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fkqolar`qflk Welcome to the first annual catalogue of new short films produced in Scotland, compiled by Glasgow Short Film Festival. Glasgow Short Film Festival is the largest competitive short film festival in Scotland, championing new film talent by providing an annual showcase and meeting point for new and established local, national and international filmmakers. Crucially, the work of emerging Scottish filmmakers is presented in the context of an international programme, giving Scottish talent the opportunity to share their work with international filmmakers and industry figures. Scottish talent is also supported through a programme of learning and networking events, including panel discussions, workshops and one-to-one sessions, delivered with national and international partners. However, our public programme can only showcase a small percentage of the wealth of new work produced in Scotland each year. In 2013 for example, we are screening twenty-four Scottish films in competition, but we are aware of over 150 new titles. These range from the output of film schools and professional production schemes to grassroots no-budget projects. For the first time this year, thanks to the generous support of the Scottish Government, we have compiled this near-comprehensive catalogue, and we are making many of the films available to Festival delegates in our video library. We hope to develop this service in future, by making titles available for online viewing by Festival programmers, sales agents and other talent spotters. This first catalogue is only available as a PDF, which we are circulating to industry contacts all over the world. Our apologies to any filmmakers we’ve missed. Please ensure your next project appears in the 2014 catalogue by emailing us at


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Ansgar Hoeckh / 2012 / 16 min / Fiction /

Edeline and Cedric Proudfit, an elderly married couple, are enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon, when the doorbell rings and they are unexpectedly visited by a police officer.

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Srinivas Parimal Vijay Sangita / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

In Pakistan, Bayasad’s life is decimated when an American news show he is contributing to catches an explosion on camera.


Derek Gereg / 2012 / 5 min / Fiction /

Steven and Alison are at the point in their relationship where the magic and romance has died. Steven has reached boiling point and takes action. Previous Screenings: Oxfordshire Relate Film Festival (Oct 2012).

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Ross Blackmore / 2012 / 17 min / Fiction /

A hungover party host looking for a lazy recovery day is thwarted by the discovery of a body that he may be responsible for, and a witness who seems determined to turn him in.

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Maria Saarniit/ 2012 / 12 min / Fiction /

Robert, a soldier returning home from a long battle abroad, is excited to be with his wife again. On his arrival, learning that she has died in his absence, he refuses to accept that she has gone forever.


James Strange / 2012 / 5 min / Experimental /

An experimental time lapse film intended to showcase the natural, artistic beauty of Scotland.

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Claire Lamond / 2012 / 8 min / Animation /

As Clare moves from childhood, she strives to create a personal way of dealing with her Dad’s illness from asbestosis. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).

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Radim Letovsky / 2012 / 17 min / Fiction /

Alex, a retired factory worker, struggles to realise a lifelong dream of sailing on adventures as his family, the community and a terminal illness try to thwart his endeavours.


Gavin Hopkins / 2011 / 7 min / Fiction /

A woman is forced by circumstance to consider evicting her troublemaker niece but has a spiritual revelation before making the decision.

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Craig Kirk / 2012 / 5 min / Animation /

A snapshot of a day in the life of a young puppet made of light named ‘Pipette’. It’s time she cut her strings and explored the spaces around her for herself...


Lucy Brydon / 2013 / 12 min / Fiction /

A thirteen-year-old boxing enthusiast is left in the care of her brother when her father goes off to work – with tragic consequences.


Tomás Sheridan / 2011 / 45 min / Documentary /

Liam and Nita have been seeing each other for four weeks and now Nita is pregnant. Unfortunately they don’t agree on what to do next... Previous Screenings: London Short Film Festival (Jan 2013), Current TV UK, Vibo New Zealand.


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Zak Hanif / 2012 / 16 min / Fiction /

Peter Bird chooses to live in isolation. He has cut himself off from his past, until his son appears with the news of the passing of his mother.

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Genevieve Bicknell / 2013 / 20 min / Documentary /

I belong to a family that I’m not quite sure I want to belong to. And yet, I have a desire to be accepted by them. Why?

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Mohamed Benabou / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

The return to the home country is not always as smooth as the nostalgia held for one’s own country. Previous Screenings: Africa in Motion (Oct 2012).


Calum Nielsen and Helen Wright / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

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Alex wakes up after a one-night stand to find herself in a bit of a bind. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Glasgay (Nov 2012), Pussy Whipped Festival (Sept 2012).

Fraser Strachan / 2012 / 6 min / Fiction /

A lonely office worker gets more than he bargained for when he builds himself a cardboard spaceship. Previous Screenings: Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project (Oct 2012).

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Kim Stewart / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

A satirical look at the history of two of Glasgow's unfinished bridges. Previous Screenings: Berwick Film & Media Festival (Sept 2012).

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Soile Mottisenkangas / 2012 / 12 min / Fiction /

A struggling game designer returns to school as a teacher – and finds out nothing has changed since the days his best friend was tormented there. Previous Screenings: WorldKids International Film Festival, India (Jan 2013).


Shaun Hughes / 2013 / 13 min / Fiction /

Uncovering themes of loss, abandonment, love and pain, Cariño explores the darker side of human nature and delves into the contamination of destructive psychology. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).

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Madeleine D Schmoll / 2012 / 5 min / Documentary /

Cinema City is an urban vignette that explores Glasgow’s cinematic heritage. Through images of its picture palace architecture, it examines cinema-going of the past and present. Previous Screenings: London Short Film Festival (Jan 2013).

`l`hq^fip clo clro fk di^pdlt Bill Welsh / 2012 / 14 min / Fiction /

Four girls visit a posh Glasgow restaurant and each one in turn explains the story behind why she has selected a specific cocktail.

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Fergus Cruickshank / 2012 / 17 min / Documentary /

The story of a teenager and his family as they struggle with the consequences of ulcerative colitis. Previous Screenings: Ickle Fest (June 2012), Half Cut Festival (April 2012).

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Andrew John Rainnie / 2012 / 19 min / Fiction /

The Collector dissects one man’s obsessive compulsion for gathering materialistic possessions, showing him at three different ages throughout his life as he struggles against the neurotic need to hoard, compile, and collect.


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Adrian McDowall & Finlay Pretsell / 2011 / 29 min / Documentary /

‘I’m trusted with a pair of scissors and I’m in here for murder’. Previous Screenings: Encounters (Sept 2012), Docuweeks (August 2012), Silverdocs (June 2012), Palm Springs Int ShortFest (June 2012), Hotdocs (April 2012), SXSW Film Festival (March 2012).

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Tom Chick / 2012 / 16 min / Fiction /

Folk tale about a son caring for his dying mother and what happens when a mysterious figure arrives one day calling out her name. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).

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Florian Schwarz / 2012 / 10 min / Documentary /

What do we mean by ‘We see something’? The search for planets outside the solar system and an exploration of perception, darkness and our own imagination.

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David Gillanders / 2012 / 25 min / Documentary /

An exploration of the dedication and commitment of a team of mixed martial arts fighters from Glasgow, the Dinky Ninja Fight Team. Previous Screenings: Channel 4 Shooting Gallery.

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Samuel Devereux / 2012 / 10 min / Experimental /

An experimental lo-fi video piece looking at the way we receive narrative information, pedagogically or cinematically and the role of the human body within this.


Bicola Barratt-Crane / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

Kim finds growing up hard as her feelings for her best friend Jessie are complicated by a test of her love and loyalty. Previous Screenings: Glasgay (Nov 2012), Pussy Whipped Festival (Sept 2012), Lock Up Your Daughters (April 2012). p`lqqfpe peloq cfijp OMNP


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Liam Simpson / 2011 / 13 min / Fiction /

Welcome to the living hell of Dickie Davidson, TV's disgraced golden boy. In a Ramsgate hotel Dickie's about to find out that Doggers can't be choosers!


Louis Paxton / 2013 / 14 min / Fiction /

Lilly has been seeing Henry for a while now, things are going great and Lilly suspects that tonight Henry will declare his love for her. But Henry Hot-Stuff has a far more unsettling confession; he’s going to introduce Lilly to his… ‘family’. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).

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Hazel Buchan Cameron / 2012 / 6 min / Animation /

This is a story of destruction and greed, a story of lies and treachery. Donald Trump, as a puppet, sings his own version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Omar Bushiha / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

Driving schools in Benghazi have a huge waiting list so a desperate young female doctor agrees to be taught by her brother. Collisions don’t just happen outside!

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Julie Eisenstein / 2012 / 8 min / Fiction /

Sal is haunted by a song as she sorts through the possessions of her recently deceased brother with her mother and sister. Previous Screenings: Glasgay (Nov 2012).

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Azeddine Bouhmidi / 2012 / 5 min / Documentary /

Mohamed travels the streets of Rabat through the night with his cart, collecting any recyclable object. He walks and reflects about the meaning of life and work in a city in transition to modernity.


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Amy Hawes / 2012 / 16 min / Fiction /

Melanie’s life is going nowhere… then she meets Fitzgerald. He’s not interested. But he’s posh! It’s Melanie’s last chance to live a Jane Austen novel. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Social Media Week (Sept 2012), Isle of Wight Film Festival (August 2012).


Daryl Cockburn / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

Kenny sits at the seaside watching both the world and his life pass him by, until a brief glance from a jogger changes everything. Previous Screenings: Raptor Filmz Short Film Festival (Dec 2012), Screen Stockport Film Festival (Oct 2012), Write Camera, Action Awards Night (Sept 2012), Deep Fried Film Festival (Aug 2012), Edinburgh Short Film Festival (June 2012).

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Roxana Vilk / 2012 / 25 min / Documentary /

I really hate to say this but this is the truth, there is no Iraq now. Previous Screenings: Aljazeera.


Kieran Gosney / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

Obsessed with recreating a happy memory from childhood, Daniel, a reclusive young man, builds an elaborate machine to help him regress to the past.


Robert MacDonald / 2012 / 19 min / Fiction /

A rapist with a taste for pregnant women is on the loose in the heart of Glasgow. His latest target is a pregnant surgeon. When he attacks he gets more than he bargained for. Previous Screenings: Raptor Filmz Short Film Festival (Dec 2012), Deep Fried Film Festival (Aug 2012).

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James McErlean / 2012 / 16 min / Fiction /

The story of Roman who, together with his friend Macstevie, lives a wasted lifestyle, drinking, taking drugs and amounting to nothing – both going nowhere in life. p`lqqfpe peloq cfijp OMNP


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Zack Copping / 2012 / 24 min / Fiction /

A lyrical romance set in the not-so-romantic world of drug addiction, this original story follows a young boy from Skye as he flirts with the idea of giving up and returning home to the islands. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).

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Craig Gee / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

Spanish born singer/songwriter JellyBeen Martinez believes he has a unique musical talent which will rocket him to stardom as he sets out on a journey to revive Scotland’s dwindling music scene.

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Michal Salansky / 2012 / 17 min / Documentary /

Gamma Ray Dali is a successful party organiser based in Edinburgh who has created the ‘Confusion is Sex’ dress up party night. The film is about the discrepancy between who we really are and how we present ourselves to the outside world.

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Andrew Griffin / 2012 / 15 min / Fiction /

An isolated, troubled couple are visited upon by an ominous bird that bears gifts of hope and tragedy.

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Marisa Privitera Murdoch / 2012 / 20 min / Documentary /

A group of elderly eccentric Scottish people dress up as cowboys, have weekly shootouts and go by their Western nicknames.

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Ema Čulík / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

Trapped in a world of performance and fakery, set designer Masha strives to take centre stage in her own life.


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Anas El Gomati & Ibrahim El Mayet / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

‘In every spray of the can you feel a part of your emotion is released from inside of you, to the wall to the people.’ After the Libyan Revolution, long suppressed feelings are appearing on building walls in Tripoli. Previous Screenings: Africa in Motion (Oct 2012), Sheffield Doc/Fest (June 2012).


Naziha Arebi / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

Haja Fatma, a mother to eight children, tells the tale of family life in Tripoli during the Libyan Revolution. A human portal into the acts of ordinary people in their hope for freedom. Previous Screenings: Africa in Motion (Oct 2012), Arab Film Festival, California (Oct 2012), London MENA Film Festival (Oct 2012), Kiev International Film Festival (Sept 2012).


Martin Glegg & Liam Young / 2012 / 9 min /

Inspired by the adventures of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid a group of boys set out on an action packed adventure, only to learn the two great tragedies of life. Not getting what you want and then actually getting it.


Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).

Chris Fallen / 2012 / 14 min / Fiction /

Two wayward Catholic altar boys borrow £100 from the church collection for a minor drug deal. However, the pair soon find themselves up to their necks in trouble, driving their friendship to breaking point.


Previous Screenings: Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).

Amy Kenyon / 2012 / 6 min / Fiction /

Half Orange centres around the idea of identifying the symbol of an orange as a metaphor for finding hope in unexpected places.


Redouane Harbal / 2012 / 5 min / Documentary /

El Madani Fekhar has spent all his adult life working in a very large cemetery in Rabat. In between digging graves, he sits and meditates about life and death in a Muslim society. p`lqqfpe=peloq=cfijp=OMNP



Roxana Vilk / 2012 / 24 min / Documentary /

The cause of Palestine doesn’t need emotions anymore, we need minds.

Previous Screenings: Aljazeera.


Kate Charter / 2012 / 6 min /

A lonely little girl who yearns for somebody to talk to begins to confide in the moon from her bedroom window each night. However, when a cloudy evening obscures her view, she ventures out into the garden to find her skyward friend. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).


Stephen Horne / 2012 / 18 min / Fiction /

Surreal romantic comedy about a young married couple on the verge of bankruptcy as they whittle away their savings on a sleazy and mysterious subscription.


Stephanie Robinson / 2012 / 20 min / Fiction /

A by-the-book debt collector finds a loan shark’s little black book and decides to use the information held within for his own ends.


Bjorn Tobiasson / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

Emma can hear thoughts. Problem is she can’t stop. Unbridled access to other minds is causing her to lose her own. Enter Scott.


Gemma Ovens / 2012 / 18 min / Fiction /

A body-building mum and her metal detecting daughter Cristobel live in a caravan by the sea. In this film of strange characters and events we are led on a beautiful and creepy journey which explores the transience of life.



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Henry Coombes / 2012 / 11 min / Experimental /

Clive’s iPad malfunctions creating a vortex of energy, sucking him into the hard drive, where he becomes a victim of his own utopian architectural vision. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Glasgow International (April 2012).


Ainslie Henderson / 2012 / 7 min / Animation /

A surreal trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he struggles to sing. Previous Screenings (selected): Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Flickerfest (Jan 2013), Ottawa International Animation Festival (Sept 2012), Encounters (Sept 2012), LA Shorts Fest (Sept 2012), Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).


Max Marcus / 2012 / 11 min / Fiction /

A young woman called Rachael commits suicide to discover if the afterlife exists. She becomes trapped in a world between fantasy and reality. Her only hope of escape is to face the icon.... Previous Screenings: New York Riverlight International Film Festival (July 2012).


Alasdair Bayne & Andrew O Connor / 2012 / 12 min / Documentary /

In 2004 a wallaby was found dead on a Scottish island; how it got there and how it met its fate remains a mystery.


Previous Screenings: Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012)

Andreas Antonopoulos / 2012 / 11 min / Fiction /

A boy, an assignment and a building.


Mark Wright / 2012 / 15 min / Fiction /

A fourteen-year-old girl is violated by her mother's partner in an ultimate betrayal of trust. p`lqqfpe=peloq=cfijp=OMNP



Daniel Hughes / 2013 / 15 min / Experimental /

A cold criticism of the death and life of love.


David Izatt / 2012 / 18 min / Fiction /

Tormented and bullied at school, Charlotte McGarry's life has become a nightmare. Could her grandad's American jacket be the answer to her problems?


Oscar Rubio / 2012 / 12 min / Documentary /

Every year in Valencia, Spain, an artist creates a huge and colourful monument with the aim of burning it in a public square.


Sara Ishaq / 2012 / 26 min / Documentary /


This film tells the story of the day that changed the course of the Yemeni revolution and shook a nation to its core, through the lenses of two cameramen and two fathers. Previous Screenings (selected): Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Edindocs (Oct 2012), UNAFF (Oct 2012), Document (Oct 2012), Arab Film Festival USA (Oct 2012), Raindance (Sept 2012), One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (March 2012).

Rory Alexander Stewart & Keri Leese / 2012 / 8 min / Documentary /

A short documentary about a young woman suffering from M.E. The film’s soundtrack is made up from micro-cassette recordings Keri made over the course of a year detailing her thoughts and feelings about living with the illness.


Francois Fabre / 2012 / 6 min / Fiction /

Two students move into a new house to start their term at university. Once moved in, Mark and Howie start to settle, but Howie stumbles on a left-behind box containing women’s clothing.




Roxana Vilk / 2012 / 24 min / Documentary /

All revolutions begin as poetry. Previous Screenings: Aljazeera.


Craig Henderson & Barry Wigg / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

Jon meets Wes. Jon wants to talk about Lief and a book. That’s all there is to it. Lief lost a book: a short film about tall tales.


Andrei Staruiala / 2012 / 23 min / Fiction /

Little Brother is a short psychological drama about Ray, a hypochondriac whose obsession with his own body leads him to think that a parasitic twin living inside him causes his chronic pain.


Ansgar E Hoeckh / 2012 / 23 min / Documentary /

Morvern’s sand mine is one of the few underground sand mines in the world. During the Second World War it was a source of precision glass for submarine periscopes. The reopening now gives new hope to Scotland’s dying mining industry.


Colin Ross Smith / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

When a girl drops her purse on a train, a young kid makes his best efforts to try and return the purse to the girl. Previous Screenings: Raptor Filmz Short Film Festival (Dec 2012), Aberfeldy Film Festival (Nov 2012), Write, Camera, Action! Awards (Sept 2012), Action on Film Festival (Aug 2012).


Eleanor Yule / 2012 / 15 min / Fiction /

Reticent Violet restricts her daily indulgence to a dull halved scone, but when an irresistibly sweet gift is left on her doorstep, she begins an eventful search for the giver. p`lqqfpe=peloq=cfijp=OMNP



Abraham Kair / 2012 / 11 min / Fiction /

When a quiet young office worker looks for a seat in a busy cafĂŠ, he is forced to take a table with a bitchy executive. As the pair bicker, a mysterious man in black seems to take an interest in the odd couple.


Marissa Keating / 2012 / 29 min / Documentary /

A poet, filmmaker and artist of unique and extraordinary vision, Margaret Tait died in 1999, aged eighty. This is GWL's documentary of the intensely private, enigmatic filmmaker told through her friends, family and peers.

Previous Screenings: Glasgow Film Festival (Feb 2013), Edinburgh Radical Independent Book Fair (Oct 2012).


Charley Fox / 2012 / 7 min / Fiction /

Walter Hopkirk is the star of numerous successful British silent movies and a true matinee idol, until his first talking film is cancelled because of his strong accent.


Russell Davidson / 2012 / 20 min / Fiction /

Jackson drives around in a BMW selling meal deals of cocaine twenty-four-seven. When a chance to follow his dream arises, his girlfriend intervenes. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).


Karoliina Pulkkinen / 2012 / 3 min / Fiction /

Meet-cute: a situation in which a future romantic couple meets in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining or amusing. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).


Fatima Zahra El Fath / 2012 / 3 min / Documentary /

Sexual harassment for Moroccan women of whatever age is part of their daily experience, yet they cannot openly complain about it without being told that there is nothing wrong with a bit of a flirt.




Julia Martin / 2012 / 10 min / Fiction /

A young medical student’s unnatural attachment to her first cadaver leads to an obsessive journey forcing her to come to terms with her traumatic past.


Ben Pace / 2012 / 15 min / Fiction /

Nino is a retiring mafia boss isolated from the world in a small attic. A family looking for somewhere to squat stumble upon his hiding place. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).


Bernd Porr / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

A fancy dress party where a gatecrasher changes the guests forever.


Ruth Paxton / 2012 / 25 min / Fiction/

A psychological portrait of two lovers who have grown to hate one another, who are well beyond breaking point and who must separate. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), London Short Film Festival (Jan 2013).


Adam Stafford / 2013 / 10 min / Experimental/Docu-Drama /

A poetic retelling of the Redding Pit disaster, Falkirk 1923: a story of men in peril and women in grief.


Uisdean Murray / 2012 / 7 min / Fiction /

Backstage at The Faustian Music Hall, a singer prepares to takes to the stage but never quite makes it‌ Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).




Stuart Elliot / 2012 / 3 min / Fiction /

David’s just discovered that he has an estranged kid called Ollie. But will he turn out to be his long lost son? Or new found nemesis? Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).


Sam Ferguson / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

When struggling with the decision to have his beloved dog Toby put to sleep, Dennis, a 76-year-old widower, begins to question which of them is actually in better health. Previous screenings: La Boca del Lobo Film Festival (Oct 2012).


Michael Callaghan / 2012 / 8 min / Fiction /

When two teenagers are pursued by a local gang they soon realise that something even more deadly lurks in the shadows of the Sutherland Hill night. Previous Screenings: British Horror Film Festival (Oct 2012).


Anita Norfolk / 2013 / 13 min / Documentary /

What would you do if everything you ever imagined turned out to be real? A documentary short about mental illness, family and vampires in the attic.


Matt Robinson / 2012 / 16 min / Documentary /

Retracing lost memories by re-taking lost photographs.


Scott Willis / 2012 / 10 min / Documentary /

On a wild lonely shore on the far north of Scotland stands Dounreay. Disposing of nuclear waste stored in underground vaults has created anxiety for the plant's neighbours, a traditional crofting family. Previous Screenings: Green Go Film Festival (Dec 2012), Two Short Nights Film Festival (Nov 2012), Holland Doc24 TV.




Noe Mendelle / 2012 / 25 min / Documentary /

Al Khadra is a renowned Saharawi war poetess, living in the Al Auin wind swept refugee camp in Algeria. She is a vivid testament to three decades of the Sahara conflict. Previous Screenings: Aljazeera


Farag Akwedir / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

A Benghazi fisherman has spent a lifetime fishing at sea. The distance away from the coast gives him time and clarity to reflect and denounce what is happening in Libya.


Chico Pereira / 2012 / 15 min / Documentary /

Work. Eat. Sleep. And back to work. The sea can be a lonely place. The sea can swallow your words. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), IDFA (Nov 2012), Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).


Paul Fegan / 2012 / 17 min / Documentary /

A modern day story of undying commitment, rivalry, family and friendship interwoven by the underground and idiosyncratic Scottish sport of doo-fleein’. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), London Short Film Festival (Jan 2013), IDFA (Nov 2012), Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).


Scott Davidson / 2011 / 2 min / Documentary/Experimental /

The homeless population of Dundee recite the lyrics of ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie. Previous Screenings: Homeless Has A Name Film Festival (Oct 2012).


Neil Hartop / 2012 / 20 min / Fiction /

Rabbit Punch tells the story of best friends Sonny and Luke and the breakdown of their friendship in the lead up to their first competitive boxing match. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Raptor Filmz Short Film Festival (Dec 2012). p`lqqfpe=peloq=cfijp=OMNP



Katri Walker / 2012 / 5 min / Documentary /

Rapture is a moving-image portrait offering an enigmatic glimpse into the memories, lives and apocalyptic beliefs of the sibling owners of an Edinburgh bookshop. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Glasgow International Art Festival (April 2012).


Simone Smith / 2012 / 5 min / Fiction/Experimental /

A photo journalist is disturbed by visions of war... Previous Screenings: Aesthetica Short Film Festival (Nov 2012).


Stuart Elliott / 2012 / 17 min / Fiction /

When a recluse takes in a parcel for his next-door neighbour, he has no idea how much it will change his life. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Encounters Film Festival (Sept 2012).


Ruth Paxton / 2012 / 17 min / Experimental /

Commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society, a live performance of contemporary composition, ‘Prometheus’ by Ferneyhough. The film explores themes of provocation, endurance, saturation and repetition and features two titanic fighters and abstract projections. Previous Screenings: London Short Film Festival (Jan 2013), Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (Oct 2012).


Liam Simpson / 2012 / 17 min / Fiction /

Norman’s sure something’s not right about his neighbour and decides to investigate. As his pursuit quickens so does the neighbours blood lust. Now he’s at Norman’s door wanting in!


Michael Egan / 2012 / 3 min / Fiction /

Susan likes to talk. She likes to talk all the time, much to the dismay of Darren.




Ibrahim Algouri / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

A quirky, enigmatic car salesman is happy to fob off his desperate clients with old cars as long as they look new. Could that be a metaphor for the Libyan government when you live in Benghazi?


Duncan Cowles / 2012 / 11 min / Documentary /

My Grandma was eleven-years-old when a boat evacuating her to Canada was torpedoed by a German U-Boat.


Ibrahim Y Shebani / 2012 / 4 min / Documentary /

A caretaker for the National Museum of Libya lives through twelve months of anxiety and turbulence during the revolution, protecting the precious objects of Libya’s national heritage. Previous Screenings: Africa in Motion (Oct 2012), London MENA Film Festival (Oct 2012), Kiev International Film Festival (Sept 2012).


Alexander Peacock / 2012 / 21 min / Fiction /

A young Bulgarian immigrant finds himself hounded by phone calls which stop ringing before he can pick up. With this on-going he decides to try and make an effort to hook up with the girl he likes.


Duncan Cowles & Anita Norfolk / 2011 / 3 min / Documentary /

If your memories change – does your past change? The reliability of memory is questioned in this short film about a woman trying to remember a past love. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).


Declan Dineen / 2012 / 18 min / Fiction /

Jason Jacobi is a joke thief. On the eve of a life-changing stand up show his conscience takes an unlikely form, and he is forced to atone.




Ewan Fletcher / 2012 / 2 min / Fiction /

An exclusive insight into what really goes on in your cutlery drawer.


Gavin Grant / 2012 / 14 min / Fiction /

The State of Greenock is a short satirical mockumentary set in the newly independent nation of Greenock in the year 2020. Previous Screenings: Aberfeldy Film Festival (Nov 2012), Deep Fried Film Festival (Aug 2012).


Lucy Kendra / 2011 / 3 min / Documentary/Experimental /

One Autumn evening, the lights of night traffic – as reflected on a metal signpost – were captured on film. A celebration of rhythm and occurrence in everyday life. Previous Screenings: Aesthetica Short Film Festival (Nov 2012), Abandon Normal Devices (Aug 2012), Open City Docs Fest (June 2012).


Ian Waugh / 2013 / 15 min / Fiction /

Tracy flees into the wilderness of the Highlands. Defeated by the land, she’s discovered by a passing runner. She soon doubts his intentions.


Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).

Peter Mackie Burns / 2012 / 6 min / Fiction /

A woman walks into a bar and strikes up a conversation. Three minutes later she is back on the street. Job done.


Previous Screenings: Renoir Cinema, Curzon Richmond.

Tom Pollock / 2012 / 7 min / Documentary/Experimental /

The west coast of Colonsay in the Hebrides is the first landfall for the North Atlantic ocean currents. This is the psycho-landscape of the drowned man. Through an elliptical examination of the shore in benign conditions the film relates the story of one near survivor.




AdriĂ Reina / 2012 / 11 min / Fiction /

At her birthday, sensible but gullible Julita is expecting her insensitive boyfriend Adria to propose but instead he breaks up with her, sending her mind in a surreal trip of hurtful denial.


Eva Riley / 2011 / 15 min / Fiction /

Lou longs to break away from her controlling sister Ashley. Her frustrations come to a head when Ashley and Lou become rivals in love. Previous Screenings: Slamdance Film Festival (Jan 2013), London Short Film Festival (Jan 2013), Ozu Film Festival (Nov 2012), Brighton Film Festival (Nov 2012), Underwire Film Festival (Nov 2012), Message To Man St Petersburg (Sept 2012).


Yu-Hsueh Lin / 2012 / 10 min / Documentary /

Beginning his solitary shift as most of us are going home, a young Chinese takeaway driver delivers food to faceless customers, alone in the car with only his thoughts and dreams for company... Previous Screenings: Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012).


Felicity Anderson / 2012 / 11 min / Fiction /

Susan lets herself into people’s homes to inhabit their lives, just for a night. Caught in the act, she meets Zara whose dangerous influence makes her confront her own identity.


Charlotte Carden / 2011 / 14 min / Fiction /

A young taxidermist enjoys the same routines everyday with his beloved father. When unforeseen circumstances befall him one morning he needs to make an important decision about life. Previous Screenings: Beijing International Student Film Festival (Nov 2012), RTS Student Awards (May 2012), Celtic Media Festival (April 2012).


Vitali Sichinava / 2012 / 11 min / Fiction /

Stork used to give the best tea parties in the Meadow. Abandoned by his friends, he is now alone. Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013), Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 2012). p`lqqfpe=peloq=cfijp=OMNP



Michael MacLennan / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

Alex has a lot to say – except that she's gone out of sync with her own voice, and the words are coming out before she even has the chance to say them.

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Murdo Macleod / 2012 / 14 min / Fiction /

Grabulous Potts has always believed that fairies exist. But when his fiancĂŠ contracts a terminal disease he must catch a fairy and wish her better. Previous Screenings: Yellow Fever International Film Festival (Aug 2012).


Craig McKenna / 2012 / 14 min / Fiction /

On the verge of death, an embittered man's final thoughts of his childhood home take him to confront the deep misconceptions that came to define him.


Justin A Curran / 2012 / 13 min / Fiction /

Closure sometimes requires going back to the start.


Fiona Soe Paing / 2012 / 12 min / Animation /

This 3D animated music video uses codes, symbols, flags, beacons and sirens when all other means of communication no longer make sense, as the last resort, distress calls of a crumbling city.


Stuart McAdam & Neil Scott / 2012 / 22 min / Documentary / Experimental /

Two artists travel by a self-made canoe from Glasgow city centre to the East Neuk of Fife along the Clyde and Forth rivers and the canal that links them. Previous Screenings: Pittenweem Arts Festival (July 2012).




Demelza Kooij / 2012 / 18 min / Documentary /

Peter Neilson lives in an enchanted world. He has a special gift that enables him to communicate with animals alive or dead. We are taken on a journey into his magical everyday life and witness a tough decision he needs to make.


Bryan M Ferguson / 2012 / 12 min / Fiction /

A nameless woman is chosen to perform her deep seeded perversion for a disturbed fetish outfit in this raw, dark and bizarre look into vorarephilia.


Previous Screenings: Edinburgh Festival of the Erotic Arts (June 2012).

Yasmin Fedda / 2012 / 24 min / Documentary /

The most beautiful poem written this year is ‘the Syrian people will not be humiliated’. Previous Screenings: Aljazeera.

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Kim Walker / 2011 / 10 min / Experimental /

Compositions of staring contests, each image from a different game. Figures appear and disappear, leaving one figure alone.


James Barrett / 2012 / 15 min / Documentary /

A poetic documentary that weaves stories, songs and memories from across Scotland, and places their testament in counterpoint to the richly evocative landscape of the Machars in Wigtownshire.


Previous Screenings: Glasgow Short Film Festival (Feb 2013).

Auste Serapinaite / 2012 / 21 min / Documentary /

A young woman chooses illusion over reality as she struggles to retrieve her daughter from a foster home in Lithuania.




Ashley Dick / 2012 / 12 min / Fiction /

Mute twelve-year-old Martin escapes isolation by indulging in a world of literature. A compassionate neighbour welcomes Martin into her home. However, this refuge is not as safe as it first seemed.


May Abdalla / 2012 / 25 min / Documentary /

When I love I love really well. When I eat I eat really well. When I write I write really well. Previous Screenings: Aljazeera.


Ben Sharrock / 2012 / 14 min / Fiction /

Francis, discontented by her marriage is selling a painting. Victor, an eccentric art collector wants to buy it. What ensues is a transaction fraught with tension and subtle comedy as two characters search for answers and something more from life.



Cover image: Nevada / Ruth Paxton / 2012 / 25 min p`lqqfpe=peloq=cfijp=OMNP


Scottish Shorts Catalogue  

Scottish Shorts Catalogue 2013, created by Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Scottish Shorts Catalogue  

Scottish Shorts Catalogue 2013, created by Glasgow Short Film Festival.