a business that sells new yachts and brokers pre-owned cruisers

When it comes to asking, “Who’s buying boats?” it’s important to

and yachts, said that in recent years there’s been a dramatic upturn

look beyond the immediate time frame and see how the general

in the number of pre-owned boats selling for more than $100,000.

economy is affecting business. Moreover, it’s crucial for the boating

At the same time, he noted that the market for cruisers and power

industry to make boats more affordable, make boating more hassle-

cruisers has been stagnant. “Buyers of pre-owned 25-foot to 35-foot

free, and be much more pro-active in sharing the benefits of the

boats have been missing from our showroom,” said Stenzel.

boating lifestyle. Today’s dealers are employing new strategies to market their products to prospective customers. The keys to growing their operations are to meet customers where they’re at, and this includes on the Internet, at festivals, and at social media sites; getting them to experience the joys of the boating lifestyle through vehicles such as free boat rides and in–water demonstrations; and then keeping them boating with more satisfying experiences. Kreuger, Allgaier, and Stenzel all seem to indicate that the pool of prospective customers for 25-foot to 40-foot boats may be smaller now than a decade ago, but that does not mean those people won’t be buying boats. These people are just waiting for the right time to write

One technological innovation that has prompted more people to buy larger, longer boats is joystick propulsion, Stenzel noted. This technology has made the steering and maneuvering of vessels easier, opening up these larger vessels to whole new groups of people.

their checks. These individuals and families are leading fast-paced, hectic lifestyles, but they have also learned some valuable lessons from the recession of 2008-2009. One of the most important lessons is to carefully manage their dollars and cents by getting value in all their purchases. “There’s no shortage of money among the middle class,” said Setina, “It’s a question of showing them the value for their dollar!” | 33


Not All Oil Spill Products Are Effective



he BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, in

undertaken because nearly every recreational boat uses oil and burns

conjunction with the Duke University Marine Lab, undertook a

either gas or diesel fuel, and engine oil or fuel can accidentally get into the

research study of 21 oil spill response products and discovered

bilge or water. That’s when spill products come into play.

that many of them claiming to either remove or render harmless spills of oil, gas, or diesel don’t deliver on their promises. Moreover, not all oil spill products are effective, and some are even toxic, according to the research study. The full report and video can be found at:

BACKGROUND Susan Shingledecker, BoatUS Foundation Vice President, said the tests were

“While we did find three products that worked well, we also found many products that were ineffective, highly toxic, and not legal for the average boater to use,” said Shingledecker. She added that this should at least prompt recreational boaters to take a second look at the product they’re using for oil spills. The goal of the tests was to evaluate how the products performed, their potential impact on the environment, and the ease of use and handling. A key factor in evaluating the oil spill products was to determine whether professionals or recreational boaters are the intend users of the product. The difference is important. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list of products approved for use by spill response professionals called the National Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule. Manufacturers who want to make their products available to professional responders must have their products reviewed and placed on this list.

The challenge for recreational boaters is to recognize that once a product is on the NCP list, it cannot be legally used on open water by boaters. Thus, the only products boaters can use on the water to contain oil spills are “simple sorbents,” which are polypropylene

36 GLB | May/June 14

or other natural materials that can be found in loose form or contained in pillows or booms. After using these products, recreational boaters must completely remove them from the water and dispose of them in accordance with local laws. Dispersants, surface washing agents, and bioremediation agents, even when combined with absorbents, are not considered “simple sorbents” and therefore are not legal for use by non-professionals in open water. In many areas, sorbents that are dripping oil must be disposed of as hazardous waste, whereas those that encapsulate the oil can be bagged and disposed of in the traditional waste stream. A good spill prevention strategy for bilges is to use sorbents and other materials because they can capture any oil drips in the bilge before they can be discharged overboard. Boaters should check their local marine stores to find some bilge socks. Some of


these products are simple sorbents and others use microbes to help digest the oil, converting it into less hazardous components.

The performance and toxicity of the 21 products covered a very wide range. Ten of the products were low in toxicity, and the other 11

Note: It is illegal to add dispersants or emulsifiers (think soaps) to

ranged from toxic to super toxic. Of the 21 products, only eight were

the bilge and then discharge them overboard. Adding anything to

deemed truly effective with no visible oil remaining.

one’s bilge to mask the discharge of oil is illegal. It is also important to note that when placing anything in the bilge, it is vital to secure it

In general, the testing confirmed that loose products are generally

so it will not interfere with the operation of the bilge pump.

hard to corral and remove completely from the water, and boaters must remove them from open water after use. In addition, BoatUS


cautions boaters not to use loose products in the bilge because they can clog the bilge pump, thereby creating a real mess. Powders,

There are a wide variety of products on the market aimed at

sprays, and liquids are nearly impossible to remove from an open

spill response, and the Foundation selected 21 of them for testing.

water spill, which makes it illegal for nonprofessionals to use them.

They include:




Absorbent W




CI Agent Loose Granules




CI Agent Marine Pillow




ClearTecRubberizer Pillow




De-Oil It Boat Bilge Cleaner




De-Oil It Oil Spill Eliminator




Edson Bio-Fresh Microbial Powder




Edson Clean-Up Kit

Loose and Liquid



Edson Oil Eradicator Bilge Pad




Edson Oil Eradicator Boom




EnviroBond 403




EnviroBond 403 Bilge Sock




GreenerMind MOP Bilge Boat Skimmer




PRP BioSok




PRP Oil Buster




Remedy 8 Sock




West Marine Bilge Oilsorber




WinTec Hydro Tain ROKSolid X Factor




Young Enterprises Bilge Pad




Young Enterprises Microbial Powder




Young Enterprises Microbial Powder Bilge Pillow



No | 37

While it is possible to use liquids and sprays in the bilge, this is best

In the end, it is a good idea for boaters to keep a contained sock

done when the boat is on land and any discharge can be captured.

or pad in the bilge to prevent an accidental spill. The Enviro-Bond

While bioremediation products appear quite promising, making disposal of the sorbents easy, they did not perform well in BoatUS tests. Only two of the bioremediation products proved effective in lab tests, but they were highly toxic, making it a challenge to recommend their use.

403 Bilge Sock, the CI Agent Marine Pillow and the West Marine Oilsorber all serve this purpose well. In the event of an open water spill, boaters should immediately alert marina staff and then call the National Response Center and state authorities. Although boaters should await further instructions, they can use simple sorbents to clean up the spill as long as they are removed from the water when

In the end, BoatUS rated five products as highly effective with low

finished and disposed of properly. The world of spill response is

toxicity: Enviro-Bond 403 in both the loose and contained form, CI

certainly very complex.

Agent in both the loose and contained form, and the West Marine Bilge Oilsorber. Because the use of loose products is tricky at best, BoatUS preferred the contained forms of the Enviro-Bond 403 and the CI Agent, which is listed on the NCP Product Schedule for professional use. BoatUS was told that the legality of boaters using these products on an open water spill is up to the discretion of the spill response coordinators in each region.

BoatUS offers these six tips to recreational boaters based on its tests with Duke University Marine Lab: • Don’t believe all those ads: Boaters should be skeptical of false oil spill product claims, including wording such as: “EPA-classified for use in US waterways” (The EPA does not classify products

In its testing, BoatUS found that the Enviro-Bond 403 and the CI

recreational use); “Easily dispersed and collected”; “Meets clean-

Agent pillows fully encapsulated the diesel. Testers watched the

marina criteria” (Clean marina programs do not set oil spill product

color of the pillows change over the course of the hour, which

criteria); or “Simply sprinkle on and watch it disappear” (You may

provided some confidence that the product was working. The West

be watching for a very long time).

Marine Oilsorber, a traditional simple sorbent, sat higher in the water than the other products. As a result, not all of the product was in contact with the water/diesel mix, but it still got the job done. Both the Enviro-Bond 403 and the CI Agent encapsulated the diesel, which made disposal easier in some areas where the West Marine Oilsorber had a few drips.

• Sock it to me: “Contained” products like sorbent socks, pads and pillows that encapsulate oil are the practical answer for most boating needs. In addition to soaking up any drops in the bilge, most can also be easily used on open water (outside the bilge) to help minimize contamination while awaiting a professional spill response. Ensure they are secured under the engine, check them often over the summer, and dispose of them properly. • Granules and liquids: Under U.S. law, only “professionals” may legally use many oil spill remediation products, and any products applied on open water (outside the bilge) must be completely removed after they finish working, making the use of granules and liquids nearly impossible. Inside the bilge, products touting “natural microbes” that break down the oil can take much longer to see results than other adsorbent products. Moreover, loose, granular products can impede automatic bilge pumps. • Technically speaking: The U.S. Coast Guard requires boaters to report any spill that creates a sheen on the water to the National Spill Response Center by calling 800-424-8802 or emailing:


• Never use dish soap: While squirting dish soap on oil sheen may seem to make it go away, it only sinks the fuel causing bottom sediment contamination.

There are many oil spill products on the market that make sweeping claims about their effectiveness, environmental benefits, and even

• Gas spills: Because of the risk of explosion, do not try to contain a

how the product can be used. Boaters should be skeptical about

gasoline spill—leave the area, notify marina staff immediately, and/

these products’ lofty promises.

or call 911.

38 GLB | May/June 14




he U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division believes that an important step in planning any safe voyage is determining the boat’s capacity for carrying passengers and cargo. Overloading a boat can make it difficult to handle, especially in an emergency or bad weather.

Overloaded boats also tend to use excessive fuel and are more likely to swamp or capsize.

The “maximum capacity” or “maximum weight” for a recreational

Boaters should avoid exceeding the maximum weight or

boat refers to the combined weight of people, gear, and outboard

capacity at all times. In fact, in rough conditions or poor

motor that can be carried safely. The safe load for a boat depends

weather, it’s smart to reduce the boat’s load as much as

on a number of factors, including its hull volume and dimension, the

possible so that it is easier to maneuver.

weight of the engine and outboard motor (if the boat has one), and its steering method (console or tiller). Remember the number of seats in a boat is not always an indication of the number of people it can carry safely.

FACTORS IN STABILITY Stability refers to the boat’s ability to maintain equilibrium, and it is just as important for boating safety as capacity. Loading too much

Federal regulations require all mono-hull boats under 20 feet in

cargo or too many passengers in one part of the boat can affect its

length (except sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and inflatable boats)

stability, even if the total load is within the boat’s maximum capacity.

to have U.S. Coast Guard Maximum Capacity information

Load dispersion, that is, spacing passengers and cargo evenly

permanently displayed in a location clearly visible to the operator.

throughout the vessel and not placing too much weight forward, aft,

This information is usually provided on a label or plate and no one

or on either side of the craft, is always important, but especially so in

should ever remove, alter, or tamper with it. Many states have laws

bad weather or strong currents.

that prohibit carrying people and gear in excess of a boat’s stated capacity, or installing an outboard motor that exceeds the maximum rated horsepower.

40 GLB | May/June 14

The higher the boat’s center of gravity, the more likely it is to capsize. The same can be said for any loading imbalance to port, starboard, fore, or aft. Too much weight in any direction can be a problem.


SAFETY TIPS U.S. Federal regulations require all mono-hulled recreational boats under 20 feet in length display a capacity plate. This plate is a metal placard listing the maximum cargo capacity, the total number of persons that can be carried onboard, and the maximum horsepower rating of the outboard motor used on the boat.

A recent boating accident involved a large recreational boat carrying more than 25 passengers when it capsized and sank and three passengers drowned. This boat was slightly more than 30 feet in length and was not required to have U.S. Coast Guard Maximum Capacity information displayed. While this accident is currently being investigated to determine the specific factors involved, it serves as an example to all boaters that care must be taken to properly evaluate all conditions— including the weather, the total number of passengers, and their placement. Remember, never exceed a boat’s capacity, no matter how large it is. Using an outboard engine that exceeds a boat’s horsepower limit or making excessive modifications to a vessel can also lead to vessel instability. The Coast Guard has seen numerous incidents where boat owners have modified their vessels by adding shelters constructed of steel tubing and plywood. These shelters can add too much weight and raise a boat’s center of gravity, creating a stability problem. Owners who modify their boats often fail to account for the added weight, continue to load their boats as they did prior to the modification, and this can lead to problems. When determining the right passenger and cargo loads, remember that any modifications can affect a boat’s capacity and stability. Be conservative in making estimates—it’s best to err on the safe side.

The maximum capacity plate on a vessel is generally found near the operator’s station or the inside transom. Personal watercraft operators should consult their owner’s manual, and never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended capacity. The number of seats in a boat is not an indication of the number of people it can carry safely. The number of passengers listed on the capacity plate is based on an estimated weight of 150 pounds per passenger. Many boaters weigh considerably more than that estimate. So, be sure and calculate actual carrying capacity based on ACTUAL passenger weight. Loading too much cargo or passengers in one part of the boat can affect its stability, even if the load is within the vessel’s maximum capacity. Space passengers and cargo evenly throughout the vessel to balance the weight; avoid placing too much weight forward or aft or on either side of the craft. Remember that any modifications to a boat can affect capacity and stability. Be conservative when determining the maximum passenger and cargo loads. | 41

Great Lakes


the U.S., making proper disposal of

the waste produced at a single station

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, has

monofilaments easy and more accessible,

and send this information to BoatUS for

launched a fishing line recycling program

according to BoatUS.

tracking purposes.

On its website, the foundation has a

The Reel In and Recycle program is

step-by-step program on how to build the

one small extension of NOAA’s Marine

For those Great Lakes boaters, marinas,

recycling station. The bin is easy to build,

Debris program that has led national

and/or boatyards interested in reducing

and only requires a couple of feet of PVC

and international efforts to prevent and

monofilament debris, BoatUS offers a

pipe with some connectors and adhesive.

reduce the impacts of marine waste.

Once the bin has been built and stationed,

Instructions on how to build the

the recycled material needs to be sorted

station, request forms for signage

and collected by citizens or employees of

and decals, mailing addresses, as well

the area and sent to Berkeley Conservation

as waste tracking forms can be found at

for processing. The final step is to measure

aimed at reducing excess fishing lines in waterways across the country.

three-step program to build and maintain a monofilament recycling location at local fishing spots. A network of more than 2,000 recycling stations has already been established at fishing locations around

KEN HAMMOND ELECTED NEW BOARD CHAIRMAN OF RBFF The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF), which

bring an invaluable perspective

promotes participation in boating and fishing, announced Ken

to the board as we work toward

Hammond as the organization’s new board chairman. Hammond,

increasing boating and fishing

who currently serves as chairman and CEO for The Hammond

participation nationwide.”

Group, an independent sporting goods and outdoor product sales company, will work closely with RBFF leadership to advance its mission.

Hammond is active in anti-drug and stay-in-school campaigns including “Hook a Kid on Fishing.”

Hammond has been on RBFF’s board of directors since 2003

He has served on several industry

and has more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience in

boards including the American

the fishing and outdoor recreation industry.

Fishing Tackle Manufacturers

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ken on the board during the last seven years,” said Frank Peterson, RBFF President

Ken Hammond

Association (AFTMA), the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), and the Sport Fishing Institute (SFI).

and CEO. “His extensive experience in sales and marketing,

Hammond succeeds Michael Cassidy, Group Publisher at North

together with his dedication to RBFF and its stakeholders, will

American Media Group.

IJC BLAMES PHOSPHORUS FOR LAKE ERIE ALGAL BLOOMS The International Joint Commision (IJC) blamed phosphorus runoff

The combination of natural and man-made circumstances “is

from agriculture and fertilizers from household lawns for producing

unfortunately consistent with ongoing trends, which means that

the largest algae bloom in Lake Erie’s recorded history during the

more huge algal blooms can be expected in the future unless a

summer and fall of 2011.

scientifically guided management plan is implemented for the

IJC said that the warming climate and modern farming practices

region,” said Anna Michalak of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

created ideal conditions for gigantic algae formations on Lake

IJC said that federal, state, and local governments need to retool

Erie, which is the shallowest and southernmost of the Great Lakes,

their environmental programs to focus especially on cutting

containing just 2 percent of their combined waters, but about half

“dissolved reactive phosphorus,” the kind that’s more easily

their fish.

absorbed as fuel for algal blooms.

IJC said the 2011 algae bloom was fueled by phosphorus-laden

The bi-national organization also called on states and municipalities

fertilizers that were swept from corn and soybean fields during heavy

to ban the application of phosphorus-based fertilizers and manure

rainstorms. Weak currents and calm winds prevented churning and

on frozen ground. At the same time, it urged a ban on the use of

flushing that could have short-circuited its rampant growth.

phosphorus for fertilizing residential lawns.

42 GLB | May/June 14


The Detroit District’s work plan will spend

Among the new construction projects

District, has received an additional $17.8

the $17.8 million on seven new dredging

planned for 2014 are maintenance and

million for use in Fiscal Year 2014 to

projects, four ongoing dredging projects,

repair work on the Detroit River ($400,000)

repair breakwaters, dredge harbors, and

and six repair, replacement, or construction

and $950,000 for repair and replacement

complete various projects throughout the

projects. In addition, the work plan includes

of crumbling infrastructure at Port

Great Lakes.

funding to initiate two navigation studies.

Washington, Wis.

“This 2014 work plan will allow us to

Among the new dredging projects

In addition, some of the $17.8 million

fund our highest-priority projects and

scheduled to receive money for 2014 are

will be added on to dredging projects

will assist the Corps in improving the

Leland Harbor ($260,000) and St. Joseph

already scheduled for fiscal year 2014,

nation’s infrastructure and revitalizing the

Harbor ($1.5 million) in Michigan; and

including Duluth, Minn./Superior, Wis.

economy,” said Lt. Col. Robert Ells, district

Kewaunee Harbor ($800,000), Manitowoc

Harbor ($390,000), Monroe Harbor in Mich.

engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,

Harbor ($590,000) and Menominee Harbor

($510,000), and Saginaw, Mich. ($700,000).

Detroit District.

($460,000) in Wisconsin.

PIERS WILL PROVIDE UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO LAKE MUSKEGON Direct access to Lake Muskegon is becoming more universal

The new fishing pier will be located along the city’s Lakeshore Trail,

as the result of a $253,000 Great Lakes Fishery Trust grant to

a pedestrian and bike pathway. The city will own and maintain the

the West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission,

pier facility.

according to a March 9 article on the website: news/muskegon. It will allow the Commission to construct fully accessible fishing piers at the city of Muskegon’s Hartshorn Marina.

The Peninsula Pier will have parking at the nearby Hartshorn Marina boat launch ramp, which has existing public restrooms. Plans call for a pathway out to the peninsula with three 60-foot-by-10-foot fishing

This shoreline fishing facility will be constructed on the peninsula

platforms along the way. A picnic pavilion will be built at the end of

that creates Hartshorn’s small boat basin on the northwest portion

the peninsula, city officials said.

of the marina. Work on the fishing pier will begin this construction season and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


fiber body; lightweight chromium alloy

$75,000, and customers can choose a

frame; halogen lamps; LED running lights;

variety of options to personalize their craft.

GPS navigation; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The patent-pending directional control system makes the Mercier-Jones hover vehicle safer and easier to operate than conventional hovercraft. Its

Chicago-based Mercier-Jones is changing the world of hovercraft innovation by

6 color schemes; customized wood trim package; and personalized monograms. With top speeds estimated at more than

superior performance, while reducing its

80 mph, Mercier-Jones hopes to beat the

environmental impact and noise pollution.

existing hovercraft land-speed record of

Some of the current features of the

an elegant, fast, agile, and easy-to-pilot

Supercraft include a hybrid electric

advanced amphibious vehicle.

drivetrain; liquid cooled dual rotary engine;

Mercier-Jones Supercraft™ in May. The

custom made Formula One inspired seats;

eco-friendly hybrid powertrain offers

introducing the world’s first Supercraft™,

The company will be delivering its first

connectivity; hand-free phone integration;

alternative fuel conversion packages for diesel, propane, ethanol, and natural gas; fly-by-wire control system; carbon-

56.25 mph and go after the water-speed record of 86.5 mph. Speed freaks will be interested to know that the Supercraft has 250 pounds of thrust and a thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.208, which is slightly better than the supersonic B-2 Stealth Spirit at 0.205. | 43

Great Lakes WISCONSIN SEA GRANT ANNOUNCES $2 MILLION IN GRANTS Wisconsin Sea Grant announced on February 27 a $2 million

Researchers will look at the health of the waterways, methods to

omnibus grant to fund Great Lakes research, education,

prevent Great Lakes beach contamination, the impact of aquatic

and outreach.

invasive species on the lakes’ food webs, and more.

The grant will support 19 projects exploring freshwater seas at

Wisconsin Sea Grant said that local officials and those who manage

the Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, and

coastal structures, such as ports and harbors, will also benefit

Superior campuses of the University of Wisconsin System, as well as

from upcoming work. One example is the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas,

at Northland College, St. Norbert College, and Marquette University.

a website that is collecting, categorizing and sharing a wealth of

Exploration of Wisconsin’s shipwrecks through a longtime

coastal data like bluff stability and potential water hazards.

partnership between Sea Grant and the Wisconsin Historical Society is also part of this package. The balance of the omnibus grant will be devoted to outreach projects that educate various audiences about the lakes and will engage communities across the state, urging them to share the latest and most effective science to maximize Great Lakes resources.

In all, nearly 100 researchers, staff, and students will be engaged in this work. The National Sea Grant College Program, which is administered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, is the source of the grant money.


on public property. The projects include

Racine will use the EPA grant, in

announced on March 11 the award of a

rain gardens, bioswales, green roofs,

combination with funding from the City

$250,000 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

porous pavement, greenways, constructed

($101,190) and the Fund for Lake Michigan

grant to the city of Racine, Wis., to fund

wetlands, stormwater tree trenches, and

($167,100), to construct green infrastructure

green infrastructure projects to improve

other green infrastructure measures

projects in two city parks on the shore of

water quality in Lake Michigan. EPA Region

designed to improve water quality in the

Lake Michigan. The City will install a series

5 Administrator/Great Lakes National

Great Lakes basin.

of bioswales and bioretention basins to

Program Manager Susan Hedman was joined at Memorial Hall by Racine Mayor John Dickert and Vicki Elkin, Executive

“The City of Racine will use this EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Shoreline Cities

capture and filter stormwater before it is discharged into the Lake.

Green Infrastructure grant to prevent storm

“We are proud that our efforts have paid off

water from carrying contamination into Lake

and that the EPA will continue to support

Michigan,” said Hedman. “These green

our work on Pershing and Meyers Park,”

Racine is one of 16 cities to receive funding

infrastructure projects will also help protect

Dickert said.

in the initial round of EPA’s new GLRI

against flooding during more frequent and

Shoreline Cities grant program. These

intense storms which may occur as a result

grants can be used to fund up to 50 percent

of climate change.”

Director of the Fund for Lake Michigan, to announce the projects.

of the cost of green infrastructure projects

44 GLB | May/June 14

“With a matching grant from the Fund for Lake Michigan, Racine can turn a neglected beach into an asset on the city’s lake front,” Elkin said.

N.Y SEA GRANT SPECIALIST RECEIVES WEAR IT! AWARD The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 21 recently presented its 2013

The training covers the various types of lifejackets, boating

Wear It! Award to Dave White, a New York Sea Grant (NYSG) Coastal

regulations associated with lifejackets, and how to get a good

Recreation and Tourism Specialist. The award recognizes excellence

fit for everyone in the family, including the family dog.

in teaching the public about lifejacket safety.

The Discover Clean and Safe Boating lifejackets training is offered

John Steinbarge, Commander of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

annually at the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York-

Flotilla 21 presented White with the award during the Central

sponsored Boat Show in Syracuse, N.Y., in February and at Empire

New York Boat Show in Rochester, N.Y. Wear It! Is a national

Farm Days in the pond at Rodman Lott and Son Farms in Seneca

campaign of the National Safe Boating Council, the U.S. Coast

Falls, N.Y., in August.

Guard, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

The NYSG campaign has been adapted for boaters, anglers, the hearing-impaired, paddlesport enthusiasts, pet owners, and water rescue first responders.

White has incorporated lifejacket education into the Discover Clean and Safe Boating campaign developed by NYSG in 2008.

CHICAGO IN-WATER BOAT SHOW SET FOR JUNE 5-8 The Midwest’s largest in water boat show, the Progressive

Blackhawk Chapter of the

Insurance Chicago In-Water Boat Show, will take place June

Antique and Classic Boat

5-8 at Chicago’s 31st Street Harbor.

Society will showcase

It will feature more than 125 power and sailboats for

antique and classic boats.

sale, dozens of vendors showcasing their latest marine

This year’s show offers

accessories and gear, and activities for all ages, including free

complimentary transient boat

paddlesports on Lake Michigan, a floating party barge, and

slips for up to four hours, free

on–the–water boater education classes.

secure bike parking, and a

Powerboat and sailing lessons offered at the show give attendees the opportunity to learn everything from boating safety to advanced docking and precision control. The

new and improved shuttle system to the show.

ILLINOIS DNR AWARDS BOAT AREA ACCESS PROGRAM GRANTS The Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) awarded 2014

• City of Evanston in Cook County: $200,000 to construct an

Boat Access Area Development grants totaling $726,200 to

extension for the Church Street Boat Ramp to upgrade the facility

six communities. Revenue for this program is derived from

and improve safety.

marine motor fuel tax and boat and canoe registration fees.

• City of Oglesby in LaSalle County: $152,225 to construct a safe

The grants provide financial assistance to local government

and accessible launch along the Vermilion River. A parking lot will

agencies for the acquisition, construction, and expansion or

be constructed for cars and vehicles with trailers.

rehabilitation of public boat and canoe access areas on Illinois’ lakes and rivers. There is a limit of $200,000 per project per year. “These grants will help Illinois communities develop safe access for boaters wanting to use public waters for fishing and water skiing or to launch a canoe or kayak,” said Marc Miller, Illinois DNR head. “Providing access to recreational opportunities is a top priority of the IDNR, and we are excited to offer these grants to communities that are helping us accomplish that goal.” Communities receiving grants include: • Village of Machesney Park in Winnebago County: $200,000

• City of Galena in Jo Daviess County: $80,000 to construct canoe and kayak access to the Galena River. The project includes adjacent parking and loading/unloading area. • City of Freeport in Stephenson County: $64,600 to build an accessible floating dock and canoe/kayak launch along the Pecatonica River Water Trail. • Dixon Park District in Lee County: $18,375 to build a boat ramp extension to provide safe access to the Rock River during times of low water.

to construct a boat ramp and dock. | 45


FISH STOCKING PROGRAM INSURES LAKE ONTARIO’S VIABILITY Lake Ontario is boasting some of the best sport fishing among

Not all of the fish stocked in Lake

the Great Lakes, thanks in large part to a successful stocking

Ontario are native, but “it’s a bit of a

program by New York State’s environmental management agency,

juggling act” between a historically

according to a March 18 article in Innovation Trail. The N.Y. Dept. of

native lake with what can survive

Environmental Conservation (DEC) pumps ample supplies of trout

today, said Steve LaPan of the

and salmon into Lake Ontario and its tributaries to attract more than

DEC’s fisheries research station.

2.5 million anglers to the lake each year.

“Overall, there are some negative

The health of Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes has been

aspects to stocking non-native

steadily improving since the 1970s, when they were nearly an

fish,” he said. “But I think if you look

ecological disaster, according to Dave MacNeill, a fisheries expert

at the way the lake is functioning

with New York Sea Grant.

ecologically and the economic benefits people along the lakeshore

“As improvements in water quality occurred, a sea lamprey control


are enjoying, I’d say it’s highly successful.”

program began and stocking of trout and salmon really took hold,

The economic impact of the sport fisheries industry translates to

creating a multimillion dollar industry and perhaps the best of any of

$113 million each year for communities along the lake, according to

the fisheries in the Great Lakes,” he said.

the DEC’s most recent survey, done in 2007.


more than $750,000 in cash and prizes. The series of tournaments

sponsor the 2014 Lake

begins May 3-4 with the Michigan City Hoosier Coho Club Classic

Michigan Tournament

and continues throughout the summer, wrapping up with the LRCR

Trail, a salmon derby

Manistee Monster Mania, September 6-7.

tournament in which anglers set out in challenging water and weather conditions in search of salmon. The tournament series not only pits anglers against the fish, but also against hundreds of other fishermen seeking to earn prizes and bragging rights. The Lake Michigan 2014 Tournament Trail is a series of 18 salmon and trout tournaments that draws thousands of anglers chasing

These events bring together some of the region’s best fishing teams fighting to catch king salmon, coho salmon, and lake trout that call Lake Michigan home. This popular, competitive series has its own magazine, Tournament Trail, and is the subject of Salmon Showdown, a reality fishing TV show that brings the excitement of tournament salmon fishing to the Pursuit Channel. Grundens USA, a manufacturer of foul weather gear apparel and accessories, will be providing the fishermen with lightweight breathable protection against rain, spray, and bad weather found on the water and in the great outdoors.

STATE HARBOR RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE ONLINE The online reservation system for Michigan state parks and harbors

With this Passport, Michigan motorists get access to state parks,

is now accepting reservations through mid-September 2014. State

recreation areas, state forest campgrounds, non-motorized state

recreation officials recommend making spring and summer plans

trailhead parking and state boat launches. In addition, Recreation

now to avoid the last-minute rush.

Passport holders can enjoy real savings at businesses and retailers

Reservations can be made online at or by calling 1-800-44-PARKS (800-447-2757). An easy, affordable way for residents to enjoy and support outdoor recreation opportunities in Michigan is by checking “YES” for the $11 Recreation Passport ($5 for motorcycles) when renewing a license plate through the Secretary of State (by mail, kiosk, online at or at branch offices).

46 GLB | May/June 14

that participate in the Passport Perks discount program. The Recreation Passport is valid until the next license plate renewal date. Nonresidents can purchase the Recreation Passport ($30.50 annual; $8.40 daily) at any state park or recreation area or through the Michigan e-Store at

WISCONSIN SEA GRANT OFFERS “FISH OF THE GREAT LAKES” POSTER Wisconsin Sea Grant is making an updated 26.5”

bass, white bass, and white perch. Some fish

by 38.5” poster of Great Lakes Fish. The poster

remained, including the lake sturgeon, walleye,

contains 35 species of fish, many of which were

and muskie.

suggested by Wisconsin residents who wanted to see their favorites immortalized.

“With this edition, we have grouped the fish in their families—trout and salmon or perch,

“We put out a call,” said Titus Seilheimer, Wisconsin

for example—as a way to further the learning

Sea Grant Fisheries Specialist. “We asked people what

about fish and how they live in the Great

fish they’d like to see displayed on the poster, updated

Lakes,” said Linda Campbell, who manages

from a version originally created in 2000 and which has

the Sea Grant online publication store.

sold nearly 10,500 copies. I think people will like these newly added fish.”

The fish are presented as colorful images created by Kansas artist Joseph Tomelleri. His

New fish on the poster are the bowfin, spot tail shiner, channel catfish, long-nose gar, bluegill, round whitefish, trout-perch, and siscowet. Retired to a distant water habitat are the brown bullhead, emerald shiner, lake trout, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed, rock

images were also used on the previous poster. “Fish of the Great Lakes” costs $6, which includes shipping and handling. Joseph Tomelleri

YAMAHA PRO FISHING SIGNS 15-YEAR-OLD ANDY ORTEGA Supporting an important and positive growth trend in fishing,

with Yamaha on Facebook®. His fishing ability and maturity extend

Yamaha Marine signed 15-year old bass angler Andy Ortega to its

well beyond his years, and we are proud to support Andy’s dream of

Pro Fishing Team.

becoming a bass pro angler.”

“Fishing among teen anglers is growing exponentially,” said Hank

Ortega, from Odessa, Tex., has been fishing since he was eight

Weldon, Manager for B.A.S.S. for College, High School and Youth.

years old and is a member of the Texas Bass Federation and TBF

“Based on Facebook ‘fans,’ state data, and ongoing registrations,

High School Fishing. Since 2008, he has been a finalist or winner in

we expect the number of bass anglers aged 13-18 to easily triple by

numerous Texas B.A.S.S. Federation and Bassmaster CastingKids®

the end of the year, possibly even more,” he added.

championships. In 2011, 2012, and 2013, Ortega earned B.A.S.S.


“Adding Andy to our Pro Team gives us the opportunity to connect with high school anglers as they continue to grow and establish themselves as future pros,” said David Ittner, Tournament and Pro Staff Manager, Yamaha Marine Group. “Andy’s enthusiasm and

“Angler of the Year” titles from TBF for his region and age group. In 2010, Ortega also captured the Texas State “Catch and Release” record in both Junior and Adult categories with a 10-pound, 28-inch largemouth bass.

dedication for the sport caught our attention through his interactions

DNR COLLECTS WALLEYE EGGS FROM MUSKEGON RIVER Lake Michigan walleye populations in the Lower Peninsula depend on the fingerlings produced from Muskegon River eggs, as well as many inland lakes in the Lower Peninsula. The size of the walleye spawning run in the Muskegon River is presently about 40,000 to 50,000 each year. DNR crews will strip milt and eggs from approximately 700 adult fish, which will be returned to the river. “The Muskegon River has the largest run of walleye in the Lake Mich. DNR

The Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries Division

Michigan watershed south of Green Bay,” said Rich O’Neal, fisheries biologist for the Central Lake Michigan Management Unit.

plans to collect approximately 62 million walleye eggs from the

The DNR collected walleyes earlier this spring, and egg collection

Muskegon River in 2014 that will result in 13.4 million fry for transfer

and fertilizing is conducted about two miles downstream of Croton

to rearing ponds throughout the Lower Peninsula. These walleye

Dam. The public is welcome to observe how the eggs are removed

will be raised to fingerling size and stocked in late spring or early

from the fish and fertilized before they are packed and shipped to

summer in lakes and rivers throughout the state.

Wolf Lake and Platte River state fish hatcheries. | 47



Once completed, the renewable electricity generating system will operate in partnership with Consumers Energy’s Experimental Advanced Renewable Program (EARP). This is a direct, gridtied system, which means Consumers Energy will be buying the energy and selling it to its customers. The EARP program assists Consumers Energy in meeting mandates regarding their production of renewable energy. As a marina and resort, Eldean Shipyard depends on a healthy environment for its continued success. This solar array will further This spring, Eldean Shipyard, Macatawa, Mich., will install a 66 kWh

their mission as a Certified Clean Marina so that future generations

solar array to the roof of a boat storage building allowing it to capture

can enjoy fishing and boating in these remarkable freshwater lakes.

solar power. Hoekstra Electric of Hamilton, Mich., will install the system, and Eldean expects it to be up and running by June 1.

Michigan presents the Clean Marina certification to marinas in the state that demonstrate a high level of clean environmental

Wade Eldean, president of Eldean Shipyard, said, “I really wanted

achievement through knowledge, practice, and active participation

to partner with one of our boating customers on this installation,

of the marina’s staff, customers, and subcontractors. Boaters

so I was excited to see that Hoekstra Electric had the expertise and

can expect an elevated level of environmental awareness and

experience in solar power to spearhead this large project.”

responsibility when choosing a Michigan Clean Marina.

SCHUMER SEEKS FEDERAL FUNDS FOR BRADDOCK BAY MARINA Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) has urged the federal government to fund a project to keep Braddock Bay Marina in Greece, N.Y., up and running. Schumer called on the Environmental Protection Agency to provide $9 million for the Braddock Bay Restoration Project, which calls for the building of a new barrier beach to restore the bay’s ecosystem. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District has actually considered such a plan. Schumer said by building the beach breakwater, the government will make the bay more accessible for boaters

boaters who dock their vessels at the marina and others who seek

and other recreational users.

access to the bay west of Rochester, N.Y., are being forced to

Over the years, a barrier beach at the bay’s inlet has eroded and led to a buildup of silt at the harbor’s entrance. Because of the buildup,

carefully navigate through the channel, and in some cases, simply stay away from the marina.


a new fiber-optics backbone

Internet will be put into place

video streaming has become

may be finding their days of

installed throughout the 10

as well.

very popular and put an

slow Internet service coming to

harbors that will increase the

an end with the installation of a

bandwidth by at least 100 times.

The original free WiFi system

enormous strain on the system.

was first installed in 2009 and

The Park District expects

Along with the increased

designed for activities such

the project to be completed in

Westrec Marinas, which

capacity of the expensive

as e-mail, online chatting, and

early summer and added that

manages the harbors for the

cables, an entirely new system

simply surfing the web. Since

WiFi will remain free for its

Chicago Park District, is having

for transmitting the wireless

that initial arrangement, online

boating customers.

new revved-up WiFi system.

48 GLB | May/June 14

MARINA EXPANSION ON HOLD A large marina expansion proposed for the

would also include a new clubhouse and a

New York state environmental officials told

south end of Irondequoit Bay in Rochester,

members-only pool.

the Danieles in October that they would

N.Y., has been halted due to environmental concerns, forcing the developer to delay the project until it conducts a full environmental impact study, according to news reports.

The major environmental concern is the presence of a legally protected bald eagle’s nest that sits on a wooded parcel of land

need to apply for a taking permit because the marina would encroach on a 660-foot buffer zone around the nest.

the Danieles own. The proposed marina

At press deadline, the Penfield Planning

The Daniele family, who are also well-known

expansion would extend into a buffer zone

Commission had voted in favor of asking

restauranteurs in the area, owns Southpoint

near the eagle’s nest.

the marina owners to undertake an

Marina. They want to expand their marina by adding 176 boat slips. The marina can now dock about 185 vessels. In addition to the additional slips, the expansion project

Because state and federal laws prohibit any disturbance of bald eagle nests, any marina expansion construction work near the nest

environmental impact study, which would require involvement with and approvals from state and federal agencies.

would need a bald-eagle taking permit.

PORT OF ROCHESTER (N.Y) GETS NEEDED DREDGING FUNDS “We will finally be able to maximize the potential of our lakeshore by conducting a full dredging of the Port of Rochester and Irondequoit Bay for recreational and commercial boaters alike,” said U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said a well-dredged port was important to the success of another major city project now underway to create a deep-draft marina near the ferry terminal in Charlotte. The Corps found additional money in its budget to pay for the full dredging. A complete dredging of the outlet that connects Irondequoit Bay Communications Bureau, City of Rochester, NY.

to Lake Ontario should be done this summer. That work will get

On March 11, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

the channel to a depth of nine feet, which is standard for

announced that it has set aside $2.55 million to fully dredge

recreational harbors.

both the Port of Rochester and the bay outlet. That money will be added to another $1.61 million in emergency relief funding that the Corps had previously said it would use to partly dredge those sites by removing silt that had built up in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.

Some dredging will be done this summer at the port and completed next summer. This project will cost $3.4 million and get the channel depth to 21 feet, which is standard for channels that accommodate commercial ships.

ODNR DELAYS CONSTRUCTION OF CAESAR CREEK MARINA Construction of a 300-slip marina, first

launching areas for kayaks and other small

entire Caesar Creek area and valley was,

proposed when the U.S. Army Corps of

boats. Both the Army Corps and ODNR are

historically, an area of high Native American

Engineers (USACE) created Caesar Creek

interested in ensuring the project meets all

activity. Caesar Creek is not very far from

Lake in 1975, has been delayed one more

survey requirements.

the Fort Ancient National Historic Landmark

time. The Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR), which manages the lake property,

The major construction should begin

and mounds.

within the late 2014 to mid-2015 timeframe.

Although ODNR does not anticipate

The overall completion of the project should

anything major to be found within the area

be in late 2015 or early 2016. The floating

of the footprint of the marina project, it is

docks should be put into place in early

looking at all options including mitigation

ODNR said the survey will take some time,

spring of 2016 with a fully functional marina

plans, design modifications or even

but should not scuttle the first phase of

for the 2016 boating season.”

relocation of the proposed marina.

said it has to perform an archeological survey of the lake bottom before getting construction permits.

the construction project, which calls for building 150 docks, fishing platforms, and

All of this depends on the outcome of the archeological dig and study. The | 49


BOATERS BENEFIT FROM SEA TOW/USPS PARTNERSHIP Recognizing their mutual goal of promoting boating safety, education

• All boaters who complete a USPS Boaters Safety Course

and enjoyment on the water among recreational boaters, Sea Tow

will receive a coupon code for a free 60-day Sea Tow Trial

Services International, Inc,, the nonprofit Sea Tow Foundation,

Membership, after which they will have the option to upgrade

and the United States Power Squadrons (USPS) have formed

to a full membership.

a strategic partnership. Through this new agreement, all three

• The Sea Tow Foundation will collaborate with USPS to create

organizations will work closely together to provide boating safety

boating education and safety content that will be disseminated

resources and education to the public.

to boaters by the Foundation, local Sea Tow operators, and

The partnership between Sea Tow, the Foundation, and USPS

National U.S. Power Squadrons and Districts through their

includes the following highlights:

boating education, safety, and community outreach efforts. • The Sea Tow Foundation will assist National Squadrons

• All USPS members will receive a promotional code for a $10 discount off their Sea Tow membership, whether they

and Districts in developing on-the-water training courses

are purchasing a new membership or renewing their old one.

as a towing expert.

This brings the cost of a Sea Tow Gold Card Membership down

• USPS will authorize its Squadrons and Districts to act as resources

to $159 per year for USPS members.

for local Sea Tow operators in developing boating safety and education programs such as on-the-water training for members.

BAJA MARINE JOINS UP WITH FREEDOM BOAT CLUB Baja Marine, manufacturer of the Baja, Pro-Line, Donzi, and

“In today’s environment, it takes creative, out-of-the-box

Fountain performance powerboat brands, has entered into

thinking to get 8,000 boaters on the water. This is a program

a long-term Alliance with Freedom Boat Club to provide

that we can get behind,” Walker added. “The people at

Pro-Line and Baja boats to the Club’s

Freedom Boat Club have been great to work with, and this

nationwide network of operations.

Alliance will add to the growing production backlog for Pro-

The Freedom Boat Club is an Asset

Line and Baja for years to come.”

Sharing Model association currently with 82 locations across the country, serving more than 8,000 members with

John Giglio, President and CEO of Freedom Boat Club, said, “With brands like Pro-Line and Baja, we will continue to give our members the quality product they deserve and have

access to a fleet of boats.

come to expect. Freedom Boat Club has 8,000 members.

“This is a great boating alternative that

who pay a one-time entry fee to join the club and then an

we are very pleased to support,” said

affordable monthly fee. For this fee, members have access to

Johnny Walker, Baja Marine’s CEO. “We

a fleet of boats in a wide variety of locations and enjoy a truly

look forward to having Freedom Boat

hassle free boating experience.”

Club members use our products and enjoy boating in them all over the country.”

CRUZIN ADDS INTERACTIVE PLACES TO BOAT AND FISH MAP Cruzin, an online boater-to-boater rental and charter marketplace,

Places to Boat and Fish is an interactive state-by-state map that

recently bolstered its website by adding an interactive Places

guides users to marinas, boat ramps, bait shops, fishing license

to Boat and Fish map that was originally developed by the

vendors, parks and other points of interest.

Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) for its “Take Me Fishing” campaign.

“This is a valuable tool, particularly for Cruzin renters or those who are vacationing in a new area,” Jaclyn Baumgarten, Cruzin

Frank Peterson, President and CEO of RBFF, said the

CEO, said. “The Places to Boat and Fish map enables people to

collaboration between the foundation and Cruzin will provide

more easily enjoy time on the water and all the positive things the

visitors with direct access to comprehensive boating and fishing

lifestyle brings.”

how-to and where-to information.

Baumgarten said Cruzin delivers a safe, convenient way for people

“We’re pleased that Cruzin has added our map to their website,”

to charter vessels directly from boat owners. It enables owners to

he said. “Both Take Me Fishing and Cruzin are committed to

generate income from their vessels and helps bring people back

breaking down barriers to participation, and we believe this

into the lifestyle through a nationwide online community.

content rich map is a great first step.” 50 GLB | May/June 14


year because of the government sequester and an increase in excise

that it will distribute nearly $1.1 billion in excise tax revenues paid

tax receipts from sales of firearms and ammunition in the Wildlife

by sportsmen and sportswomen to state and territorial fish and

Restoration Trust Fund.

wildlife agencies to fund fish and wildlife conservation and recreation projects across the nation.

The Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Program apportionment for 2014 totals $325.7 million, which includes $18.5 million that was

The Service apportions the funds to all 50 states and territories

sequestered from FY 2013 but subsequently returned to the Sport

through the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-

Fish Restoration Trust Fund. The FY 2014 Sport Fish Restoration

Johnson Sport Fish Restoration programs. Revenues come from

apportionment is $34.1 million lower than FY 2013 due to lower

excise taxes generated by the sale of sporting firearms, ammunition,

domestic fishing equipment excise tax receipts.

archery equipment, fishing equipment and tackle, and electric outboard motors. Recreational boaters also contribute to the program through fuel taxes on motorboats and small engines.

The Service’s Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program reimburses up to 75 percent of the cost of each eligible project, while state fish and wildlife agencies contribute a minimum of 25 percent,

The total distributions this year are $238.4 million higher than last

generally using hunting and fishing license revenues as the required

year because of the inclusion of funds that were not distributed last

non-federal match.

ANALYSTS BULLISH ON MALIBU BOATS STOCK Malibu Boats, which began trading publicly

innovation, crossover interest from adjacent

percent by fiscal year 2016. Analysts have

on Jan. 31, received an initial rating of

boat segments and geographic expansion

set a valuation range of $20 to $22 for the

“outperform” from Wells Fargo analysts,

against a positive backdrop of U.S. boat

company’s stock.

who estimated that the boat builder’s

industry recovery fundamentals position

shares offered up to a 20 percent total

this global leader in the performance sport

return based on the bank’s 2014 estimates.

boat segment for consistent share gains.”

In its investment report on Malibu Boats

Wells Fargo projects that Malibu will see

ongoing innovation position the company

that was issued in February, Wells Fargo

11 to 12 percent annual revenue and

maintains sits well versus key competitors,”

analysts wrote, “Malibu’s ongoing product

EBITDA margin expansion toward 20

the report said.

“We have to monitor the defensibility of the company’s intellectual property, but believe existing [and] pending patents and the

LANDING SCHOOL’S WOMEN IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY INITIATIVE the excellent career opportunities that await them. The Women in the Marine Industry Initiative endeavors to raise awareness among women across the country that pursuing a career in the marine industry is both rewarding and worthwhile. In order for this initiative The Landing School, Arundel, Me., a post-secondary institution

to be successful it will take women from across the industry coming

focused on educating tomorrow’s marine industry professionals,

together to create a network of resources.

announced the development of a community program, the Women in the Marine Industry Initiative.

“This initiative is coming at an optimal time,” said Barry Acker, Director of Industry Relations, The Landing School. “The industry

Developed by The Landing School, the intent of this initiative is to

is enjoying an economic surge, bringing with it a great deal of

support women who are in or wish to join the marine industry in

career opportunities. That coupled with the desire and need for

Maine and beyond. The primary goal of the program is to inspire,

a community initiative of this kind, that will support the continued

educate and lead women to a fulfilling and successful career in the

diversification of our industry, makes for a winning situation for

marine industry with confidence and pride.

everyone involved.”

The marine industry in Maine and nationally is enjoying a great deal

Contact the Women in the Marine Industry Initiative at:

of success. However, women haven’t always been made aware of or visit | 51


76TH SAILING OF QUEEN’S CUP RACE Sponsored by South Shore Yacht Club of Milwaukee, Wis., the

There will be parties at both ends, with a focus on being a family-

Queen’s Cup Race is an overnight sprint across Lake Michigan,

friendly event. Many boats will have multiple generations within

which departs on June 27. It’s anticipated that more than 200

their crew.

boats with crews of more than 1,200 people will venture into the open waters with their sight set on Muskegon, Mich.

The Queen’s Cup Cruising Fleet (jib-and-main only) will start several hours ahead to provide cruisers a head start and added

The Queen’s Cup is one of sailing’s most renowned offshore

daylight sailing time. Each boat must be entered, comply with all

races, drawing plenty of tricked-out yachts with the latest

safety and insurance regulations, and have a PHRF certificate.

carbon fiber sails and equipment. For those who cruise with a barbecue on the stern and the wine rack well stocked, it’s also an unforgettable way to start a vacation. Participants can cross instyle, as part of a big, organized fleet.

The race will use a fee entry system based on LOA to make the fee schedule more equitable and increase participation in the smallboat sections.

SPERRY TOP-SIDER NOOD REGATTA IN CHICAGO The Sperry Top-Sider National Offshore One Design (NOOD)

against the overall winners from each stop on the nine-regatta

Regatta is the longest running, most respected, and largest

Sperry Top-Sider NOOD circuit.

sailboat racing regatta series in North America. The Regatta comes to the Windy City each June at the Chicago Yacht Club. This year’s event will be held June 6–8.

Created by Sailing World in 1988, the NOODs attract nearly 2,000 boats and more than 30,000 competitors and spectators annually. Each event in the series features three days of sailboat racing for

The three-day competition held on Lake Michigan features 14

one-design models from 20 to 70 feet in length. In addition to local

one-design classes and more than 210 boats. The overall winner

sailors, sailing’s top stars—including America’s Cup and Olympic

in Chicago will have the opportunity to compete at the Sperry

champions—are well represented at the NOODs.

Top-Sider NOOD Regatta Championship, where they will compete


Cleveland Race Week was established in

by four days of offshore division racing

Week is not only

1980 to include not one, but a series of

(June 19 through the 22). In addition to the

the largest sailing

sailboat races over one or two days. Only

two series, there will be a Women’s race the

regatta on Lake Erie,

26 boats competed the first year. By 1987,

evening of June 17, as well as a junior race

but also one of the

320 boats and 1,500 participants took part

day, June 18.

most prominent on

in the Cleveland Race Week series. Today,

the Great Lakes. The

Cleveland Race Week provides 10 days of

annual event, now

racing, music, parties and special events

in its 34th year, attracts hundreds of boats

for more than 1,500 men, women, and

from across the Great Lakes and beyond.

junior sailors.

This year’s Cleveland Race Week Regatta, June 13–22, will also play host to the Tartan Ten Great Lakes Championships, as well as the J/70 Lake Erie Championships.

CRW is organized and hosted by Edgewater Yacht Club. Founded in 1914, Edgewater Yacht Club is the premiere sailing and racing venue in Cleveland and has hosted numerous regional, national and world

The 10-day regatta continues its legacy by

championship regattas.

incorporating two separate series. A one-

design weekend (June 13 and 15) followed

SUPER MAC AND BACK RETURNS The longest freshwater solo race, the Super Mac and Back,

because the Super Mac and Back is an informal part of the Chicago

is returning this June.

Mac and Super Mac singlehanded races.

The race is started at either Port Huron or Chicago and leads racers

“Some people get halfway, say from Chicago to Port Huron, and

to Mackinac Island, then onto one of the first two ports depending on

decide to stop,” Gannon said. “Everyone registers for the Chicago

where it began.

Mac, and some people just attempt to go all the way and back, so we

In its first year only four people completed the entire course. According to race director Mark Gannon, it’s difficult to determine how many people actually attempt the entire 1,034 nautical miles 52 GLB | May/June 14

can’t really determine who all is doing it.” The race is scheduled for June 21, and registration is currently open.

HIGH WINDS AND EXPECTATIONS FOR LAKE ONTARIO 300 Sailors from all across the Great

to complete it in the past, as possibly the

and every type of weather,” he said.

Lakes are gearing up for spring

most challenging of them all, the Lake

“It’s a navigational challenge that will

and summer races. From Chicago

Ontario 300.

test all of a sailor’s skills in one race,

to Niagara, there is no shortage of challenging, long-distance competitions.

The LO300, inspired by Johan Pederson in

including patience!”

1990 after deciding sailors of the northern

The Sandy Hood Trophy Race, and a

One race happens to stand out, especially

reaches of the Great Lakes needed their

series of short-handed races throughout

in the minds of those who have struggled

own Chicago MAC-style challenge, is set to

May and June precede the LO300.

herald its 25th anniversary this July.

According to Lake Ontario Offshore

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

Racing, 1,874 yachts have participated

committee member Brian Townsend

in the LO300 in the last 25 years, and 1,367

said the difficult LO300 is preparing

have completed it, leaving the average

for a year of high participation, with

completion rate at 73 percent. Compare

more and more sailors coming in

that rate to the Chicago MAC where

from around the Great Lakes seeking

completion rarely falls below 90 percent.

a unique and difficult race.

It’s a quantified testament to the difficult

“This is an out and back race covering all corners of [Lake Ontario]

nature of the winds of Lake Ontario. | 53


KEY FOB CONTROLS BOW AND STERN THRUSTERS The Sideshift wireless key fob enables remote operation of Sideshift thrusters. This compact, 4-button wireless transmitter is ideal for single-handed mooring. A first mate can also use the key fob while on deck, without having to shout directions to the helmsman, to help dock the boat. A user can control boat movement from a location with enhanced visibility. The single kit operates either a bow thruster or stern thruster. It includes one key fob and one receiver box, which connects to an existing joystick controller. A dual kit contains two receiver boxes for vessels with both bow and stern thrusters.

$395; $595, respectively // 877-325-4787 //

TOUCH SCREEN COLOR LCD RADAR The new SI-TEX T-760 Series Radar offers touch screen control, AIS target tracking and standard Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid. Its compact and vertically oriented 7-inch touchscreen color LCD display allows varied mounting options. The series includes the T-760, equipped with an 18-inch radome antenna that performs in a wide range of conditions and range scale choices from 1/8 nm to 24nm. The T-761 features a 24-inch radome antenna that has a narrower beam width and a range of up to 48 nm. Both models feature a 4kW transmitter and offer multi-speed antenna rotation for optimum target detection and tracking. $2,095*; $2,895*, respectively // 631-996-2690 //

MULTI-PURPOSE SHOCK ABSORBER Davis Instruments’ LineSnubber is a multi-purpose shock absorber for use on any boat. Its progressive tension design with internal stretch limiter reduces shock loads on dock lines, towing lines, tie-downs and preventers. LineSnubbers fit all sizes of braided or twisted dock lines from 3/8-inch diameter up to 1-inch and are available in blue or black. The LineSnubber is constructed from marine-grade shock cord, and is covered with 100 percent nylon webbing for complete sun and abrasion resistance. Stainless steel carabiners at each end make adjusting or removing LineSnubber easy. For high-stress applications, two can be clipped sideby-side for double strength. $59.99 // 510-732-9229 //

* Pending FCC Type Approval 54 GLB | May/June 14

NEW LED NAVIGATION LIGHTS A new LED series of navigation lights from Perko includes red and green side lights; white masthead light; white stern light/yellow towing light; and white, red, green, and yellow all-around lights. Available in 12/24VAC or 120VDC configurations, they are U.S. Coast Guard-third party certified for 2 to 5 nm and measure 6 inches in height. Made of marine-grade black or white polymer, the lights are UV-, corrosion-, and impact-resistant. These navigation lights are pre-wired with 3 feet of 16/3-SO cable and feature a sealed cap with no user serviceable parts inside.

From $660 to $772 // 305-621-7525 //

COMPACT AMPLIFIER The Milennia two-channel, Class D amplifier from Prospec Electronics is acoustically enhanced, and affordably priced. The MIL AMP1702 amplifier is capable of scaring the dock-mates when coupled with the user’s current speakers. The advantages of a Class D amplifier are small size, high power, and efficiency. This two-channel amplifier will dramatically raise the decibel level of an owner’s current speakers and fit in a small area. Easy to install, the unit measures 6.75” x 3.75” x 1.75”.

$149.95 //

SPORT WALLET CASE The crushproof and water-resistant Sport Wallet Case from Pelican ProGear protects items such as ID cards, drivers’ licenses, credit cards, cash, keys, and more. The dual mesh pocket interior will help keep valuables organized and safe. The case, which has a lifetime guarantee, comes with a lanyard, and measures 5.55” x 3.27” x 0.85”.

$31.88 // 855-604-8562 // | 55


EXTERIOR COATING SYSTEM Awlgrip announced Awlwood MA, an exterior coating system that combines a primer with a clear finish (available as satin or gloss). By combining the primer and clear finish, Awlwood MA achieves a synergistic effect, so that the exterior coating not only adheres and bonds to the wood cellular structure, but it also retains the same gloss, DOI, and natural appearance of the original application. The coating system remains highly flexible during its lifetime, which allows natural substrate movement while still providing superior toughness and abrasion resistance. This product is only available for exterior, above the waterline usage.

888-355-3090 //

FLUSH-MOUNTED SKI TOW The 198 Ski Tow from Accon Marine is a flush-mounted piece of hardware that keeps the transom clear of protrusions. The four-piece patented assembly consists of the main body, sealing cup, backing plate, and gasket. It measures 3.5” L x 3.5” W x 1.25” D. To install, owners simply need to drill a 2-1/2-inch hole and attach the ski tow with four 1/4-inch screws.

$45.93 // 727-572-9202 //

THICK ANODE Martyr Divers 1-inch thick Dream Heavy Anodes help to minimize the corrosion of metals in the water and lasts twice as long as the regular Diver’s Dream anode plate. Because these anodes come with a galvanized, slotted, bolt-on type inserts, they can easily accommodate most through-hull fitting configurations. These “heavy” anodes are available in three alloys to protect propellers: zinc for salt water, magnesium for fresh water, and aluminum for sale and brackish water. The aluminum and magnesium anodes are environmentally friendly and much lighter than traditional zinc anodes.

$79.99 // 604-940-2010 //

56 GLB | May/June 14

WATER FILTERING/SOFTENING SYSTEM Stain-less Water filters provide boaters with a portable water filtering/softening system for potable water. These filters minimize spotting, streaking, and staining on all surfaces. Boaters use them to soften the water when filling the boat’s storage tank. Operators can also attach the filter to the vessel’s water supply line to preserve the vessel’s plumbing lines, water heater elements, fixtures, ice machines, and more. The filter uses resin beads to extract all hard water. It has no mechanical or metallic parts, uses no electricity, and is made of non-corrosive materials. The filters are available in three sizes and can accommodate between 1,000 and 8,500 gallons of water before needing a simple recharge.

From $250 to $700 // 609-269-2564 //

BARNACLE BARRIER Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier from Petit Marine Paint is an aerosol spray that protects metals, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead, from barnacles and corrosion. The spray formula forms a bond with underwater metals and running gear, protecting them from corrosion, preserving their surface integrity, and providing superior protection above and below the waterline. Because it contains the highest level of zinc available, it dries to a hard, smooth surface that is self-cleaning. Prop Coat is available in a flat gray finish, and one 16-ounce can cover 10 square feet.

Approx. $34.99 // 800-221-4466 //

VALVE LUBRICATION KIT MareLube is a specially formulated lubricant for use with all types of marine valves. One squeeze of the pre-loaded MareLube Reach syringe dispenses lubrication through the extension tube to the inside of the valve wnsuring all moving parts work and seal correctly. The complete MareLube Reach kit includes a 30cc syringe pre-loaded with MareLube Valve Lubricant, extension tube, applicator brush, and reusable syringe cap.

$12.95 // 414-688-9979 // | 57



JUNE 28-29


Progressive Insurance Chicago In-Water Boat Show

Skamania Mania Washington Park

Grand Haven Offshore Fishing Challenge

31st Street Harbor Chicago

Michigan City

Grand Haven


Kids Fishing Derby Weldon Springs State Park Clinton

Annual Lake James Flotilla Parade Lake James Lake James


Baraga County Lake Trout Festival Waterfront Park & Marina L’Anse

JUNE 13-15

Bay Harbor In-Water Boat Show

JULY 19-22

Chicago Yacht Club’s Race to Mackinac


Chicago Yacht Club Chicago

MAY 17-18

Bay Harbor

Lake Gogebic Spring Walleye Fishing Tournament


Lake Gogebic

Antique and Classic Boat Show

St. Clair Boat Harbor St. Clair


Maple City Grand Prix Stone Lake LaPorte

MAY 17-18

Munising Trout & Salmon Fishing Tournament Munising Bay Munising

JUNE 27-28

The Great Tugboat Parade & Race St. Marys River Sault Ste. Marie


Kids Fishing Fun Days Luhr County Park LaPorte programs.html

MAY 23

Blessing of the Fleet Michigan Maritime Museum South Haven

JUNE 24-26

Conference on Climate Adaptation in the Great Lakes University of Michigan Ann Arbor capstone2014

58 GLB | May/June 14


JUNE 13-22


Cleveland Race Week

Capital Lakes Dragonfest

Edgewater Yacht Club Cleveland

Lake Wingra in Vilas Park Madison

JUNE 20-23

JUNE 26–28

6th Annual Pyrate Fest

Queen’s Cup

Multiple Venues Put-In-Bay

South Shore Yacht Club Milwaukee

Big Stone Lake Ortonville

JUNE 20-22



Big Blue Dragon Boat Race

Coney Island Cincinnatti

Riverside Park La Crosse


JULY 17-28

MAY 17-23

12 Days of Christmas

National Safe Boating Week


Multiple venues Put-In-Bay

MAY 8-11

Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener Grand View Lodge/Gull Lake Nisswa

MAY 16-18

Cabela’s Masters Walleye Fishing Tournament

Blessing of the Fleet Jet Express Dock Put-in-Bay

JUNE 1-8

National Fishing & Boating Week

JUNE 6-8


Mills Cup Trophy Race

MAY 16-18

National Marina Day

Toledo Yacht Club Toledo Harbor

Midwestern Model Ships and Boats Contest & Display

Wisconsin Maritime Museum Manitowoc

JUNE 12-15

Phlocking of the Phaithful Multiple venues Put-in-Bay



HOOK Race Racine Yacht Club Racine


+ MORE | 59

Kenosha, Wisconsin

FOR SALE HISTORIC QUEEN ANNE HOME 2 LOTS 10 BOAT SLIPS Enjoy vacation living on a beautiful Lake Michigan harbor, walking distance to the historic center of the city. Formerly the Kohler family summer home (1897), this property has now been upgraded with newer kitchen and baths, yet it retains many of the fine original architectural features.


On an adjacent lot there is room to build an additional home or duplex that can accommodate an additional four slips and parking. This extraordinary home is less than an hour drive from the North Shore suburbs of Chicago.


POWERBOAT 1979 34’ John Allmand Sport Fisher: Bluewater boat on heavy-duty trailer for storage. Insured $25,000. Dennis at 773-901-6721. Sell $12,500. (see photo below)

1984 41’ President Double Cabin Trawler: Twin diesels, 9kw generator, autopilot, synchronizer, air & heat, GPS plotter. Sleeps 6, washer/dryer, flat panel tv/dvd, vacuflush heads, 2 refridgerators, ice maker. Dock steps, spare props. Interior upgraded, beautifully maintained. Bob at

LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL A MARINA? Contact: Eddy A. Dingman Lic: Marina real estate/business broker


586-566-1550 or 810-335-7711. $65K.

National Marina Properties Group Financing available to qualified buyers.

1987 49’ Grand Banks Motor Yacht: Perfect live aboard and cruiser, 3 staterooms, two 3208TA CATS, two generators, water maker, ice maker, refrigerator/freezer. Much more, new survey. Located Charleston, SC,

AMI MEMBER (association of Marina industries)

Call Ken at 828-479-4939, $285,000. (see photo below)






redesigned CLASSIFIED







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Email your text-only advertisement to:

Advertiser Index Free classified boat advertisement offer limited to one per reader. All classified ads are subject to publisher’s approval. Space is limited. Free ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertisements for the July/August 2014 issue must be received by June 9, 2014.

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For complete specs & photos of these boats visit: B10956 B12388 B12614 B10580 BT0074A B12334 B12581 B11364 B12608 B12501 B12328 B11231 R0482A B11899 B12414 P1773 B12069 B12355 B12132 B12574 B12070 E0152A P1922 B12540 B12494 B11875 B9330 B12128 B11962 B11551 B12393 B12376 TY0092E B12370 B8780 B11398 E0283A B12283 B12599 P1343A1 B11733 B11329 B10545 B12119 B11266 B5978 B11651 BT0047A E0303A B8101

64 GLB | May/June 14

2002 2008 2006 2005 2002 2006 2007 2003 2005 2005 2006 2001 2011 2007 2006 2007 2001 2002 2002 2003 2003 2004 2004 2008 2012 2001 2002 2004 2005 2009 2005 2005 2001 2003 2004 2006 2006 2008 2008 2002 2001 2005 2007 2004 2004 2004 2005 2002 2004 2003

42’ 43’ 27’ 30’ 30’ 28’ 30’ 36’ 33’ 39’ 35’ 28’ 33’ 43’ 27’ 27’ 30’ 33’ 35’ 32’ 54’ 34’ 37’ 33’ 41’ 34’ 37’ 37’ 34’ 45’ 38’ 42’ 26’ 35’ 37’ 37’ 34’ 31’ 33’ 37’ 33’ 27’ 35’ 59’ 38’ 41’ 28’ 28’ 35’ 34’


$229,900 $449,000 $39,900 $89,900 $29,990 $59,900 $72,995 $155,900 $127,000 $189,900 $154,500 $36,900 $169,995 $415,000 $85,000 $49,900 $59,000 $64,000 $89,900 $68,995 $399,900 $89,900 $129,995 $159,900 $519,900 $89,900 $179,900 $138,000 $139,995 $479,900 $129,995 $139,900 $23,495 $79,900 $139,900 $134,995 $122,900 $69,900 $149,900 $114,900 $49,500 $54,000 $129,000 $715,000 $169,900 $279,900 $104,900 $38,995 $134,995 $119,900

B11335 B7505 B12161 B12297 B12231 B12302 B12213 B11893 B12515 B12606 B12412 B11837 B12508 B12385 B9473 B10840 B11783 B10517 B11114 B12486 B12233 B12118 B12530 B12571 B7884 B7169 B12101 B8085 B12496 TP0022A B11957 B11406 B12322 B12197 B12205 B11798 B12199 B12408 B11258 B10470 B10842 B12186 B10394 B10825 B12177 B11995 B11943 B12497 B12472 B12208

2007 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2002 2002 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010 2001 2001 2003 2005 2006 2004 2013

SKIPPERBUDS.COM 35’ 31’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 46’ 51’ 55’ 28’ 32’ 36’ 36’ 38’ 41’ 42’ 28’ 28’ 28’ 30’ 30’ 38’ 39’ 42’ 34’ 34’ 39’ 42’ 46’ 50’ 26’ 27’ 34’ 34’ 38’ 58’ 32’ 34’ 35’ 35’ 55’ 27’ 33’ 31’ 33’ 42’ 41’ 43’ 35’ 31’ 36’


$165,000 $99,000 $154,900 $139,900 $129,900 $239,900 $355,000 $399,000 $58,500 $89,995 $137,500 $145,000 $149,900 $209,900 $249,000 $48,995 $74,900 $66,000 $99,900 $69,995 $149,900 $179,999 $289,900 $139,900 $179,995 $385,000 $299,900 $375,000 $550,000 $49,995 $49,995 $144,900 $139,000 $169,000 $699,000 $129,500 $149,000 $214,900 $189,000 $995,000 $69,900 $215,000 $159,995 $79,500 $169,900 $169,000 $309,900 $159,900 $139,900 $449,900

Black Diamond 328 SS Limited Edition

“Boat of the Year” is no surprise when you know its bloodlines. Look closely at the Cruisers Sport Series’ Black Diamond Limited Edition 328 SS and you’ll see more than a triumphant bow rider worthy in every detail of its “Boat of the Year” distinction from Boating Magazine. What you’ll discover upon further examination is a longstanding lineage of excellence in design, engineering and workmanship. For more than five decades, Cruisers Yachts has been crafting world-renowned yachts from an unrelenting standard of quality, and we now bring that same commitment to every Sport Series model. See more of the amazing 328 SS, and the entire line from 20’ - 32’ at and experience the Cruisers Sport Series brand difference for yourself.

Mayjuneglb2014 lr  
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