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Winter 2018

• Log in to the College computers and Wi-Fi. • Register your personal email to be able to reset your College Network Access (CNA) password anytime without depending on the Help Desk. • Find the computer labs and use the printers. • Access myAccount, Blackboard and Office 365. • Get or replace your student ID card. • Protect your online information from hackers. If you have any comments about this guide, please direct them to the CEIT Help Desk at 604 527 5330 or


This guide is published by the Centre for Educational and Information Technology (CEIT) to tell you how to:

Enjoy your time at Douglas. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

GET IT — IT Services for Students is published by the Centre for Educational and Information Technology (CEIT). Design, writing and editing: Glauce Fleury | Cover: Tim Paul | Images: StoryBlocks and WPClipart | ©2018 Douglas College | All rights reserved.

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Students Helping Students ......................................... 6 Meet the CEIT student assistants who will support you this term Student ID card ........................................................... 8 Learn about your Student ID card and U-Pass BC on Compass Card Service counters ....................................................... 11 Check the services available and hours of operation College Network Access ............................................ 12 Become familiar with the login process and services that use the same credentials Email registration ..................................................... 13 Learn how to register a personal email to reset your CNA password 15-digit password ..................................................... 14 Know the requirements to create a CNA password and how to use passphrases

myAccount ..................................................................................... 18 Learn about login, student information and PIN reset Blackboard .................................................................................... 20 Learn about access, login, campus announcements, Blackboard resources and password reset Computer labs ............................................................................... 22 Become familiar with their location, policies and the DSU computer lab Print copies ................................................................................... 24 Learn about free copies, PayPrint stations, and DSU printing, faxing and scanning IT Security ...................................................................................... 26 Get some tips on data privacy and phishing attempts Help Desk ....................................................................................... 27 Check their contacts and hours of operation

Password reset ......................................................... 15 Reset your password using a College computer on campus or any Internet- connected device

To learn more about a specific topic, click the title to go directly to the section.

Wireless access ......................................................... 16 Connect and troubleshoot Office 365 .................................................................. 17 Learn about applications available, account creation, College email address and login


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The CEIT Student Assistants can respond to your requests for help with: • ID cards • Logins • Computer functionality • Printing • Wireless • Connectivity




he Students Helping Students (SHS) service offers on-campus technology support to Douglas students (except for the summer). This support is provided by co-op students on a one-on-one basis.


Coquitlam campus Sukhamrit can help you in the computer labs (A building - 2nd floor), library, atrium and collaborative stations in the C and D buildings.

Photos: Glauce Fleury

Hours Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm Phone or text: 604 306 4777 Email: Sukhamrit, CEIT Student Assistant in Coquitlam

Parneet, CEIT Student Assistant in New West

New West campus Parneet can help you in the computer labs (5th and 6th floors), library, concourse and collaborative stations (3rd and 4th floors, between the North and South buildings). Hours Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm Phone or text: 604 396 4475 Email:

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Some of their responsibilities are daily scheduled visits to the computer labs, atrium, concourse and the library, and daily coverage at the CEIT service counters. They’ll be constantly moving around those areas. The SHS service has proved to be a successful initiative. More than 6,000 student requests for help were answered by our co-op students (both campuses combined) since the beginning of the service in 2013. You should give it a try.

 Douglas College | CEIT

If you need support outside of the student assistants’ shifts, please contact the CEIT Help Desk.



our student ID card is your official Douglas College photo identification. Valid for five years, the ID cards are produced by the Centre for Educational and Information Technology (CEIT). They’re available to registered students taking classes in the current semester.

Go to the CEIT Service Counter at the New Westminster or Coquitlam campus. Bring a valid government-issued photo identification (list below).

Check the current hours and locations to obtain your ID at


How do I get my student ID card?

Student ID card sample

Why is my student ID card important?

• It’s your library card and gives you access to the library databases on- and off-campus. • It gets you discounts for our underground parking. • It proves your identity during exams. • It’s required to pick up confidential information from the Registrar’s Office. • It’s required to access campus facilities outside regular hours and periods of limited access, such as Sundays and holidays. • It allows access to rooms that are specific to your program.

Valid government-issued photo ID is required

` To obtain your student ID card, you must present a valid government-issued photo ID. The name that appears on this document must match the student’s name as registered at Douglas. Valid government-issued photo ID includes (*): • Driver’s licence • Passport • BC Identification card • BC Services card • Canadian Permanent Resident card • INAC CIS card • Immigration card • Interim Verification card issued by Douglas College Canadian and non-Canadian government-issued photo IDs (and other valid government-issued photo IDs) must be in English. (*)

 8

When travelling with your U-Pass BC on Compass Card, you must carry your valid student ID card at all times.If you don’t provide your valid student ID card when asked, you might get a fine and your Compass Card could be confiscated.

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NOTE: Expired or photocopied ID cards won’t be accepted.

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You can obtain your new student ID card from the CEIT Service Counters. Check the current hours and locations to obtain your student ID at studentidhours Valid government-issued photo ID is still required when requesting a replacement card. There’s a $20 charge to issue a new ID (cash only). Learn more at

How can I learn more about U-Pass BC on Compass Card?


he CEIT Service Counters provide relevant services for you at the New West and Coquitlam campuses. • • • •

Student ID cards Password/PIN resets Assistance with login issues Assistance with wireless connectivity

New West: Library | N2100F Coquitlam: B1250 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm at both campuses. Closed for lunch, but times vary. Please call ahead to confirm. Closed on weekends. Info at Photo: Glauce Fleury

NOTE: In person, go to the Cashier’s Office at the New Westminster campus.

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Visit: Email: Call: 604 527 5770



What if I lose my student ID card?


How can I log in to the College network?

1. E nter your username (9-digit student number). 2. Enter your default password. NOTE: Change this password on your first login to make sure you’re the only one to know it. To learn how to change your password, follow these instructions.

With CNA credentials, what do I have access to? College computers, the Wi-Fi, U-Pass BC on Compass Card and Citrix, among other services.



o reset a password on your own, you need an email address registered in the network. Without it, you’ll need to contact the Help Desk. Email registration for password reset

Make sure you have a non-Douglas College email address set up for password reset. If you forget your password, a code will be sent to this address when you use the Self-Service Password Reset. This process is needed to verify your identity.

How do I register my email? 1. 2. 3. 4.

Go to Enter your CNA credentials. Click Login, then Next. Enter your password again, and click Next. NOTE: You’ll see if there’s an email registered. 5. To add one or update it, type your personal email address in the field available. Do NOT enter your Douglas College email address. 6. Click Next to register this email. NOTE: Any future password resets will be sent to this address.

When you log off Douglas computers, your files are automatically deleted from the hard drive. Always save them to OneDrive in Office 365, more reliable than USB devices. GET IT — IT Services for Students ©

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very Douglas student has College Network Access (CNA) credentials to access services and resources. They’re commonly referred to as username and password.




Password reset

Your credentials allow you access to many services, so you’re required to set up a password with at least 15 characters to be more secure. We strongly encourage you to create a passphrase. Why passphrases? They’re a sequence of random words you can associate with what’s relevant to you, so they’re easier to remember (e.g., BestApplePieParis2009). For increased security, add mixed case, numbers and punctuation. See below how long it would take for hackers to crack different types of passwords (never type your real password on this website).



hen you have an email registered in the network, you can change your password anytime without depending on the Help Desk.

If you remember your password and are using a College computer Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click the Change a password option and follow instructions on screen.

If you forgot your password and are using any Internet-connected device

1. Go to the Self-Service for Password Reset. 2. Enter your username, and click Next. NOTE: you’ll be asked for a code that has just been sent to the email you have registered (see page 13). 3. Enter the security code, and click Next. 4. Enter and re-enter a new password. 5. Click Next. NOTE: You can now log in with the new password. Remember that this change will affect all services using the same password (e.g., Office 365 and the Wi-Fi).



Any 7-character lowercase password

Under 1 second

Strong password



6 years



BestApplePieParis2009 (21 characters)

35 quintillion years

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efore changing your CNA password, become familiar with its requirements to ensure your login is as secure as possible.



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our credentials as a Douglas College student will give you access to the Wi-Fi network while you’re at one of our campuses.


ll Douglas College registered students have free access to Office 365 software in the Canadian cloud.

Image 1

1. Choose Douglas College Internal from the list (image 1). 2. Click Connect. 3. Enter your CNA credentials. NOTE: You may be prompted to accept a security certificate. 4. Click Accept or Continue. NOTE: Your device is connected. The network will automatically recognize it when you’re on campus. If you need assistance, please contact the CEIT Help Desk at or 604 527 5330.

Which programs are included in Office 365?

Some are Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, OneDrive (1 TB) and Outlook (your College email account).

When will my Office 365 account be created? When you register for your first course.

How do I know my College email address?

It will be sent to the email that you provide to the College when you register. You can also find it in myAccount, under Personal Information.

How can I log in to Office 365? What if I need troubleshooting?

Many laptops have a physical switch to turn on the Wi-Fi. Ensure the switch is on. If you’re still having problems, please see our Students Helping Students or contact the CEIT Help Desk. GET IT — IT Services for Students ©

1. Go to 2. Enter your College email address and CNA password in the respective fields. 3. Click Sign in.



How can I connect to the Internet with my mobile devices?





For login troubles, contact the Help Desk. For other issues:

Douglas College | CEIT



ecome familiar with myAccount. Here, you’ll have access to a variety of information that is relevant to your day-to-day at Douglas.

What kind of information will I find in myAccount? • Course registration and waitlists • Grades and transcripts • Personal booklists • Tuition fees and account summary • Financial aid and tax forms • Your personal information and contact details



How can I log in to myAccount?

1. Go to myAccount. 2. In the User ID field, enter your 9-digit student number. 3. In the PIN field, enter your birthdate (in the DDMMYY format). NOTE: You’ll be prompted to change this PIN at your first login. For security reasons, please create a PIN with at least 15 characters (maximum allowed is 20). To make it easier to remember, use a passphrase. 4. Click the Login button.

You can log in to myAccount on only one computer at a time.

 18

When you finish using myAccount, log off and close the browser windows to protect your account.

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How can I change my myAccount PIN? If you know your current PIN: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Log in to myAccount, and click Personal Information. Click Change PIN. Type your current PIN and the new one. Click Change PIN to complete the change.

If you forgot your PIN:

1. Go to myAccount, and type your 9-digit student number on the User ID field. 2. Click the Forgot PIN?/Change PIN? button. 3. Answer the security question, and click Submit. 4. Type your new PIN on both fields, and click Reset PIN. NOTE: If you haven’t set up a security question, you’ll need to call the CEIT Help Desk.

For more information, see the Logins & Passwords page on the College website.

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lackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Douglas College for online teaching and learning. What can I access in Blackboard?


You’ll have access to course materials uploaded by your instructor, including course outlines, lecture notes, quizzes and assignments. You’ll also have access to communication tools such as discussion boards and course messages.

Where can I find notifications and announcements? You’ll see important notifications and useful tips in different areas: • My Messages and My Announcements, under the My Online Courses tab • Did You Know? under the Student Resources tab

Image 3

How can I log in?

Log in through the Blackboard Community option under the Login drop-down menu at the top of the College website (image 2) or the direct link. Your credentials are your 9-digit student number and the PIN used to log in to myAccount — remember that when you change your myAccount PIN. After you log in, the centre pane, under the My Courses module, will show the courses you’re enrolled in. Look for your course ID. It will look something like this: CMNS-1100-001-12345-201830. Image 2

How can I learn more about Blackboard resources?

In Blackboard Community, you’ll see the Student Resources tab (image 3), where you’ll find: • Get Started with Blackboard (self-paced guide to help you navigate your courses) • Helpful tips • Links for information about the login process and password reset • An entire How To tab that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Blackboard • A Browser Check link to confirm if your browser will work with Blackboard

How can I change my Blackboard password?

Blackboard requires the PIN used for myAccount. To learn how to change it, go to the myAccount section. 20

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omputer labs are available to registered students with valid identification. You can use these spaces to study, do your research and work on your assignments.

Open labs are rooms where classes are not scheduled. All the other labs are often used for instruction, but you’re welcome to use them when there are no classes being taught.

Where are the computer labs located?


At the New Westminster campus, there are 9 labs. They’re located in the North building on the 5th and 6th floors: rooms N5105, N5107, N5109, N5111, N6105, N6107, N6109, N6111 and N6212 (open lab). At the Coquitlam campus, there are 4 labs. They’re located in the A building on the 2nd floor: rooms A2030, A2110, A2130 and A2270 (open lab). Operating hours and other details can be found at Photo: Glauce Fleury

Are there any policies I should be aware of?

Yes. You must follow two policies: Use of College Resources Policy (A20.01.03) and Computer Use Policy (A20.01.05). Please read them carefully at adminpolicies

Computer lab at the DSU You can also study in the lab provided by the Douglas Students’ Union (DSU) at the New Westminster campus. Their office can be accessed from the College’s North Building (4th floor exit, near Amelia Douglas Gallery) or from 7th Street. The lab is located on the 2nd floor of their building. To use it, talk to the DSU front desk. In Coquitlam, you can use the DSU computers in the lounge located in room A1190. For printing (more on page 24), ask the DSU staff. Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm, with reduced hours in the summer semester.

• Don’t eat or drink in the computer labs. • Prioritize school work. • Avoid noise that disturbs other students.

The computer labs at both campuses are mainly used for classes


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What happens if I need to print more than 300 pages?

You can continue to print, but you’ll have to pay for extra copies. The cost per page is $0.10 for black & white, and $0.50 for colour printing. We have PayPrint stations at: • Both campus libraries • Room N6212 at the New Westminster campus • Room A2270 at the Coquitlam campus NOTE: Detailed instructions are available in the computer rooms, libraries and at



ouglas students are allowed to print 300 pages free of charge per semester. Go ahead and print from any machine until you’ve used your quota. At the beginning of each semester, your quota will be reset to 300 pages.

• Log off the computer when you’re done. • Don’t share your password with anyone.

How can I reduce unnecessary printing?

Some instructors are looking for ways to reduce the amount of pages that students are required to print by accepting assignments online. Limit the number of bad print jobs by: • Reviewing information on screen rather than on paper. • Using the Print Preview feature to see how your print job looks, and adjusting it before printing it. • Double-checking what you need to print. Most applications allow you to select which pages to print.

Difficulties printing? Contact the CEIT Help Desk at or 604 527 5330.

Printing in the DSU Computer Lab

Remember to recycle your pages. Recycle boxes are located next to every printer.

How can I cancel my print job?

When you’re about to print a job, the GoPrint Web Client window will appear. You can cancel your printing where this software is available (computer labs and libraries at both campuses, and the New West glassedin area in the concourse). In locations without GoPrint, you can’t cancel a job sent to the printer. Don’t waste your free copies on a bad print job. Preview your work before printing it.


How can I protect my quota of 300 pages?

GET IT — IT Services for Students ©

To print copies at the DSU, the cost per page is $0.05 for black & white, and $0.35 for colour printing. To use this service: • See the DSU front desk to set up a print account. • Bring your student ID card.

Faxing and scanning with the DSU

These services are available to you at both New Westminster (main office front desk) and Coquitlam campuses (AB Atrium Kiosk). • Scanning: free • Faxing: local and toll-free faxes have no cost; long-distance faxes cost $0.75 per call To use any of these services, please speak to the DSU staff at one of our campuses. For the DSU hours, go to the Computer Labs section. Douglas College | CEIT



lways make IT Security risks and concerns top of mind; that’s vital to protect yourself and the College from potential harm.


it 26

GET IT — IT Services for Students ©

What information may I need to provide when calling for support?

• Your name (as registered at Douglas) • Your student ID number • Your Blackboard course ID • Your instructor’s name • Problem details, including your location • The computer number, if you are in a room with more than one machine • Error messages, if there are any NOTE: If you leave a voice message, please provide a phone number so we can call you.

Contact P: 604 527 5330 E:


It can be a phishing email if it has: • Poor grammar and spelling • A link that doesn’t go where it’s supposed to go • A sender with an external email address claiming to be from an intenal address • Attachments in PDF or Word formats

he CEIT Help Desk is staffed by skilled technicians who solve problems for students and employees having difficulty with Collegeowned technology.


How can I keep my information and devices secure? • Keep your devices updated with the latest security settings and patches (corrections or improvements to programs that remove the security vulnerability). • Run antivirus software on your devices, and keep it current. • Never leave your devices unattended. • Prefer passphrases to passwords. • Back up your coursework and data often. • Save your files to OneDrive (in the Office 365 package). If using USB devices, externally label them. If lost, they can be returned to you. • Don’t share your password. • Don’t click unknown or unexpected email attachments or links. • Only download from trusted sources. • Don’t fall for phishing attempts (legitimate organizations won’t ask for your credentials or other personal information via email).


Hours of operation

We provide phone and email support MondaySaturday. To learn more, go to our page on the College website: Check back often, as details may change. On that page, you’ll also find service alerts and information about student resources. Douglas College | CEIT