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December 2012

showcase 30 OUTLAW GT

SINKING LAKE LEVELS Display until January 15, 2013 $5.95 US $5.95 CAN


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Energize the New Year BOAT BUYING S T R AT E G Y

The farther you push the throttle forward in a Cruisers Sport Series, the greater your sense of unbridled exhilaration. And satisfaction. Because every model in our complete line of world-class sport boats is crafted for unrelenting performance, tight tracking in turns, and your enduring fulfillment. The Sport Series is now Cruisers, part of KCS International Inc., and built with the same demanding quality specifications as Cruisers Yachts. The most important quality being your complete Cruisers experience. Which includes interaction with your dealership, our factory customer service, and EXPERIENCE THE KCS INTERNATIONAL INC. BRAND DIFFERENCE.

Visit Spring Brook Marina at the Chicago Boat Show, Jan. 9-13, booth #3617 and #3618, to see the new 2013 Cruisers Sport Series and Cruisers Yachts models firsthand.

especially every spirited moment on the water.

To learn more about any of the ten Cruisers Sport Series models from 22 – 29 feet, visit or contact KCS International Inc. 920 • 834 • 2211.


GREAT LAKES BOATING FEDERATION TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT BOATING To get your voice heard amidst the din and clatter of a dysfunctional government, boaters on the Great Lakes should join the Great Lakes Boating Federation (GLBF). Here’s a checklist of reasons on why you should join GLBF:

• There is only one recognized leader when it comes to advancing the rights, needs and interests of recreational boaters and sportsfishermen. • In the face of harsh and undue regulations on the federal, state, and local levels, GLBF is the face of Great Lakes boaters. • GLBF has been at the forefront of organizations calling for the reauthorization of the Coastal Zone Management Act so that fishermen and boaters can gain more access to the waters. • GLBF stopped the Coast Guard’s proposed live fi re zones on the Great Lakes. When others did nothing to stop this dangerous activity, GLBF stepped up to stop it from happening. • It has worked tirelessly to improve the dredging of small harbors and gain greater access to boat ramps at all harbors. • It has sought to increase maintenance of navigational aids and breakwaters. • It has sought to improve the fish populations of freshwater lakes and inland waterways. • It has sought to prevent Asian carp and other invasive species from spreading into the Great Lakes. • It has been the most vocal advocate for recreational boaters in securing the fair use of fees and taxes levied on boaters. GLBF is the voice for the 4.3 million boaters on the Great Lakes. It is the organization that boaters depend on in advocating and defending the rights of Great Lakes boaters. For more information or to join the Great Lakes Boating Federation,, email: visit

or call 312-266-8408.


of boat buying” in our article beginning on page 14. Those people fortunate enough to get a new boat for Christmas or those who are content with their old ones should


brace themselves for a new challenge as they ply the waters of the Great WOW—it’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of 2012. As the old adage notes, time fl ies when you’re having fun, and we’ve certainly

Lakes in 2013. No matter if you’re a recreational boater, fi sherman, or

Managing Editor Karen Malonis

wakeboarder, record low water levels

Associate Editor Jerome A. Koncel

will pose some new headaches.

enjoyed ourselves as this year has

By February 2013, the U.S. Army Corps

literally fl own by.

of Engineers projects that water levels

It’s incredible that six months have passed since we celebrated our 30th anniversary, and that the hot, humid, sunny days of summer are now turning into the dark, damp cold days of winter. But for every season, there’s a reason for celebrating, and this issue marks the

on Lakes Huron and Michigan will reach

levels are causes of these record low levels, man-made dredging has also contributed. Read the article on sinking water levels beginning on page 18. If low water levels are a relatively new phenomenon facing boaters,

the many blessings they’ve received during the course of the year, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time for doing this.

safe boating and hunting are an age-old problem. The Coast Guard’s suggestions for a safe boating and

second part of the article on Automatic Identifi cation Systems, which is quickly becoming standard electronic equipment on all types of boats.

“Holiday Guide,” which this year contains some exceptional gifts that we believe will be those one-of-a-kind presents boaters will always cherish. All recreational boaters long for a bigger, faster, boat fi lled with electronics and aesthetics that enhance the boating lifestyle. For the boaters who grew up in the 1980s, the speed, exhilaration and “coolness” of boating was epitomized by the Baja boat speeding across water. Baja still produces that boat, along with new upgraded offerings, and we highlight them in our cover story beginning on page 10. Now buying a new boat for the boater in the family is a great Christmas gift, but boat buyers should be aware that the buying landscape has changed dramatically. That’s why we’ve taken time to alert buyers to the “new reality

04 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

Michigan | Ohio M2Media Company Mark Moyer • p 248.840.0749 e

22, are worth you’re perusal, as is the

that it’s always better to give than to in this regard by presenting our annual

Advertising | Sales Inquiries Neil Dikmen p 312.266.8400 • f 312.266.8470 e

hunting season, beginning on page

In the spirit of Christmas, I remind you receive. We practice what we preach

Graphic Design Mila Ryk Andrea Vasata

summer drought, and high evaporation

Thanksgiving and Christmas.

should take some time out to reflect on

Contributing Writers Mike Baron

all-time lows. Although a warm winter, a

occasion of my two favorite holidays,

It’s my strong belief that everyone

Publisher & Editor in Chief F. Ned Dikmen

So, we hope that you enjoy reading this issue and that you will do two other things. First, visit our Web site,, where you’ll find a digital subscription and a soonto-be mobile app for your smartphone. The second is to join the Great Lakes Boating Federation (GLBF), the only true advocate for Great Lakes boaters. For only $10 per year, you’ll be working with the only real watchdog for Great Lakes boaters and will avail yourself to some of the highest quality marine products at some of the lowest prices in the region. GLBF is the one and only voice for the 4.2 million boaters in the Great Lakes. There is no other! Finally, I want to wish you an enjoyable Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and bountiful holiday season.

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06 GLB | Nov/Dec 12


6,900 lbs 24 degrees 142 gal.

The new 2013 Baja® 30 Outlaw GT was introduced at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October. The first boat in Baja’s new GT Series, it features custom DesignTECH graphics, several standard upgrades, and twin MerCruiser sterndrive power options ranging up to 565 horsepower a side. Built with Baja’s True-V hull, low-profile deck and sculpted windscreen, it glides through chop and wakes. The cockpit holds eight people, while its cabin has sleeping accommodations for up to three and an enclosed head.






The GT Series features start with custom DesignTECH GT graphics and a stainless steel rubrail insert. Inside the cockpit are standard electric bolsters with colormatched cushions and the GT logo on the companionway door. The helm features color-matched gauges, a leather/carbon tilt steering wheel and standard dashmounted GPS. The engine compartment is topped with the Baja logo and has powder-coated rails, seat frames and engine mounts inside. Additional GT upgrades include a six-speaker stereo system with amp, subwoofers and iPod connection, and transom-mounted underwater lights. Available propulsion packages include twin 320-hp 377 MAG Bravo 1s; twin 380hp 8.2L MAG Bravo 1s; twin 430-hp MAG HO Bravo 1s; twin 525 EFI Bravo 1 XRs with ITS drives, and twin 565 EFI Bravo 1XRs with ITS drives. Baja Marine 1653 Whichards Beach Rd. Washington, NC 27889 252-975-2000


Slips Sliding Away Lake levels haven’t been this low for decades. The

another. What we learned about their capabilities, however,

unthinkable is taking shape litt le by litt le. Hundreds

is not good.

of new islands are popping out of nowhere in Georgian Bay. The Thousand Islands could fi nd themselves going through a name change to Many Thousand Islands, all due to vanishing water. Slips are sliding away from boaters’ sight. Where do they go to tie their boats? Who

It is believed that the control boards operated by directives from the IJC can att empt to divert water from one lake to another, but the effect of opening any of these control board valves amounts to putt ing a pinhole in a bathtub. And GLC has no hardware to do anything about lake levels.

do they call for help? Then there is USACE, which can do something to alleviate Lake levels are constantly changing, rising and falling due

low lake levels, but claims its hands are tied behind its

to melting ice caps, precipitation and evaporation. For those

back, unable to go and dredge recreational harbors to

who keep track, lake levels reached an all-time low way

bring depth to needy boaters to accommodate their boats’

back in 1964 when water levels were 576.1 feet. Barely more

keels. USACE has the power to dredge small harbors,

than two decades later, October 1986, water levels leaped

opening them up so that boats can enter and leave marinas

to 582.35 feet submerging parts of Chicago’s Lake Shore

without any problems. So why isn’t it doing anything for

Drive under its onslaught. Foundations of lakefront homes

recreational boaters and anglers?

and skyscrapers were now under water. It claims that the federal government is not coming up with Today, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is

the funds needed to dredge the harbors, so USACE has

projecting that if climate conditions persist, we could be

to set dredging priorities, and it is putt ing its money and

facing all time low lake levels of 575.95 feet in early 2013, a

efforts into commercial ports and harbors.

level so low that riparian rights individuals with lakefront homes would have their lakefront land doubling in size before their very own eyes. Is a sailor without a slip any different than a man without a home?

It appears that the real power that can deal with low lake levels is the federal government, our legislators in Washington, D.C. They are the ones who can allocate funds to dredge our harbors. They are the ones who can

How do you summon help for a need of such magnitude?

implement the recommendations of IJC in dealing with

Where do you turn for assistance? Th ree agencies show

the Great Lakes. But our legislators are turning a deaf

promise. They are the International Joint Commission

ear to our cries for help. Here’s what they’re missing.

(IJC), the Great Lakes Commission (GLC) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The economic impact of recreational boating on the Great Lakes is estimated to be more than $9.5 billion. Th ere is

The IJC is a binational commision set up by the Boundary

an additional $7 billion in fi shing here, and a substantial

Treaty of 1909 to oversee the health and well-being of the

segment entails rrecreational boating. In comparison,

Great Lakes. IJC takes pride in being in charge of lake levels

commercial navigation has a net economic worth of only

for the Great Lakes through its well-placed control boards

$3.6 billion based on the money saved by commodity

across the lakes for water diversions from one lake to

shippers between rail and truck versus water. Why is it so difficult to explain this math to Congress?

Agree? Disagree? Want to Comment? Email your thoughts to 08 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

We Vote For Boat Dealers Dell Computers does it, Apple does it, and so why shouldn’t

For their part, today’s dealers are armed with an array of tools

the boating industry? We’re talking about the boat builder

designed to make the buying process fun, easy and productive.

selling directly to the consumer, thereby eliminating the

Moreover, they consider the sale as just the fi rst step of long

middleman. By cutt ing out the middlemen, i.e., boat dealers,

relationship, the goal of which is to have a life-long boater.

manufacturers could reduce their costs and pass along the lower prices to customers.

In our boat buying story beginning on page 14 of this issue, we tell new boat buyers that choosing a boat dealer may seem

Not a bad idea for the computer maker or even one of the

like a simple step, but it’s one they shouldn’t take lightly. They

nation’s largest companies, but not necessarily a good idea

should choose wisely. Why? Because it is the dealer who will

for the boat builder for three reasons.

prep, repair, maintain and equip that prized possession so

First, builders are not in the business of selling and repairing boats, and they don’t want to be in that business. They believe that the dealer network represents a viable, functional, and efficient distribution network. Second, in some states, being a boat dealer requires registration and even certification. In most states, one cannot simply put a shingle on front of the office proclaiming that he/she is a boat dealer. For their part, boat builders don’t want to be involved with registration or certification and their concurrent time and expense. Finally, boat builders offer guarantees and warranties on their boats. If something goes wrong, builders will do the warranty work, but they don’t want to spend their time and effort fi lling out the paperwork. Th is is the role of boat dealerships.

that boaters can experience days, weeks and years of hasslefree boating. It’s the dealer who will ensure that boaters enjoy trouble-free days on the water. We here at Great Lakes Boating and the Great Lakes Boating Federation believe that boat dealers are not only vital to the boat-buying process, they are essential to an enjoyable boating experience. Whether it’s purchasing a 16-foot aluminum boat or a 160-foot yacht, boat buyers are expecting more from their dealers and their dealers are delivering. When boaters have problems, they turn to their boat dealer. At this special time of the year when we offer thanks and gratitude to family and friends, we take this opportunity to offer our support for boat dealerships and hope that all the readers of this magazine, the visitors to our Web site and members of the Great Lakes Boating Federation will do

As prospective customers are being more diligent in

the same.

researching new vessels, the role of boat dealers may seem to be gett ing diminished, but in reality, their roles and functions are becoming more important than ever if the boating industry is to grow, develop, and thrive.


At the heart of the boat dealership is customer service. Today’s new boat buyers are not demanding superior customer service, they’re expecting it. When customers come in contact with boat dealers either by the internet, phone, or in person, this is either the beginning of a lifelong relationship with boating or a short stay in the water. w.greatlak g ak kes esbo s bo b at atiin ing ingf gfed gf ederation | 09


ince 1971, Baja Marine has created popular models such as the classic Baja CT 150 race boat, the Outlaw high performance and Islander open-bow series. Shown here and on the following pages are the 30 Outlaw GT, the 278 Performance, and the 247 Islander models. Each can be personalized with a wide range of optional colors and designs, including Baja’s new custom-designed half-wrap vinyl DesignTECH graphics in the bold new Metal, Maverick, Joker, Catalina, Hard Candy and Rip Curl themes.

10 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12


LOA w/platform Beam Weight Transom Deadrise Fuel Capacity

32’2” 8’6”



24 degrees 142 gal.

The 2013 Baja® 30 Outlaw GT, is the fi rst boat in Baja

features color-matched gauges, a leather/carbon tilt

Marine’s new GT Series.

steering wheel and standard dash-mounted GPS. The

Built with Baja’s True-V hull, low-profi le deck and sculpted windscreen, it glides through chop and wakes to provide a smooth, dry ride. The 30 Outlaw’s cockpit holds eight people, while its cabin provides sleeping accommodations for up to three and an enclosed head. The GT Series upgrade package starts with exclusive custom DesignTECH GT graphics and a stainless steel rubrail insert. GT style continues inside the cockpit with standard electric bolsters with color-matched cushions and the GT logo on the companionway door. The helm

engine compartment has powder-coated rails, seat frames and engine mounts inside. Additional GT upgrades include a six-speaker stereo system with amp, subwoofers and iPod connection, and transom-mounted underwater lights. Available MerCruiser propulsion packages include twin 320hp 377 MAG Bravo 1s; twin 380-hp 8.2L MAG Bravo 1s; twin 430-hp MAG HO Bravo 1s; twin 525 EFI Bravo 1 XRs with ITS drives, and twin 565 EFI Bravo 1XRs with ITS drives. Standard Mercury LAB-finished props will deliver greater performance from any power package the owner selects. | 11

BAJA® 278 PERFORMANCE This versatile model combines spirited good looks, sporty handling and expanded overnight capabilities. Features such as sporty rear vents and mirror-image foredeck hatches, along with Baja’s True-V hull, will make this sleek speedster stand out in a crowd. The 278 is available with MerCruiser power packages ranging from the standard 380hp 8.2L MAG HO Bravo 1 to the 525 EFI Bravo 1 XR/ITS with Merc 280 tabs. The Baja 278 Performance is a pleasure to drive, thanks to its new curved glass walk-through windscreen, drop-down racing bolsters, Livorsi throttle and shifter as well as Livorsi gauges with chrome bezels set in custom engine-turn stainless steel dash panels. Entertainment is provided by a standard stereo system with four cockpit speakers and iPod connection. Aft, the integrated swim step makes a convenient takeoff platform for any water-sports activity. All will appreciate the 278’s redesigned upholstery and interior appointments. What’s more, a larger cabin with a generous V-berth, Porta-Potti and additional storage space means owners can extend day trips overnight. The 2013 Baja 278 Performance comes with a choice of three standard logos and hull stripes. Boats can be further personalized with a variety of optional colors and designs.

Baja 278 and 247 images by Scott Pearson 12 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

LOA w/platform Beam Weight Transom Deadrise Fuel Capacity

29’2” 8’6”



24 degrees 101 gal.

LOA w/platform Beam Weight Transom Deadrise Fuel Capacity

26’2” 8’6”



23 degrees 80 gal.

2013 BAJA® 247 ISLANDER This family-friendly performance boat has received substantial upgrades for the new model year. One of the roomiest open-bow sportboats available, it has a seating capacity for eight people. The 247 Islander comes equipped with MerCruiser sterndrive power, including the standard 320-hp Merc 377 Bravo and the upgrade 380-hp MAG 8.2L Bravo 1. Built on Baja’s True-V hull, it slices across wakes and chop for a steady, controlled ride. Its standard ski tow eye and integrated swim platform make it a great vehicle for water skiers and wakeboarders. Ski storage is incorporated into the engine hatch and there’s also a long locker in the cockpit sole. The updated helm station features a stainless steel dash, Livorsi gauges with chrome bezels and a leather-and-carbon steering wheel. A stereo system with four cockpit speakers and iPod connection are standard. An optional enclosed head compartment and built-in cooler rack let families stay out on the water longer, while high gunwales help keep children safe onboard. Upgraded upholstery gives the 247 Islander a clean, contemporary look for 2013. The 2013 247 Islander comes with a choice of three standard logos and hull stripes. Owners can further personalize their boat with a broad range of optional colors and designs. | 13

a By Jerome A. Koncel


imes are a changing, and it’s true not only of

rather that the Internet is the fi rst place people go when

business and society, but also with boat buying.

they’re even interested in a boat. Potential buyers gain

Purchasing a new boat is still a major task because

knowledge, information and education about the boats out

of the amount of money involved, as well as the multiple

there. BoatUS puts it this way, “The world’s marketplace is

options. However, the way buyers go about purchasing a

as close as your computer screen, only a few keystrokes

boat is getting a makeover.

and a mouse click away.”

It wasn’t that long ago that new boat buyers went to their

So, nearly every person begins their boat purchase by going

friend or relative and asked them to recommend a boat brand

to the Internet and searching for information about the boat(s)

and boat dealer. They’d go into the dealership, check out the

they want to buy. If prospective buyers know which boat type

various models, talk with a salesperson about options and

and/or boat brands they want to research, then that will make

accessories, maybe even take the boat for a test drive and

the Internet research more useful and productive.

then put down their money.

While on the Internet, potential buyers either spend their

Some people may still buy boats this way, but not very

time researching all types of boats or narrow their focus to

many. While buying a boat is changing, there’s no one way or

specifi c boats and brands. One organized method that is

template people can and should follow in making the purchase.

worth the time and effort is the Discover Boating Web site

On the other hand, there are certain steps most of today’s

(, which offers a boat selector

buyers are following when they make their new boat purchase.

tool to help people find their dreamboat. Once prospective customers do Internet research, they need


to determine their budget, define what they plan to do with

If there’s one technology that has revolutionized the way

the vessel, i.e., go fishing, cruising, or waterskiing, and find

people buy boats, it’s the Internet. It’s not that there are

out the boat builders. For this latter activity, buyers can visit

masses of people who are buying their boats online, but

the Web sites of boat manufacturers and look at the exterior

14 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

pictures, pore through shots of the interior, and learn about

just as it is in buying other big ticket items such as cars and

available options. In some cases, but not all, boaters can also

houses. In this arena, both buyers and sellers have to be

see what that fully loaded yacht or basic aluminum fi shing

more selective in choosing their financing options.

boat will look like and cost.

Boaters can get fi nancing through their dealers, and

Before moving forward, prospective buyers will frequently

many of them have a finance manager on hand to handle

look for comparison testing of boats by an outside resource.

the whole transaction process, which includes filling out

Some magazines do this, as do Internet providers such

the loan application, gaining title to the vessel, closing on

as, and

the loan and staying in touch as times and careers change.

Boat testing is best done via videos, with prospective buyers comparing the boat brand, model and options. Any comparison should include answers to the question: What do I want to use this boat for—fishing, cruising, skiing, and so forth? The answer to this question also includes the number of people who will regularly be on board the boat.

With these fundamental changes in place, prospective boat owners should realize it’s a buyer’s market. Negotiating a deal for that prized possession with your colors, options, and power is getting value for money. And buying from a dealer is not the only way to purchase a new boat. Buyers can also purchase a boat online; visit a regional factory showroom where you can take a demonstration ride, and maybe even


tour the manufacturer’s factory to see how boats are made;

Once the individual knows the purpose, type and boat brand,

or buy them at boat shows

he or she can then look to buy on the Internet, talk to a friend or relative for a recommendation, and/or visit a boat dealer. Because all dealers are not the same, prospective buyers should select certified boat builders and five-star dealerships. Don’t underestimate the boat dealership choice. It will prepare, service, repair and maintain that prized possession, so choose wisely.

BOAT SHOWS For all the criticisms dealers and manufacturers heap on boat shows regarding costs, return on investment and frequency, they still hold a soft spot in the hearts of buyers. For those people who want to see, touch, and walk on the boat, the boat show is the place. It’s the one spot where prospective buyers

Visiting a boat dealer is a fun experience, but buyers want

can do comparison shopping by having all boat brands and

personalization and convenience from their dealers. New boat

models in one location.

buyers should also be aware of three fundamental changes that are affecting the way dealers interact with customers.

The cornerstone of any new boat purchase is value. When making a new boat purchase, prospective customers don’t

First, the dealer your friend or relative recommended may no

want to deal with that gnawing feeling that surfaces when

longer be in business. Between 35 percent to 40 percent of all

they’ve purchased a new boat, go to the marina, spot a similar

dealers that were in business at the end of 2007 are no longer

boat from a different builder and ask themselves, “Why didn’t

around. Moreover, even those that are surviving may have

I get that boat?”

changed significantly through mergers or consolidations. In addition, the surviving dealers are no longer looking to the sale of new boats and financing of those acquisitions as their

Boat shows can’t stop that question from popping up into boaters’ minds, but they do allow prospective buyers to

only sources of revenues. They’re also focusing on alternative revenue streams. Second, the recession has changed the way manufacturers build and dealers sell boats. It’s no longer a question of picking a boat from the dealer’s inventory, having it prepped, and taking it home. No, today’s dealers will work closely with the buyer to customize the boat to your wants and needs. Once the two parties have signed a firm contract, the dealer will seek a minimum deposit and then submit that contract to the manufacturer, who won’t build the boat until it has a firm written contract in hand from the dealer. Third, financing is no longer a given. It used to be that dealers could get customers any kind of fi nancing they wanted as long as their credit score was above 600. Not any longer, and getting fi nancing is a critical component of buying a boat, | 15

compare colors, shapes, aesthetics, wood grains, costs, etc. What separates the boat show from the boat dealership and Internet is the numerous boats available in one place. Unlike the Internet, the boat show is real. There’s no 20-inch monitor to limit your view of that prized possession. It’s right in front of you where you can see it, touch it, but don’t hit it. Value for a new boat buyer takes on many forms, but in its simplest form, it’s this: New boat buyers want a boat that’s going to perform day in and day out. One that’s going to offer the “WOW” factor of hassle-free days on the water where the wind blows through the hair, the sun shines off the paint, and the blue waters and blue sky are colors boaters never envisioned until that very moment.



Although buying a boat is a discretionary purchase, there’s also an emotional component to it, so boaters want to buy “a quality product.” New boats have not always met this criteria, which is why boat manufacturers and dealers have taken it upon themselves to assure boaters of product quality through NMMA and ABYC certification of boats, five-star dealerships, including the Consumer Bill of Rights, and the National Marine Bankers Association, which offers safe and secure financing. It would be disingenuous to say that boat builders and dealers have always been looking out for their customers. In fact, it’s their long history of unfulfilled promises and unsatisfactory workmanship that have prompted boaters to describe their vessels “as that hole in the water that we’re pouring money into.” Moreover, the lack of quality has prompted people to describe the boating experience in these terms: “The best days of boating are when you buy a boat and when you sell it.” The builder and dealer certifications make boat buying a boat a fun experience, one that gets the heart beating quicker, the pulse racing faster, and the anticipation of taking that new boat out on the water for a day of fun and relaxation an exhilarating pleasure. And don’t forget that more than three-quarters of all boaters are also fishermen. They readily proclaim that their time fishing on the water is among the most peaceful, relaxing and invigorating of their lives. It’s the reason why many professional actors, golfers, and baseball players say that when they’re not pursuing their careers, they’d rather be out on their boats catching fish.

16 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

By Jerome A. Koncel


f you think the water levels on Lakes Huron and Michigan

Great Lakes for the benefit of everyone. The 1909 International

are dropping, it’s not bad eyesight. Water levels on the

Boundary Treaty created the International Joint Commission

Great Lakes are nearing their all-time historic lows and are

(IJC), a bi-national commission with six representatives,

having negative effects on recreational boating and fishing. Lakes Huron and Michigan, which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) considers as one body of water hydrologically, are forecasted to reach record low water levels of 575.95 feet in February 2013, according to six-month

three from the United States and three from Canada, to conduct studies of the Great Lakes and based on the study information, advise the two governments on issues, problems and solutions.

projections issued by the USACE’s Detroit Office. Water levels


are low at the other Great Lakes, but not to the same extent as

Over the past year, USACE reported that the entire Great

Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Lakes basin had received below average precipitation. The

While USACE does not offer any comments on how this drop in Great Lakes’ water levels will affect recreational boating and fishing, it is safe to say that in some cases marina

area had an abnormally dry winter/spring and a summer-long drought and the end result is plummeting water levels for the Great Lakes, especially Lakes Huron and Michigan.

boat slips will no longer be usable. In other cases, the more

The impact of low water levels on recreational boating is

expansive shorelines will no longer be there for the viewing.

reaching a crisis stage. Many boaters on the two bodies of

Fishing areas will be changing, as will the whole ecosystem

water reporting historic lows have been unable to dock their

of fish species and aquatic invasive species, specifically the

boats either at shoreline docks or marinas. Moreover, the

Asian carp. Finally, when cruising or fi shing on the lakes,

number of boaters at Michigan marinas who were unable to

recreational boaters will need to be much more vigilant for

leave their harbors because of shallow harbor entrances was

mudbars and obstructions that were formerly under the water.

growing at an alarming rate.

Although Mother Nature is the primary source of high and

The causes of these record low water levels are the twin

low water levels on the Great Lakes, which accounts for

forces of below average precipitation and above average

23 percent of all the fresh water in the world, the U.S. and

evaporation. In short, a warm winter and a dry summer

Canada are also involved in monitoring and controlling the

are reducing water levels. Most recently, prolonged high

18 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

temperatures combined with reduced rainfall the past several

Property owners along Georgian Bay, the largest bay on the

months have signifi cantly lowered levels across the Great

Great Lakes, were very upset with the study’s “do nothing”

Lakes. But they are not the only causes.

conclusion. They were adamant that IJC do something, including putting manmade structures in place to stem the

OTHER CAUSES In March 2012, the International Upper Great Lakes Study (IUGLS) was completed. It was a fi ve-year, $14.6 million study of many things, including fluctuating water levels on the Great Lakes. One of its mandates was to examine a permanent drop in lake levels on Lakes Michigan and Huron

flow of water southward from Lake Huron to Lake Erie. They note that the current system has severely impacted the movement of boats from one island to another on the Bay and led to the appearance of previously undetected obstacles to boating and fishing.

due to USACE dredging of the St. Clair River in the 1960s.


It also looked at whether additional dredging of the St. Clair

In attempting to determine the impact of low water levels

River, which is the drop off point for water entering Lake Erie,

on recreational boating and fi shing, it is diffi cult to make

added to the permanent drop of 16 inches.

an accurate assessment because the lakes have not yet

While acknowledging that dredging of the St. Clair River permanently lowered Lake Michigan-Huron’s water levels by 20 inches, the IUGLS recommended against implementing

reached their historic lows, which should occur in February 2013. The economic impact on boating and fishing could be catastrophic, but that’s more of a conjecture than a fact.

large-scale engineering projects to restore water levels on

Discussions with Sea Grant managers and specialists in Great

these two Great Lakes. It said the current low water levels

Lakes states found that recreational boaters and fishermen

were just part of the area’s cyclical ups and downs.

are already suffering the effects of low water levels.

The IUGLS said that while restoration of water levels to Lakes

Gene Clark, coastal engineering specialist, University of

Huron and Michigan was feasible, it would be expensive

Wisconsin Sea Grant Program, said low water levels are not

(between $30 to $240 million), take too long to accomplish

unusual for Lake Michigan, but the current long period of

(20 years), would damage the environment, and, in short, do

time for these low levels is a source of concern. He said the

more harm than good. The 200 scientists and engineers who

low levels are hurting Wisconsin marinas on the Great Lakes

contributed to the report said that people across the region

in two ways. First, low water levels mean shallow drafts at

should adapt to nature’s ups and downs.

marina harbor entrances. The issue for big boats entering

Not everyone agreed with this assessment. Transcripts of the 13 public hearings on the study were mixed, but many people

these harbors is whether their vessels are hitting bottom when entering or leaving the marina.

living, working on Lakes Michigan-Huron and Georgian Bay

The second impact is having marinas determine whether

were convinced that something must be done to control

the low water levels have reached the critical stage where

plunging lake levels.

dredging is absolutely necessary. If it is, then marina owners | 19

recreational boaters who use this lake are algae blooms. “Lake Erie has experienced algae blooms this year, but they’re nothing in comparison to the number of algae blooms in 2010 and 2011,” Gabriel said. Jeff Gunderson, outreach coordinator, Minnesota Sea Grant, said lake water levels have not really dropped very much on Lake Superior, and he has not heard much of a negative impact on recreational boating and fishing.

SUMMARY It’s clear that water levels on the Great Lakes are dropping, and the lower water levels are having negative effects on recreational boating, fishing and tourism. What is not clear will have to do it themselves because USACE has said it doesn’t have the funds to dredge small harbors. Where do the marinas get the funds for dredging? Even if they do have the funding, getting permits for dredging may take several months.

is who has responsibility for controlling lake levels? What, if any, actions should be taken to control fluctuating lake levels? And what, if anything, can recreational boaters and fi shermen do to get their legislators in Washington to approve the needed funding to dredge the harbors and marinas on the Great Lakes?

Chuck Pistis, program coordinator, Michigan Sea Grant Program, reports that Lake Michigan’s water level has fluctuated six feet since its record high in 1986 and its current lows. “As we look at the 2013 boating season, Great Lakes boaters may experience some difficulties in getting their boats into and out of Lake Michigan because of low water levels,” Pistis said. The obvious solution to low water levels is dredging of ports and harbors, Pistis said. Marinas, municipalities, and states are asking USACE to dredge their harbors, but USACE said it has reduced funds, has to set priorities for those funds, and is giving priority to commercial harbors and ports. “Dredging for small harbors and ports has been compromised, and it’s a real slap in the face of recreational boaters,” Pistis said. “It’s a gross negligence on the part of the federal government not to nurture this multi-billion dollar industry.” Pistis asks this question: If you are an attractive cruising destination for boaters and have a marina that needs dredging because of low lake levels, what do you do? Where do you turn? “The low water levels are an environmental problem that has a big economic impact on recreational boating and fishing,” he noted. When told that USACE will not dredge small harbors and that IJC’s study commission has recommended that municipalities, recreational boaters, and tourism adapt to these cyclical highs and lows of the Great Lakes, Pisitis said this is unacceptable. “Something has to be done to rectify this situation,” he said. Tory Gabriel, fi sheries outreach coordinator, Ohio Sea Grant, said that Lake Erie has not experienced the same low water levels as Lakes Michigan-Huron. Of more concern to

20 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

Pistis said the lack of dredging of small harbors and marinas is nearing the critical stage. He compared the dredging of harbor entrances to the building of interstates. “Dredging is like an interstate—you need the infrastructure to enjoy the countryside and to get you where you want to go,” he said. For his part, Clark said the longer it takes for needed dredging to be done, the greater the problem. There already exists a backlog of needed dredging projects, and any further drop in lake water levels will only exacerbate this problem. “From the perspective of recreational boating and tourism, low water levels on the Great Lakes, specifi cally Michigan, Huron and Erie, are a critical problem that must be solved if marinas on the Great Lakes are to remain in business,” Clark said. All photos courtesy of Michigan Sea Grant


HUNTING BOATING Safety By Mike Baron U.S. Coast Guard, Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety


oing after waterfowl can take hunters into some of the toughest environments, including ice, snow, and water temperatures near or below freezing. When the flooded bottomlands and fields are locked up with ice, ducks will head to the remaining open water of a large river or lake to loaf at mid-day. Although this is a good shooting spot, it’s dangerous territory for both hunters and dogs.

that is permanently affixed to the hull by the manufacturer.

If you hunt from a boat, it makes sense to follow practices

passenger load.

that in an emergency can help ensure that everyone

Make sure your load is distributed evenly to keep the boat

on board makes it out alive. Remember that the small,

balanced. Standing for any reason in small boats, even

open-constructed boats used for hunting have little or no

changing seating positions, can raise the center of gravity

freeboard, i.e., the distance between the top edge of the

and make the boat less stable. A raised center of gravity

boat and the waterline, and even less when fully loaded

means that a wave, wake or sudden turn can result in a

with hunters, dogs, decoys and other gear. It’s easy to

person falling overboard.

It notes the maximum horsepower rating and maximum load weight at which the operator can safely operate the boat. If a capacity plate isn’t present, one easy formula for calculating the maximum load for a mono-hull boat is to multiply the boat’s length times its width and divide by 15. For example, a 6-foot wide, 18-foot long boat can safely carry up to seven people, but don’t forget to include any dogs as part of that

unintentionally overload these vessels and an overloaded boat is more likely to capsize, even in relatively calm waters. On most mono-hull boats up to 20 feet long, the boat’s maximum load capacity can be found on the capacity plate

22 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

PRE-DEPARTURE CHECKLIST Too many hunting enthusiasts consider themselves hunters fi rst and boaters second. As a result, they either fail to

prepare for boating emergencies or actually engage in behaviors that put themselves at greater risk than those who


see themselves primarily as boaters. For safety’s sake, be a boater first. Complete a pre-departure checklist prior to launch to make certain your boat is in good

• Consider taking a boating safety course, as well as a first aid and CPR course.

working order and has all the necessary safety equipment on board. Let others know where you’ll be hunting, your boat’s

• Check the capacity plate (if affixed to the hull) or

description, and when you expect to return. Be sure to wear a

calculate the maximum load to make sure you don’t

U.S. Coast Guard-approved float coat/jacket or life vest at all

overload the boat with passengers, dogs and gear.

times (available in camouflage).

• Make sure your boat has enough fuel and is in good operating condition for winter weather. Be sure you have the required safety equipment on board, including flares or other visual distress signals, and that your navigation lights are in working order. • Check the weather forecast, bearing in mind that conditions can change quickly. • Dress in layers and wear good quality, non-slip footwear with socks. • File a float plan. Tell a friend, family member or someone at the marina exactly where you are going, who is hunting with you, and when you plan to

Camouflaged life vests for hunters and float coats for retrievers come in different styles and degrees of buoyancy. Hunters can float test both under controlled conditions to get an idea of their effectiveness in the field and during an emergency situation.

return. Don’t stray from the plan, and if you do, alert the person holding your float plan. • Carry a VHF-FM marine band radio. Use your mobile phone only as backup and put it in a

Because there are fewer people out on the water in the fall/

waterproof container designed for cell phones.

winter, hunting with a friend is especially important. If you are injured or fall in the water, having one or two other people

• Take along a well-stocked first-aid kit.

along means someone can either help you back in the boat or

• Pack a basic survival kit, including blankets,

call for assistance.

matches, disposable lighter, a dry change of

Remember to carry a first aid kit and an on-board emergency

clothing, some dense-calorie food and warm

kit that includes a dry change of clothes; calorie-dense

beverages like coffee or cocoa in a waterproof bag.

snack food; fresh water; a thermos of coffee, cocoa, or other

Do not drink alcohol while boating. It can impair

warm beverage; duct tape; a waterproof portable flashlight with extra batteries; flares and matches. Stow these items in a waterproof bag to protect them from the elements. Also,

your judgment and may speed up hypothermia should you fall in the water. Note that in many states

remember to stay away from alcohol when you’re out on the

drinking alcohol while hunting is against the law.

water. In many states, hunting with fi rearms and drinking

• Make sure you have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved

alcoholic beverages is against the law. It also hastens the onset of hypothermia if you fall overboard.

life jacket of correct size and type for you and every passenger. While on the water, make sure they are

Depending on where you hunt, you may want to carry a

worn, not just stowed. Consider adding flotation for

mobile phone, but only as a backup to a VHF-FM marine

your dogs.

radio. In outlying areas, mobile phones frequently lose signal and in any case are unidirectional, meaning only one person

• Invite a friend. Boating with at least one additional

receives the phone call compared to many who may hear a

person means that if someone is injured or falls

VHF-FM radio distress call. Consider adding an Emergency

in the water, the other can summon assistance or

Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or other emergency

help them back into the boat. | 23

location device. If you get in trouble, especially during the chilly off-season, every minute counts. Life jackets are essential boating equipment in any season, but in cold weather, float coats, camouflaged vests and life jackets not only keep you afl oat but also provide added insulation. If you fall overboard into icy water, the fi rst reaction is to gasp and inhale water. A life jacket can give you the crucial minutes you need to regulate your breathing and safely re-board your boat. And think about how you will retrieve anyone else who falls overboard. In heavy, cold, wet winter clothes, climbing back into the boat can be next to impossible—even for someone otherwise uninjured. Hunters who boat in cold weather should practice (under warmer conditions and in a safe location, such as a swimming pool or shallow area) how to get back in the boat, as well as how to get passengers back aboard.




And don’t forget your dogs when it comes to safe boating. Having the right gear and a thorough knowledge of the environment can be the difference between safe hunting and unnecessary risk for your dogs. In cold weather—which is practically the definition of waterfowl hunting—a float coat can give your dogs some needed support in an emergency and help with one of the most serious dangers, breaking through the ice. Dogs can drown if they can’t come up through the same hole that they fell through, something that happens if they get caught by a current and are pulled under the ice. For a dog it’s a desperate situation, and a hunter attempting a rescue can make it worse by putting his own life in jeopardy. Many professional guides won’t send their dogs on river retrieves in winter without added fl otation, and this holds true for anyone boating with a dog in deep water. Even a timehonored water dog can’t swim indefinitely, and a dog treading freezing water can go into shock and suffer the same effects as hypothermia in humans.

on the upturned hull and one hand on his dog’s collar, holding the exhausted animal’s head above the water. Fortunately, both were rescued. Before sending the dog, hunters/boaters should plan for different worst-case scenarios so they’re better prepared when something goes wrong. Thoroughly scouting a hunting area during daylight hours can help both of you avoid many hazardous areas. In waterways frozen over with ice, check the thickness. White or cloudy ice is not safe to walk on. Safe ice is clear to bluish in color and at least two inches thick to support a dog and four inches for a hunter on foot. Check the

Recently, a New Jersey hunter whose boat suddenly

depth of the water too. Have your waders on and make sure

capsized spent three hours in 45-degree water, one hand

you can get to your dog if you need to.

24 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

Do you need a ямБshing license and boat registration? Please take a few moments to consider each of the From the ofямБce of takemeямБ


questions below. Take your time. Let it come naturally.

Is this your idea of ямБshing with friends?




Are you your own boat?




Do you want this in your favorite lake?






Find out how to do your part at:


An Empowering Gift ho knew when we wrote a roundup article on outboard engines in the September/October issue highlighting how manufacturers have improved their fuel effi ciency and increased their reliability that within the next month Volvo Penta would come out with

gifts for cruising the Great Lakes and inland waterways. Their

two new sterndrive gasoline engines that exhibit these very

power, strength, durability and fuel effi ciency are precisely

characteristics. It’s like giving boaters an early Christmas

what boaters are looking for in their sterndrive engines.

present just as they’re winding down from one boating season and looking forward to another one.

When boaters asked for more horsepower in a lighter package, Volvo Penta answered the call. The company’s new

If you think these new engines are just updates of the same

6.0 liter displacement engine is the same one General Motors

old stuff, consider this: Volvo Penta’s V8-380 was named

currently installs in its Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pick-up truck.

the winner of the 2012 Innovation Award for engines at the

Not only does it deliver power, but it also does so using 12

International BoatBuilders Exposition and Conference (IBEX)

percent less fuel than similarly sized engines, making the V8-

show in October. This is no small accomplishment and tells

380 the leader in delivering both horsepower and economy.

recreational boaters that this engine has some significant technological breakthroughs.

When boaters asked manufacturers to produce lighter weight engines, Volvo Penta responded with an engine package

The V8-380 and and V8-225 gasoline engines are just what

that’s 270 pounds less than its competitors. Knowing that

boaters want in their Christmas stockings. Packing power,

boaters wanted not only less weight, but also high-end

punch, and efficiency, these two new engines are the perfect

performance from an engine of this size, Volvo Penta turned

V8-380 Propeller shaft power...................... 380 hp Max. engine speed.......................... 6,000 rpm Displacement.................................... 364 cu in Number of cylinders........................ V-8 Fuel system ...................................... MPI Dry weight; engine, transom shield and drive................................ 1,076 lbs. Dimensions (not for installation): Engine length along crank center line......................................... 38.3” Engine width...................................... 32.7” Height above crankshaft................ 23.9” Height below crankshaft ................ 10”

26 6 GLB | Nov/ N / Dec D 12

to variable valve timing (VVT) to optimize maximum low-end

engine emission standards set by CARB. The company

torque and high-end horsepower while delivering superior

uses dual three-way catalytic converters and heated oxygen

overall performance.

sensors in conjunction with its computer-controlled fuel

The V8-380 is strong and tough enough to haul a heavy boat, yet is considered the most durable engine in Volvo Penta’s stable of engines. The durability is built into the engine through its aluminum exhaust system that withstands

management system to meet these stringent emission standards. The result is not only lower emissions, but also smooth reliable starting and idling, more responsive acceleration, and reduced fuel consumption.

corrosion, thereby offering boaters cost savings over the life

If Volvo Penta’s new engines promise smooth reliable idling,

of the engine.

responsive acceleration, and reduced fuel consumption,

To build the next generation of engines, Volvo Penta spent 10,000 hours testing them, refining them, and making them faster, lighter and more fuel efficient. The result is a multi-port fuel injection system in the V8-380 that uses a

the company also offers electronic vessel control options to enhance the driver’s experience. E-key, E-key remote, and an integrated autopilot system are now offered as options with the V8-225 EVC.

computerized control module to produce smooth idling,

In addition, drivers can have pushbuttons integrated into

more responsive acceleration, and reduced emissions.

the controls, giving them easy access to optional functions

In fact, both Volvo Penta engines meet and/or exceed

such as power trim assist, cruise control, tow mode and

California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Federal EPA

single-lever control. Boaters can complete their helm by

emission requirements.

installing easy-to-read gauges and a four- or seven-inch

The V8-380 engine is a perfect match for the twin propeller

color display screen.

Duo-Prop drives that Volvo Penta offers to boaters. With

To reduce noise and vibration, the DuoProp or Aquamatic

its twin counter rotating blades, the Duo-Prop produces

sterndrives feature exhaust outlets through the propeller hub

unbeatable speed, unsurpassed acceleration and enviable

and anti-ventilation plate. And by using the power trim assist

fuel economy.

system that is standard on the EVC models, boaters can

The new V8-225 engine combines the fuel efficiency of a V6

obtain the best running position at different lake conditions

with the power and acceleration of V8 engine. It uses the

and load levels.

same advanced fuel management system that the V8-380 uses to produce better fuel mileage, increased reliability, and lower emissions.

The new V8-380 and V8-225 EVC sterndrive engines from Volvo Penta are true Christmas stocking stuffers for the boater in your life. They offer the power, reliability, and

Volvo Penta describes the V8-225 as the cleanest engine it

effi ciency every boater wants, making the wait for the

offers to boaters because it exceeds the five-star voluntary

upcoming boating season seem like an eternity.




Propeller shaft power..................... 225 hp Max. engine speed......................... 4,800 rpm Displacement................................... 350 cu in Number of cylinders....................... V-8 Fuel system ..................................... MPI Dry weight engine, transom shield and drive............................. 1,022 lbs. Dimensions (not for installation): Engine length inside transom ......................................... 36.8” Engine width.................................... 28.6” Height above crankshaft............... 22.1” Height below crankshaft............... 10” | 27


Hol ida y GIFT GUIDE ❄



The HH425 is a professional quality

The Rise & Hang duffel bag

VHF radio and also the world’s first

features built-in collapsible

combination VHF/GMRS (General

soft shelves that pull up and

Mobile Radio Service) radio,

out of it while it’s hanging

featuring Cobra’s exclusive Rewind-

in a locker, keeping articles

Say-Again™ feature, GMRS channel

organized and accessible

dual-band functionality, and S.A.M.E.

throughout a trip and out

weather alert filtering and a rapid 3-4

of reach from insects like

hour charger.

bed bugs. The hamper compartment under the

The large backlit LCD, dedicated

shelves keeps soiled clothes

buttons and unlimited memory

separate from those that

channels make this unit very

are clean.

easy to use. Unlimited memory

The Rise & Hang duffel

channels and Memory Scan allow users to manually step through or

bag has a capacity of 70.8 liters and is water-resistant.

automatically scan the pre-saved

For those who prefer to use a suitcase, a 42-liter luggage

memory channel bank. *Units sold in Canada will not

insert is available for $44.

transmit with 5 Watts on GMRS Channels From $69 // 888-929-1329 // $169.95 // 773-889-8870 //

WATER POWERED CLOCK The Bedol Water Alarm Clock is an eco-friendly, battery-

current that powers the clock and alarm once the reservoir

free timepiece powered by water. Sculpted in the shape

is filled.

of a water drop, the clock has a contemporary design that decorates virtually any room in the house and can easily be packed in a travel bag.

Available at select retailers and on the Bedol Web site in W fi ve colors: blueberry blue, kiwi green, tangerine angerine orange, ora plum purple and smoke gray.

Inside of the semi-transparent water reservoir are proprietary metallic plates that allow ions in the water to be turned into

❄ 

28 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

$26 //909-626 - 0388 // x



The Hand Bearing Compass

This 136-piece puzzle

from Davis Instruments is

from Artifact Puzzles

a reliable device for basic

features Raoul Dufy’s

readings. Even young children

1907 painting of boats.

can quickly learn to use it.

The painting is also called “Les Martigues.”

Readings are easily obtained

❅ The irregular edge and

by aligning the compass’ front and rear sights on an object. The compass card is graduated in 5° segments, with markings every 15°. A large, contoured, lightweight handle and lanyard simplify use. The illuminated

abstract pieces ce (no

whimsy pieces) make this puzzle more challenging than t most puzzles this size. All puzzles es are made of 1/4-inch thick wood and are laser-cut. Packaged aged in a small box

with a magnetic clasp, each puzzle le is Made in the USA. Other puzzle categories available.

model’s LED fl oods the compass capsule and sight vane with soft light.

$36 // 315-507-2405 // ar

The compass is particularly helpful on small boats for sighting objects, navigation, plotting distance offshore, predicting a potential collision course and checking drift while at anchor.

$45.99 and $55.99 // 510 -732-9229 //

❄ ICE FISHING SONAR A diminutive departure from traditional ice fishing sonar, ShowDown Troller 2.0 is a portable smartphone-sized device that provides instant fish-finding data. The device, which is attached to a 20-degree transducer and 6 feet of cable, generates 4,000 watts of power and ffunctions continuously for 20 hours on six AA batteries. It features a built-in LCD heater for use in extreme cold, while an Auto Depth Scale function locks onto depth, w displaying targets and digital depth from 1 to 120 feet of water.

$199.99 // 888-778-1208 //

❅  | 29



The Fish On Jacket

Heat Holders provide a

features a three-layer soft

practical and economical

shell with a heavy-duty

alternative to layering

500 denier nylon exterior.

socks and feature patent

The jacket delivers

pending, extra-long looped

warmth and protection

thermal pile.

from cold, wind and spray while providing excellent water resistance.

This innovative knitting technology locks in warm air, holding this closer

The hood system

to the skin, keeping

provides head and

feet warmer for longer

ear protection while

time periods. The soft

maintaining visibility and

brushed inner adds

freedom of movement.

comfort and softness,

The full-length front zipper features a heavy-duty storm

while their gentle grip prevents rubbing or discomfort. In

flap, and an adjustable hem ensures a snug, protective

addition, the advanced insulating yarn created for Heat

fi t, while adjustable neoprene cuffs provide a watertight

Holders provides high

seal. Additional features include two zippered hand-warmer

performance insulation

pockets and an interior

and superior moisture

zippered chest pocket.

wicking abilities.

The jacket is available in

Available in sizes

tarragon/black or red/black,

for children, women

in sizes XS to 5XL.

and men.

$149.99 (sizes 3XL-5XL slightly y

From $14.99 to $24.99 //

higher) // 800 -323-7327 //


The Starboard Tin Assortment was created for a special sea loving sailor. It is filled with 84-pieces of Harbor Sweets’ Nautical Classics in dark and milk chocolates that feature Sand Dollars ®, Sweet Shells ®, Marblehead Mints ®, Friendship Sweets ®, Harbor Lights ®, and Baraque Sarah®. Another option is the eye-capturing Small Silver Snowflake

❄ 

30 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

box with 36 Sweet Sloops®. Sweet Sloops are almond butter crunch sailboats fl oating in dark chocolate.

$79 Starboard Tin, $32.95 Snowflake Box // 800 -243-2115 //


utomatic Identification System—or AIS technology—is finding its way onto more boats of all sizes. It is on its way to being considered standard electronic safety equipment for recreational cruisers, sailors and fishermen, and brings with it additional benefits to enhance the boating experience.




At its heart, AIS is designed to let you see and identify vessels broadcasting an AIS signal in your vicinity—and

let them “see” and identify your vessel when transmitting. This information can be viewed on dedicated displays, or in the case of black box AIS modules, overlaid onto other electronics. Because AIS operates on VHF frequencies, it

can provide this information even when other vessels may The infl ux of less expensive, smaller and simpler Class B AIS products from various manufacturers has helped bring

be behind a low hill, hidden by a jetty or around the bend of a river.

AIS into the boating mainstream. A range of available “black box” AIS receivers/transceivers and stand-alone AIS displays means there’s a way for all types of boaters to use and benefit from this technology.

NAVIGATIONAL SAFETY AIS information provides navigators with the ability to see all

In Part 1 of this AIS primer, we covered what Class A and

commercial ship traffic in their vicinity (as well as recreational

Class B AIS are, how this technology works and different

AIS-equipped vessels that are transmitting). This information

system options for commercial and recreational vessels. Part

can be used to improve situational awareness, especially

2 will examine some of the ways boaters can use recreational

when entering a crowded port or traversing busy shipping

Class B AIS to improve safety and enhance enjoyment of their

lanes in limited visibility conditions. AIS can help you verify

time on the water.

radar targets by confi rming vessel targets from among

32 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

buoys and other objects. Expanded vessel information provides details like ship name, registry, size, destination, speed and bearing.

NOCTURNAL ACTIVITIES Here are just a couple of examples of how AIS can help you fi sh and boat more confi dently at night or any lowvisibility conditions. Swordfishing, sharking or tuna fishing often involves drifting for hours at night through commercial shipping lanes. AIS will alert you to large ships in the vicinity and can sound an alert based on established proximity alarms. This makes AIS a great addition to a boat’s radar at night, particularly as anglers inevitably catch a few Z’s as they’re waiting for a strike. When your AIS is transmitting, you can rest assured that commercial traffic is alerted to your vessel’s presence (commercial Class A AIS must always be on). Similarly, offshore fishermen who spend the night anchored on the


sea will appreciate the extra awareness AIS creates for your

Some boaters use AIS to keep “tabs” on one another, whether

boat and others.

sailing or cruising in a group or fishing in a “team tournament” situation. AIS-equipped boats have the ability to “see” one


another through their electronics, and in the case of certain AIS units, can be set up to specifically track a boat or group

AIS can be integrated with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) VHF

of boats. This is particularly useful when AIS data is overlaid

radio to allow DSC hailing directly to vessels broadcasting

onto a chartplotter providing mapping for the region—or on

AIS. Standard Horizon’s GX2150 actually combines AIS and

stand-alone AIS displays with charting capabilities. Long-

DSC VHF in one compact unit, and is a great way for small

distance cruisers can make sure the group stays together,

boats to benefi t from AIS technology (data can be sent to

and offshore fi shing buddies can tell where their friends

other electronics or viewed on the small built-in display). This

are hooking up. DSC radio communications with selected

combination allows for one-button DSC hailing to vessels—

AIS targets allows for private conversations about fi shing

simply select the target and call. Commercial vessels are

hotspots, off the open airwaves.

required by law to answer these calls. This is another way to verify that the freighter bearing down on you in the fog or darkness knows you’re there.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS The ability to see and communicate with AIS-equipped vessels in your vicinity (typical range for Class B AIS is 5-10 miles; commercial Class A AIS reaches 40+ miles) offers obvious advantages if you ever find yourself in an on-thewater emergency. Your best chance for quick rescue often comes from other vessels in your area, and knowing who/ where they are is helpful. So is the knowledge that other AISequipped vessels can “see” you when you’re broadcasting, as can land-based stations in range. These are just some of the ways AIS technology can help recreational boaters and fishermen stay safe and enjoy their time on the water. Speak with the experts at The GPS Store to learn more about choosing and using the best AIS system for your boat and boating lifestyle. To learn more about a wide array of AIS products from top manufacturers, visit or call The GPS Store, Inc. at 800-477-2611. | 33



fter 25 years, Racine County had to bite the bullet. As

walking distance from the downtown marina are numerous

part of the 1987 contract it signed with Racine Harbor

restaurants, bars, taverns, cocktail lounges, and retail shops.

Marina, LLC, the county was obligated to buy Reefpoint

Marina in Racine, Wis., and the acquisition in these tough economic times was less than ideal. Still, it offered the county a new opportunity to take what it had and make it even better. As a result, the 921-slip marina on the Root River has a new owner (Racine County) and a new management team in the form of Edgewater Resources. The two parties are committed to revitalizing the marina, and after just a few months are well on their way to achieving this goal. Managed by Edgewater Resources and Racine County’s chief executive offi cer Jim Ladwig, Reefpoint Marina has 921 wet slips available for boats and yachts ranging from 30 feet to 60 feet long. The marina is a safe harbor, guarded by a breakwater, and offers boaters electricity, running water, and a dock box at their slips. It has a fuel dock, a

Downtown attractions open to the public include the Racine Art Museum with one of North America’s most significant collection of contemporary crafts; the Racine Heritage Museum, which exhibits Racine’s most famous people, inventions, and history; and the Racine Zoological Gardens, a 32-acre zoo housing more than 100 species of animals native to Wisconsin and/or endangered species. Slipholders can also take advantage of the many events taking place in downtown Racine during the boating season. These include First Friday’s food, drink and music festivals; the Great Lakes Brew Fest taking place at the zoo; and Music on the Monument, presenting live music from local and national recording artists. In addition, slipholders can join in the town’s Fourth of July parade and fireworks.

free pumpout facility, and a fish cleaning station adjacent

For the boating enthusiast interested in joining up with fellow

to the marina.

boaters, Racine has three yacht clubs available to marina

For its customers and transient boaters, Reefpoint Marina offers spotless showers and restrooms, high speed WiFi, and a laundromat. Marina customers can also take advantage of the newly renovated boaters lounge, a heated swimming pool, plenty of whirlpools, and a picnic area with gas grills. For safety and security, the parking lots at Reefpoint Marina have controlled access. In addition, Racine County Water Safety patrol boats are in the water from April 1 to Nov. 1. During the prime boating season extending from Memorial Day through Labor Day, boats patrol the harbor from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

customers. The Fifth Street Yacht Club and the Harbor Lite Yacht Club are open to powerboaters, while the Racine Yacht Club is open to sailboaters. The latter club holds sailing races on Wednesday evenings during the summer and on weekends. In addition, it offers a youth sailing school to entice youngsters to get into sailing and a cruising fl eet that tours Lake Michigan and environs. Besides its many services and amenities, Reefpoint Marina has a friendly staff of attentive dockhands and managers dedicated to making the stay of marina customers a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The staff pays special attention to keeping the restrooms clean, the check-ins smooth and easy, and the marina a place where everyone feels safe and

To further serve boaters, Reefpoint Marina offers a

secure. With the ever-present hand of county officer Ladwig

convenience store and deli as well as a restaurant on

overseeing the marina, it is fast becoming “the crown jewel

the second fl oor of the administration building. Within

of marinas on the western shore of Lake Michigan.”

34 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12

Great Lakes


Beginning on June 5, more than 150,000 Take Me Fishing Jerry Skrypzak S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie

fans on Facebook voted for their favorite park in one of eight regions in the U.S. Presque Isle State Park won in the Northeast Region. “Pennsylvanians and out-of-state tourists have long enjoyed the beauty of Presque Isle State Park and the wide range of family friendly fishing and boating opportunities it offers,” said John Arway, executive director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. “This contest demonstrates what

Presque Isle State Park, a 3,200-acre sandy peninsula

we’ve always known—that Presque Isle ranks among the

that stretches into Lake Erie, was named one of the top

nation’s best state parks for outdoor recreation.”

eight state parks for fi shing and boating in a nationwide contest sponsored by the Recreational Boating & Fishing

Presque Isle offers its visitors a beautiful coastline and many

Foundation (RBFF).

recreational activities, including boating, fi shing, hiking, bicycling and in-line skating. In addition, it has an educational

As part of its “Take Me Fishing” campaign, RBFF

center at its entrance, the Ridge Education Center, that

sponsored an eight week promotion called “Nature’s

teaches visitors about Presque Isle and the many different

Waterpark Showdown” to boost awareness of state

forms of life that inhabit the peninsula.

parks and increase participation in the boating and fi shing they offer.

DREDGING BEGINS AT INDIANA HARBOR The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has begun

Approximately 4.6 million cubic yards of sediment from the

dredging the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal. The man-made

harbor and canal will be permanently stored in a 186-acre

industrial channel, which links East Chicago and Whiting,

confined disposal site in East Chicago.

Ind., with Lake Michigan, has amassed so many toxic and carcinogenic agents in its more than 100-year history that the Environmental Protection Agency considers it to be the most polluted in the Great Lakes area.

USACE has estimated that it will take fi ve years of dredging to reach an adequate depth for shipping vessels and 25 years of annual dredging to maintain the waterways.


The city will own the docks, handle the permitting process


with the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources, and be responsible

Corp. (WDC),

for removing the docks during the winter months.

a non-profit group, is working with the city of

The docks will initially provide space for six boats, but if demand increases, they could be expanded quite easily.

Waterloo, Iowa,

Buck Clark, mayor of Waterloo, said the project is another

to install floating

way to increase boating on the Cedar River. “I believe these

docks in the

docks will be used and will bring people to the downtown

city’s downtown

area,” Clark said.

area on the Cedar River, giving boaters a place to dock their vessels while visiting downtown restaurants and attractions.

Dan Wetters, WDC president, said the organization plans to put more docks on the river as river use increases. He

The city council approved the agreement, which calls for

added the new floating docks are an important first step in

WDC to use $41,391 from the gaming revenue it received from

that direction.

the Isle Hotel Casino Waterloo to fund the floating docks.

36 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

GRAND MARAIS COMPLETES BREAKWATER Grand Marais Harbor on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula

Hubbard has spent the past fi ve years leading the fi ght to

of Michigan completed a new breakwater on September 12

obtain funding for the project. The township and the state

when the last pieces of rocks were put in place. It has been

spent more than $5 million on the breakwater. “I will never be

on the small community’s wish list for nearly fi ve decades.

able to thank this community enough for the way they stood

The goal of the structure is to protect the harbor from the rough waters of Lake Superior. “I’m just so elated to have this project done,” said Jack Hubbard, Burt Township Supervisor. “You have no idea how beautiful this pile of rock looks to me and to the community. We, once again, are going to have a safe harbor. I’m just really proud of what we were able to do here.”

behind me in this fight,” Hubbard reflected. As the community’s project wraps up, work has just begun on a separate breakwater commissioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The federal government has allocated $1.6 million for the Corps to reconstruct 300 feet of its existing breakwater. The Corps expects this project to be completed by mid-November.

BRP CLOSES BENTON (ILL.) PLANT BRP got into the sportsboat business in 1995 when it acquired Celebrity. BRP, the inventor of the snowmobile and manufacturer of Sea-Doo watercraft, said that sales of jetdriven boats, often used to waterski, never returned to their pre-recession levels. The company itself fell 40 percent in the six months after the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008. This is the second major decision the company has made as part of its strategic review of its marine products business. Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc., (BRP) said that it is leaving the sportsboat business and is closing downing its Benton, Ill. plant, where it employs about 350 people. All affected employees will receive “a good transition package,”

In May, the company announced that it would transfer its Valcourt watercraft assembly operation to a plant in Mexico. It will also stop producing its own accessories and clothes and contract out the distribution of spare parts.

according to the company, and BRP will continue to provide

News reports indicated that BRP is

parts and honor warranties for customers.

looking to move it resources into the

“This is a very difficult, but necessary decision for BRP,” said Jose Boisjoli, president and CEO of the Valcourt, Québec.based company. “We looked for a buyer for our sportboat business, but that effort proved unsuccessful.”

design and development of high-end powersports vehicles such as the Spyder, a three-wheeled roadster it launched in 2007.

FREE RADIO CHECK NOW IN CHICAGO Sea Tow Services International, Inc. announced that its

Boaters will hear an automated response and their call will be

Automated Radio Check (ARC) service is now available to

played back to them, confirming that the radio is operational

boaters in Chicago harbors through Crowley’s Yacht Yard.

and allowing them to assess transmission strength.

Boaters will be able to take advantage of this vital vessel safety check by calling Channel 27 on their VHF radio.

“We are happy to be able to provide the free ARC service to local boaters and all other mariners passing through the

Sea Tow’s ARC Service lets boaters easily check to see

area,” said Elliott Anderson, general manager of Crowley’s

whether their radio is in good working order by tuning the VHF

Yacht Yard. “A working VHF radio is one of the most important

to Channel 27, keying the mic, and requesting a radio check.

pieces of safety equipment on any boat.” | 37

Great Lakes


A professional chef cook-

abundance of Lake Superior lake herring and celebrates

off and public tasting

the people involved in managing, harvesting, studying and

event, “A Salute to Lake

preparing this sustainably harvested fish.

Superior’s Sustainable Fisheries,” returns to the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus on Tues., Nov. 13, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. There, 10 of the Midwest’s fi nest chefs will compete for $1,000 and public approval by turning Lake Superior’s

During the competitive part of the event, chefs such as the Twin Cities’ Paul Lynch of Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar will square off with Duluth’s Scott Graden of the New Scenic Café and others who specialize in local foods, sustainable harvests, and/or seafood. The judges are Chef Don Miller, executive chef at the University of Notre Dame, 2011 “Salute” winner Chef Ron Bohnert of Danny’s Bar and Grill in Stillwater, and celebrated Twin Cities food critic Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl.

lake herring (aka cisco)

The Salute involves fishery experts, chef awards, door prizes,

into haute cuisine.

a silent auction, and much more. Event sponsors include

Attendees will sample the

Dockside Fish Market, Minnesota Zoo’s Fish Smart Program,

results of the competition

and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine.

accompanied by the live music of acclaimed Minnesota musician Michael Monroe. The one-night event hosted by the University of Minnesota

Tickets for the event are $20 and are available through Minnesota Sea Grant by calling 218-726-8106 or visiting

Sea Grant Program spotlights the state’s seasonal

U.S., CANADA SIGN AMENDED GREAT LAKES ACCORD Lisa P. Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency

it also calls for the two countries to commit themselves to

administrator, and Peter Kent, Canada’s environment minister,

tackling new issues that have arisen since the fi rst agreement.

signed an amended environmental accord on the Great Lakes on September 7, 40 years after the original Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement was first signed. The amended agreement calls for both nations to continue to

Among the issues noted in the agreement are climate change and its impact on Great Lakes water levels, continuing and strengthening efforts to stop the spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes, and cleaning up toxic hot spots.

improve their cleanup efforts on the Great Lakes. In addition,

GLRI GRANTS GIVEN TO CLEVELAND AREA The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced

and reduce the amount of contaminants, such as sediment,

on September 13 that two Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

nitrogen and phosphorous, discharged from the watershed

(GLRI) grants totaling more than $1.7 million were given to

into the Great Lakes.

improve water quality in the Cleveland area.

A second grant of $996,902 was awarded to the Ohio EPA

The Chagrin River Watershed Partners Inc. received $770,250

to accelerate the implementation of “green” stormwater

to install green infrastructure projects in the Newell/Ward

practices in Cuyahoga County to reduce the amount of

Creek Watershed. Specifically, the grant will allow pervious

contaminants discharged into the Cuyahoga River and

concrete to replace impervious surface material at the Great

Lake Erie.

Lakes Mall. This will allow stormwater to infiltrate the ground

38 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

SPORTSMAN’S INN RESORT AND MARINA HAS PLENTY TO OFFER BOATERS of-the-art spa complex where boaters can relax in luxury during their stay. In 2011, McConnell built a large garage-like building that serves as headquarters for her staff. It has 13 rooms and has been a real plus for attracting people to work at Sportsman’s. The marina has 141 slips that are all set aside for transient boaters and can accommodate boats up to 160 feet long. There are permanent docks facing the waterfront and floating docks across the channel. The marina offers 30-, 50-, and 100-amp service to all boaters and running water only at the floating docks. From May through September, boaters heading for the North Channel of Lake Huron can stop off at Killarney, Ontario and enjoy a restful time at Sportsman’s Inn, Resort & Marina, a newly renovated facility designed to meet the needs of transient boaters. When Rachelle McConnell purchased the property in 2008, Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina was not in good shape. A boater all her life, McConnell was thrilled with the opportunity to update, renovate, and expand this landmark property. Two areas that McConnell did not touch in her renovation effort were the fuel dock and the 141 boat docks located

To make the marina more attractive to transients, McConnell added a spacious ship’s store, redid the restrooms and showers and built a new laundry room knowing from her boating experience how important clean restrooms and laundry facilities are to transient boaters. The marina’s busiest days are on Mondays and Tuesdays, but Sportsman’s has a unique offering for boaters every night of their stay—a boat theater. Boaters can simply turn on their radios and listen to and watch first-run movies. Overall, McConnell has enjoyed the opportunity to restore Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina to its former greatness

on both sides of the channel, which were brand new when

as a stopover point for

McConnell purchased Sportsman’s, but they’re about the

transient boaters on their

only things she didn’t change.

way to the North Channel of Lake Huron.

Her fi rst task was to give the 12 waterfront suites a total makeover so that Sportsman’s now offers 12 newly renovated

waterfront suites. Eight of them are queen-sized, two of them are king-sized, and two more are two-bedroom suites. McConnell also updated a five-room motel and built a state-

ZEBRA MUSSEL FOUND IN IOWA LAKE For the first time in history, a zebra mussel was found alive

introduction may not result in an infestation,” said Mike

in one of Iowa’s Great Lakes, according to the Iowa Dept. of

Hawkins, Spirit Lake District fisheries biologist.

Natural Resources (DNR).

The DNR will continue to aggressively monitor the lakes for

The DNR collected a single live juvenile mussel from

the presence or absence of mussels and veligers and ask

Upper Gar Lake on a sampling plate used to monitor for

lakeshore homeowners to check their boat hoists and docks

the presence or absence of zebra mussels. The agency

when removing them this fall. “These would be the likely

immediately conducted additional sampling on samplers

locations where zebra mussels would attach,” said Hawkins.

placed throughout the Okoboji chain of lakes and no veliger,

He added that while the fi nding is not good news, people

the microscopic larvae of zebra mussels, was found.

should not panic about the situation.

“There is a chance that this mussel came from a veliger

Currently, there is no effective way to eradicate or control the

released into the water at a nearby boat ramp and that this

mussels once they have infested a lake. | 39



the Year” award. With a second place finish in the last fishing tournament on the circuit, Marianne Huskey became the first female to win the year-long title in the AIM Pro Walleye Series. “It means so much to be the first woman to ever accomplish this,” said Huskey. “I hope this helps change the mindset for some women, giving them confidence to take the boat and fish on their own.” Lund Boats, sponsor of Huskey and the AIM Pro Walleye Series, presented Huskey with a $10,000 check for winning For the first time in the history of professional walleye and

the Angler of the Year award.

bass circuit fishing, a female angler has won the “Angler of

MAGELLAN AND FISHING HOT SPOTS HELP ANGLERS Magellan, maker of GPS devices for mobile navigation, has

cover/vegetation. Specific tips on the lake help the angler

partnered with Fishing Hot Spots®, the nation’s leading

identify the fish species, seasonal fishing patterns and the

source of ‘where-to’ fishing information, to provide anglers

best baits and lures to achieve the greatest success. Fishing

with content for the Magellan® eXplorist® GPS devices that

points of interest and other interesting fishery data are

will help them catch fish in the best locations.

included to inform anglers about where particular fish are

Fishing Hot Spots is available for Magellan’s eXplorist 310, 510, 610 and 710 devices, delivers high-quality digital maps,

typically found, primary species and average sizes, tackle techniques and stocking practices.

provides information on America’s prime fishing lakes and

Fishing Hot Spots Lakes for Magellan’s eXplorist GPS devices

offers other valuable fishing-related content.

offers consumers their choice of single lake maps and fishing

Fishing Hot Spots features extensively researched fishing information including detailed profiles of shoreline characteristics, water depth and contours and submerged

content for $9.99 each, downloadable at www.MagellanGPS. com/specialty-maps. Fishing Hot Spots PRO USA features approximately 6,000 lakes across the U.S.

MINNESOTA DEALER IS DECONTAMINATION SITE For much less than the cost of a tank of gas, boaters can have their boats decontaminated while they wait or they can drop their vessels off and pick them up later. The new service is the first of its kind, and is a joint venture with the Christmas Lake Homeowners Association, a nonprofit group of lakeshore owners dedicated to preserving the quality of the lake. The boat dealership is located less than one mile from public access to Christmas Lake. The A boat dealer in Minnesota that was concerned with the state’s minimal efforts to stop the spread of zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species (AIS), has set up a decontamination site that’s available to the public. Minnesota Inboard Water Sports in Excelsior, Minn., has set up the decontamination site. “This new service is available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, and we specialize in decontaminating wakeboard boats,” said Joe Mueller of Minnesota Inboard Water Sports.

40 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

location makes it convenient for wakeboarders and others that use the lake to decontaminate their boats before entering the public waters of Christmas Lake. Minnesota’s DNR has limited free decontamination capabilities and doesn’t have a permanent decontamination station, which makes it difficult for boaters to find out where they can get their boats decontaminated.

CRESTLINER’S GRAND PRIZE WINNER Trumped Online Fishing tournament. Plzak secured his spot in the drawing when his pike earned second place on the leaderboard in August, and stayed there through the end of the tournament. Plzak’s name was selected from a pool of 40 names, comprised of the top fi ve anglers on each leaderboard for walleye, pike, bass and crappie, taken from both halves of the 123-day competition. The random drawing was performed by pulling one lure from 40 that were placed in the fi lled When Curt Plzak reeled in a 41.5-inch pike during his Ontario vacation last July, he quickly noticed it was the biggest fish

livewell of a 1650 Fish Hawk. Each lure had a number that corresponded to one of the 40 finalists.

he had ever caught. Little did he know it would generate even

Plzak chose a new Crestliner 16 Kodiak Side Console with

more excitement come September.

a Mercury 25EL 4-Stroke and a ShoreLand’r CRV15AL Black

On Sept. 17, Crestliner Boats President Ben Cast selected Plzak’s name in the grand prize drawing of the second annual

Bunk Trailer—not a typical vacation “souvenir,” but he’s not complaining!

STUDY FINDS MORE PEOPLE FISHING More people are fishing, hunting, and getting outdoors

spent $45 billion on trips, equipment, licenses and other

today than they were five years ago, which is great news for

items, an average of $1,262 per angler.

America’s economy, according to a preliminary report issued by the Dept. of the Interior’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. The study reported that 91.1 million Americans participated in some form of outdoor activity in 2011.

One state that did not go along with nationwide upward trend in fishing was Iowa, which saw a decline in the number of anglers last year. The state’s Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) said this drop was an aberration due to widespread

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife found that the number of people fishing grew 11 percent between 2006 and 2011, according to Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior.

periodic flooding and expects a rebound in 2012. Iowa’s DNR said the number of fishing licenses sold in the state dropped from 310,000 in 2007 to 297,000 in 2011, a drop of 4 percent.

A key finding of the report was that more than 33 million Americans 16 and older went fishing in 2011.These people


Beginning in March

hunting and fishing licenses will be $5 or free. Youth under 16

2013, the price of

do not need a fishing or small game hunting license.

Minnesota hunting and fishing licenses will increase, the Minnesota Department of

Fishing, hunting and conservation organizations widely supported the license fee increases because the last general license fee increase was approved in 2000 and implemented in 2001.

Natural Resources

Enacting the license fee bill maintains the solvency of

(DNR) said.

the state’s Game and Fish Fund for the remainder of this

Gov. Mark Dayton signed a House- and Senate-approved bill in 2012 that, among other things, raises the cost of an annual resident fishing license from $17 to $22. Most resident youth

biennium, which ends June 30, 2013. New revenue will begin to come into the game and fish fund in March 2013. The DNR estimates the fees will generate about $5 million in fiscal 2013 and approximately $10 million per year in following years. | 41



Many of the boat slips in the marina’s North Harbor have been removed to better dredge that area. Current work will continue until winter, when it will be shut down. The project will restart in May 2013 and is expected to be completed by the end of the summer. Total dredging time will be 120 days, and the use of marina slips and a public beach will not be affected by the dredging. Two hydraulic dredges will mix dredged material with harbor water to create a slurry that will be pumped out of the harbor at a rate of 1,800 gallons per minute and over to the former

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the

OMC Plant 2 site for processing.

Illinois EPA began dredging work in September to remove

The Federal EPA announced the Waukegan Harbor site as

contaminated sediment from the Outboard Marine Corp.

one of nine AOCs targeted for cleanup and delisting by 2014

(OMC) site at Waukegan Harbor. Work should be completed

under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

in the late summer of 2013, clearing the way for the harbor to be delisted as a Great Lakes Area of Concern (AOC).

DEPERE GETS NEW PIERS James Street Marina in DePere, Wis., got three new piers to

Council earlier this year with the idea of improving the river

help both pedestrians and boaters. The new piers were put

shoreline by adding the new piers. The Council told Seidl the

into the Fox River Harbor in the hope that recreational boaters

project could proceed as long as the city didn’t have to pay

might stop here on their way either to or from the DePere

for it.

Locks on the Fox River. They also give pedestrians a good place to view activities on the Fox River.

Seidl and others organized a fund drive that produced the $100,000 needed to put in the new piers. Their hope is that

The new piers were ready for boaters at the end of September,

the piers will entice boaters to dock their vessels at the new

and were funded by private funds. Steve Seidl, a real estate

piers and visit DePere’s retail and commercial businesses.

broker, and other water enthusiasts approached the City

ONTARIO MARINA FLIES BLUE FLAG Bluewater Marina in Bayfield,

marinas can lose their Blue Flag during the season if they fail

Ontario received the prestigious

to meet the required standards. Environmental Defence is the

Blue Flag designation from

Canadian operator of the Blue Flag program.

Canada’s Environmental Defence earlier this year, and flew the exclusive international Blue Flag during the 2012 summer season, designating it as a place that follows and implements the highest environmental standards. Only 3,700 beaches and marinas in 46 countries worldwide have succeeded in attaining this coveted certification.

Steve McAuley, who is the municipality’s chief administrative offi cer, said the new operator of the Bluewater Marina, Ron Reder, is committed to the Blue Flag program. For 2012, only three marinas in Ontario received the Blue Flag designation. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), based in Denmark, owns and has operated the Blue Flag Program since 1987. The foundation is a not-for-profi t,

Blue Flags are awarded to beaches and marinas that

non-governmental organization consisting of member

meet strict criteria that cover everything from water quality

organizations representing 63 countries worldwide.

to environmental programs. They are certifi ed by two

FEE delivers education about the environment and

independent juries—the Blue Flag Great Lakes Regional

sustainable development.

Jury and the International Blue Flag Jury. Beaches and

42 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

HOPPIES MARINE SERVICE CLOSED When Hoppies Marine Services on the Mississippi River near

floating barges connected together. In addition, they have

Kimmiwick Mo., closed its boat launch ramp in August, few

had to move yearly marina customers from the shore side

people would have noticed except that the American Great

to other areas because the water is so shallow and the

Loop Cruisers Association (AGLCA) considers it one of the

boat launch ramp is unusable. As a result, Hoppies has

most vital spots for its boaters.

lost half its business.

Charles and Fern Hopkins, who own the business that

AGLCA entered the picture after the boat ramp closed

consists of boat slips, a fuel dock, and the boat launch ramp,

because Hoppies Marine it is the only spot with fuel, water,

blame the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for bringing

and docking capabilities for 150 miles until AGLCA boaters

increased silt and reduced water levels to the facility. In

reach Kentucky Lake.

2009, USACE added three rock dikes just to the south of the marine business, and the Hopkins claim this has resulted in unwanted silting.

When AGLCA discovered that Hoppies Marine Services might close for good due to the shoaling problem, the organization sent a petition with more than 300 AGLCA member signatures

Since USACE’s action, Charles Hopkins said the marina

to USACE urging the agency to remove the dikes and dredge

has lost half the water depth at its docks, which are

the marina.

PORT WASHINGTON TO OPEN COAL DOCK PARK Coal Dock Park will have two sections named the north and south coal docks. Work on the north coal dock, which includes walking trails and a bird sanctuary, has been completed and it is now open to the public. Work on the south coal dock park, which includes expanded marina space, fishing access, a harbor walk, and a pedestrian bridge connecting the north and south coal docks, is ongoing, but should be completed in time for a June 2013 opening. Efforts to build Coal Dock Park have been stalled in recent years due to a lack of funding. It is now moving forward, however, due to grants from the Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources Stewardship and Coastal Management Fund. Port Washington (Wis.) announced that a much discussed

Port Washington’s city council said it is looking into naming

park plan has been approved and the park will open in June

options for the park, but for now it will go by the historical

2013, according to news reports.

Coal Dock Park designation.

PLANS FOR MINNESOTA MARINA MOVE FORWARD The Forest Lake (Minn.) Park Board has negotiated a tentative

News reports said the marina plan has sparked debate

agreement with a management company to build and manage

among residents. Those who oppose it cite concerns about

a 24-slip marina in downtown Forest Lake. Before the contract

additional boat traffic, parking and possible fuel spills. Those

can be implemented, the Forest Lake City Council and the

in favor believe the marina would bring new business for

Forest Lake Park Board must approve it.

downtown shops and restaurants.

If the board and the City Council approve the agreement,

The marina would occupy less than 20,000 sq. ft. and half

the operator, Your Boat Club of Minneapolis, which operates

of its slips would be for club members and the rest would

boat clubs on six lakes and the St. Croix River, would have

be available to the public at resident and non-resident rates.

to apply for a conditional-use permit, which would require

The city would receive a first-year payment of $10,000, and

approval from both the city’s planning commission and

subsequent smaller yearly payments based on slip rentals.

council members. | 43


HAGERTY’S 2012 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES The 2012 inductees into

boating lifestyle. This year’s inductees include author Tony

the Hagerty Classic

Mollica, ACBS Toronto co-founder Ken MacStephen and the

Marine Hall of Fame

Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, N.Y.

were announced last Sept. at the ACBS International Meeting in Table Rock Lake, Mo. Founded in 2009, the Hall of Fame pays tribute to individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed

“The influence that the 2012 inductees have had on the hobby is remarkable, and each has displayed their passion for classic boats in their own, unique way,” said Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance founder Louise Hagerty. “Tony Mollica shares his love for antique boats through his writing, Ken MacStephen brought Canadian wooden-boat enthusiasts together, and the Antique Boat Museum offers a place to showcase the beauty and history of classic boats.”

to the preservation and

Complete written and video biographies can be viewed at

awareness of the classic

BAJA MARINE ACQUIRES ASSETS OF DONZI, FOUNTAIN AND PRO-LINE Performance boat builder Baja Marine, Inc. announced it

suspended production of these brands in 2011, according to

has acquired the assets of boat companies Donzi Marine,

Baja Marine CEO Johnny Walker.

Fountain Powerboats and Pro-Line Boats from American Marine Holdings, Inc. All four brands will operate as independent entities and will be headquartered at the Baja Marine facility in Washington, N.C.

The Baja Marine plant currently is building Bajas from 23 to 35 feet in four model lines: Outlaw, Performance, Islander and the new GT Series. Walker announced that plans were being formulated to re-launch the other three brands during

The acquisition was prompted by ongoing demand by

calendar year 2013. “We are excited to get these brands back

customers and marine dealers for new boats from Donzi,

in production. They are the most recognized names in the

Fountain and Pro-Line since American Marine Holdings

marine industry,” Walker said.

EUROPEAN ELECTRIC PROPULSION COMES HERE Lars Drybo Fredricksen, CEO of Clean eMarine, and Sally Reuther, CEO of Clean eMarine Americas, said the rising costs of shipping systems from Denmark to the U.S. prompted the establishment of a U.S. production facility. “We have been offering these high-quality, Danish-designed systems to boat owners in the U.S. since 2010,” said Reuther. “Now we are able to do so more competitively by producing them in St. Petersburg and distributing them though our regional distributors in North America.” The facility should be online by the end of the year to produce, assemble and test the electric propulsion systems, Clean eMarine, a Danish manufacturer of Thoosa and Triton

allowing the company to meet systems sales at the Fall 2012

marine electric propulsion systems, signed an agreement with

boat shows.

Clean eMarine Americas, an Annapolis, Md.-based company, to produce and assemble the Thoosa and Triton systems in St. Petersburg, Fla. by the end of 2012.

44 GLB | Nov/Dec 12


direction readings, and generates the most localized and

launched a new Sailing &

reliable coastal weather forecasts. The detailed wave graphs

Boating weather page. The

separate out swell and wind waves to effectively prepare

site provides boaters with

sailors for conditions out on the water. Tide charts also allow

detailed, up-to-the minute

users to view both historical and future tidal data.

local weather information along with specialist marine data from partner ActiveCaptain. The service can be found under the Travel and Activities section of the site or at

ActiveCaptain provides specialized, local marine information that is plotted on an interactive map. Featured data points include the nearest marinas, as well as the nearest anchorage and marine hazards. Weather Underground’s animated radar and satellite data are also available as extra layers on the maps.

Weather Underground’s network of 16,000 personal weather stations across the U.S. reports current wind speed and

KCS INTERNATIONAL REBRANDS AZURE LINE KCS International Inc. (KCS), parent company of Cruisers

quality craftsmanship and standard amenities in the Cruisers

Yachts and Rampage Sport Fishing Yachts, announced that

Yachts line.

the recently acquired Azure Sport Boats line will be renamed Cruisers Sport Series in order to reflect the true essence of the Cruisers Yachts craftsmanship. The acquisition means the Cruisers name now offers a full product line of vessels from 22 to 54 feet.

“The Cruisers Sport Series models, like all of our boats, showcase our superior workmanship and unique product development, because of our fi rst-class manufacturing team in Wisconsin,” declared Mark Pedersen, president of KCS International Inc. “It is imperative that our customers

KCS began producing the sport series nine months ago, and

understand that these sport boats are members of

all manufacturing has been moved to the parent Oconto,

the Cruisers family and refl ect the same quality and

Wis. facility. After announcing the release of the 2013 Azure

innovative design.”

models, built by KCS, the industry identified the same level of


According to Bart Dunbar, OHPRI Chairman, these two new

Year, Oliver Hazard

challenge grants, called the Plank Owner Challenge and the

Perry Rhode Island

Shipbuilding Syndicate Challenge, are further evidence that

(OHPRI), the non-

people are very committed to seeing this project through to a

profit organization

successful completion. Upon commissioning, the SSV Oliver

behind Rhode

Hazard Perry will sail as a 196-foot long, 13-story tall ship

Island’s official sailing

offering experience-based education programs onboard.

education vessel SSV Oliver Hazard Perry, hopes to have two new challenge grants matched, which will generate nearly $1.2 million in new contributions. An anonymous donor gave two matching grants of up to $750,000 as a way to encourage contributions from $1,000 to $500,000 to help complete construction of the tall ship for commissioning in July 2013. The deadline for matching the challenge grants is Dec. 31, 2012.

The Plank Owner Challenge: OHPRI offers Plank Owner recognition for donors who pledge between $1,000 and $20,000 for more than two years. The Shipbuilding Syndicate Challenge: For all new donations and two-year pledges between $25,000 and $500,000, the anonymous donor will commit a 50 percent match up to $250,000. Once fulfilled, this challenge will produce $750,000 toward the project. // 401-841-0080 | 45



Carriacou sloops, Lasers, Dragons and other one-design Jody Sallons-Day

boats and dinghies. A pursuit race series will also be held for those who prefer individual starts to fleet starts. This event will also feature a poker run which, along with the dinghy racing, will provide spectator opportunities. There will be plenty of parties and shoreside activities for sailors and non-sailors alike. Jolly Harbour, Antigua, is a picturesque Caribbean racing and cruising destination for yachtsmen. It features a world-class

The 20th Jolly Harbour Valentine’s Regatta, which will take

marina and boatyard, a safe harbor, a commercial center, an

place from February 7 to 10 in Antigua, is about to become a

18-hole golf course and two beautiful beaches. The marina is

major international sailing festival.

only steps from bars, restaurants and shops.

A new company will be formed to contract with Mainstay

Bring your own boat, charter a bareboat or fully-equipped

Caribbean, an event marketing and management company

racing charter boat, or secure a place on one of the boats

based in Antigua, to deliver the event both on the water

that charter individual spots.

and on the shore. It will include three days of professionally managed racing for boats with a maximum 10-foot draft.

Classes will be available for CSA-rated boats, bareboats,

THE MOORINGS’ PRICE PROMISE PROGRAM The Moorings has introduced a new Price Promise program—

This program encourages customers to book their yacht

an assurance to customers that should the cost of their

charter early and be assured of receiving the best value. Not

Crewed Yacht charter go down in price at any time up to 30

only will travelers be protected by the Price Promise, but they

days before their departure date, they will be reimbursed with

will also have flexible charter dates, with the ability to make

benefits equivalent in value.

changes to their yacht charter reservation up to 90 days prior

The Price Promise allows for reimbursement through benefits

to their departure date with no change fees.

that include yacht upgrades, food and beverage options,

Customers can now secure their booking at an early date

water toys and more. The Moorings will issue the price

knowing they have the convenient flexibility to select the best

difference in the form of a credit for vacations reserved before

travel dates, yachts and cost of airfare.

Nov. 30, 2012. // 800-535-7289

INAUGURAL EUROPEAN MULTIHULL RACE A totally innovative festival, the first edition

stopover will correspond with an

of the Route des Princes, will take place in

already existing, well-established event

Europe from June 9 to 29, 2013. An event

for the people: the giant paëllas and

dedicated entirely to multihulls measuring

grand chef competition in Valencia, the

in excess of 40 feet, it will represent a tour

City Festival in Lisbon, the concerts in

of Europe’s regions. Spanning Valencia

Cork, the Barbican festival in Plymouth

(Spain) and the bay of Morlaix (Brittany),

and France’s grand finale, the “Entre

via Lisbon (Portugal), Cork (Ireland) and

Terre et Mer” (’Twixt Land and Sea)

Plymouth (England), the route will provide

festival, which will transform the bay

a comprehensive racecourse, punctuated

of Morlaix into a community of sailors,

by special events at each of the stopovers.

fi shermen and farmers. The race

Each host town and city will have the chance to show off its riches: agricultural, gastronomic, traditional or cultural. Each

46 GLB | Nov/Dec 12

village will be at the very hub of the entertainment program.

2013 ST. MAARTEN HEINEKEN REGATTA The St. Maarten Heineken

of topnotch sailing during the day and fabulous parties at

Regatta is an outstanding

night. The Regatta had close to 200 entries from 32 different

sailing event for every type

countries in 2012, which makes it the biggest Regatta in

of sailor from professional

the Caribbean.

sailors and boat owners to business owners and their friends who want to charter a boat. It is known as one of the “must do” events in the Caribbean, and the 2013 race, which will be held from Feb.

St. Maarten offers ideal sailing conditions with trade winds coming from the northeast, an average temperature of 77°F and many marine facilities. Besides sailing, St. Maarten offers something for everyone: tax free shopping, gourmet dining, a golf course, water sports, white sandy beaches and hotels and villas to provide accommodations, so this event will be enjoyable for the participant’s family and friends as well.

28 to March 3, promises

a perfect combination

GLCC EXPANDS ITS ON-LINE SCHOOL The Great Lakes Cruising Club School has expanded its

GLCC School webinars are open to all, whether a Great Lakes

webinar curriculum for 2012-13. Boaters may choose from

Cruising Club member or not. For members of the United

more than 40 webinar tutorials conducted by experienced

States Power Squadrons (USPS) or the Canadian Power

GLCC-accredited sail or power boating colleagues and

and Sail Squadrons (CPS), there’s new reciprocal education agreements with both

industry specialists.

organizations whereby

Live, real time on-screen presentations with visual aids allow

active USPS and CPS

participants to interact with the instructor and each other in

members can also enjoy

a virtual classroom. Sessions typically run 60 to 90 minutes,

the same membership

and only require a computer with speakers, browser and a

discounts for GLCC

reasonable-speed Internet connection.

School webinars as do GLCC members.

This year’s topics include introductions to several new subjects such as Solar Power, Safety for Cruising Couples, Using (and when not to use) Weather GRIBs, Fiberglass and Epoxy Repair, Radar-Assisted Navigation, and more, along with a newly-extended complement of Great Lakes cruising webinars and related tutorials such as marine weather,

For further information and a listing of subjects, instructors, and costs, visit To sign up for classes and receive notification of upcoming webinars, participants must register online. Web site registration is free.

negotiating locks, boat and engine maintenance, energy management, provisioning, and refrigeration.

QUANTUM KEY WEST 2013 Kicking off the new year

Racing sailors from across the country and around the world

is Quantum Key West,

will gather to compete during the day and enjoy Key West

North America’s first

at night.

major regatta of the winter season. Now in its 26th year, this event, which will be held from Jan. 20 to 25, offers five full race days and world

One Design, IRC, and PHRF fl eets featuring the latest designs and technology will gather for championship caliber competition conducted by Premiere Racing’s highly regarded race management team. // 781-639-9545

class competition. Participants will enjoy shore side parties in this warm water, vacation destination. | 47


PROPELLER PROTECTOR The new Blackfi n™ Blade Saver is specifi cally designed to protect propellers on outboard motors with less than 70 hp. The unique swing-back design of the high-impact, composite material Blade Saver adds even greater propeller protection when plowing into objects under water. Easy to install, the equipment fi ts two sizes of small outboard lower unit gear housings (10.5 to 8.5 inches and 8 to 6.5 inches). Available at leading marine retailers and online. $99.95 // 334-612- 0859 //

ANTENNA/RADIO TESTER The ART-3 Antenna/Radio Tester is a quick and simple way to measure VHF radio and antenna system performance. The pocket-sized ART-3 measures radio output power, antenna VSWR (effi ciency), and receiver functionality using simple switches and a dial knob. The sturdy die-cast aluminum device displays RF output power up to 30 watts on an easy-to-read, built-in scale. The tester can be connected to the onboard 12V DC power supply via an included power cable or run off its internal battery. The unit’s battery level and the ship’s 12V DC power level can be checked through a switch on the unit itself. $144.95 // 803-227-1590 //

CAPTAIN’S LICENSE COURSES Mariners Learning System™ has released “Captain in a Box,” a new line of courseware that contains everything a student needs to successfully navigate the Captain’s License process. In addition to online access to interactive software, it also provides students with study guides, checklists, charts, plotting tools, mobile applications, and more. There are two versions of the “Captain in a Box” training system. One prepares students for the OUPV/six-pack license program. The second provides the resources needed to obtain the 25/50/100 Ton Master License. Students can access courses on a MAC, PC, smart phone, iPad, or tablet. $595/$325 a version // 866-732-2278 //

48 GLB | Nov/ De c 12

FOOT-OPERATED PEDESTAL Security Structures LLC has developed a foot-operated pedestal that is easy to use, extremely durable in the marine environment and has a travel range of 10.5 inches, with adjustment locks every 1.75 inches. By using a foot lever to disengage and engage the telescoping tubes, a person can grip the seat or table, press down on the foot lever and adjust the height. Mechanical pins provide positive locking that will not loosen or slip. The top of the pedestal has a 2.875-inch diameter for fitting into conventional seats or a flat plate for bolting. $495 // 410 -867-3516 //

STRONG LIFTING EYE Accon Marine's Extra-Large Round Lifting Eye provides durable lifting power combined with a sleek appearance. When tested with grade-8 bolts, the bolts failed at 36,000 pounds, while the lifting eye was still useable. Constructed from 316 stainless steel parts with lifting hardware made from 304 stainless steel, its solid casting sling provides increased strength. Easy to install, it only requires a 3.25-inch diameter hole. The Lifting Eye fastens to the deck with four #10 screws. Standard rod length is 12 inches with custom rod lengths available. $416.09 // 727-572-9202 //

PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACON The McMurdo Fast Find 220 is a powerful distress beacon that alerts search and rescue authorities when no other forms of communication are available. The unit uses the 406 MHz search and rescue satellite communication system, COSPAS SARSAT, and It also transmits a 121.5MHz homing signal. Waterproof to 10 meters and operational in temperatures as low as -4°, the 220 will transmit for a minimum of 24 hours at a 5 watt output. It weighs 5.4 oz. and measures 1.34” x 1.85” x 4.17”. The Fast Find 220 PLB has no subscription charges and includes a flotation pouch, lanyard and universal carry pouch. $299 // +44 23 9262 3900 // | 49


IMPROVED WIPER ARMS Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products offer upgrades to heavyduty adjustable tip wiper arms that improve their performance. Adjustable tips on the Deluxe Ultra HD single and parallel wiper arms swivel with the wiper blade to better clear water from the windshield and are now made of marine-grade stainless steel. The follower arm looks more like the drives, and is stronger and stiffer for less bounce on the windshield. Both the single and parallel arm versions come in two models, adjusting from 12.5 inches to 18.5 inches and 19 inches to 24 inches. With a 5/8-inch shaft, these arms can replace all competitive arms on HD motors. From $58 // 866 -724-6488 //

ELIMINATE MOISTURE AND ODORS PINGI is one of the most advanced dehumidifier technologies on the market. It uses a silica gel that absorbs moisture naturally and is completely safe in boats, even those with children and pets. An easy-to-read indicator alerts users when the product is full of moisture; it recharges in just minutes in the microwave for repeated use. Three models that protect areas from 350 to 900 cubic feett provide a convenient, economical way to keep boats moldand odor-free year round. $8.99 to $14.99 // 949-723-1919 // pinginor

INTERLUX速 COPPER-FREE MICRON速 CF Interlux 速 Micron CF provides multi-seasonal performance, reduced maintenance and the ability to haul and re-launch without the need to repaint. The self-smoothing characteristics of the paint help maximize fuel efficiencies for the boat owner. This paint is also formulated using less solvent, which means it meets the VOC regulations in all of the U.S. Suitable for all types of boats, all substrates and all waters, it will be available only in the U.S. in gallons in the following colors: crisp black, shell white, red, green and blue. 908-686-1300 //

50 GLB | Nov/ Dec 12


PRODUCTS AND SERVICES POWERBOATS 1988 Thompson 190 Cutlass CB: 3.7 liter I/O, Under 300 hours. Set up for fishing with swivel captains seat, pole holders, & Johnson 9.5 hp motor w/steering linkage. Great for water sports with family. Call 616-481-8314. $4,500 for boat w/Shore Lander trailer. 1978 43’ Viking Double Cabin: Twin 310 hp diesels, GPS, radar, generator, 2 heads/showers, microwave, stove, refrigerator, ac & heat, sleeps 6. Buffalo, Capt. Tom, 716-868-5496. $72,000. (See photo below)

1991 56’ Ocean: 3 staterooms w/full baths, salon seats 12. Excellent exec/ entertainment yacht. Many recent upgrades. Great Lakes vessel, Ontario. Call 416-571-8147; email $269,000. (See photo below)

1,000 Islands Chicago Harbors/Westrec Chicago Yacht Yard

MISCELLANEOUS Equipment: Antique Steering Wheel Assembly - $425. (see photo below), early 1900s cable-type steering column - $200, brass lamps & bells. Wayne, 320-226-8583.

53’ Motor Cruiser: 15’ beam, 3.8’ draft. Willard hull built to US Navy specs. 2 cabins w/heads, large saloon, full galley. Inverter/propane and electric cooking. Cummins 210 hp engine/generator/bowthruster/2 helm stations. Perfect to cruise ICW/Bahamas/Great Lakes. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 954-463-2474 or $69,000.


Financing available to qualified buyers Visit:

FREE ADS Complimentary 25-word classified boat advertisements and PHOTO in the Jan./Feb. 2013 issue.



Email your text-only advertisement to: Free classified boat advertisement offer limited to one per reader.



All classified ads are subject to publisher’s approval. Space is limited. Free ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertisements for the Jan./Feb. 2013 issue must be received by Dec. 10, 2012.

52 GLB| Nov/Dec 12

Chris Craft

31 3 54 16, 17

Cruisers Sport Series


Essex Credit


North Point Marina


Northport Bay Boat Yard


Progressive Insurance


Racine Reefpoint Marina


Sportsman’s Inn


Spring Brook Marina


Take Me Fishing

25, IBC

Lic: Marina Realestate/Business Broker



Advertiser Ad i Index I d

Waukegan Harbor







JANUARY 5-13, 2013




Suburban Collection Showplace Novi

Ohio Expo Center Columbus





Progress Energy Center for the Arts, Mafaffey Theater Yacht Basin & Albert Whitted Park



Devos Place Grand Rapids


I-X Center Brookpark

Various venues Key West








Kalahari Resorts Sandusky


Minneapolis Convention Center Minneapolis

McCormick Place Chicago






Duke Energy Center Cincinnati

St. Paul RiverCentre St. Paul






Q UAD C ITY B OAT RV & VACATION S HOW River Center Convention Center Davenport



Nashville Convention Center

Bartle Hall Kansas City








PROGRESSIVE I NSURANCE N EW YORK B OAT S HOW Jacob Javits Convention Center New York



M ILWAUKEE B OAT S HOW Expo Center State Fair Park West Allis


TORONTO I NTERNATIONAL B OAT S HOW Direct Energy Centre Toronto, Ontario | 53




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