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Maintain privacy without losing style and elegance

In an age where elegance and style is a major architectural requirement, it takes a lot to bring an aesthetic appeal to any space without compromising with other qualities. Out of a number of other qualities, privacy is a requirement that is very vital while designing a residential or commercial space. Architects do not wish to compromise with privacy while dealing with aesthetics. Considering these essentials, glass has become one of the most preferred choice for both aesthetics and privacy. Today, we have glass solutions especially manufactured to maintain privacy by restricting the view from outside. These glass solutions make the space look stylish and luxurious.

There is a myriad of privacy solutions that add elegance to the space where installed. The beauty and finesse of such solutions is unmatched. Take frosted glass for example, this solution blocks the view from outside and at the same time it allows light to pass through. Frosted glass solutions are ideal for privacy and aesthetic appeal. Frosted glass is recommended for doors, windows, partitions, glass shower cubicle, etc. because of its unique artistic and aesthetic appeal.

Glass partitions are one of the important addition to the overall decorative setup in the modern era. This breakthrough achievement is primarily because of it being a dĂŠcor based glass solution, but it serves as a perfect privacy solution as well. Partitions add colours to the space where it is installed. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the interiors, partitions also filter unwanted noise, add security and provide privacy to that space. There are a number of glass partitions available in the market for every need and requirement. Glass partitions can be manufactured as per the requirement of the space and the glass type. You can choose from laminated glass partitions, stacked glass partitions and way more.

Lacquered glass is a favourite choice for living room interiors as they brings a fresh and innovative look to inside. Lacquered glass is available with coloured or opaque surface and come with an ornamental or coloured coating. Lacquered glass brings in a different appeal to the space where they are installed. Other than privacy lacquered glass comes with enhanced durability. It’s wide set of applications include its usage in damp and humid rooms where resists UV and moisture. Lacquered glass solutions also make great partitions in the interiors and panels in doors and windows.

Tinted glass is manufactured through addition of certain oxides in the glass which add colours to the otherwise transparent and colourless glass. When two or more tinted glass solutions are attached together using some kind a PVB interlayer, coloured laminated glass is manufactured. Laminated glass solutions are elegant, bring a luxurious appeal and a plethora of colours to the interiors where they are installed. Laminated glass solution maintain the privacy of the space as they appear coloured for the person viewing from the outside. The additional advantages with laminated glass solutions are that they come with added strength that add security and safety to the interiors. With safety as an advantage, this solution becomes ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Patterned and stained glass solutions are ideal solution for people who prefer a more artistic look. Patterned glass uses different textures and adds beautiful designs on the surface of the glass. As patterned and stained glass solutions transmit slightly less light than the clear glass, it helps in maintaining privacy. Patterned glass bring an artistic appeal to the space where it is installed and takes your interiors to a world of beauty and creativity. Stained glass solutions take the dĂŠcor of your space to a whole new level by adding a classical appeal. Stained glass solutions were once used in churches and cathedrals are now getting popular in home and commercial space because of their innovative style and artistic designs.

Smart glass solutions are an example of scientifically advanced glass solution. Smart glass solutions create an impression with its ultra-modern features. The privacy aspect of this solution can be modified according to the requirement of the space. The most innovative feature about smart glass solution is that it maintains privacy at the user’s fingertips. The appearance can change from transparent to translucent with click of a remote’s button. Glass solutions are innovative, versatile and stylish. The many features and characters of glass makes it a wonderful solution to be installed at various places. With glass you can add decorative appeal to your interiors and exteriors without compromising with other qualities.

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Maintain privacy without losing style and elegance  

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