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Vancouver Circus School:10 years and 10 reasons for a class 4. Everyone can try.

The Vancouver Circus School is focused on fitness, circus arts and acrobatics for all ages and abilities, reinforcing the importance of health.

5. Circus classes help to stay fit.

The Vancouver Circus School is a hidden fitness meca. It’s a different, fun way to stay fit, healthy, strong and happy.


top for a moment and think about the pleasure of flying high on a trapeze or juggling without dropping the balls. You can learn these activities and more at the Vancouver Circus School. On August 30, the Circus will offer a free day of activities. On September 20, it will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a special show at the Anvil Centre, in New Westminster. Here are 10 reasons to celebrate 10 years of the Vancouver Circus School in New Westminster.

1. Circus is fun.

If you have fun just observing circus arts, you’ll love practicing. Weightlessness, falling and jumping are great feelings you’ll experiment if you jump on a trampoline.

2. There are programs for every age and goal. The Vancouver Circus School offers recreational and specialty programs for any interest.

3. Circus activities can please everyone.

You can try aerial silk and hoop, trapeze, Chinese pole, acrobalance, unicycle, juggling, tumbling and trampoline. Choose your favourite and get started.

“The Vancouver Circus School has made me a better person in so many ways.” —Douglas Luckow

“I have broken down so many mental barriers about what I can’t do, and instead changed them into goals of what I want to be able to do.” —Aran Lewis

“The Vancouver Circus School is a place where I go to be me, and become all that I can be!” —Heather Sansom


The constant practice improves self-esteem.

Don’t feel discouraged by comparing yourself to the greatest artists. They also learned from scratch. You’ll achieve your goals and your self-esteem will skyrocket.


Circus activities develop physical literacy.

Physical literacy is as important as the ability to read and write. It allows individuals to move competently and confidently. The skills set that teenagers learn before puberty can be transferred to any other sport.

Photos courtesy of Vancouver Circus School


The coaches are knowledgeable and experienced.

With studies in areas such as theatre and education, and a vast work experience (some even abroad), the Vancouver Circus School coaches are competent professionals who, in some cases, started as students like you. Now they use their skills to teach.


The possibility to build a career.

The Ring Master is a specialty program created to train people interested in performing circus arts above a recreational level. If that’s your dream, come to see us.

“I saw safety, encouragement, more camaraderie than in ANY class she’s ever taken.” —Conni Christensen, whose 10-year-old daughter took classes at the Circus


The Vancouver Circus School has the stamp of the Johnsons.

Aaron and his son Travis founded the Circus in September 2004. The family have been responsible for the gymnastics and trampoline program for the City of New Westminster for the past 40 years. They also had a successful career in the trampoline world.

Come to the world of the Vancouver Circus School! Phone: 604.544.5024 Website: @VanCircusSchool