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manufacturers. W1 Pavilion focuses on grinding tools, decorative glass, abrasive, accessories, hardware and other fields; E4 Pavilion, W2 Pavilion, W3 Pavilion, W4 Pavilion are glass production and deep processing equipment manufacturers and other fields. As a professional and direct glass platform, China Glass Network has been providing services to domestic and international glass companies and building a stable, safe, and efficient communication channel for many years. Collecting and optimizing all resources in China, we devoted ourselves to offering a reliable platform, constructing a whole-chain resourceful biosphere for facilitating sustainable development in China glass industry and assisting Chinese companies to enter into the world stage. During the four days, a flow of customers visited W1-629 to consulate internet services.

About China Glass network

China Glass Network is a worldwide direct and effective E-commerce platform for glass enterprises, traders, distributors and consumers. Their service include website building, e-commerce trade, software developing, professional books, exhibitions and etc.

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Glass Bulletin | July - September, 2019



Edition 55 (July-September, 2019)