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FUSO Glass: Satisfying ever-changing customer expectations in glass With Experienced Promoters, FUSO Is Recognized For Its Successful Business Dynamics FUSO GLASS is recognized in the industry for its successful business dynamics. The promoters having more than six decades experience in the glass industry, have been visualizing the market in multiple directions from within and globally.


his has resulted in FUSO introducing to the Indian market new glass product ranges and technologies from around the world. The market acceptance and multilateral growth of demand, along with FUSO Goodwill, prompted FUSO to expand their operations and to go for plants in multi-locations. FUSO now has three plants – at Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. All plants are equipped with a complete range of glass processing facilities under a single roof, an important feature required by project customers to ensure getting uniform quality and timely delivery. The vision of FUSO promoters prompted them to have two of their three plants in places having wellestablished sea-ports (Chennai and Mumbai), to facilitate expanding sales


Glass Bulletin | July - September, 2019


Edition 55 (July-September, 2019)